What is the Best 2 Person Kayak?

2 Person KayakWith a kayak, you can go anywhere. With a 2 person kayak, you can anywhere with your special someone. This is just one of the reasons why I prefer to have a 2 person kayak than a single one.

If I am alone, I can use a 2 person kayak and if someone wants to come with me, then I can still bring them along.

In terms of kayaks, I always prefer the recreational ones because of the lake near us.

With a 2 person kayak for recreational purposes, we can go around our lake for hours, fish if we want to and watch the scenic view. Besides, recreational kayaks are more affordable than other types of kayaks out there.

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Top 3 Best 2 Person Kayak Comparison

Here are the top 3 two person kayak that you can find in the market today.

Intex Challenger K2 Kayak

Intex Challenger K2 Kayak

What is the best 2 person kayak from Intex? Intex has been known as a leader in terms of producing durable and awesomely designed kayaks. If you are looking for a good 2 person kayak to use on your regular date with your father or your girlfriend, take an Intex Challenger K2 Kayak and give your love one the security she wants to feel while on water.

The top 2 person kayak from Intex comes with a very sporty design. The size of this kayak has been streamlined to make padding easier. It is in bright green color so it can be visible even when you are paddling from a distance. The Intex Challenger K2 Kayak can fit two adults comfortably and both passengers can seat in comfort with its seat’s back rest. For your day’s need, there is a cargo net where you can put it (e.g. food or drinking water). While on the cruise, your companion can grab the grab line around the kayak to feel secure if needed. This  kayak from Intex is made of Super-Tough vinyl hence it is UV damage resistant and puncture resistant. This can be yours for only $ (click here for the price).


Lifetime 10 Foot Manta Tandem Kayak

Lifetime 10 Foot Manta Tandem Kayak

For this 2 person kayak reviews, the next best 2 person kayak in our list is the 10 Foot Manta Tandem Kayak from Lifetime. This kayak has soft backrests and side paddles. It is also easy to carry with its 60 pound weight plus a handles on sides for easier transport. This 2 person kayak from Lifetime is highly recommended if you have a passenger that cannot swim because it has a design that made it hard to trip over. The design of the seat also allows its passengers to stay dry during cruise because of its “High and Dry” seats.

This kayak from Lifetime has 5 year warranty from the manufacturer and a complete package comes with 2 paddles for only $$$$ (click here for the price).


Ocean Kayak 12-Feet Malibu Kayak

Ocean Kayak Malibu Two Tandem Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak

From Ocean Kayak, the best 2 person kayak is their 12-Feet Malibu Two Tandem Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak. This is one of the most expensive 2-seater kayaks that you can find in the market today. For a price tag of S7 (click here for the price), this kayak can carry you or your partner for a leisure cruising all day long.

This 2 person kayak from Ocean Kayak is available with comfortable seats plus gear straps. It also comes with handles and skid plate. This is designed for long leg cruising and travelling but if you just want to have a simple day in a peaceful lake while touring with your love one, this is perfect as well. This 2 person kayak has a dimension of 20 x 34 x 144 inches. Since this kayak has a generous space, you can bring your pet as well along with your son on a day of cruising.


Different types of 2 person kayaks

Recreational kayaks – these kayaks are cheaper but are heavier to transport and hard to carry. It doesn’t hold a straight course either so it is harder to control

Touring Kayaks – if you want to cruise with your girlfriend and show off with the best 2 person kayak that your family own, then take her on a touring kayak. Touring kayaks are more versatile as compared to recreational kayaks but can be more expensive.

Sit on top kayaks – is a good 2 person kayak for beginners because it is easy to control and use. Kids can even handle a sit on top kayak because it is slow in terms of movement and it is a good kayak for fishing too.

Inflatable kayaks – are like toys, adult toys that can be used for trips and weekends with the family on grand pa’s lake. There are a lot of 2 person kayak reviews that prefers inflatable kayaks than touring or recreational ones.


For the best two person kayak to have, make sure that it comes with a storage system, is stable enough (despite the fact that you will be only cruising calm waters) and is durable enough to last for years even after a weekly cruising to the lake with your wife or girlfriend.

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