What is the Best Rifle Scope under $300?

582512_v2When you meet lovers of the shooting range and hunting expeditions, you are sure to see a crop of people who are super enthusiastic about rifles. Most importantly, when it comes to shooting, you can only enjoy your bid when there is an improvement in your shooting accuracy. Riflescopes provide a leeway to achieving this as you are more likely to have a better view of the set target using them than without.

Clarity is one advantage that you enjoy with riflescopes, and if you get one under 300 bucks, it is surely an added fillip to your shooting or hunting expeditions at any time. With each scope, there is a degree of quality to experience just as the performance rates of each scope is sure to differ and of course, with design peculiarity, materials, and optimization.

The defining hallmarks for your scope of choice include better shots, greater accuracy, a minimal drop rate for shots, and more game for you to show for your released volleys. Who wouldn’t want that?

It’s important to take every aspect of the purchase into account – including the price. In doing so, you ensure that you receive the best product for your money, and you won’t be spending money in the very near future on a different one. While the price tag may not be an indicator of quality, it’s important to do your research on each individual product, starting with these reviews. You’ll also want to be sure that the choice of scope you are making will give you the optimal returns in terms of performance.

Some Considerations

Looking at the price tag of the best rifle scope under $300, your expectations from the optics you buy should be such that attain some minimal bar and you may be wondering how to choose a riflescope. Durability is often an issue that requires consideration, so any choice you make in terms of purchasing need to conform to the standard of having a scope that is made from quality and reputed aluminum. Your definitive material expectations have to include the regard for abuse from weather, uncertain terrain, slime, and dirt.

The extreme weather conditions of the wild are such that mean inadvertent rain, fog and maybe some sheet falls when you expect it at the least. Shockproof and moisture proof capacity help to make your scopes durable. You can’t expect to get the best out of a scope that is useless whenever fog attacks.

Regarding the shockproof expectations, it refers to the capacity to withstand recoil whenever some volleys go off with no loss of zero positioning. Now, regarding waterproofing, it might not necessarily mean submersible optics, but at least the capacity to fend off the water with no chance of seepage occurring when it rains or drizzles.

Targeting a scope that has some toughness to it apart from precision, durability and long lasting finesses is one way to ensure that you get full value for every cent expended. You can get a model or two that are rated as one of the best scopes fewer than 300.

While brand names are one quality that many of us have become accustomed to since childhood, it is just one of the metrics that you can explore to find a useful scope. But, a rehash of precision, durability, and recoil absorption is sure to give any scope a bargaining platform among shooting accessories and hunting expedition buffs.

What are the Best Rifle Scopes Under $300? 

Want to know the top rifle scopes under 300? Here are some of them!

#1 Bushnell AR Optics Drop Zone-223

Bushnell AR Optics Drop Zone-223 BDC Reticle Riflescope

The Bushnell fits the bill for long distance volleys which should come in handy when looking for the riflescope which will suit your hunting forays.

The precision aid of this scope is such that gives you the shooting advantage even when faced with inclement lighting and weather conditions.

The durability is a huge plus and stays in place after several dismounting must have been carried out after your hunting expeditions.


  • The loading is configured at 5.556 loads on 223 REM that reaches up to 500 yards
  • Well sealed to prevent seepage utilizing anodized finish
  • The calibration of the ballistic reticle fits the 55-62 grain assemble
  • The eyepiece is a fast focus bit that adjusts for parallax by utilizing the side focus
  • Precise adjustments for pinpoint accuracy with quarter MOA target turrets configuration
  • Optics is fully multicoated to guarantee incredible lighting
  • Crafted from alloy aluminum of dependable durability

This Bushnell design comes with waterproof and fog proof features along with a shock resistant edge. It is rugged and tweaked to withstand impact and abuse. Its versatility of use in extreme weather is another defining trait that will help you maintain accuracy when you need to let go of volleys from afar off.

The interior bit is well aligned to beat water seepage, and with an exterior that boasts of aluminum of the highest quality, you can be sure of a rifle scope that gives you real value for money. You have no need to worry about the adverse weather condition at any time.

You have a riflescope of choice in the Bushnell 223 BDC, and you can be sure of the accuracy of shots when you are out there at the range or hunting trail. Go get yours now and experience a new world of shooting bliss.

#2 Nikon ProStaff Rimfire 3-9×40 Black Matte Riflescope (BDC 150)

Nikon ProStaff Rimfire 3-9 x 40 Black Matte Riflescope

Nikon prides itself as a brand that is founded on quality and excellence.

The Prostaff comes highly recommended as one of the best scopes under 300, and this is with a number of unique notables that makes it tower above several riflescopes of similar description.

Hunters who require the attributes of heavy cover and fair distance accuracy will have this Nikon delight as a perfect score.


