Top 2 Best Quick Access Handgun Safes in 2017

1Why should gun owners search for the best quick access handgun safe?

That is because a gun is only useful when you can access it the moment you need it.

Handguns are used and serve as a home defense firearm. If you will ask your dad why he keeps a .45 under his pillow, he will tell you that it is for your own sake.

Still, putting a handgun under a pillow or a bed has risks too and the best way to protect your family from gun accidents and intruders is to have a quick access handgun safe.

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The Top 2 Best Quick Access Handgun Safes

Let us take a look at the top 2 best quick access handgun safes in the market today.

Sentry Safe Quick Access Safe

Sentry Safe Quick Access Safe 0.08 Cubic Feet

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For the best quick access handgun safe, spend a $100 with the Sentry Safe Quick Access Safe and have your gun ready and accessible at all time. This gun safe features an easy entry digital lock with back light key pad. It is a zero audible feedback lock hence opening it can be as quiet as a leaf falling from a tree. For those who are afraid of forgetting their combination code, this safe comes with a master override key to hence you won’t be locking yourself at all.

The Sentry Safe Quick Access Safe comes with concealed hinges for optimum protection of your gun and other valuables inside it. Once opened, it will open with an at-the-ready pistol presentation allowing user to just grab the gun and use it. This gun safe comes with a one year limited warranty from Sentry Safe. For protection against thieves, it comes with a pry resistant steel construction.

This gun safe box has a dimension of 6.6 x 9.7 x 2.2 inches and weighs 12.2 pounds. It offers a storage space of 0.08 cubic feet. This gun safe is highly recommended to be used as a bedside safe. It is not designed for mounting though. For $ (click here for the price), you can choose whether to have a Sentry Safe Quick Access Safe that can be opened with combination lock, biometric lock or portable lock (traditional lock and key).


Verifi Smart Safe

Verifi Smart.Safe. Fast Access Biometric Safe with FBI Fingerprint Sensor

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The best quick access handgun safe that anyone can have is that one box that can be easily opened. This is what the Verifi Smart Safe is all about. For less than $300 (click here for the price), you can have your gun protected from unlikely use, from thief and from your children and still have it ready for emergency. The biometric feature of this safe was designed by Zvetco Biometrics, the leading manufacturer of biometrics in the country and has been in the industry for more than 15 years.

The Verifi Smart Safe can be opened with a touch of a finger. This features an FBI certified fingerprint sensor that comes with 3D imaging. This highly trusted safe promises that it won’t fail when it is needed. This gun safe also features an auto lock, a nite lite, a tamper alert, comes with an LCD display, a self-check feature and stealth mode. Self-check feature is one function I love because it means auto locking. When the door is closed and is not locked, the safe will automatically lock it. With this gun safe, you can have up to 40 fingerprints saved on it and adding and deleting fingerprints was also made easier by the manufacturer.

The best thing about this gun safe is its ability to record log and events hence you can track who accessed the gun safe from the past. In addition, this gun safe also comes with a built-in tutorial hence if you forgot how to do some things just put on the tutorial and follow it. This gun safe has a dimension of (W) 13.2″ X (D) 13.8″ X (H) 7.9″. This is made of solid steel and is run by four pieces AA batteries. With its Boost and Pico power feature, the battery can last for years. For added security, this gun safe comes with locking bolts, is motor actuated and two high-security secondary access keys. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a gun safe? It is simple, it is for your gun’s protection and for your love ones as well because during emergency, a gun is useless unless it is in your hands.


What makes a gun safe a quick access handgun safe?

If you are shopping for a quick access gun safe, you might start wondering what makes a safe a quick access safe. The one feature I consider when it comes to this is the ease of access that a gun safe offers. The locking mechanism is very important here. You would want a handgun safe that can be opened even if you are not touching it and RFID locking mechanism is what I am referring to. With a use of wristband or a ring, you can tap the lock pad and the RFID will recognize it instantly. Since you are wearing your wristband or ring all the time, this shouldn’t be an issue if there is an intruder in the middle of the night.

But what if you always remove those accessories before going to bed? Then biometric fingerprint locking mechanism is what you need. With this locking mechanism, all you need is your fingerprints to open your gun safe. Most biometric safes allows multiple fingerprints to be saved as legit fingerprints. Another thing that makes a good handgun safe is the sound it makes when opened and closed. If it is a life and death situation, silence is gold hence you wouldn’t want a gun safe that will make a clicking sound when opened or a beeping noise when it fails to read your fingerprints.

Final Words

Having the best quick access handgun safe is something that all gun owners must consider especially for those who love to have their gun within reach. There is nothing safer than putting your gun in a gun box that can be accessed easily than putting it under your pillow where your kids might find it anytime.

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