Top 2 Best Sit In Fishing Kayaks

sit in fishing kayaksKayaks come in two forms, either Sit in Kayaks (SIK) or Sit on Top (SOT) type and both are available in doubles and singles and can easily be gotten as inflatables or hard shells, the choice is yours. Though there are some major difference between sit- in kayaks and sit on top kayaks, they do share most of the parts. The top of both kayaks is called a deck and the bottom of the kayaks is called a hull. The back is referred to as the stern while the front is referred to as a bow. On top of the deck you will get what is referred to as bungees or deck lines.

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At the stern of the kayak some have what is referred to as rudders while others referred to it as grab loops. Foot pedals are the ones which control the rudders as they swing from one side to the next. There are foot pedals which are used to slide on the track to adjust for different sizes of peddlers. Foot wells are good, but if you are going to stay for a long time in the waters, it is advisable that you go for the foot pedals as they are a lot more comfortable than the foot wells and you get a lot more support. The best angler kayaks should have a built in backrest in order to make sitting in the kayak to be more comfortable.

Here is a brief comparison table of the top sit in fishing kayaks (article continues below):

Top Sit in Fishing Kayaks Comparison Table


Old Town Heron 9 Angler Sit in Fishing Kayak

Old Town Heron 9 Angler Sit in Fishing Kayak
450-500 lbs$$$$$

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5 out of 5 stars

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Jackson Kayak Realtree Kilroy

Jackson Kayak Realtree Kilroy
375 lbs
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0 Ratings

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Some of the best sit in fishing kayaks reviews include:

Jackson Kayak Realtree Kilroy

Jackson Kayak

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This is one of a kind sit in fishing kayaks on the market. This is a designed which has a combination of features from top most models on the market and which are loved by most anglers. This is according to the angler kayak reviews for best sit in fishing kayak. This special boat includes all the standard features for fishing and it also includes a whole new line of hunting accessories and features specific to the waterflow. This is the ultimate sporting package for any angler.

Why Go For The Jackson Kayak Realtree Kilroy

  • It has Ram Tubler Jr
  • It is a sit in kayak that keeps you dry
  • Has GoPro mount
  • Has strategic layout of protected gear positions
  • Has a stand assisted strap
  • Has soft deck for more gear store
  • New elite seat 2.0
  • Jackson kayak naglene water bottle
  • Jackson Kayak sticker
  • It comes with a top of art seat – the Elite seat pouch
  • Yak attack spectralite gear track 4 x 8 inches
  • It has Real tree max 5 seat covers which offers maximum concealment of the seat when not in use by slipping over.
  • Real tree max 5 decoy bag that is Camo on top and mesh on the bottom
  • Soft deck has a large pocket which stores the fitted blind system,head lamps and ammo calls
  • Small openings in the blind all for easy access to Yak Attack gear tracks for continued use
  • Real tree max 5 blind, which stores in the soft deck and deploys for complete concealment of the Kilroy
  • Zip open panels for easy access

Specifications of the Jackson Kayak Realtree Kilroy

  • It has a length of 12’4”
  • It has a width of 31 inches
  • It has a weight of 69 lbs
  • It has a capacity of 375 lbs
  • Its prices range is over $1000


According to the angler kayak reviews, this is a kayak that is worth your money. Invest your money in it and you will not be disappointed as it comes loaded with features which most other kayaks don’t have.


Old Town Heron 9 Angler Sit in Fishing Kayak

Old Town Heron 9 Angler Sit in Fishing Kayak

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This is one of the best sit in fishing kayaks on the market. It is a recreational fishing kayak which is efficient and stable as well as spacious for recreational. If you compare value versus price, this sit in fishing kayak is high on the list. This is a good beginners kayak and perfect for the weekend warrior. At only 9.5 inches long, this kayak has plenty of room for even a person who is over 6 foot tall. Its cockpit dimensions are 19 inches x 39.5 inches and it includes the comfort flex seat which contours to the shape of the body thus providing hours of comfort. It also has a glide foot brace that can be easily adjust to match your leg length.

Why Go For Old Town Heron 9 Angler

  • It has a durable polyethylene hull
  • It is lightweight, weighing only 39 lbs. it is easy to load and unload and carry to your fishing point
  • It is both fast and tracks and maneuvers well in water
  • It has a width of 28.5 inches
  • Pelican Premium Intrepid 100X Angler

Who would Benefit from Buying Old Town Heron 9 Angler

This is a cool kayak for reaching out to areas where most excellent boats can’t; areas like smooth water ponds and freshwater lakes, flowing current rivers, open bays , stream and the swell of the ocean. It is on high demand for sports and angling as it is the best in this field.

