Top 9 Best 1-4x Scopes

Different kinds of scopes are used for various purposes. Shooters need to use scopes not only for long distance shooting but also for short range shooting.  No wonder why looking for the best 1-4x scopes is common to shooters who wanted to magnify their target without purchasing an expensive rifle scope.

As a matter of fact, short range scopes are popular during World War II. This provides them better magnification that makes it easier for them to hit their target with the comfort of using a lightweight and small scope for their rifles. For those who are searching for the best 1-4x scope, here are the top 10 1-4x scopes that you should have.

1. Burris 200437 MTAC 1-4×24

When it comes to rifle scopes, Burris will always be on top of the list. They are known in creating powerful scopes that can guarantee quality at an affordable price.

This makes the Burris 200437 MTAC 1-4 x 24 an ideal choice for shooters who are looking for a scope with excellent features without spending much for the product. The scope is made of quality materials making it durable and can meet the expectations of any shooter.

The Burris 200437 MTAC is perfect for hunting that provides excellent optimal performance making you see your target clearly. It is coated with HiLume that improves the resolution of the images. It can easily hold zero and has a great eye relief.

It has a clear and crisp glass and with a generous eye box. However, it is quite bigger and heavier compared to other types of scopes available. The dots can also be distracting because it blocks the target. Overall, it can still be considered a great scope for the price, especially with its lifetime warranty.

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2. Barska Level HD 1-4x24mm

Looking for a perfect scope that you can use during the day and at night with a clear picture is quite difficult because of the options available. So if you want to make the right choose then you can have the Barska 1-4×28 IR that can be used for hunting and target shooting.

This scope has external target turrets that can be locked in order to secure and prevent the movement of the elevation and windage. You can illuminate the mil-dot reticle in green, red, and black colors. 

It has a built-in sniper edged with a sun-shade in its housing to prevent glare when using the scope in bright sun. It is also filled with CO-2 nitrogen and O-ring sealed to protect it from fog and water.

However, there are some complaints with this scope such as difficulty in adjusting the focus ring, can hardly hold zero, and poor mount. 

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3. Vortex Optics Crossfire II 1-4x24mm

It is not a big problem if you have no idea on what is the best 1-4x scope because by reading reviews, for sure you can identify the products that are on top of the list.

One of the great 1-4x scopes that you can use for your rifle is the Vortex Optics Crossfire II. This scope is fully multicoated to increase the transmission of light and it also has anti-reflective coatings for different kinds of surfaces.

The Vortex Optics Crossfire II has a 30mm tube that enhances the accuracy and visual performance of the scope. You can also be assured that this scope can be used for a long period of time because it is made of aircraft-grade aluminum.

Yet, some shooters would want to have the illumination setting knob on the scope to be placed on the side rather than on top where it looks big. With the price of the scope, a lot of shooters are still interested in having one especially with the features that they can expect from it. 

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4. Bushnell AR Optics Drop Zone-223 Reticle Riflescope

If you want the best short range scope for your rifle, it is essential that you spend time reading 1-4x scope reviews for you to know what products you should buy.

This is the reason why the Bushnell AR Optics Drop Zone-223 will always be one of the best options that shooters have when looking for 1-4x scope. It can deliver maximum accuracy because of its target turrets and can provide superior brightness because it is multicoated. 

The scope is nitrogen filled making it resistant to moisture with O-ring sealed that prevents dust from going inside the scope. It is made up of aluminum alloy to assure durability that is finish and sealed with anodize to protect its internal elements.

It is also scratchproof and rustproof so you don’t have to worry about the appearance of the scope. This is an easy-to-use scope that will surely complete your rifle. However, it is quite heavy for some users and also has wide crosshairs. 

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5. Trinity Force 1-6×24 Scope

The easiest way to improve accurate shooting at a short range is by using a 1-4x scope like the Trinity Force Assault Series. It is made up of aircraft-grade aluminum with a quick release mount.

Shooters have different options for the reticle that include red, blue, and green. The scope comes with a mount, red dot, and provides a lifetime warranty.

The scope has a clean and crisp crosshair that can easily hold zero. It is so easy to adjust as well as the windage and elevation. However, the illuminated article is not that bright during the day and it doesn’t fit well when placed on top of the rail. Overall, shooters are still happy with the product not only because it is affordable but it is also easy-to-use and works well.

