Buyer’s Guide: The Best Combat Knives

1The idea of a combat knife raises several thoughts for a newbie, and a decent number of people might wonder if they need to have one in their possession.

If faced with a situation that you need to decide on the best combat knives to choose from, you should have some details on your fingertips that will prove useful in your search.

You don’t have to be military personnel to know that the world is a dangerous place and everyone should have the protection of some sort.

The circumstances that necessitate survival options are not necessarily predetermined, but when they arise, it is better to be prepared than caught napping.

If you have a need for fishing, hiking, hunting, skiing, backpacking or camping, it’s imperative to purchase the greatest combat knife possible. If you need to travel at any point, it’s important to have it handy in case you’re mugged.

Lastly, if you drive, the car trunk or glove compartment will be a great spot to keep it. Just make sure no adventure checklist is complete without it.

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The Top 4 Best Combat Knives Reviews

Unlimited Wares HK-1036 Fixed Blade Tactical Combat Knife 15-Inch Overall

Unlimited Wares HK-1036 Fixed Blade Tactical Combat Knife

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars from 318 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

The Unlimited Wares HK comes with 15″-dimension blade and neat handle; this is a knife in good stead to be in your kitty if you are slated to go out into the wild. The rubber handle is an attraction, and it gives an excellent grip. In addition, you may expect the heavy obligation tactical sheath to provide all the safety you need while the knife is rest mode.


  • 15″ typical dimension
  • Blade made of stainless steel
  • includes Tactical Sheath
  • Very sharp out of the box
  • Rubber handle – very relaxed Grip
  • Neat design
  • Heavy duty design-combat Knife
  • fits hand well
  • Blade optimized for sharpness
  • Great grip and composed of tough rubber

This is a set blade knife that measures 13 inches long and is made out of stainless steel with a sharp edge. A rubber handle makes it easy to hold, so it is a relaxed grip that is on offer. It consists of a sheath and boasts of competent design.

The size is appropriate and has a weight that is balanced for deployment in all-around combat scenarios. It comes very sharp and satisfactory regarding layout so that its description matches user experience. A few will give a minus for the handle, but I see it as well-fitting

Ergonomics and Handling

This combat knife has a sturdy build and matching blade. However, pulling it through the polishing stone, I see it can slice through a ghost. To my delight, the sheath seems extraordinarily durable and don’t expect it to slice through the sheath even though is extra sharp. The sheath seems like it is able to manage nearly any blade without hassle

It’s stable, but light-weight enough to be truly lethal in close combat, even though fortuitously but sure makes the cut as one of the best combat knives. It is shipped with a unique case, so it is my endorsement that you continually have it sheathed to avoid accidental cuts. The sharpness is not in doubt and makes a havoc of your foot if accidentally dropped, so be cautious with it. The design is compatible for belt-straps and easy to hold even if you are on a trek or perhaps making a tent.

Design and Deployment

This multi-cause survival knife works super for any challenge. It is sharp and possesses sturdy chrome steel blade. The rubber deal with fits effortlessly to your hand and offers a brilliant grip. Coming in at less than one pound, this knife is simple to hold around and might not weigh you down. The package entails a tactical sheath for clean portability. If you’re seeking out a dependable knife that looks and works terrific, then that is the knife for you. Don’t be caught out in the wasteland without it.

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Kershaw Blur

Kershaw Blur with Sandvik 14C28N

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars from 61 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

While I revel in reviewing all varieties of knives, it’s the mid length combat knives that I specifically enjoy reviewing due to the fact those mid-size gears are what I spend the most time dealing with. The Kershaw Blur is the sort of integral medium-size combat knife that a complete evaluation is sure to give you loads of tips.


  • SpeedSafe optimized
  • Thumb stud and Liner lock mechanism
  • Reversible multi-side use pocket clip
  • Metallic design with DLC coating
  • Comes with 6061-T6 anodized aluminum and definitive Trac-Tec inserts
  • Blade dimension of 8.6 cm and total length of 20 cm
  • 110.6 grams in mass

As for blade metal, the base model comes with a relatively unassuming Sandvik 14NC28 metal blade that is no doubt. This is a superb mid-range steel, perfect for a range of combat purposes. It takes a side without fuss and holds it nicely. I’ve had no problems with rust – especially with the DLC coating that ensures you can go in and out of the water with no fuss.

Kershaw additionally offers the Blur in S30V, CPM154CM, and an even a composite blade with Sandvik 14NC28 with a ZDP189 edge. I’ve also seen this knife in 440A, 420HC, and few others. The S30V version is particularly famous, and some of the restrained editions have been launched through the years. There is a metallic gear here for every taste (and each budget).

