Top 6 Best Camping Backpacks in 2017

1Everybody loves the ability to get away from the grind of day to day life and become one with nature. One of the least expensive means in which to relax and get away is to go hiking or camping. A minimal number of items are needed thus helping with the economic aspects.

A price tier ranking system has been included with the reviews. The following is the scale that has been incorporated for the price tier used.

  • 💰 = $ 0 – $ 19.99
  • 💰💰 = $ 20.00 – $ 49.99
  • 💰💰💰 = $ 50.00 – $ 79.99
  • 💰💰💰💰 = $ 80 and up

The primary need next to the sleeping bag would be the backpack as that is the means for carrying all your gear including the sleeping bag. This guide and review was designed to ensure that you are able to find, locate, and purchase the best camping backpack.

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Camping Backpack Reviews

The Best Backpacks for Camping Reviews

The section that we all have been anxiously reading and becoming better prepared for has finally arrive. The following reviews are for the best camping backpacks that fall into many different classifications, capacity sizes, frame styles, as well as pricing tiers. Without further ado we bring to you the best of the best, reviews.

The best camping backpack brands available.

Brands of camping backpacks much like other products is often simply judged by the consumer and the way in which they feel about a brand. Factors to consider when looking into purchasing your backpack’s needs are the same as those to look at with regards to the brands as well.

The Ultra-lightweight Packable Backpack 

HIKPRO Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack Hiking Daypack

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars from 2137 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

This HikePro is made with high quality nylon that has extra reinforcement in fourteen total areas. There are three compartments that have their own zippers with the main pocketed area being large and open with no compartment areas that you lose space having inside. There are two large mesh pockets for adding water bottles or other items you might need in a hurry. Straps are easy to easy to adjust, have the ability to then be locked firmly into that lengths position, all while maintaining a comfortable strap to wear.


  • Weighs only 7 ounces so it will not weigh you down.
  • Supports a large amount of gear; up to 40 pounds.
  • Folds into the size of a pocket for easy storage.
  • The bags total dimensions are 18 x 12 x 5.5 inch.


  • No internal pocket for water in this design.
  • Backpack is not made of waterproof materials.
  • If you are tall this pack can appear as if it is for a child.


For those that are going hiking, biking, school, carrying the children’s supplies or even on day trips. This HikePro backpack can minimize its cost by maximizing its usefulness as it can be used by the entire family. For these and many more reasons one can easily see why it made the list for best camping backpacks. Capacity: 20 L. Pricing Tier: 💰.


G4Free Internal Framed Backpack 

G4Free 50L+5L Outdoor Sport Water-resistant Internal Frame Backpack

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars from 5 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

This G4Free backpack offers the added safety with its internal frame while having the option of four different colors in which to make a selection. Function and comfort come hand in hand in this sleek pack.


  • Shoulder straps have a nice layer of softness thanks to their padding.
  • Supports additional tools and gear easily with its many attachment points.
  • Rain resistant material that also comes with a rain proof covering.
  • Adjusts into eight different sizes to best fit the height of the wearer.


  • No padding on the back of this pack leaving it to be a tad uncomfortable.
  • Suspension system in not adjustable allowing little room for sizing.
  • Unable to be washed with detergents or bleach if wanting to keep the water resistance.


For those seeking to purchase the best camping backpack that offers an internal frame system, water resistance and waterproofing than the Care4Free pack is a needed purchase. The additions which suspension straps, D-hooks, and loops gives the pack more in the way of storage capacity overall.  Capacity: 50 L + 5 L. Pricing Tier: 💰💰💰.


Terra Peak Adjustable Hiking Backpack 

Terra Peak Adjustable Hiking Backpack

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars from 11 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

The Terra Peak backpack is one that comes fully adjustable for peak comfort and the ability to carry for a longer duration before tiring. The sides on this large backpack offer deep butterfly expansion areas. The straps are also a larger offering made from a thickened 3D mesh that allows for maximum breathability.


  • Water hydration system compatible with inner holding sleeve.
  • Comes equipped with eight compression straps and elastic bands.
  • Includes a waterproof rain cover and exterior has been treated as well.
  • Super durable pack that weighs in nice and light overall at 4.14 pounds.


  • This 85 / 20 backpack has yet to receive a single poor review.


For those looking to purchase the best camping backpack that also has the largest of the capacities than the Terra Peak 85/20 is calling your name. Still not convinced? This is one pack that you must truly see to believe.  Capacity: 105 L. Pricing Tier: 💰💰💰💰.


ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Freighter Frame Plus Pack Bag

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Freighter Frame Plus Pack Bag

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars from 481 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

Alps Mountaineering brings you two products into one with this frame and detachable backpack combo. This pack has an offering of large main pocket, two side pocket that are hinged, a front pocket, scope pocket, and a rifle holder.

