What is the Best Digital Rangefinder?

1Rangefinders measure the distance between the user and an object. For golfers, this is the distance between the golfer and their next target. For hunters, it is the distance between the Hunter and the prey. Rangefinders are also used by photographers, especially in street photography.

There are certain aspects of this type of photography that produce better results by using a rangefinder camera. Rangefinders come in different varieties. There are those that have mirrors in the working mechanism. These laser rangefinders are more common. With advancement in technology, there are rangefinders that are mirror-less. These are more commonly referred to as digital rangefinders.

As with mirror rangefinders, the budget is an important factor to consider when getting a digital rangefinder. Most of these are very pricy, but the value received in quality is worth the buy. Some of the most popular digital rangefinders on the market are:

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The Top 5 Best Digital Rangefinders

Leupold GX-3i Series Digital Rangefinder

Leupold GX-3i Series Digital Rangefinder

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This digital rangefinder is known for its accuracy and speed. The measurements are delivered immediately. It separates returned background readings from the target readings, then presents the measurements in an immediate and timely manner.

It has an OLED display that makes measurement taking and reading easy. As part of its function, the rangefinder has a scan mode that allows the user to take different measurements in one clean sweep.

This digital rangefinder is suited for the golf course and is able to identify clearly marked flags.

The Leupold GX-3i Series Digital rangefinder has a maximum range of 800 yards. At 400 yards it has an accurate pin range. Weighing just 6.8 ounces, this best digital rangefinder is easily portable on the golf course because of the light weight.

An additional feature is the fog mode which, allows a golfer to use the rangefinder in extremely foggy conditions and other extreme weather as well.


TecTecTec! VPRODLX Rangefinder

TecTecTec! VPRO 1 Rangefinder

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This best digital rangefinder is also best for golfers. It uses simplistic technology, which yields crystal clear measurements. It is light enough to carry around on the course and has one of the more advanced digital circuit systems.

It is good for use by beginners, but is also great for more seasoned players. With a 6x power magnification, this digital rangefinder has an accuracy of one yard for up to 540 yards.

The TecTecTec VPRO 1 Rangefinder has three unique modes:

Scan mode which identifies hazards in the vicinity, first target priority mode, which measures the distance to the nearest object and the distance target priority which identifies the farthest object.


New Digital Zoom Golf Rangefinder Golf Scope

New Digital Zoom Golf Rangefinder Golf Scope

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This rangefinder is one of the cheapest options available. It can be maxed out to a range of 1000 yards and has a 7x power magnification.

The low price does not mean that this rangefinder is of poor quality.

It is actually as efficient and similar to more expensive digital rangefinders. It is great for both outdoor hunting and golfing, only that you have to switch it to green mode if you want to use it on the golf course.

The Golfscope Telephoto is easy to use and has an externally stored battery. It provides value for money for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of using a digital rangefinder without having to spend an arm and a leg on one.


Leica M9-P Digital Rangefinder Camera

Leica M9-P Digital Rangefinder Camera

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This rangefinder camera tops in the most expensive category. It has a simple body design that does not give away the fact that one has a rangefinder camera that costs more than $7,000.

It also has a scratch-resistant LCD display and reduces glare through an anti-reflective coating. For the cost, this digital rangefinder camera gives value. It can be paired with different compatible lenses and has an 18 MP CCD sensor.

Unlike most DSLR cameras, the Leica M9-P has minimalist external controls and only has the parameters that are critical for taking photographs. It is part of a wide range of digital rangefinder cameras from Leica spanning back to the 1950’s.


Epson RD-1

Epson R-D1 6.1MP Digital Rangefinder Camera

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Another one of the popular and best digital rangefinder cameras is the Epson RD-1. Released in 2005, this digital rangefinder only had 10,000 bodies manufactured.

They therefore sold out and are available online in different buy-and-sell marketplaces as secondhand rangefinders and not new ones. This best digital rangefinder is not only a collector’s item, but it also produces great images in both high and low light conditions.

The Epson RD-1 is more affordable compared to the Leica M9. It is usually available for a price range of between $1000 and $1,700. These digital rangefinders provide value for money despite the fact that they have been used before.

The Epson RD-1 has a 6 MP sensor and an ISO 1600 which is impressive considering the year of manufacture. The specifications appear slightly lower compared to DSLR cameras but it produces high quality photographs.

Keep in mind that this digital rangefinder was released back in 2005 and thus cannot compete with newer models which have higher specifications. It is impressive for an older model and is a great buy for people who are looking to buy a rangefinder without having to break the bank.



Digital rangefinders use a different mechanism to achieve the same results that mirrored rangefinders produce.

While some tasks such as street photography would be better executed with a digital rangefinder, the ultimate decision as to which type of rangefinder to buy relies on preference and use. Generally, the digital rangefinders are more expensive than the mirrored ones and do not have all that to show for it.

Instead of opting for an expensive one, why not pick a more conventional but cheaper rangefinder for less important activities. On the other hand, nobody wants to get a gadget only to find that there are many limitations to it.

Go through online user reviews about how well digital rangefinders work relative to the ones with mirrors. A review from someone who has had hands-on experience would paint a picture on what to expect from these rangefinders thus helping to shape your decision.

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