The Top 4 Best Drop Away Arrow Rest Reviews

1Anyone who enjoys the arrow shoots will love to know the best drop away rest that can be found in the marketplace. The drop away rest is used to describe any rest that falls away in the event of the arrow getting fired.

Two other rests commonly in use include the standard rest and the fall away rest.

It is possible to determine how far these arrow rests go by shooting at specific targets at different range types.

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Top 4 Drop Away Rests Reviews

Here are some of the best drop away rests that you can find in the market today.

New Archery Apache Drop Away Arrow Rest (Camo, Righthand)

New Archery Apache Drop Away Arrow Rest

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars from 50 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

The New Archery Apache was designed as an interference–free rest to help you hunt with precision irrespective of the particular turf you might be. It was built with a sound-dampener that is 360 degrees primed for efficiency. It offers the archer the specter of an adjustment-free expedition once set.

The Apache comes with the summarized features here:

  • Sound-dampening pad of 360 degrees efficiency
  • Quiet and eliminates interruptions
  • Comes with a felt-silencer that is pre-installed
  • Made out of aluminum to precision
  • Graduation levels are laser-etched
  • Rugged all-metal design to produce flawless outcomes
  • Zero tool-adjustment required
  • Affordable
  • Available in Black option alone

This drop away rest was graduated with laser finish so that in a jiffy, you can complete your fine-tuning with less ado. It also comes ready to match any unfriendly weather as it is encased in metal and certainly not shy of the seasons.

The Apache is a drop rest that is efficient and provides the hunter with the best of both worlds as it is also affordable.  Once you let go of the string, you can be sure that the rest will drop effortlessly.

The set up is not complicated, and this makes it a notch better than a couple of brands, and in case you desire to use a pro stall around you, you can be sure it will be wrapped up in no time. The quietness that follows its use is astounding as it shows it was well-engineered

A look at the aesthetics will assure you that this drop away rest was finely built with no room for slip-ups. You can be sure that your arrow will set properly and quiet with the bow undrawn.  The accuracy is determined, and this gives it a consistent rating.

Except for the size of the arrow guide rubber which comes too little much for the fletching but this you can fix by cutting a bit from the top of the guides which will leave you just fine.

If you desire a drop away rest for all of the above reasons, then the Apache will be right for your pick.

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QAD Ultra HDX Right Hand Tactical Rest

QAD Ultra HDX Right Hand Tactical Rest

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars from 5 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

The QAD Ultra HDX is built with stainless steel, Delrin and aluminum parts and comes with the total arrow containment features.  Its lockdown edge and advanced vibration innovation is a vital selling point that many archers will appreciate. The capture bar for this QAD Ultra HDX is designed to provide the archer with more clearance with its curved and sleek bar.  Top features include:

  • Launcher cocks conveniently into position with thumbwheel
  • Advanced Vibration Technology
  • Lockdown Technology
  • Velocity Drop-Away Technology
  • Overdraw, horizontal and vertical adjustments
  • Proper launcher indicating full-draw position
  • Built-in safety feature (Breakaway)
  • Noise-reducing design that include dampeners
  • Proudly and 100 percent American made

The cord lock of this arrow rest is easy to get a hand on and is complemented by the mounting block design as well as the indicator marks which come as a full draw. This arrow rest comes with a limited lifetime warranty, and its suitability is enhanced with a breakaway safety feature and low noise mechanism.

This QAD Ultra-Rest was sleekly styled to provide the hunting buff a definite edge on his expeditions. The custom colors and versatility makes it a top pick on the best drop away arrow rest list. If all of these features and mileage appeals to you, then you need to place your order today.

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Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest HDX, Mossy Oak, Right Hand

Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest HDX

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars from 57 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

This rest from Quality Archery Designs is a redefined Ultra-Rest HDX designed to be operated with a timing cord using either a clamp or the cord lock. The right-handed, mossy oak infinity has a brake feature which effectively eliminates the probability of the arrow ricocheting as it comes with a patented cam. It has sought-after features like:

  • Custom dampeners and laser cut felt noise limiters
  • Horizontal, vertical and overdraw adjustments
  • Versatility from sleek curved bar
  • Full draw marks and efficient indicators
  • Total Arrow Containment and internal bumpers (silicone)
  • Timing cord is easily adjusted cord lock or clamp
  • Custom colors to choose from
  • Built with Precision CNC aluminum, delrin, and stainless steel components

This drop away rest comes with Harmonic Dampener Technology which allows the thumbwheel to moderate peak vibration at a minimum. This effectively makes the spring tension to launch faster.

This Ultra-Rest design is packed with the features of the well-reviewed Ultra-Rest HD that the predator will love this out there in the wild. The versatility of this rest provides the archer with an eye for the top-of-the-range products a good fit. The fact that your rest will only fall away after the bow goes off makes it desirable since this is based on the patented VDT innovation.