Ergonomics and Handling

The primary aspect you may notice about the design is the sandpaper looking inserts. Kershaw calls this “Trac-Tec” and its miles surely a rubberized cloth that offers space of traction without tearing up your arms. The rest of the blend comes from anodized 6061 aluminum and features a glide though (pillar production) design. All in all, this is an entirely sturdy layout. The handles are very well completed and comparatively, mild weight to give you a proper fit.

The ergonomics of the Blur are splendid. This easy stuff handle gets from your way and offers a cozy grip for small and big fingers alike. There may be a brief run at the gently sloping thumb ramp. It provides just enough traction to index your thumb and keep it in place. The rubber track-tec inserts aren’t my favorite function of the knife, but I should admit they provide plenty of grips. All the corners were rounded, and the knife feels fabulous in hand. A good recommendation for you is here if you are looking out for a splendid knife.

The pocket clip is reasonably nicely struck as it relies on your precise choice. It comes with a matte black end and rides quite low within the pocket (now not “fantastic” low, if that is something you are searching out). It does allow for tip up or tips down angle displays, however, it is not ambidextrous. One aspect I specifically like is how Kershaw doesn’t include their Trac-Tec texturing in which the clip touches the handle. This makes the knife a whole lot simpler to put away and retrieve when needed.

Design and Deployment

Kershaw opted for ambidextrous thumb studs right here. The thumb studs are cut at a perspective and dig into your thumb. One view is that thumb studs gave the impression of a “staircase” that is surely a quite exact description. Some guys love those thumb studs, others hate them. I discover that they fit for my purposes. I suppose that those thumb studs work first-rate with an assisted opener, but I assume they’re a bit fiddly in any case.

Being an early Ken Onion / Kershaw collaboration, this knife comes with Ken’s Speedsafe assist. I’m now not the biggest fan of assisted combat knives, however, the Speedsafe on the Blur is strong, and the motion is ideal. In use, you may continually take the spring out and decrease the Blur to a hundred % manually set-off blade if that is what you decide on. There may be a small detent so the blade won’t fall out of the hold if you take away the spring assist.

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Spyderco Gayle Bradley C134CF

Spyderco Gayle Bradley Folder Carbon Fiber PlainEdge Knife

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars from 67 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

Spyderco C134CF is Bradley’s definitive combat knife that makes the cut for a mention among the most popular combat knives. It is produced from heavy duty and optimized M4 steel. M4 steel comes up for mention as one of the best you need to have the sharpest cutting outcomes.


  • Made using the very best materials
  • tested for pleasant use and durability
  • Ready-for-use.
  • Michael Walker LinerLock®
  • Hollow-floor blade
  • Carbon fiber handle with screw-together outline
  • four-way hourglass metal clip
  • Full-length inner liners

The Gayle Bradley has a robust and thick folder with swish lines and a rock stable design. The Gayle Bradley has an extremely excessive construct great – it’s difficult to describe on paper, but the moment you take possession of this knife, all of it comes at you collectively. The dimensions and sense of this knife make it slightly massive and heavy for EDC, even though it could truly excel in that function. This knife is a workhorse, and it’s meant for use in diverse cutting duties.

Ergonomics and Handling

The knife has a go with the flow and is finished on the handle with textured carbon fiber and full-period metal liners. The liners had been milled out in a try to reduce the burden, but that is nonetheless an extensive folder.

The blade is bolted together (instead of pinned) that is excellent if you ever have the desire to take this knife aside (perhaps you want to attempt to mill it out yourself). In case you are contemplating milling the liners out, I want to assure you that you will be in for a hard task because these are some of the thickest liners I’ve seen.

Design and Deployment

The Gayle Bradley makes use of an extra massive (half-diameter) Spyder hollow and phosphorus-blend bronze bushings for deployment. This knife is very easy to open, and it is great to clean. The implementation feels utterly appropriate because of the relaxed design of the knife and ease of use.

The ultra thick liner lock sits snugly at the blade. This knife is built very solidly and with that greater thick liner lock, I suppose this knife is capable of taking some abuse. Clearly, the lock-up and deployment are both very outstanding that an experienced combatant will appreciate.

Meade Wilderness Spotting Scope 20-60x80 mm

Boker Plus

Boker Plus 01BO188 Titan Drop Knife

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars from 43 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

The Boker Plus a pretty basic knife that comes with a suitable design that makes it possible for use in a variety of circumstances such that you can as well have it as a utility for combat scenarios. It’s far without a doubt too huge to be an everyday carry for me, but it’s great and narrow and could make a great EDC for a few guys out there. I’d say it compares favorably to a Spyderco Endura and is such that can fit combat scenarios.