Freighter framing is an option the Commander adds to this package. Lashing strips are offer for attaching items to the pack that you might not otherwise have a good transportation option. The storage means do not end there either as there are even more pockets that would be a great spot for key, cell phone, a knife, and even the flashlight.


  • Weighs in with the frame at only 7 pounds 5 ounces.
  • Comes with unique system to lash down items such as hunting scores.
  • Equipped with waist and shoulder straps that have extra padding.
  • Hold open frame and plenty of pockets for separating out all the gear.


  • Shoulder and chest straps run tight for some.
  • Makes a bit sounds and noise during use.
  • Not a good fit for the shorter backpack users.


For those that are going to be using their new backpack for a number of different tasks the Alps OutdoorZ Commander could very well be the best camping backpack for you to pick up. The fact that the frame is included is a huge money saving accessory that you will no longer need to purchase. Capacity: 86 L. Pricing Tier: 💰💰💰💰.


TETON Sports Oasis1100 Hydration Backpack

TETON Sports Oasis 1100 Hydration Backpack

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars from 849 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

This Teton Sports Oasis has a special design that allows it to fit higher up than the typical pack of this size while maintaining a “low-pro” look. The Oasis also offers a mesh back panel specially designed to help ventilation yet cushioned for better overall comfort.


  • Well ventilated design that is able to weigh in at a super-light 2.2 pounds.
  • Supports and includes the water hydration puncture proof bladder.
  • Offers a shock absorber for the chest and high density EVA foam.
  • This bag holds up to a full 70 ounces of fluid and is not included in weight.


  • Main compartments opening is not large enough for a 15-inch laptop.
  • Does not arrive having any water proofing done or added.
  • Zipper clasps tend to be a little weak on some backpacks.


For those that wish to purchase one of the best camping backpacks to include a water hydration system, that is FDA-compliant and has a leak proof, bite down spout, without giving up on space to back the necessary gear the Teton Sports Oasis will require further research. The mesh pocket offerings on the sides measure 9 inches deep and allow for storage many other packs forget about. Capacity: 18 L. Pricing Tier: 💰💰.


Gregory Mountain Women’s Deva 60

Gregory Mountain Products Women's Deva 60 Backpack

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars from 4 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

There are very few backpacks that have been made and designed for the female outdoors person The Gregory Mountain Diva’s line goes way above and beyond for the female than many other brands do for their long time men’s lines. The Diva 60 is proudly able to share their 2015 two-time award winning pack with the world as it won the Gear of the Year with Outdoor Magazine as well as the Gold Editor’s Choice Award for Backpacker Magazine.


  • The Sidekick does double duties including water hydration or day packing.
  • Customizable lower back support is equipped at delivery for form fitting.
  • Designed for the females’ smaller size yet as durable as a man’s pack.
  • The slim profile design is a lightweight offering that weighs in at 5.4 pounds.


  • The waterproof pouch is too small for the new larger phones that are out.
  • Backpack lacks proper instructions to strap up as it should be done.
  • If you’re a shorter torso buyer watch the speaks sheet in regards to capacity.


For those female consumers that love the outdoor lifestyle as much as their male counterparts the Diva’s line of products are by far the camping backpacks best design that they should not go camping or hiking without acquiring. Capacity: 86 L. Pricing Tier: 💰💰💰💰.


The best camping backpack for the efficient packer.

The person that is known for being a highly efficient packer is one that pre-packs everything in advance of the camping trip, or at least everything that can be packed early. This makes it to where there is little to no chance of anything they will have forgotten to bring along on the trip. The efficient packer is one that allows for the time in which to load and unload their packs many times to allow for the weight and feel of their pack to be near perfect for this reasoning.

What to look for in a camping backpack.

To begin sorting through the thousands of posting of backpacks you will find for sale it might be a great time to learn what is recommended when it comes to the backpack in general. These can be a variety of different items. The primary things that often confuse or become asked about most often could include the following items.

The best backpacks for camping and the hydration reservoir.

When it comes to ensuring that one maintains proper fluid levels while off on the adventures that call out to them the hydration reservoir is one of the many ways that this can be accomplished.

  • The hydration reservoir is the portal water device that can be used by those on the go. Many times you will find that the backpack comes with one. However, often they are sold separately.
  • A lot of backpacks offer internal sleeve holders for the hydration reservoir. There are also backpacks that are designed primarily for the reservoir.
  • Hose portals are the attached means of holding the sip tub spout into place.

The best backpack for camping regarding access

There are two primary types of backpack access means that are the most dominantly found. They are the top-loading packs and the packs that allow panel access.

  • Top-loading are pretty standard. Generally, this type offers a single but wide open option for loading gear, however, there are some that come with divided sections. When packing up gear the low priority items should go into the bottom and the higher priority things place on top. This is more for accessing purposes than anything.
  • Panel Access is the other option that is most often found. These normally have a zippered front access panel for loading gear. They will then fold open to gain full interior access or they will have a side zipper opening.