Description of the Old Town Heron 9 Angler

This kayak can be described as being sporty and very compact and passing to be an easy to paddle recreational fishing kayak which can contrive and move perfrectly into the favorite and desired fishing spots. This is the best option for experts and novice anglers who are searching for a reasonably priced kayak. It is lightweight and allows one to cruise in smooth waters. It is fitted with essential features such as two flush rise rod holders , comfortable flex seat, anchor trolley system, adjustable padded modified foot braces, at ease molded carry handle, and a cup holder. Its maximum capacity is at 225 to 300 lbs. it is 9 feet 6 inches long, 28.5 inches wide, 13 inches deck height and 19 by 39.5 cockpit size and it weighs 39 lbs.

Features of The Old Town Heron 9 Angler

  • The angler has two behind seat flush scale fishing rod holders as well as a stern raised anchor trolley structure
  • It comes with modifiable padded comfort flex seat made by the Old Town Company itself with molded cup holder for paddling with comfort
  • It comes with molded comfy bow as well as stern carry handles
  • A sporty and comfortable kayak which is stress free to paddle and tracks well yet move with comfort
  • It comes with modifiable foot braces for safe fit and well posture
  • It comes with a cup holder
  • It comes with two fishing rods
  • It comes with anchor trolley systems
  • Advantages of the Old Town Heron 9 Angler
  • It is and efficient and stable kayak as well as spacious for recreational purposes
  • It is stress free to paddle and easy to maneuver. It is a reasonable choice for novice anglers who are looking for compact, lightweight kayak for cruising in smooth waters and fishing as well
  • It is very stable and lightweight, making it the best sit in fishing kayak
  • Many anglers love this kayak because it is lightweight, comfortable, fun, stress free to paddle and tracks well in the waters.

Limitations of the Old Town Heron 9 Angler

The major drawback of this sit-in fishing kayak is its price. Compared to other kayak of its size, it is expensive. But the good thing about its drawback is, though expensive, you are assured of its value for money as it lasts long as it is built using high quality materials and it is equipped with essential features.


This is a great kayak which is very stable and lightweight. It is easy to enter and exit at will without feeling any discomfort. It tracks very well, effortlessly to paddle and steer. Get it for your recreational and fishing tours.


The Difference Between Sit In Kayaks and Sit On Top Kayaks

According to the angler kayak reviews, the main difference of the Sit In Kayaks and Sit On Top kayaks is that, the sit ins are enclosed. They have an area called a cockpit where the angler sits in. There is a cockpit prim around the cockpit where a spray skirt can be attached to keep water out. In the cockpit, you will find foot pedals and a seat which you can adjust to your leg length.

What To Consider When Choosing A Sit In Fishing Kayak

There are several kayaks on the market and that may make your choice of kayak to be a bit challenging but it doesn’t need to be. Get your options narrowed down by identifying where and how you will be using your kayak. Answers to the following questions can help you narrow your list further:

  • Will you be paddling your kayak at the beach or on a sheltered lake?
  • Are you looking for a kayak that can travel quickly or you are more interested about having a very stable boat that will be difficult to tip over?
  • Will the water be warm?

Advantages and Disadvantages of A sit on The Top Kayak

These kayaks are the most user friendly kayaks on the market as they are stable, easy to get out and in and you have no feeling of being confined to a particular area. They are also self bailing meaning they have small holes which are referred to as scupper holes which allow water to drain right through them. You can also slip on and off them as you like. These features make the sit on top kayaks good for nervous paddlers, for paddling with kids who love to swim and for warm environments.

The only con about these kayaks is that, be ready to get wet while paddling.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sit In Kayaks

Best angler kayaks are sit in kayaks as they shelter your lower body from wind, which in turn makes them more warmer. They are great for paddlers who will be on cooler water and who wish to remain dry while out there fishing.

One con of these kayaks is, you don’t have the freedom to move and and out of the kayak at will and if for any reason you flip, recovery is a mountain as your kayak will likely fill with water.

Sit In Kayaks are fun, stable, and easy to use. They have big cockpits thus no reason to feel confined inside. Some hatches in the deck which are water proof and can be accessed from there.

Boat Lengths

Once you have decided on whether you are going for a sit in or a sit on top kayak, boat length is very important. The longer and narrower the kayak, the faster it travels and a wider kayak is more stable but slow.

Rec Vs Sea Kayaks

Sit in kayaks can vary in shape and size due the purpose. They can be broken into two: recreational sit inside kayaks and touring kayaks. The recreational ones are wider and shorter and also have this big cockpits so that you don’t feel confined.

The sea or touring kayaks are narrower, longer and are a lot faster. They have knee cups or thigh hooks which give the angler a lot more control over the edging of the boat. The cockpits are smaller, thus makes one feel confined, but it is easy to get out of this type of boats.

Material and Weight of a Kayak

Most kayaks are made of a hard durable plastic shell which will last forever and doesn’t require maintenance, but we have other kayaks which are made of composite materials like carbon, Kevlar, and fiberglass which makes them lighter. The only con about such materials is, they are not durable and they also tend to be more expensive.

Inflatable Kayaks

These kayaks are very comfortable to paddle and they can be rolled up, inflated or folded down and carried as a backpack. They are made from coated fabrics which are surprisingly durable. They tend to be slow as compared to hard shell kayaks, but they are incredibly versatile.

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