What are the Best Compound Bow Arrows?

1Any archer knows that when they take their compound bow in their hand, the important thing is to shoot the best that you can. In addition, for any archer shooting preeminent is using the best compound bow arrows.

There are different arrows available on the market and your carbon arrow is the best for accuracy. They ought to be high on your list, but if you do not have the budget for them, you can look at some of our other arrow selections available here as well.

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The Top 3 Best Compound Bow Arrows

Fletched Easton XX75 arrows

Feather Fletched Easton XX75 Jazz Aluminum Arrows 6-pack

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars from 154 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

The Fletched Easton XX75 arrows are great arrows for hunting. The arrows made from aluminum, used by all, and suitable to use with bows that are 15 to 55 pounds. They have steel tips and the nocks made from plastic. You can replace the nocks with other ones.

They remove easily from targets with the aerospace alloy surface and have Trueflight feathers made of real turkey feathers. They also feature a right-wing helical offset and make the arrow turn while in flight. This helps to stabilize the arrow.

They are available in different colors and you can buy them in sets of six. The feather length varies and can be 3 – 4-inches depending on the shaft size. These best compound bow arrows cut to length with a one-piece target point glued into place. They have an aluminum insert with a 100-gram screw point.

You can buy them in different lengths 28, 29 and 30-inches. The straightness of the arrows ± .005 with a flawless throat designs and they are inexpensive.


  • Can buy them in packs of 6,
  • They have Trueflight parabolic feathers with a right-wing helical offset,
  • The tips are made from steel and you can replace the plastic nocks,
  • Anyone aged 3 and up can use them,
  • Designed for 15 – 50 lb bow weights

Pros: inexpensive, come ready to shoot right out the box, the Fletching is superb and there have been no complaints of peeling, excellent customer service

Cons: there are no complaints from users and with more than 200 customers who bought it on Amazon all of them are pleased.


Wizard Archery Fiberglass Target Practice arrows

Wizard Archery Fiberglass Target Practice Arrows

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars from 87 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

If you are only going to use your compound bow for target shooting we recommend you buy yourself the Wizard Archery Fiberglass Target Practice arrows. They have a premium construction and they are affordable to buy. You can buy them in a pack of 12, and available with a tinted black spine that measures from 26 – 30-inches.

The arrows calculated from the rear of the tip to the bottom piece of the groove at the nock. Each arrow has the best point for target shooting and has an Eastern designed nock this is ideal for shooting into Styrofoam targets. The Wizard arrows work with long, recurve, and compound bows.

You cannot remove the tip, and permanently fixed with glue and coated with nickel stainless steel. These are great for the beginner and adept archer to keep up their practice and made only for aiming at targets. The nock is colored and it has a plastic Fletching.


  • The Wizard is a standard arrow for target practice designed for long, recurve, and compound bows,
  • They have a plastic colored Fletching and nock while the tips, nickel-plated stainless steel and great for the beginner to adept archer,
  • The points made from quality material and has an Eastern nock,
  • Recommended to use with synthetic and Styrofoam targets,
  • You can buy them in different sizes 26, 28, and 30-inches, and
  • Buy them individually or in packs of 12

Pros: affordable, performs well, great to use for practice shooting

Cons: the Fletching does not line up properly when using a drop away rest


Tip XT Hunter’s Gold Tip arrow

Gold Tip XT Hunter 5575/400 Carbon Arrows w/Blazer Vanes Blaze Wraps 1Dz.

No customer review available yet. Click the image for prices and be the first to review this item!

The Tip XT Hunter’s Gold Tip arrow is the best compound bow arrows. The XT Hunter’s are light, fast in flight, and durable. The arrows fixed with Blaze wraps, Blazer vanes and very durable as it is a carbon arrow. The design of these arrows is excellent and they have w/Blazer vanes with Mossy Oak Blaze wraps in a Kiwi/Camo color. The Gold Tip arrows are great to use for a range of 55 – 75 lbs. They are tough, stiff, and rigorous and the grain of the arrows 8.2. The deflection of the spine is .400. Included is an aluminum insert while the nock rotates 360°. This specific arrow is 36-inches long.


  • You can buy the XT Hunter’s Gold Tip arrows in packs of dozen and made from carbon material,
  • They have a Mossy Oak Blaze Kiwi 7-inch wrap have black colored shafts and 32-inches long
  • Using them gives you accuracy, durability, and they are fast in flight,
  • You can use them with bows that have a draw weight of 55 – 75 lbs and weighs 8.2 grains per inch with a spine deflection of .400,
  • The nocks rotate 360° and you receive aluminum inserts with them,
  • The Blazer Vanes of this specific arrow is Kiwi/Camo and colors may differ,

Pros: shoot great and very consistent,

Cons: they are a bit on the expensive side, but well worth it


Final Thoughts

As you can see, you do not only need the best arrow for a compound bow, but you need the right one as well. Choose the correct one when you plan to practice, participate in tournaments, or hunt. You may have the best bow that is appealing, but with the wrong arrow, you possibly will not shoot the target when the time comes.

Once you are ready to buy yourself arrows for your bow it is best to prepare yourself. You cannot go and buy anything, as you must know the speed per foot, the material it’s made off, and most important is the draw weight. These points help you with your archery practice. Having the correct arrow gives you more accuracy when you shoot; it is better for dynamic target practice and gives you decent shooting. We hope that our best compound bow arrow review helps you to find the one suited for all your archery needs.

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