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Quality Archery Designs Ultra W-QURH Rest Quad Hunter, Right

Quality Archery Designs Ultra W-QURH Rest Quad Hunter

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars from 146 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

The Ultra W-QURH Rest is one of the best drop away rests you can find out there and is affordable with its slightly lower pricing than most of its peers. It comes up as one that can be easily set up if you adhere to the manual. The installation is sure to give you no hassles on this score. It is compatible with arrows that are short and up to 4 inches shorter than comparable rests, and this makes it a portable device.

  • Velocity Draw Technology in place
  • Runs on Total Arrow Containment
  • Cable Clamp for timing cord adjustment
  • Shoots shorter arrows
  • Has the break- away safety edge

The design of this Ultra W-QURH Rest is not metal-based like similar rests but has plastic housing and fittings. If you are always on definite target shooting spells and less of the hunting expedition, you have a good fit in this gadget.

The VDT feature makes this rest occupy a distinct world since most rests use the vibration inertia prompts. The velocity and forward movement made possible by the timing cord that runs from the buss cable are efficient and expeditious for this Ultra –Rest weapon. When on slow letdowns you can be sure that this rest will stay cocked only to drop away after the bow is let go. While you stalk, you can be sure that the arrow remains in point.

If you go prey hunting, the desired quietness is assured as the laser-cut felt and excellent rubber bumpers make this a reality. The thumb switch makes it possible for to disengage easily if desired or engage when necessary. This is definitely an edge that has a minute chance for malfunctions. Having used this for some seasons, I will agree with the notion that with thousands of shots delivered on target, this rest is hugely reliable and can be trusted.

The points to be careful about is that since this rest is made out of plastic, it is possible to have it wear off easily and for the bolts to loosen after some time. This means that you have to be sure to confirm that all the bolts are in place before setting out on your expedition or shooting spell. To tighten the bolts a bit more is also advised. The point of connection of the arrow rest to the release mechanism is the sphere to watch out for.

All said; this rest has clear features that stand it out as a worthy buy if you are looking for an affordable arching device that will suit your needs. From me, it is a buy and receives a high recommendation from me!

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Difference between Arrow Rests

A standard rest clings to the arrow after the bow is released and the fletching will find its way through the rest while the rest holds on to the arrow as it finds its target on its trajectory. The fall away rest detaches from the arrow when the bow gets fired and is helpful with impact required but does make up for a shooter’s inaccuracy.

For a drop away rest, it holds on to the arrow before it is released and as soon as the bow gets shot, the rest leaves the path of the arrow. In doing so, this makes it possible for the rest not to hinder the arrow as it goes on its flight. It particularly suits hunting irrespective of whether you are positioned on the ground or on a tree. This rest helps shooters with shooting deficiency, and this is the case when most hunters go after game

How to Choose an Arrow Rest

Having the arrow rest that suits your hunt is necessary in order to maximize the capacity of the bow you have. It has to match your shooting ability as well as the arrows you put to use. Factors like whether you are target shooting or on hunting also play a role when determining the arrow you are choosing.

Having made your pick of arrow type, when setting up your drop away arrow, just be careful to pay attention to the manufacturer’s manual so that the tuning and sighting can be accurate. You can test afterward using the length of the activation cord until you have arrow groups tightened as desired.

Which Arrow is Suitable for Hunting?

When you go hunting, you have a range of ideas on what you want to achieve and the kind of prey you are hunting. To make this happen, many people would prefer to have a perfect arrow in order to deliver accurate shots that will hit the bull’s eye.

On an important note, your rest really needs to be durable and strong enough to cling to the bow in a consistent manner even if you are elevated on a tree. When the bow gets drawn, the arrow needs to be in place so it does not get displaced so lightly and waste the shot.

The prey is caught easily with the element of surprise so your bow need not any cranking! A drop away rest does this well as it does not interfere with the arrow’s trajectory, although not all users will come to grasp with this.

Some tips will help here:

  • Having your arrow held up in the recommended position is necessary irrespective of the angle your bow is at.
  • The quietness of the arrow rest is important when you hunt to eliminate distractions.
  • The consistency of release is also desired as much as contact with the shaft is avoided.
  • It needs to be durable and easily adjusted.
  • Affordability is also an issue; else, you won’t have enough arsenals for your expedition.
  • Since it is not possible to get a perfect arrow, anyone who uses a bow should work on perfecting their skills and make the best of the features that will complement their shooting inclination.

Target Shooting

Target shooters might not need to bother about the drop away rest as their focus is more of concise and accurate shots on a range.

It is also evident that durability might not be a concern when on target shooting as there is no need to worry about shrubs, trees and other impediments that you find when game-hunting.

