5 Basic Tips So You’ll Never Get Lost in the Woods

Did you know that camping is a wonderful activity you could do with your friends and your family? It’s not only good exercise for your body; it also provides you with peace of mind.

There is no question that camping is fun and exhilarating – but alongside the thrill also comes the risk of getting lost, getting bitten and getting poisoned.

Whether you’re camping in the woods or hiking mountain trails, you will need to equip yourself with basic survival tips to appease yourself that none of a camper’s most worst nightmares will happen to you or any of your companions.

Before anything else, proper planning is key to survive any camping trip unscathed. Aside from always remembering to bring your presence of mind and common sense with you, you will also need the following essentials to make sure you will always find your way. These include a map, a compass, a whistle, a cellphone, a bottle of water, a high-energy granola bar, a first aid kit, a headlamp, a lighter, warm clothing and a pocketknife

5 Tips

Once you’ve got that covered, remember to keep the following tips in mind:

1. Never camp or hike alone.

There is a reason why the buddy system works. It’s the best precaution anyone can take to make sure he or she will receive immediate care, in cases of fortuitous events and emergencies. Take note that hiking with someone, however, does not mean you have to rely all the navigating to your companion. 

2. Know how to use a compass.

The compass is a camper’s best friend for the sole purpose it serves. You must learn how to use one. This will allow you to keep track of the direction of your destination as well as the direction of your starting point. 

3. Learn how to read a map.

Similar to a compass, the map is also an essential item that is not only for display purposes. As long as you know how to read one, you will know where to go. Just don’t forget to ask local rangers or experienced hikers about the route before you set off.

4. Bring a bottle of water.

Men can survive a day without food but not without water. While bringing a liter of water may seem counterintuitive to packing light, it is actually one of the most basic rules of camping. You don’t want to get dehydrated in the woods, trust me!

5. Take your whistle wherever you go.

In this day or age, it’s very easy to use cellphone when you’re lost. However, in the event of a technology failure, take your whistle out and blow it as hard as you can. Just agree with your group that a whistle sound is a signal for help and make sure to use only when needed.

Camping should not be taken lightly, as there exist real threats in the wood in the form of dangerous black grizzly bears and poisonous ivies. Always remember that you are better off safe than sorry! 

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