  • Hand turn driven with precise adjustments up to 50 yards away
  • Turret resets of zero configuration based on 22 LR dimension
  • O-ring sealed and nitrogen filled
  • Fog proofed and waterproofed for durability and dependable performance
  • Lifetime warranty with no qualifications
  • Offers up to 98 percent transmission of light with multicoated optics of full range

The Nikon riflescope described here is built with an objective lens that has a 40mm diameter and wider magnification depth. The versatility and flexibility of the magnification make it suitable for use in open flowing meadows or the thick midst of wild timbers

The eye relief is 3.6 inches driven so that eye comfort is not compromised at any time during your shooting expeditions. The finish utilizes the Black Matte from Nikon such that you can be sure whether it is rough and tumble, your riflescope will be at par with the hue of the wilds. You are freed from the impediments of the old designs of scopes that shooters in decades past had to wrestle with for comfort. When it comes to target acquisition and posturing yourself for the shot, you will be at your best when you have this riflescope in your kitty as you shoot out here.

#3 UTG 3-9×32 Compact Scope

UTG 3-9X32 1" BugBuster Scope

The UTG 3-9×32 is one scope with a big buster reputation, and it gets a mention on this list of best scopes under 300 bucks.

In terms of durability and reliance, you can have the UTG 3-9×32 for keeps.

This rifle scope is an AO configured type, so you do not have issues with angular concerns.


  • Comes with a magnification range that suits a .22 scope with ease
  • Lighted reticle that beats darkness when sighting a target
  • With spot-on target locking and elevation for windage, the positioning for associated knobs that are optimized
  • Perfect tracking for turrets to boost efficiency
  • Optimized optics for excellent views
  • Zero lockable and optimally resettable
  • Emerald coated for easy light transmission
  • Large field of view that allows you target lock with ease
  • Flip-open design for lens caps
  • 2 inches dimension for sunshade

This UTG 3-9×32 is designed on the True Strength Platform with its innovative edge that includes a spherical mechanism for interaction control for outer and inner tubes. Your elevation adjustment is precision based and is reliable so that you have no worries when gunning at steep slopes and falls.

When it comes to parallax control, this scope achieves a front objective that stretches across 3 yards up to infinity. To find this best scope under 300 with such capacity makes this product to impressive heights regarding performance and finds a nice spot on our list of the best scopes under 300.

Illumination in the earliest versions was based on green and red shades so that the scope can deliver excellent views in a range of diverse scenarios and circumstances with alternating lighting efficiency.

The eyepiece provides easy and quick access using reticle light with multi-color mode so that extreme weather won’t run you out of the wild if you are there gunning for games. Up to 36 colors are available for your views and this no doubt beats the mark for most mid-sized scopes.

The introduction of the EZ-TAP innovative illumination mechanism makes it possible for you to appreciate the color changes with your local scenery and sight efficiency. You will be able to switch as a result between variegated colors within the ambit of the reticle illumination.

The Range Estimating Concept was first introduced by UTG for mil-dot reticles in optics configuration so that shooters can have the edge whenever they are using their rifles. The accuracy of shots and elimination of unguarded drop shots are imprints of this feature.

This scope is deepened by the presence of four dots governing the individual direction of your crosshair, your mil-dot reticles ultimately give you a range of nine aiming points to boost your shots at elevations. The addition of inner tips within the duplex hairs at opposite direction makes you have eleven aiming points and this huge!

This Leapers UTG 3-9×32 scope is nitrogen sealed and boosts your confidence to strike at targets whether it goes foggy, windy or drizzling as you focus on unleashing your volleys. Shooters who are unable to envisage extreme weather conditions will be at home with their rifles if this scope is what they have mounted for their blazing guns.

Weather change and water –resistance is such a vaunted feature that you cannot downplay if you are going to be a sharp shooter who brings home the bounties always. The eye-relief is one other edge that allows you hinge on the beneficial side of this scope.

A review of this UTG 3-9×32 is exciting to me as I see the multifaceted features I have enjoyed come on one after the other on this written page. I encourage you to go grab UTG 3-9×32 as a preferred scope today and one of the best rifle scopes under $300.

#4 Vortex Diamondback 4-12×40 Riflescope

Vortex Diamondback 4-12x40 Riflescope

The Vortex Diamondback is another excellent pick among best scopes under 300 with its reticle sub-extensions that makes it possible to estimate your wind drift correction, holdovers, and shooting range.

The evident scale found on this reticle is not a gauge of the appearance or performance of this scope.

At the height of their magnification, you can deploy the features of the reticles to your maximum advantage.


  • Crafted from aluminum of the best possible Aircraft-Grade
  • Guesswork is eliminated with windage and holdovers using the BDC reticle that has customized designs
  • Fogging is eliminated as a result of the Argon gas which regulates temperature upsurge and spikes
  • Lifetime Warranty that is VIP unconditional

This scope boasts of maximal alignment that enhances the accuracy of shootings while the visibility of your target is never compromised irrespective of the weather conditions.

