What are the Best Kayak Accessories?

2Kayaking and paddling is not just about the kayak that you will be using. The experience that you will have in the water will also depend on the best kayak accessories that you have with you or you are wearing. For example, wearing a badly fitted life vest will make your paddling uncomfortable while having a badly fitted kayak rack can damage your kayak in the long run.

If you are carrying personal things while paddling, it is also important to use the best dry bag that you can find to keep your things dry and safe from water. If you are looking for some of the best kayak accessories that you should always have, here are some of them for you to check out.

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3 Best Kayak accessories

What are the best kayak accessories to have when paddling? Let us take a look at four of the common kayak accessories that a paddler should not miss.

Explorer Dry Bag

Explorer Dry Bag

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What are the best kayak accessories that you can find in the market today? Most kayaks comes with their own dry bags but if you want a quality dry bag that can survive even the deepest depth of the ocean, try the Explorer Dry Bag from SRS Outdoors. This dry bag is available for only $ (click here for the price) and is available in different sizes and volume to carry. SRS outdoors guarantee a full size ratings even when their dry bags are folded. This dry bag is waterproof as it is made of supple 500D PVC body with a mixture of extra-durable 600D PVC on its base. It is very light and very durable, the strength is incomparable to any other brands of dry bags international he market today. The reinforced opening is watertight sealed as well and with its quick release buckles, getting things inside and out of this dry bag is pretty easy. At the opening, there is a D-ring as well where you can attach a few more gears. This is one of the best kayak accessories that you can bring with you everywhere you go especially if you always bring extra clothes and gadgets with you. The Explorer Dry Bag is available in different vibrant colors. For carrying, it has padded straps for comfort or you can use the padded shoulder straps as well. SRS also offer excellent customer service that can answer all of your questions and if you find any problem in your Explorer Dry Bag, SRS can replace it with their 90 day replacement guarantee.


TMS J-Bar Rack

TMS J-Bar Rack HD Kayak Carrier

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Kayak accessories are meant to make your paddling life easier and better as well as to make your kayak protected against harsh elements. One of the best kayak accessories that you should have especially if you are living far from the waters is a kayak rack or kayak carrier. TMS J-bar Rack is one of our best kayak accessories because it doesn’t just help in transporting kayaks, it has a design that also keep the kayak safe from scratches and abrasion during transportation. TMS J-bar Rack is a kayak rack made of steel with adjustable paddling to keep the kayak protected from abrasion. The design of this kayak carrier allows easy loading and unloading of your kayak. It also comes with hardware that is easy to install hence setting it up in your car’s roof can be a child’s play. This best kayak accessories from TMS J-bar Rack can carry kayaks that are 36 inches wide and weighs less than 75 pounds. This can be yours for only $ (click here for the price).


Plastic Flush Mount Fishing Boat Rod holder

Plastic Flush Mount Fishing Boat Rod Holder

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What are the best kayak accessories that you can bring if you are into fishing? If you initially bought a touring or recreational kayak but wants to shift to fishing, you don’t have to purchase a fishing kayak just to do so. Getting yourself a flush mount that you can install on your kayak is another option. The Plastic Flush Mount from ZYYX has a price tag of $ (click here for the price). This flush mount fishing boat rod holder has a 40mm inside tube diameter and is 200mm long. There are three fixing points for this rod holder with a 30 degree angle head. This kayak accessory is plastic made but promises durability and performance once installed in your kayak.



The best kayak accessories are those that you often need to bring with you because you need it like life vest for your protection and dry bag for your personal effects protection. Kayak accessories that will make your kayaking easier are also important like rod holders and flush mounts. Imagine yourself paddling on the other hand while holding your rod on the other because you don’t have a rod holder. Kayak accessories are not expensive either so there is no reason for you to ignore them, if you cannot purchase your necessary accessories at once, then do it one at a time. Happy and safe kayaking everyone!

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