A lightweight arrow or the containment rest arrow fits this description, and this explains why many target shooters go for the arrow rest that is prong-styled. This type of arrow rest focuses on center shots, can be easily adjusted and produces greater accuracy in this regard.

Center Shot Alignment

When you shoot, the need for center-point alignment is always considered as it makes it possible for the nock point and the rest to converge so that the arrow can go along the path of the string.

For those who are used to using their finger to release the string, adding plunger adjustments minimize the chance of anything impeding the center alignment.

Avoiding full capture arrow rests is a normal with finger shooters as it does little to minimize contact that often displaces center shots

A Plus for the Best Drop-Away Arrow Rests

Shooters who are experienced in the field will agree that among all rests, the drop away type is more accommodating.  They are more in tune regarding arrow straightness, spine, and tip weight such that the inflexible rest arms will have no impact on arrows when they bend as they are launched.

A drop action can lead to a fletching clearance of maybe 100 percent so that contact of bow and arrows will hardly occur. The chances of interference are therefore 50 percent less likely when the arrow is in flight so that impact is not subdued.

The drop away rest is easier to naturally handle than most traditional rests. The presence of arrow cradles in conventional rests makes the arrow easy to be positioned and held before the shot is released. This can slow down your pace of action when you shoot although, for newbies, this would be a plus.

Adjusting drop away rests make it possible to support your arrow long enough, preparatory to dropping off the shaft. This action aids precision and as long as you support it till the fletching springs up so that it can drop away as the fletching makes its way through.

Types of Drop Away Arrow Rests

All arrow rests are not the same, and while some fall away, others drop away. In plain terms, they do not all move out of the way in the fashion. Fall away rests when shot, might not just move out of the way when shot from a range of positions. So, shooting from any elevated or tree stand is likely to give the same result when you choose a downhill shot. This expected action is what gave rise to the drop away terminology

What is the Best Drop Away Arrow Rest?

Drop away rests come in two major designs and these are:

  • limb-driven
  • Buss-cable operated

To have a favorite out of the two depends on preference although the essential features are highlighted here:

Buss-Cable Rests

An example of commonly known buss cable rests is the NAP’s Apache and it is constituted of springs tensioning which launches downward continually. The design is such that the downward buss-cable has the activation cord attached to it which pulls the spring so that the launcher gets into position whenever there is a complete draw.

The activation cord whenever is at rest goes limp but turgid when fully drawn. Any time there is a release, the launcher is pulled by the spring from underneath the arrow as a follow up to buss cable’s release of the immediate tension.

Limb-driven Rests

The Vapor Trail is one of the best known Limb-driven rests, and it is designed to release tensioning in an upwards trajectory. The activation cord, in this case, exerts a downwards pull on the launcher in a position of rest. The cycle limbs pull together as the draw gets underway so that the cable tension is released for the launcher to elevate as desired.  Whenever there is a release, from beneath the arrow, the launcher is pulled by the top limb so that both can retract into position. At full draw, the activation cord goes limp and tightens when at rest.

Limb-driven rests if improperly adjusted have the potential to spur fletching contact, and for ideal timing to be arrived at, the installation might need some tinkering and contemplation.

Advantages of Buss-Activated Rests

Buss-Activated Rests like the QAD’s UltraRest are inertia triggered just like the Trophy Ridge’s Revolution model.

They possess mechanisms that enable you to gear the launcher to be ready for its flight so that while in its upright position, the launcher after it is drawn will be let down but yet to shoot.

The spring tension will jolt the launcher to go off once the inertia trigger is released through the bow jump

During set-up, these rests can be a lot easier for a random archer to find a way around than the limb-driven. However, to get the activation cords anchored on the buss-systems, tight serving needs to be ensured so that slippage will not result.

Advantages of Limb-Driven Rests

Limb-driven designs are known for their accuracy, and to some archers, since they support the arrow for a longer time, they are thus the better option.

The free-float momentum that follows the release of the launcher means that inconsistencies can be overridden by the torque it exerts. A secure knot holds the activation cord to the top limb, and adjustment gets accomplished as the rest is at play.

A mix of the containment of the arrow preparatory to a final shot and the clearance in drop-away after release (even if a large fletching is used) has drawn on many archers to the limb designs

Having used a variety of arrow rests, I am confident that the Vapor Trail and the Apache score high when arrow control is used as a means of evaluation for drop away rests. I have not recorded a timing difficulty with the drop away rests I have used thus far and this I ascribe to the innovation present in newer drop-away rests available

The Verdict

All the products in this review of the best drop away arrow rests have their distinct features and selling points, but my pick is the New Archery Apache Drop Away Arrow Rest (Camo, Right-hand) which comes with a durable design having been encased in metal to last the seasons. The absence of a need to use any tool to adjust this rest is a huge plus. If you’re looking for something as high-quality as this and for a great price, you’ll most definitely want to go with this recommendation.

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