I’d love to see Boker make a model with a three″ blade for EDC, but I don’t want every knife in my collection to be a three″ EDC knife. It’s a durable knife that is hoisted on stainless steel and allows you to have ready-to-use gear for your safety and defense.

  • Durable and sharp 440C stainless-steel blade
  • Bead blasted titanium cope with
  • Reversible, polished pocket clip
  • Blade length: three 3/four inches. Usual length: 8 3/8 inches. Weight: 4.5 ounces.
  • Unlimited warranty

The blade sync is a classic drop point with a full flat grind and satin finish. The blade has been nicely ground, and the 440-C blade steel got here sharp sufficient to sweep the hairs off my arm without tons idea. In practice, this is a definitely nice cutter.

The threshold has been neatly and uniformly ground, and in exercise I have located that the Titan is terrific to your common tasks like breaking down containers, running inside the yard, home projects, and so forth. The whole flat grind is best and lean and it’s nearly unexpected how a great deal extra leverage you may generate with the longer manage and blade.

Ergonomics and Handling

The handle is constructed from two slabs of titanium, a steel lock again, and a titanium backspacer. The whole lot is screwed collectively with matte stainless-steel hardware. The dull gray titanium contrasts nicely with the satin completed blade and clip. The whole thing strains up well and is nicely finished. Boker’s Plus line often gets a horrific rap for poor match and finish, but the construct quality right here could be very high.

The full metallic production means that the knife is solid and robust, but nevertheless great and slim to slide. You are such to be an enthusiast on this stage with the usage of titanium, and it additionally allows a peaceful pocketing. It’s a superb combo of shape and feature

The pocket clip may be very just like what you may locate on a popular Emerson or Benchmade clip. This is a proven pocket clip design. Similar to their Benchmade or Emerson counterpart, it’s very comfortable and is straightforward to apply. This one from Boker has been given a very shiny satin finish. It isn’t mainly discrete; however, it suits the satin blade well.

The handle is tapped for ambidextrous tip functionality, and it’s a distinctly deep reaching knife of more than 8 inches in size. Once more, I’m able to give some insight: however, compare this to an Endura, and in this situation, I assume that you are going to have a better deal using this knife.

Design and Deployment

My guess is that they have phosphorus- bronze washers in this knife since I am not poised to rip it apart to see further in. The terraced thumb studs are clean to get at, and the back spring can be overcome with the frenzy of a thumb.

For lockup, you have got a sturdy back lock. There isn’t a whole lot to write down about right here beyond pronouncing that the lock works properly. It engages crisply, and there may be many people to appreciate this. The reality that the knife is absolutely made from metallic base could lead me to trust you could run this knife exceptionally tough in case you desired to any day.

Meade Wilderness Spotting Scope 20-60x80 mm

What to Consider in Choosing the Best Combat Knives


Any of the best combat knives you desire to own should have a size that reflects the purpose of its acquisition. An extra-large sized combat knife will do no good, as it is impossible for you to proceed stealthily with it and keep it out of full-glare. If a knife was designed for combat, it should be such that does not weigh down the user.

A fitting combat knife must be portable and made to fit into tactical pants comfortably so that retrieval can also be without fuss. If the knife has got a giant blade or handle, it makes it practically impossible to use effortlessly. If anyone who has to use the knife gets tilted sideways once the knife is in use, then it is no good.

The range that fits the top combat knives is such that falls within 3 and 4 inches in blade size and a length between 8 to 9 inches


Ergonomics in this sense describes the interaction between the user and the best knife for combat when in use. The clues to look out for are:

  • Comfortable to handle
  • Easy to feel
  • Rest well in your hand and not feel unnatural
  • Feel same in grip and reverse grip positions
  • Handle must not be sculptured
  • Have no pinch nodes
  • Absence of sharp corners
  • Absence of convoluted contours

These little technicalities are imperative in deciding your pick of the best combat knives as they make the difference between an amateur and professional design. When you grip any of the best combat knives, there is no finger groove that will show up as over-pronounced to make you adjust your finger to suit the design. Every grip should be such that is defined by the circumstance and how you intend to use the knife.

It is often said that what makes the difference sometimes is not the hurdle you face but the equipment you have available to confront it. On this score, making your choice of combat knife should be based on facts and not some emotions.

Every good combat knife is designed to fit into your hand and never comes out as too small or overlarge to handle. Sometimes, you might be able to see three sizes that have been structured as from small to large. Let every knife suit your shape, weight and size in order to be a good fit. When you pick up any great brand, it should be such that feels like you were presented with it based on custom design.


When it comes to materials, it is easily classified to identify handle and blade as the two pivotal point of focus. There is an overarching need to pick the highest rated combat knives as the sort that comes with the best quality stainless steel.

