Best Food Plot for Deer: Top 7 Picks in 2017

1There is a variety of the best food plots for deer available on the market and it is overwhelming if you are planning to buy these products. However, if you have decided to plant your own food plots as many manufacturers say theirs is the best. Whom do you believe Biologic, Tecomante, or Whitetail Institute? Keep reading as we shed some light for you on deer food plots.

Stop looking for the magical forage crops, as they do not exist. There are many best food plots for whitetail deer amongst the many brands out there; the key is to get the most of the food plots. You first need to scrutinize what you want and then find the best feed for your situation.

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Top 7 Best Deer Food Plot Reviews

Antler King Red Zone

Antler King Red Zone

Rated 3.6 out of 5 stars from 10 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

The Antler King Red Zone is rated as one of the best food plots for deer. Customers who have bought the product recommend it as they say it is 28% better than other food plots.

If you are serious about hunting whitetail this, forage compromises two varieties of plant peas, soybeans, buckwheat and more.

This forage matures at different times throughout the year and largely during fall, winter, summer, and spring.


  • Contains a high protein and includes succulent buckwheat, sunflowers, soybeans and peas,
  • You can plant it from May through to August in the northern hemisphere when living in the U.S and on the southern side from March to September,
  • Always make sure to plant it 60 days before the first frost,
  • The best way to plant these seeds are with a drill, but you can spread the seeds and drag them into the soil,
  • Grows 6ft. and gives the deer enough protein, and
  • Can buy the forage in bags of 20 LBS and you can plant ½ acre with this bag

Pros: Perfectly mixed forage, even when heavy rains come there is always some seeds left and it grows, deer love it more than the corn

Cons: Make sure to check the expiry date when making your purchase


Whitetail Institute Imperial Clover

Whitetail Institute Imperial Clover Food Plot Seed

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars from 25 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

The Whitetail Institute Imperial Clover food plot seed compares well with our top rated Antler King Zone Red. You can buy the seeds in two different bags one of 4-pounds covering .5 acres and the other 18-pounds covering up to 2.25 acres.

This seed is the best food for whitetail deer. They have genetically designed it for the whitetail. It has a high protein to make their muscles and bone grow and helps them to thrive during the cold months. They love the taste and travel for miles to feed. The seeds coated with RainBond to enhance the survivability of seedlings. Make sure to plant the seeds in heavy soil that holds moisture.


  • Imperial Clover from the Whitetail Institutes packed with antler-building protein,
  • It helps to deliver healthier fawns as the produce of the milks more,
  • Highly cold tolerable,
  • Is drought, heat and disease resistant,
  • They have coated it with RainBond making the seedling endurable,
  • Can last up to 5-years with one single plant

Pros: available in two different size bags, lasts for years as one client said the seed grew up to six years if taken care of, even the turkeys love it

Cons: always make sure to check expire date as old seeds may not grow


Evolved Habitats ProVide Clover with Chicory

Evolved Habitats ProVide Clover with Chicory

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars from 2 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

Evolved Habitats ProVide Clover with Chicory is a premium mixture of recurrent feed clover and chicory. It is a favorite of deer and delivers a high level of different mineral and protein. You can plant it throughout the fall, spring, and summer in the United States. You can only buy the seed in 4 LBS bags.


  • The bag holds a quality combination of recurrent feed of Clover and Chicory,
  • Developed to plant in fall, spring and summer,
  • The food has a high level of protein and minerals in a digestible plant form

Pros: Compared to our other deer food plot reviews this brand is much cheaper, sprouts quickly

Cons: One client complained that, the deer did not touch the clover and thinks that the forest had loads of mass that they enjoy eating


Purple Top Turnip Seed

3LBS Purple Top Turnip Deer Food Plot Seeds

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars from 8 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

You can buy the Purple Top Turnip Seed in 3 LBS bags. They are suitable for freezing weather and you can store the roots for a long time in cold storage. They are sweet, do not have a strong flavor, and the flesh is creamy in color. With one of these bags, it has a seed rate of 5 – 10 lbs per acre.


  • The Purple Top Turnip has a gentle and sweet taste,
  • Grows from 3 – 5-inches,
  • The green leaves are filled with nutrients and you can use it in your salad,
  • Deer love it

Pros: The seeds affordable to buy, takes 30 – 60 days to grow, great to plant in spring

Cons: Made for planting in spring and lasts until mid summer


Biologic Winter Bulbs and Sugar Beets

Biologic Winter Bulbs & Sugar Beets Annual Food Plot Seed

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars from 26 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

The Biologic Winter Bulbs and Sugar Beets give the deer a diverse food plot. It may not be one of the best food plots for deer compared to the other brands but affordable to buy. If you live in the northern zone, it is best to plant them in the late summer and for the southern zone during the fall. You can buy the seeds in 2.25-pound bags and covers ¼ acres.

It contains up to 38% protein and nutrients.


