How to field dress a deer

Field dressing an animal in the field means you aren’t going to process and bag up all the separate cuts of meat right there in the field. Although you certainly could completely process the deer right there in the field, it is not common practice, and not recommended. If you live and hunt in the … Read more

10 Things Every Hunter Should Carry

Walking into the woods with your weapon of choice ready to hunt down the next kill can be a thrilling and enjoyable experience. Although, it may not be very enjoyable if you walked there with only your weapon. What happens when you get thirsty, or hungry, or have to relieve yourself? It can sometimes take … Read more

Tools Needed to Self-Process Game Meat

For many years we had the fear of processing our own game. Would we waste it trying to get the right cuts? Would we take too long trying to figure it out, and the meat would go bad? Yes, those fears are legitimate if you have never seen anyone process an animal. Although, when we … Read more

How to Start a Campfire the Easy Way

There are a million ways to start a fire. Some are faster than others, some are more efficient than others. Some are even cheaper than others. No matter the method, If you put the right amount of heat on a combustible object you will eventually start a fire. I say eventually because the whole turning … Read more