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6. Vortex Viper PST 1-4×24mm

Getting the best 1-4x scope without breaking your wallet is possible if you will choose to have the Vortex Viper PST. It can help shooters create accurate and fast shooting with its turret measurements and reticle.

The optical indexed lenses deliver clear image because it improves the brightness and sharpness of the scope. The XD glass is responsible for increasing the resolution as well as the transmission of light with its multicoated lens. 

The scope is made of aircraft-grade aluminum for durability with 30mm tube for wider adjustment and added strength. Shooters will never experience troubles with internal fogging because it is filled with argon gas.

It is resistant to water, dust, debris, and moisture because it is O-ring sealed. This scope is not only powerful for short range targets but also for longer targets. It also has an excellent eye relief and you can make adjustments with ease. However, you may find it hazy when used during the day.

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7. Mueller Speed Shot 1-4x24mm

The Speed Shot 1-4x scope by Muller features a 30mm tube with 3.5 eye relief. The turrets have a larger target style with a quick eye focus. It has an illumination system that allows the scope it to become visible during daylight conditions. The glass of Speed Shot is clear and bright and can easily hold zero. It is an ideal scope for short to medium range shooting. 

However, some shooters are not happy with the weight of the scope that is quite heavier compared to other scopes. The dot also covers the target that can affect the accuracy of the scope. You might also find it difficult to adjust the magnification and illumination knob.

But even if it looks big for your rifle, this is still an awesome scope that you can use for hunting without paying for an expensive cost. It is also a long lasting scope and very solid so there is no need for you to look for another scope which can be an added expense. As a matter of fact, the scope is still usable even if you turn off the battery because of its black dot. 

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8. Monstrum Tactical 1-4×20

Achieving a crystal clear image can be possible by using the Monstrum Tactical 1-4×20. This is a tactical scope for your rifle with a 20mm objective diameter and a 3.5-3.8 inches eye relief.

You can easily estimate long distance target because of its glass rangefinder reticle. It comes with reversible scope rings for an excellent scope placement. It is made of aircraft-grade aluminum with a nitrogen filled tube to prevent fog and water.

It is also a lightweight scope so you don’t have to worry mounting it on your rifle. It can easily hold zero with durable rings. However, adjusting the zoom level of the scope is quite difficult especially if you have to make quick transitions.

For the windage and elevation, you can adjust it by using a screwdriver or a coin. It also has a small eye relief box that makes it hard for the shooters to align the reticle. The adjustment dial also loosens up quickly.  

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9. Centerpoint 1-4×20 MSR Rifle Scope

There are times that you have to shoot with two eyes open while using a scope. So if ever that you wanted to be assured that you can aim for your target quickly, then you better have the Centerpoint 1-4×20 MSR scope.

This is a great scope that will suit your budget. It can easily sight in and holds zero even after creating plenty of rounds. It has a clear glass with a visible reticle even if the batteries are dead because it is etched into the glass.

Dropping your rifle will not cause it to lose zero which is essential to shooters. Illuminating the light for the red and green dot is too bright that affects the accuracy when hitting your target.

However, the dot in the reticle covers the target because of its size. It also has a cheap mount so you will surely need an upgrade and the eye relief also needs to be improved. All in all, this is still a great scope if you are on a tight budget because it still works the way you want to. 

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There are plenty of choices that shooters can choose from when looking for the best 1-4x scopes. Because not all shooters will engage to long range shooting, it is essential for them to use a 1-4x scope to improve their accuracy without worrying about putting their rifle to eye level. Listed below are some of the reasons why shooters still look for 1-4x scopes:

  • Low power scopes are lightweight and not that bulky making it easier for shooters to mount them to their rifles. They can carry the scope and use it anytime. 
  • Low power scopes are cheaper than high magnification scopes.
  • These scopes are easy to use making it ideal for beginners. 

If you want to have the best low power scope that is perfect for your budget then it is necessary that you read 1-4x scope reviews online. This will help you identify the best scopes from popular brands. You will have an idea about the features that you can expect from each scope to be assured that it can meet your demands. This will keep you away from purchasing another scope thus saving you money. 


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