Top 5 Best Hunting Video Camera Reviews in 2017

1Some men are hunters by nature. They simply love the thrill of hunting wild animals; awed by the vast wilderness of the outback and virgin forests; and brave enough to explore and conquer the high seas and deep, blue oceans. They always find ways and the means to immortalize their exploits and adventures.

Men love sharing their greatest moments of hunting with friends and family. Today, some people document their hunting expeditions and adventures with a reliable buddy: a video camera.

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The Top 5 Best Hunting Video Cameras

Featured in this article are five of the best hunting video cameras available in the market today. Each gadgets features are described briefly to help you decide which device will best suit your needs and of course, budget. Here they are:

Browning Trail Camera

Browning Trail Camera

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars from 73 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

The Strike Force HD Trail Camera is manufactured by Browning. This device is primarily designed to capture and record in High Definition, photos and videos of wildlife. What distinguishes this video camera from the others in the market today are the following features. It has a 10MP CMOS sensor that is programmed to take photos and record High Definition 1280×720 videos of your hunting adventures.

It has integrated AIR movement sensor system which detects movement of wildlife within a 100 distance range. Zero blur technology that automatically freezes moving wildlife until you can take more clear shots and footages. It also has Time lapse and Time lapse Plus systems which allows users to program identified shooting intervals through the end of the day. Last but not the least, a Multi-shot/Rapid Fire System for moving wildlife’s so users can take photos and footages in up to eight successive individual frames.

This device comes in a compact and durable casing with a camouflage exterior coating that blends well with your hunting environment. SD/SDHC memory card with up to 32GB, help record photos and video footages. To facilitate streamline offloading and playing back footages, USB and TV out ports are built-in in the device. The device is powered in 2 ways: by six, AA Browning batteries, or; connecting a 12V power jack to any external source.

A mounting socket allows users to mount the device to a tripod or other stand; you can also attach the device to a tree or other posts with a 6” long nylon strap for security. Record for lasting memory the greatest moments of your hunting adventure through this best hunting video camera, Browning’s’ Strike Force HD. You can (click here) for more information about the product’s specifications and features, price range and warranty.


Bestguarder HD Camera

Bestguarder HD Camera

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars from 105 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

This video camera is an ideal companion either in daytime or nighttime hunting adventures. It is waterproof which is ideal for outdoor shooting in even the worst weather condition. Manufactured with 36 pcs, black IR LED, the camera and video functions can record full color shots and footages in daytime.

With a built-in illumi-night sensor, this device can still give you bright and clear, black and white pictures and videos within a 75 feet or 23 meters range. This camera has a highly sensitive PIR sensor that immediately detects wildlife movements which triggers the camera to automatically take pictures and footages. It has a program that can identify seven languages. Also, it has an audio/video program system.

Its unique motion detect function is best used for surveillance and detecting cold blooded animals. It displays image overlays that can affect hunting activity such as barometric pressure, GPS Geotag, Moon Phase, Temperature, among others.

If you buy this device, the package will include the following: 1 USB cable, TV out cable; 1 Belt, 1 User Manual and a 12 months warranty card. Bestguarder HD Camera is most often used by videographers for nature study, wildlife observation and other related activities. Additional information on the products’ technical specifications and price range will be made available on this link (click here).

It’s time you see for yourself what this best hunting video camera can offer.


iON CamoCam Realtree Camera

iON CamoCam Realtree Camera

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars from 50 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

Get that natural feel of Mother Nature. Grab this iON CamoCam for a price that suits your budget.

Simply affordable quality! If you want your intentions and recording activities undetected by would be prey, this device will come in useful. The CamoCam is designed in an original Realtree Xtra Texture Camouflage that blends well with the environment.

It comes with a high quality, aluminum made Sports mount with corrosion and heat resistant clamps that can withstand even the harshest outdoor, marine and saltwater environments.

