What is the Best Small Led Flashlight?

1The best small led flashlight that anyone can have is a keychain flashlight or a mini LED flashlight. These flashlights are small yet it can produce light that is bright enough for lighting up a path or enough to help in searching something in the dark like keys inside your bag.

Why go for a small LED flashlight?

Since LED flashlights are more efficient in consuming power, having it in smaller size means being very, very efficient. I have a compact flashlight that lasts for 2 hours and I have a keychain LED flashlight that lasts for 50 hours. With this comparison, for everyday use, I always have my smaller LED flashlight because I know I can rely with it more than the compact one.

 Carrying a small LED flashlight

The best way to carry a small flashlight is through a lanyard or a keychain. Like multi tools, it should be something light and small that you won’t notice is there unless you need it. Since we always carry our keychains, having our flashlight there is very convenient when the need arises. Aside from keychain LED flashlights, you can also opt for pocket flashlights which is a bit bigger yet still easy to carry around.

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The Top 3 Best Small Led Flashlights

Here are the top 3 best small led flashlights available in the market today.

SureFire G2X Series LED Flashlight

SureFire G2X Series LED Flashlights with tough Nitrolon body

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars from 818 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

For the best small led flashlight from SureFire, the G2X Series LED Flashlight is indeed the best option.

This compact flashlight comes with indestructible LED emitter to regulate light output and maximize battery life.

For its size, this flashlight can give up t 320 lumens brightness output. If you want to keep the battery running, set on low setting to get 15 lumens though.

Changing brightness setting is easy with this flashlight, just push the switch on its tail cap. Pressing the switch momentary turns on the flashlight and clicking it will give you the settings.

The G2X Series LED Flashlight costs below $100 (click here for the price) and yet it features a micro-textured reflector to optimize its beam output.

This flashlight has a Nitrolon body and anodized aluminum bezel resulting to a highly durable and solid flashlight.

This small led flashlight can be used as a handheld flashlight and can be mounted to rifles as well. This flashlight is more than 5 inches long and weighs less than a pound.


NITECORE EC4S 2150 Lumen CREE LED tactical flashlight

NITECORE EC4S 2150 Lumen CREE LED tactical flashlight

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars from 5 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

For the best small led flashlight from Nitecore, we have the EC4S 2150 Lumen CREE LED tactical flashlight.

This light and small flashlight can produce 2150 lumen brightness output with its CREE XHP50 LED bulb.

This is hard and solid flashlight with its die cast unibody construction making it highly durable for all weather conditions.

The body is made from aero grade aluminum alloy construction material. This comes with IPX-8 standard waterproof rating allowing it to be submersible of up to 2 meters.

The NITECORE EC4S 2150 Lumen CREE LED tactical flashlight costs $$ (click here for the price). It comes with micro-textured reflector giving user a wider angle beam.

For this package, you will get Nitecore NL183 18650 Li-ion rechargeable batteries, a Nitecore i2 Charger, one in-Car Cable & four EdisonBright CR123A Lithium Batteries.

Once you receive this kit, you can immediately set it up and have it handy.


Streamlight 88047 ProTac HL 3 Flashlight

Streamlight 88047

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars from 5334 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

The Streamlight 88047 ProTac HL 3 Flashlight is a small flashlight that comes with a powerful output of 1100 lumens. The light it produces is a blinding light, enough to momentarily blind someone.

This is powered by a LED bulb that has a lifetime of 50,000 hours.

This is a C4 Led bulb, the newest in the LED technology giving the ProTac HL 3 Flashlight power to be a small giant in the world of flashlights.

This best small led flashlight has three different modes. It works with 3-volt CR123A lithium batteries (three pieces) and comes with a removable pocket clip, anti-roll face cap, and holster.

This flashlight comes with IPX7 waterproof rating meaning it can be submerged to water of up to 1 meter depth.

This flashlight is also impact resistant with its 6000 series machined aircraft aluminum body.

It has a dimension of 7.1 x 1.6 x 1.6 inches and weighs 9.3 ounces. This small led flashlight can be operated single-handedly.


Final Words

Even if you have the best small led flashlight that the market has to offer, remember that these are running with small power source. You can expect it to last longer but do not expect it to give you 1000 lumens maximum output.

The best that my keychain LED flashlight can do is 30 lumens which is enough for me to find my keys inside my backpack. As an everyday flashlight though, small LED flashlights are indeed practical to carry around.

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