A number of models you find out there are without doubt made out of steel with high quality so that all the brands you find in this review have that commonality. No super steel is readily available to look out for, as the old quality steel can outperform.

Handles commonly deployed in pricey knives are made from Micarta, G-10, Carbon Fiber and the bead blast. On tactical knives, you are likely to find more of bead blast, carbon fiber, and micarta. The point to not be that with the use of pricey materials, the combat knife of choice will no doubt cost a lot more. Low-cost knives commonly have aluminum, stag and bone handles.

Blade Design

A knife with no cutting edge does no good, and if it lacks an outstanding point, its utility will be defeated. A point makes it easy to dig when the need arises, and poking will be easy if required. The point, however, needs to have a bit of mass, and this will make sure that it does not break if used on any substance that can damage pin-point knives. As for the cutting edge, it should be such that can go through seat belts and clothes effortlessly in a couple of inches’ effort.

A thickness frame up to .187 will be fitting for lateral cut-through will be perfect as any thicker mass will make the combat knife less than portable. As to hardness, 57 to 59 degrees will be perfect, and anything more could be way too hard and therefore brittle.

For any knife to be considered a good fit, it should be such that after it gets dull, you don’t have to fetch a diamond sharpener with all its exoticness to restore the edge. Ease of sharpening makes a knife fitting for combat use, and a rock will be appropriate enough if you need to sharpen it when out in the wild. Blades that come serrated always turn out better and can cut through lots of stuff even the edge gets dull.


Locks might not be a defining quality for any of the best combat knives, but many models in the market come with much ado on the subject of the type of lock attached to it. The lock types that you can easily find include the liner locks, lock backs, and the axis locks and they all have their Achilles heels.

The reputation of the maker should be more of consideration than the lock attached to it. Locks can give way at any time although if you are not keen on folded knives, a fixed-blade one will do.

Fixed Against Folded Blade

The blade type also calls for attention and can either be fixed be folded or fixed just like the lock type. A fixed blade from its design, have stronger built than folded ones as they have no parts that are subject to movement.

Again, the reason for your knife plays a distinct role here when making a choice as a big, firm knife will suit some users better than others. Having a combat knife that is usable is a top priority, and since it needs to be compact for easy mobility, this counts highly. Although your preference should not be downplayed, it is also a deciding factor.

Imagine getting into a situation where you need to drive a knife into wood in the wild, what will you use? A fixed blade knife can be hammer substitute in this scenario but certainly not your gun. The purpose, therefore, trumps other considerations on this score.

Carry Options

To have your knife slipped in safely as you go about your role is the best expectation for a combat knife user. If you have a fitting sheath which can be made of nylon, leather or some Kydex, it will fit into your belt if appropriately designed.

Combat knives have a spring clip made of metal as an accompaniment, and this is positioned to the handle. The shapes of the mount fall into either of the aft, or the fire and your decision here should be such you need to get used to for ease of use. You can then have this in your pocket and on any side as long as you have a tactical pant on. Preference again plays a role here that cannot be overlooked.


A rounded or even pommel is the typical look for combat knives, and this is also a distinctive feature to consider in evaluating the best combat knives. Some others come with a hooked butt, and this is certainly no good.

The butt of the knife is same as the pommel and sometimes, it can come into use for driving in a nail or pummeling at some target. If your knife has a well-thought out design such that it can be used for more functions, then you have a utility at hand. The pommel needs to be substantial to do you some good!

The use of combat knives in rescue scenarios will give you a clue as to how well they can be utilized. Have you considered having to cut loose some combat colleagues stuck in a seat belt after a copter crash? The design of the knife you are using will determine how fast you can cut or if you will be in a position to cut at all!

Purpose of the knife

It is almost self-explanatory to expect that a combat knife if meant to be used in combat scenarios such that it can fit into a variety of functions. It will serve as a utility knife, a rescue tool or even an access device when the matter comes to the crucible. You see then that the best combat knives must be able to serve a variety of purposes and that they are possible to keep out of sight makes it clear that the design was optimized to be stealthy so it can be a weapon of appropriate use.

It, however, makes no sense to get a combat knife when the need you have does not require any life-threatening situation. It also means that if you are faced with a number of untoward circumstances that can require switching to survival mode, then you are going to need the best combat knives.

The Final Verdict

The Spyderco C134CF from Bradley is highly rated among the top combat knives in this review. It comes with the well-reviewed stainless steel blade such that gives you the right cut when needed. The liner makes it easy to store with no fear of cutting the sheath. Certainly, this knife makes the cut as one of my topic picks among the best combat knives on the market.

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