What differentiates the CamoCam from the other video cameras? First off, the device is waterproof from up to 30 feet or a 9 meters underwater. It is also shockproof, even near a shotgun recoil as long as it’s mounted on sturdy ground using the accompanying sports mount.

It has a one-touch silent recording feature that lets you take photos and records footages uninterrupted. It can also shoot for 2.5 hours in full 1080p HD video at 30 fps and features up to 10GB of cloud storage for free. If you are interested to own a CamoCam HD Video Camera just got to this link (click here) .


TEC.BEAN 12MP 1080P HD Game & Trail Hunting Camera

TEC.BEAN 12MP 1080P HD Game & Trail Hunting Camera

Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars from 33 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

This video camera comes in an advanced and unique solid case that protects it from dents, scratches and damages. Operation of TEC.BEAN is password protected to guard against theft and unauthorized access.

What are its unique features? It is both water and snow resistant.

You can hunt even during winter; and fish for your biggest catch even in rolling rivers and high seas. With its long night vision range, you can capture full color still images and footages during nighttime.

Clear black and white photos taken at nighttime is made possible by the built-in 36 pieces of 940nm Black IR LED.

It can accurately capture images in a range of up to 75 feet or 23 meters distance.

Also, it can automatically save power consumption and SD card storage space because of the built-in patented motion- freeze program that eliminates unnecessary recording of movements such as falling leaves or swaying grasses.

More technical specifications and price range for this device will be available to interested hunting enthusiasts when you click on this link (click here).  




Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars from 210 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

It was in Year 2000 that stealth cam was first introduced in the market. Innovations on the products as well as new models were manufactured which made the product a leader in the industry of hunting and trail cameras. Modesty aside, its latest device, the Stealth Cam G30 can be considered the best hunting video camera in the market today. So, what features does G30 has that makes it unique compared with other brands?

First of all is its Retina Technology that allows users to take crisp and clear photos and videos even during pre-dawn or late evening. The device is manufactured with a Matrix Blur Reduction mode that virtually reduces hazy effects that affects the quality of photos and videos.

Another feature is The Reflex Trigger technology that maximizes the speed and accuracy of video recording and taking photos. A multi-zone detection serves as back-up for accurate photo and video shoots.

It also has a unique GEO-Tag GPS meta-tagging program that enables users to handle their cameras easily towards programmed favorite sites and hunting locations. G30 is password protected, energy efficient and easy to maintain.

Capture the best moments of your hunting adventure with the Stealth Cam G30. Click the link for more details about the product (click here).


What to consider when shopping for a hunting video camera?

When buying the best hunting video camera, you have to consider the following factors:

Price and Quality

If you want good, quality video camera you have to pay a high price. But if your budget can’t accommodate one, you have to be resourceful enough to search the market, to find what you really need at an affordable price with freebies and a warranty included in the package.

Record Memory

Scrutinize carefully the storage capacities and capabilities of the device you are targeting. IF possible, consult friends who are knowledgeable in product specifications.

Size and Weight

Quality video cameras now come in small sizes and are portable. The lighter and smaller the device, the less it will cost you to pay. Anyways, the heavier and bigger video cameras are used by professional videographers whose documentaries are shown in movies and television.


The range or distance that you want to cover during a hunt, will be magnified by the zoom feature of the device for a clearer and sharper image.

Field of View

Find a video camera that has a smaller lens diameter. The smaller the number of the lens, the wider the angle it can cover. Even if your subject is just a short distance away from you or is standing a few feet away, your field of view must be not obscured.

Additional functionality

Other options that you can look for in your desired best hunting video camera is a viewfinder which will help the user take a closer look at the subject or action he is filming.


Make hunting an exciting and fulfilling hobby. Be sure that when you plan your next hunting adventure with friends or family, you’ll have the best hunting video camera to immortalize your greatest moments. But always be a responsible hunter. Give your utmost respect to Mother Nature and you will be rewarded in so many wonderful ways. Remember to bring your best buddy for your next hunting trip, that is, your best hunting video camera. Happy Hunting!

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