How to Dress for Summer Camping

summer camping

To make the most of a few days at camp the right clothing is essential. You probably already have everything you need, but I have put together a few tips to help you plan even if camping is something that is a new experience for you.  Some basic principles are your guide: layers, the right … Read more

Top 6 Best Coyote Decoys in 2021

Jump ahead: Don’t have time to read? The top 3 coyote decoys as reviewed below are: Flambeau Predator Masters Series Lone Howler Lucky Duck – Predator Decoy Flambeau Flocked Lone Howler Coyote is an animal closely related to the species of gray wolf. A coyote easily adapts to the human like environment. The chief food … Read more

What are the Best Hip Waders?

Don’t have time to read? The top 3 hip waders as reviewed below are: Chota Hip Waders Allen Hip Waders Frogg Toggs Hip Waders If fishing is your passion and you spend most of your time in shallow and/or calm water, then hip waders are for you.  Obviously other types of waders can be worn or … Read more

Top 5 Best Backup Iron Sights

There are different ways on how people can increase their chances of hitting their target. One common way is by making use of an optic. This provides the user with extended range, accurate shooting, and low-light visibility. However, there are instances that you will surely need the old backup iron sight once the optics get … Read more

42 Must-Know Deer Hunting Tips

Deer hunting to some is not just a means of getting venison for their family. To some deer hunting is seen as a sport, and the trophy is the mounted head of the kill. For a new hunter, the skill can be a challenge to develop, especially if there isn’t a mentor to teach it … Read more

How to Buy a Gun in New York City

Buying a gun, especially a handgun, in NYC is a very complex and long process. Expect to devote some serious effort into assembling all of the required documentation. Allow for at least 6 months for the process to be complete.  In this article I will detail the process for buying both handguns and rifles/shotguns in … Read more

How to Buy a Gun in New Jersey

If you are looking to buy a gun in New Jersey, this article with explain the process including permitting, age requirements, waiting periods and background checks.   Permits: There are two different permits relevant to buying a gun in New Jersey: Firearms Purchaser Identification Card (FPIC): This permit is required for the purchase of long guns … Read more

Top 9 Best 1-4x Scopes

Different kinds of scopes are used for various purposes. Shooters need to use scopes not only for long distance shooting but also for short range shooting.  No wonder why looking for the best 1-4x scopes is common to shooters who wanted to magnify their target without purchasing an expensive rifle scope. As a matter of fact, short range … Read more

What is the Best Rifle Scope under $1000?

Optics is a big market, and it seems like these days there’s something for every weapon and price range which can make it difficult to make choice. A thousand dollars is high for some of them but when it comes to quality glass and optics this isn’t even close on some models. For $1000 you … Read more

What is the Best Scope for SCAR 17?

There’s no denying that the semi-auto civilian version of the SCAR-H is a good gun. It has a short stroke recoil system which means cleaner operation and less carbon emission than the AR-15 and it feels much lighter. Aimed at the special operations marksman the powerful .308 chambering is ergonomic like an assault rifle and … Read more