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Going through the “daily grind” of life is difficult and extremely frustrating at times. Most of the time you are indoors with individuals lined up demanding your attention and time. Individuals you may be responsible for are constantly asking about what to do next. It is no wonder why working nine to five is considered a “rat race.” When it starts getting nicer outside, however, one way numerous individuals get relief from their weekday workweek is enjoying outdoor activities. It takes them away from work, stress, and staring at computer screens. Outdoor activities provide individuals with the break they need. Whether it is a jog around the neighborhood, group sports with friends, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, or camping, participating in outdoor activities is extremely important to maintaining a balanced, healthy life.

Obviously by the term “outdoor activities,” it means you are outdoors. You are being exposed to sunlight. Sunlight reduces feelings of depression by increasing endorphins, produces melatonin to help you sleep at night, and it also synthesizes vitamin D. Numerous scientific studies concluded that long interludes without sunlight will cause individuals to suffer from depression. The lack of sunlight is a main reason why numerous individuals commit suicide in the winter season than other seasons.

Enjoying outdoor activities reduces stress. For individuals with stressful jobs, it can be almost impossible to find an outlet to let go of all the stress. By going for a run, biking through a nature reserve, or playing a riveting game of ultimate Frisbee with some friends in the park, you are provided with an outlet to channel all the energy created by stress and turn it into something more useful. Outdoor activities requiring a lot of movement and exertion are the best. Feeling stressed? Get a couple people together for soccer, flag football, or kayaking down class II rapids.

Outdoor activities that allow for competition are always a good thing. When competing in outdoor sports, you elevate your overall ability to concentrate and focus on a goal, whether it is actually scoring a goal, running a certain distance, or rock climbing up a steep cliff. This ability to concentrate on goals can be transferred easily to all other areas of life.

Anyone can do outdoor activities! If you are a beginner that wants to learn about mountain biking or canoeing, there are numerous classes available that educate individuals on different outdoor activities. In local communities, there are always advertisements for getting a group of people together, despite age or proficiency, to play sports every Saturday and/or Sunday in the park. Outdoor activities are a great way to meet other individuals who enjoy the same outdoor activities. There are numerous opportunities in every city and neighborhood all over to gather and take pleasure in outdoor activities. It can be a fast pace soccer game, yoga in the park, or a jogging group.

Next time you have a bit of time free and the weather is great, think about doing an outdoor activity! You can go on a hike, play basketball or other sports, run a 5K, or even just climb a tree!

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