Best Survival Packs: Top 3 in 2017

We all have the moment in our life when we have to disconnect from home, whether it is of our own doing or not, it is inevitable at some point.

Those are the times when we go camping, hiking, or during a natural disaster that displaces us, and in those times, it is essential to have a fair bit of support and supplies to carry you through that patch of away time.

A survival pack or kit is simply a packaged collection of essentials suited for time away from home.

These essentials can range from food and water to protection, first aid, navigation devices, military kits and more, all depending on your particular need.

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Top 3 Best Survival Pack Reviews

Let’s take a look at some of the hottest survival packs that you should bring in every outdoor activity.

Ready America 70385 Deluxe Emergency Kit 4 Person Backpack

Ready America 70385 Deluxe Emergency Kit 4 Person Backpack

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars from 233 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

This survival pack is designed as a product of necessity surrounding advice from emergency first responders. It is built with supplies to last at least 3 days for a 4 person team, and contain supplies that will ensure you do not run dry at any point prior to 72 hours.

Designed with emergency situations in mind, the survival pack has a unique array of included items;

  • Five-year emergency food and water
  • Emergency light sticks for seeing in the dark
  • First aid kit ranging from 18 pieces supply to 107 pieces supply
  • Emergency whistle to call for help when necessary
  • Nitrile and leather gloves
  • Hygiene kit
  • Duct tape
  • Multi-function tool
  • Water purification tabs
  • 4 function power station


  • Has a comprehensive list of items necessary for emergency response
  • Fairly inexpensive for a survival pack of its class
  • Rich set of items to support a four-man team for a minimum of 72 hours
  • High number of great reviews on


  • Its skew toward emergency response makes it less than perfect for some outdoor expeditions like leisure camping.

Meade Wilderness Spotting Scope 20-60x80 mm

Wise Food 5 Day Survival Backpack

Wise Food 5-Day Survival Backpack

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars from 99 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

The Wise Food Survival Backpack is designed with more consideration to a friendlier sort of away time. It contains many of what you might need on a voluntary time out; from 4 servings of Rice and Beans to a flashlight, a stove and matchbox. This survival pack has an interesting array of items within it that include;

  • A squeeze flashlight
  • 5 pack water supply pouches
  • A backpack
  • 42 piece bandage kit
  • Waterproof matches
  • Emergency poncho
  • Mylar blankets to keep warm
  • N95 Dust Mask
  • Playing cards for a bit of pass-time fun
  • Four servings of Apple cinnamon cereals
  • Pocket tissue
  • Waste bags
  • 4 servings of creamy pasta and very rotini
  • Brown sugar grain


  • Has a shipping weight of only 9 pounds
  • It is a comprehensive survival backpack if you or your team is highly dependent on food, or are on a leisure expedition.
  • Playing cards are an exciting addition


  • It is not as suitable for people within the confines of military or rescue operations.

Meade Wilderness Spotting Scope 20-60x80 mm

Life Gear Emergency Survival Kit Backpack With Emergency Gear and First Aid Kit

Life Gear Emergency Survival Kit Backpack

Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars from 18 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

This is a comprehensive backpack made to suit all sort of outdoor expeditions from hiking to emergency evacuation and even to rescue mission, this is sort of the holy grail of survival packs and ranks along with the best survival packs.

The Life Gear emergency Survival kit Backpack comes with the following items;

  • A first aid kit
  • A directional compass for easy navigation
  • An all weather poncho
  • A signalling mirror
  • Writing pad and pen for taking notes and reporting
  • Water resistant document wallet for keeping cash and other paper made items safe
  • Leather working gloves
  • A respiratory mask
  • Thermal blanket for cold weather
  • A signalling whistle

This survival backpack is enriched with a wide array of items that makes it suitable for a wide range of emergency and outdoor adventures.


  • Waterproof backpack to prevent damage to items within
  • Very affordable pricing
  • Light weight of 2.8 pounds alone


  • The Life Gear Emergency Survival Backpack is designed to cover a wide range of outdoor situations, but not highly focused on one, which restricts its usefulness in a specific scenario.

Meade Wilderness Spotting Scope 20-60x80 mm

What is the best survival pack?

When we attempt to examine what places a survival pack at the top of the list, we ought to remember that different survival pack reviews have different views as to what criteria makes a survival pack the best. However, in this article, we will try to unravel a list of decision criteria that is based on user experience and work our way up from there.

An ideal survival pack should include the following:

  • Emergency food and water: It is often recommended to carry along at least a 72-hour food supply in emergencies, and thus any good survival pack should provide for you up to and even beyond that time.
  • First aid: From relatively safe to high-risk environments, it is always a top notch recommendation to carry along first aid supplies. This is a precautionary move since you are likely to be miles away from any form of external assistance, and so you must be able to take care of yourself medically should the moment present itself.
  • Light Sticks: You don’t want to go into the night and feel your way through a rocky patch, bumping into trees and stuff, and so you will need some source of lighting, and light sticks offer a simple and durable alternative for that.
  • Hygiene supplies: This allows you to stay away without contracting what will kill you, in the long run, cleaners, disinfectants and the lot can do wonders here.
  • Power station: This is a highly important supply to have in your collection, particularly if you have any need for electronic devices. A typical survival pack can contain a 4 function power station.


The Survival Backpacks we have above are right at the top of the list of the best survival backpacks, with their large collection of useful items and focus on longevity in any outdoor scenario, they are perfectly designed to cater to your needs away from civilisation or in the field of work.

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