Best 22 Rimfire Scopes: Top 4 in 2017

1The .22 Rimfire is a very popular round that is beloved by shooters of many types because it is very affordable, but still provides good value.

It is less powerful than many of the other popular rounds on the market, and doesn’t have an impactful recoil like you would get with, say, a .300 round.

Because of this, it is used by many casual hunters, range shooters, and general beginners.

However, just because the round is affordable doesn’t mean you should skimp out on a good scope.

There are many options on the market that will provide you with good quality features without a huge investment – you just have to do your research.

Here are our choices for the best .22 Rimfire scopes.

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The Top 4 Best 22 Rimfire Scope

Barska 3-9x32mm Plinker-22 Rifle Scope

Barska 3-9x 32mm Plinker-22 Rifle Scope

Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars from 416 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

Barska is a great brand if you want solid quality at low prices, and this scope is a particularly good choice for the .22 Rimfire because it was designed for this type of round.

It has a good range of magnification at 3-9x as well as an objective lens of 32mm.

At only 11 ounces, it’s very lightweight, but is still relatively durable. It also provides 3.5 inches of eye relief, which is ideal for more comfortable shooting.

The scope is water, fog, and shock proof, as you would expect from any well known brand such as Barska.

The optics are multi-coated and can be adjusted for windage and elevation, so you can use the scope for many different types of shooting. It has a basic 30/30 reticle that is very easy to use.

The scope also comes with mounting rings and a lens cover to help keep it in good condition.

Finally, Barska offers a lifetime warranty, which is another thing that makes them stand out from their other budget brand competitors.

Meade Wilderness Spotting Scope 20-60x80 mm

Leupold VX-1 Rimfire Scope

Leupold VX-1 Rimfire Scope

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars from 13 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

This scope is designed with Rimfire shooters in mind, but since it comes from the renowned Leupold brand, you know you are getting the absolute best quality on the market.

Although these scopes can be a bit pricier than some of their alternatives from other brands, it is definitely worth it in terms of durability as well as the quality of the optics.

On this scope, you get Leupold’s Quantum Optics System, which results in extremely clear visuals that make shooting much easier.

It has Multicoat 4, which increases light transmission for use in low light situations.

It is also designed to eliminate reflections and resist abrasion.

It has a clear duplex reticle for good accuracy.

It has a range of 2-7x magnification, which works well for plinking and general hunting, and it has a 28mm objective lens.

It is very durable, with argon/kryton waterproofing, and is also shock resistant. However, it is very light, at just 8.2 ounces.

Meade Wilderness Spotting Scope 20-60x80 mm

Nikon 2-7x32mm P-Rimfire

Nikon 2-7x 32mm P-Rimfire

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars from 28 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

Nikon is another high performance brand that has designed a great optic designed specifically for the .22 Rimfire round.

The specs are designed to suit mid-range hunting or shooting conditions, but unlike many other scopes created for this round, it has very specific adjustments for elevation and windage to help you shoot more accurately based on your surroundings.

The scope is very durable, as it is made from polymer and aluminum, and it guaranteed by Nikon’s lifetime warranty.

It uses the Nikon Eco-Glass lenses, which are multi-coated to prevent reflection and increase contract.

It uses a BDC, which helps the shooter aim more precisely when shooting.

Many consumers also praise the solid level of eye relief that this scope offers, as many other .22 scopes are not designed for such comfortable shooting.

Overall, this is a great investment for anyone who shoots a .22 Rimfire, whether you are just learning or have been hunting for years.

Meade Wilderness Spotting Scope 20-60x80 mm

BSA 3-9x 40mm Sweet 22 Rifle Scope

BSA 3-9x 40mm Sweet 22 Rifle Scope

Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars from 31 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

BSA is one of the best brands for budget scopes, particularly for Rimfire rounds, but don’t let the price fool you – these scopes still offer amazing quality.

The Sweet 22 is designed specifically for the .22 Rimfire, so you’ll find that the specs are absolutely perfect for this type of shooting.

It has a standard range of 3-9x magnification, as well as a huge 40mm objective lens for a larger field of view while shooting.

This scope provides clear multi-coated optics for a good view, as well as adjustable turrets to accommodate all of your shooting needs.

The scope is also easily adjustable for windage and elevation.

You’ll get three inches of eye relief as well while shooting to make your experience more comfortable, and the construction is completely water, fog, and shock proof.

Although this scope may not be from a luxury brand, you’ll still get great quality and durable construction that will suit your needs as a .22 rimfire shooter.

Meade Wilderness Spotting Scope 20-60x80 mm


When looking for a scope for your .22 Rimfire rifle, there are many things to consider – especially if you are shooting for the first time. Generally, you’ll want a tube that is at least 1 inch around and have an objective lens of at least 32mm.

Anything smaller than this and you won’t get a clear enough picture to do any real shooting. You’ll also want to look for durability, just as you would with any other type of scope. At the very least, your scope should be water, fog, and shock proof, so you can use it in a variety of different weather circumstances.

While many shooters are okay with just purchasing the cheapest scope they can find for their .22 Rimfire rifles, this will actually cause you problems in the long run. This is because these scopes are much more likely to break, so you’ll need to keep repurchasing them, and they will make it more difficult to shoot as well.

Overall, you are best off with a scope from a respected brand. It can also help to look for a scope that is specifically calibrated or designed for a .22 round, as this will make it much easier to use.

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