The best camping backpack in reference to pockets

When it comes to packing up gear one will find that they can never have enough pockets in which to separate out their gear. The sizes and locations of these pockets will vary from backpack to backpack. Some of the various options that can be found in regards to pocket offerings could include the following selections.

  • Front pocket – These are often the most used after the main storage opening.
  • Shovel pocket – These are normally stitched flaps on backpack front. They often have a buckled closure at the top. Even if you have no need for a shovel there are plenty of other items that can be stored within that pocket.
  • Hip belt pocket – Holds quickly needed items or very small things. Many people use this spot to stash items such snacks, smart phones, or even energy gel packets.
  • Side pocket – There are more option of side pockets than any other of the pocket offerings. Some are flat when empty, some stretch the best fits, some are specially designed for water bottles, or their tent poles.
  • Sleeping bag pocket – This compartment is normally a zippered stash area that can be located near the bottom of one’s backpack. Besides the sleeping bag this is a great location to store items that are needed in easy reach or access.

The best backpack for camping in the area of frames

The frame is another of the key differences that can be found in the backpack listings. There are three different types of framing options all together. The following are the offerings in which to selections are to be made.

  • Frameless – These packs are just like the ones carried with school supplies.
  • Internal-frame – These packs are the most common in camping and hiking.
  • External-frame – These packs are for heavy loads or the odd sized load. They offer good ventilation and lots of organizing options.

The best camping backpack regarding ventilation

Ventilation is a key thing to seek out when shopping for the best camping backpacks. When it comes to ventilations there are three primary types that one will find. These vent areas could be used for a number venting purposes including the ones below.

  • Suspended mesh back panel – These are used to combats against sweaty back syndrome. One will have this problem with many of the various backpacks and is often determined by the time length in which they are worn. Sweaty back syndrome is caused most dominantly by internal-frame backpacks.
  • Tension-Mesh suspension – This venting type is often one with a trampoline-like design. Their design styles allow the owner of the backpack to keep the frame support a few inches away their back.
  • Ventilation Chimneys – These venting types are most generally built into back panels. The main function of the ventilation chimneys is to promote airflow.

The best camping backpack by size

Often times one might not know the best size of backpack in which to look based the packs holding capacity. The following guideline is based on the type of backpack and some of the most general uses that one will find for them based upon the capacity of the backpack itself.

When the Weekend Pack is the best.

  1. Camping with 30-50 liters of gear weight.
  2. For couples out for a single day picnic.
  3. Campers for 1-3 nights when careful packing.

When the Multi Day Pack is the best.

  1. Camping with 50-80 liters of gear weight.
  2. Camping for three to five nights when warm.
  3. Camping for backcountry ski day trips.
  4. Camping for backcountry ski overnight trips.
  5. Camping in the backcountry for 2 days if selective in packing.

When the Extended-Trip Pack is the best.

  1. Camping with 70 + liters of gear weight.
  2. Camping for five or more nights.
  3. When camping with young children.
  4. When camping in the winter months.

Tips for loading a backpack.

Backpacks are now being offered in many sizes, colors, and brands. These options even have their own features that need to be considered and can vary. No matter the differences there is but one way to load camping or hiking gear for safety, weight distribution, as well as functionality.

When packing you want to consider the following three things.

  1. What the items weight is overall.
  2. What the items shape consists of being.
  3. How frequently the items need to be assessed.

Did you know?

Did you know that there are always tidbits of information that simply must be shared with others? The following are those tidbits, general information, as well as some general camping tips for all to enjoy.

  • Packs interiors are usually treated with waterproof coating
  • Dry packs packing is great option for windy conditions expecting rain
  • A bear cannot distinguish between food and non-food aromas. The smell of toothpaste and sunscreen can be just as tempting as the smell from tea bags or beef jerky.
  • It is recommended that you keep your bedroll (sleeping bag, sleepwear, pillowcase, etc.) separate of any items containing a fragrance when camping in bear country to help prevent unwanted company when sleeping.
  • It is not necessarily a wise idea to use a rain cover over your backpack in areas known for high winds as the wind can throw you off balance as it rips the cover off the pack.
  • It is recommended that you bundle gear in little internal dry sacks in the rain season. This allows items near zippers, flaps, or within the pack the added security of remaining dry. This can be done even if you have a rain cover loaded.


In conclusion, the best backpacks for camping is an accessory that one needs to stop and consider exactly what functions and options they would like to have included as there are numerous styles and directions that one can look. Sizing is a huge key as well, both the user’s body size as well as that of the backpack itself in regards to the overall capacity size.

Be sure not to forget items that you want to take on the camping and hiking trips in the future as some will require special means of carry that you’ll want to ensure your backpack can handle. These add-ons might be items such as tents, nets that will keep the bugs at bay, or even a rifle should you decide to hunt while out.

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