  • This winter bulb and sugar beets attractive and nutritious for whitetail deer,
  • It germinates faster,
  • And is easy to plant,
  • One 2.25 LBS bag covers ¼ acres,
  • Compiled with different Brassica and produce underground bulbs,

Pros: Great for open field coverage, great to plant during spring

Cons: Some clients complained that there was a little sugar beet in the bag


The Antler King Trophy Clover Mix

Antler King Trophy Clover Mix

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars from 13 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

The Antler King Trophy Clover Mix has four recurrent varieties of clover, an assortment of chicory and rapeseed. You can plant it from spring to fall and gives the deer up to 30% protein in their diet. This is a resilient food mix and can last up to 6-years with one single planting if taken care of.

You can buy the Trophy Clover Mix in 3.5 LBS bags and provides up to 10 tons of food.


  • Antler King Trophy Clover Mix has a high protein and tonnage and a recurrent mix. It produces up to 10 tons of forage per acre,
  • When treated with Antler Kings Ultra Coat Orange it gives a higher germination,
  • The seeds need planting less than ¼ -inches deep,

Pros: Best planted in early spring, deer, and turkey love it

Cons: Many complain of the clover not coming up – make sure that there is no rain as this can cause the seed to go in deep into the ground as clover seed needs to be planted ¼ -inches


Whitetail Institute Imperial “No-Plow” Food Plot Seed

Whitetail Institute Imperial "No-Plow" Food Plot Seed

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars from 16 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

The Whitetail Institute Imperial food plot seed still seems to be the best food plot for deer. The great thing about these seeds is that you do not need your tractor to maneuver around in tough places. It is high in protein and fast growing with great nutritional value for whitetail deer. It provides up to 9-months of nutrition for growth and development of deer. All you need is your hand tools.

Included in the mix are cereal grains, Brassica, lettuce, radish, and clover. You can buy the seed in bags of 9 LBS and cover .5 acres, 25 LBS cover 1.5 acres and 50 LBS that covers 2 to 3 acres.


  • The food plot mix includes annual clover, radish, lettuce, cereal grains, and Brassica,
  • It is an attractive forage you can plant annually and designed for hard to access areas,
  • Can plant in seedbeds or in minimal ground preparation,
  • Exceptionally drought and cold tolerant,
  • Grows rapidly and quickly,
  • Needs only 3 – 4 hours of filtered sunlight a day,
  • Grows up to 6-inches

Pros: Grows in less than 24-hours, stays short, comes highly recommended by clients

Cons: Some complaints of cheap RYE in between


What is the Best Food Plot For Deer

This is all determined by what you sow to achieve your accomplishments with the best results when choosing different food plots. There are plots designed to attract whitetail deer for hunting during the hunting season and other plots serves as forage when antlers are developing.

Only you are able to answer your needs, but with the available knowledge, you know one can narrow down your choices. However, there are different common food plot varieties here that you can look at making your choice a little easier:

  • Rapeseed – this is a member of the Brassica family and high in protein but not loved by all deer. They do not like it when it is still in its growing stage, but when they do it will be good for them,
  • Brassica – not recommended for fall attraction in the south as cold weather makes it more desirable and best used in the north. These seeds include mustard greens, rape, spinach, and turnip greens. This helps you to mix and match different seed combinations making them grow together,
  • Clover – this is the best food plot for deer, but can be a bit confusing as there are many varieties with different characteristics. You do not need to plant them on a regular basis if you have planted them well. Once the seeds established, they grow cautious and needs no replanting – saving you a load of money,
  • Rye Grass – in the deer hunting community this plant is not that popular as it has a low nutritional value for deer even people do not love it. It can become a weed problem and best you plant it before deer season opens. It is easy to grow,
  • America Joint Vetch – this is a newcomer and dies at the first frost and expensive. It has a high protein volume and is lush during hunting season,
  • Wheat – another great choice that is easy to grow and affordable to buy but not high in protein,
  • Peas – any type of bean and peas is high on the deer menu. Once these plots mature, the deer wipe it out in a matter of days. They normally mix this plant with other plants and,
  • LabLab – another newcomer and a great plant to use if you live in an area that is drought stricken

Preparing a Deer Food Plot

  • Make a plan – choose annual seed and determine if you have the time and energy to prepare a recurrent plot, as they are cheaper in the end. With annual plants, you do not need any post-planting maintenance and require no work after the seasons over until summer.
  • Map out your plots – make sure where you want to make your plots and how big they should be as they need adequate sunlight at least four hours direct sunlight per day. If you are a Bowhunter, you need a small plot while gun hunters do not need a specific sized plot.
  • Test the soil – always test the soil prior to spreading the seed and all about the pH level and if it is not healthy add the recommended fertilizer and lime rates.
  • Make sure to kill the weeds – while waiting for the results of the soil test make sure to kill out the weed growth and use a non-selective herbicide such as Roundup.
  • Turn the dirt – after killing the weeds and receiving back the test results of the soil it is time to turn the soil. In addition, light disking is suitable to make a good bed. Disk a week after you have sprayed and it will produce a decent seedbed and once new weeds come up spray again. Keep your hand on the weeds and with some time and effort your plots filled with growing plants, that is the best food plots for deer.

Final Thoughts

With some simple steps in preparing your food plots and finding the best food plot for deer, you receive the best results when growing any of the above-mentioned seeds available through the provided links. Choose from different brands and a variety of bag sizes to grow your feed in keeping the deer healthy and ready for hunting season.

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