What is the Best Tent for Family of 4 in 2017?

Finding a tent for backpacking that is large enough to accommodate 4 persons is a wise move if you are planning camping out with your buddies or with your small family.

It will be easier to search for the best tent for family of 4 by simply looking after the size, the length and width, and the materials used.

Although most tents designed for family is in A-frame, the shape may not be a problem.

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The Top 5 Best Tent for Family of 4

You may want to try one of these 5 best tents being reviewed and recommended for small family who want to camp out together for an adventure.

Coleman 4-Person Evanston Tent with Screened Porch Canopy

Coleman 4-Person Evanston Tent w%2FScreened Porch Canopy

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars from 181 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

Featuring the Weather Tec System, screened porch canopy, Insta- clip attachment, and short setup time, this tent is designed by one of the trusted brand when it comes to tents.

It has welded floors that keep water out, and it has rainfly designed for weather protection and mesh roof to allow more sunlight.

This type of dome is built with more rigidity not only to withstand even the extreme weather, but also to offer plenty of space while resisting heavy wind in its low profile style.

It can be set up at minimal time with simple procedures, which means you can enjoy the outdoors without worrying of the tent.

With poles of fiberglass and walls of polyester and guy ropes for fastening, this is a great backpacking tent for the family especially at its affordable price.

It is wide and large enough even for a Queen sized bed. It is waterproof, of strong and sturdy frame, and easy to setup.

Meade Wilderness Spotting Scope 20-60x80 mm

Kelty Acadia 4 Person Tent

Kelty Acadia 4 Person Tent

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars from 90 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

This Acadia tent is a 4 person tent made from polyester mesh and mesh wall panels that offer excellent ventilation and visibility.

It is a free standing tent with three poles that provide sturdy construction in an easy and fast setup time. It has 2 doors that are wide enough for an easy entry and exit, and it 2 storage vestibules that are attached, allowing excess items out of the way.

Being designed with mesh materials, stargazing and ventilation are satisfying. The fly vents also help in ventilation while the zippers are noiseless to prevent creating sound while others are asleep.

The Arc edge floor design provides lift off the ground.

This is a durable, strong, sturdy, waterproof, well-ventilated backpacking tent for a family. It is fire retardant, easy to put up, easy to carry, and it comes with a carry sack.

At its price, it is a great deal of an item to invest on for backpacking family tent.

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Five-Joy 4 Person Instant Pop-up Tent

FiveJoy Instant 4-Person Pop Up Dome Tent

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars from 75 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

This is a family tent fit to accommodate 4 persons. It is a multi-purpose tent with two windows that can be used to gaze on the outside or to prevent rain from coming in.

Windows are screened with mesh material to keep insects and mosquitoes out.

It has storage pockets and hang loop that help keep the tent organized and clean inside. It has a nylon door that allows total privacy. It has zippered screen and exterior door closure.

Setting up this Five-Joy tent for a family of four is so easy.

By simply removing the strap and cover, and by releasing the tent in the air, it will simply pop up and stand as tent.

It may take a while to close and pack it down but it can be learned easily.

It is lightweight, it has a perfect tent shape, and it is dependable on backpacking during wet or dry season, but not really during extreme weather.

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Coleman 4 Person Instant Tent

Coleman 4-Person Instant Tent

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars from 495 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

This Coleman Instant Tent for 4 persons is designed using 150D polyester and taped seams with pre-attached poles and WeatherTec system.

It also has the integrated vented rainfly that allows airflow and ventilation. The poles are pre-attached for quicker and simpler setup.

The Weathertec system is for the patented floors welded and inverted seams, which are intended to help keep water out. Welded floors mean that there is no needle hole visible.

The fabrics are coated with polyester for excellent waterproofing and for water resistance. There is no need for a separate rainfly since the tent is fully taped.

Being made by Coleman, this tent is expected to be durable, of high quality materials and construction, and very functional.

It is pre-assembled, thus easy to setup. It is also designed with illumine reflective lines, making it visible even at dark or no light environment.

Meade Wilderness Spotting Scope 20-60x80 mm

Sundome 4 Person Tent

Sundome 4 Person Tent

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars from 1587 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

Sundome Tent is made by Coleman and is designed for 4 persons or for a small family of four.

It has a large interior to accommodate a family, and it has a large door for easy entry and exit.

This tent is well ventilated because of the coated Polyester fabrics used combined with a spacious room.

The floor has the polyethylene material and is designed with the WeatherTec system that provides a patented welded floor and inverted seam that repels out water.

The Rainfly awning designed for shade and for protection.

It also has storage pockets that help keep things organized and neat. The poles are designed with a snag-free, continuous sleeve that allows easy setup and packup.

This Sundome tent is also durable, waterproof, functional, easy to assemble, easy to carry, and easy store.

It comes with a carry bag and Sundome provides a 1-year warranty.

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For backpackers who are looking for a budget-friendly tent for the family always consider the size of the tent whether it is suitable to them, the spacious area and its features, especially when camping is done during rainy season or in areas where weather is unpredictable.

The best tent for family of 4 does not have to be expensive. There are many manufacturers that are aware of the needs of the backpackers when it comes to tent. By simply knowing what your family needs out there, and by considering the tent’s easy carry, easy setup, and easy travel, finding the best tent for the family is easier.

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