The one-tube design provides a stabilizing edge for this scope with so much strengthening and water seepage inhibition. When it comes to magnification, you are assured of a zoom lens in place so that you are home and dry with manipulation to suit your needs.

Since the law of effective and optimal strike always projects surprise, this riflescope gives you this added benefit with it matte coloration on the exterior so that you can remain concealed and camouflaged to hit your target where it hurts with no distractions. The durability of the finish keeps you at rest with no worries over the effect of erratic weather behavior at any time.

When you go hunting, you cannot always predict the weather condition, so this makes it possible to be exposed to moisture and its effects. When there is a lot of water on the ground or in the atmosphere, you need to be wary to prevent the elements from impairing your accuracy as you release your volleys.

When it gets dry and windy, debris float in the air and this raises the possibility of impediments straddling your focus and obstructing shots. However, with the O-ring sealing, the Diamondback 4-12×40 is placed to beat dust pellets and moisture. You will be at peace out there in the wild when it gets dusty, watery or slimy at any time.

The Diamondback 4-12×40 come with technical components that give you an excellent view of your desired target from a distance. Acquiring the right images when you hunt is a precursor to making a kill that will put smiles on your face. This scope beats blurring and is sure to enable you to have the clearest images as possible.

The Vortex Diamondback is no doubt one of the best scopes under 300 if you are a regular face to the wild to strike at varmints and other game out there. Having a scope that beats the weather tips is essential if you must be effective in the little hours of the morning when hitting the bull’s-eye is most likely to come right.

The essence of the scope when you have targets to hit when shooting or hunting cannot be downplayed as this is the primary reason for getting it on the mount for rifles. The magnification of the Diamondback is also a core point, and this is ensured alongside the recoil beat back that gives you excellent peace of mind and safeguard.

That the scope of this product is a non-quitter in the face on contrary weather makes it the best shot guide you need to have. I recommend that you go get it today if you must have optimal shots and accuracy.

How much is good?

To strike a balance, some buffs in the shooting world say that your scope should be at par with your rifle when it comes to pricing and this is not necessarily beside the point. Some rifles like the famed Remington 700 have such accuracy heights that can hit an inch from 100 yards away. As a stock rifle, that level of precision is worth highlighting. When you are looking at a scope for a gun like this, you can to be sure that the MOA precision is going to be an add-on and not a diluting effect.

Your optics certainly needs to be clear enough and enhance your views so that you can hit your prey with ease. This surely is one way to be able to match your scopes and rifles so that whatever you acquire along the line will be complementary.

While your prized rifle might go over the $300 bar, you need to only be sure that your targets are within the precincts of your optimal scope capacity so that you make the best choices as you buy and head out to the field.

Irrespective of the add-ons you spice your rifle with; I am not one to hold on to dogma at the expense of actual performance and realism. Do not say that your rifle with add-ons that come to $700 and go shopping for a scope of $700 when your targets fall within 100 yards, and you have many scopes of excellent quality that can deliver at such FOV.

In terms of possible magnification, you want to be sure that at least, you can get a 2x or 3x stretch for every target you are looking at for a home run. When it comes to how sophisticated your gun should be or what scope level you desire, the riflescope should be the least of your worries. What I see as the utmost important is for you to know what your target is, the conditions for your shots, what magnification will suffice and the existing capacity in each scope to fight –off the fog and beat the weather when it is the low moments of dawn.

You need to bear in mind that each scope is meant to complement your rifle. In knowing this, it means that your scope should have capabilities that your gun has been designed to run with otherwise. When you don’t think of this, you’re not being smart in your purchase. If your field of view and targets are found in the longer range, then you have to get a rifle that is meant to be a long-range hitter so that this cue will also lead you to a scope with such inbuilt capacity.

The race to brand some as cheap when it comes to scopes should not always be the first on your mind. What we mean to say is that just because a riflescope is a top brand, doesn’t mean it’s any better than products from small, fresh companies. A coupe from the Daimler –Benz family will cost more than one from the Kia family and it is not because they are different in delivery or performance – it’s because of the name. You are sure to seat two persons each in both cars, but the brand, finish, and finesse will certainly be different.

The same analogy above also fit for scopes, you might get better durability with some brands than others but the basal delivery in terms of expectations with others. In knowing this, there will be less of a stigma against unknown brands that are presented to you. If you purchase a budget under a tight budget, make sure you get one that meets the basic expectations and field usage dynamics, as those requirements could make or break your target acquisition.

The Final Verdict

The UTG 3-9×32 is tagged the Bugbuster for a reason, and since it is easily adjusted from 3 yards away to infinity, you can expect that this is the best fit scope for a variety of purposes with no fuss.

The aforementioned comes coated with an emerald coating to aid light transmission even when it is pitch dark. Added to its weather –beating features in terms of water and fog proofing, you have the best scope under 300 with this pick of the pack.

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