Fly Fishing is Not Just for Trout Anymore

When most anglers think of fly fishing, their first thought is of big skies and big water with fellows in waders battling huge trout in a western trout stream or anglers catching giant steelhead and salmon in northern streams as they start their journey upstream to spawn. However, let me paint you a very different … Read more

“Ten to Two” Turkey Hunting

Although the term “Ten to two” is normally used as reference to a method for teaching proper fly fishing technique, the hours between 10 AM and 2 PM are quickly becoming the “go to” hunting time for taking difficult Toms. However, convincing hunters to hunt Wild Turkeys in the middle of the day can be … Read more

The Economics of Hunting and Conservation

Because hunters are required to gain an intimate understanding of both the game species they are hunting as well as the environment and how the two interact with each other, hunting provides an introduction to the outdoors in a way that no other sport can equal. Consequently, it’s no wonder that hunter’s are our country’s … Read more

What is Fly Fishing?

The first written references to fishermen fishing with something resembling a fly comes from as far back as Greek and Roman times. However, fly fishing as we know it today actually started on the chalk streams of England where people would observe wily Brown Trout casually rising to hatching May Flies while ignoring any other … Read more

My Encounter with Hogzilla

A few years ago, I was bow hunting feral pigs on a privately owned barrier island located just off of the coast of Georgia which is about two miles long and about a mile wide. FYI, I have been hunting on this island for several years now and thus, I am intimately familiar with the … Read more

The Only Pig I Have Ever Missed!

Due to the fact that I am such an avid archer, it is not uncommon for me to shoot five to six flights of arrows (a flight consist of 12 arrows) per session and I often shoot three to five days a week. Consequently, with all of that practice, I am often capable of grouping … Read more

What to Look for When Purchasing a Rifle Scope

rifle scope

The invention of the rifle scope as an adaptation of the telescope literally revolutionized the art of long range, precision, shooting. While there are some unconfirmed stories of a couple of the famous, old, Buffalo hunters such as “Wild Bill” Cody who were sometimes able to hit a Buffalo at 1,000 yards with their Sharps … Read more

Ten Tips to Make Your Next Deer Hunt More Successful

Any hunter that has ever hunted Whitetail Deer will tell you that they are very wary animals and that hunting them is a lot more challenging than most people would believe. Thus, while there is definitely a certain amount of luck involved, simply walking out into the woods, finding a likely place to set up … Read more

What to Look for When Purchasing a Hunting Knife

Many hunters spend years developing their skills in pursuing their chosen game species in order to be able to successfully harvest the animals that they choose to hunt. In addition, they also often spend numerous hours studying firearms and ballistic charts, various brands and types of archery equipment, and even different types and patterns of … Read more