Top 3 Best Air Beds for Camping

Best Air Bed for CampingCamping is one of the most popular outdoor recreation today. To fully enjoy this activity, air bed for camping is developed.

It is not possible for the majority to sleep on the solid ground as some will suffer from back and joint pain. Air bed for camping will give you the assurance that you will get a comfortable sleep. Before choosing the best air bed for camping, you should carefully take into account your needs and selections.

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The 3 Best Air Beds Comparison

Let us take a look at some of the 3 highest rated air beds for camping worth buying in the market today.

KingCamp Base Camp Comfort Self-Inflating Mattress

KingCamp Base Camp Comfort Self-Inflating Mattress

Base Camp Comfort Self-Inflating Mattress/Pad is made by KingCamp. It is purposely invented for skilled backpackers and campers. Built of tested and proved technology and materials, this air mattress which is self-inflating is reasonably soft, compressible and lightweight. It presents a cushion for relaxation, and suitable side frame so that the mat can be simply shared with one more to make a two pair bed. Kingcamp Base Camp Comfort Self-Inflating Mattress Pad will retain your body and sleeping bag in dry condition and relaxingly off the field because of the coating which is long-lasting water resistant.

This Pad measures 2 inches thick, 24.8 inches wide and 77.2 inches long. It weighs 4.4 pounds only. Because it is a light pad, it can be simply toted, compressed and stored. This pad is considered as one of the best airbed for camping. KingCamp build up across-the-board inventions casing out of the house recreation and relaxation. All products are tested in the most intense outdoor circumstances to guarantee the finest creation for customers. For its quality and price of $ (click here for the price), this is indeed the best air beds for camping that KingCamp has produced so far.


Winterial Lightweight Self-Inflating Backpacking and Camping Sleeping Pad

Winterial Lightweight Self-Inflating Backpacking and Camping Sleeping Pad

Made by Winterial, Lightweight Self-Inflating Backpacking and Camping Sleeping Pad is one of the best air beds for camping. This pad will give a one of kind experience in camping.

You can easily inflate and deflate this bed, so when you are already ready to pack up there will be no delay. Because it is resistant to damage, this pad is surely designed for a man who dedicates significant time in outdoor recreations. Winterial Lightweight Self-Inflating Backpacking and Camping Sleeping Pad is lightweight and solid at 2.5 pounds. This means that you can include this pad to your bag without the feeling that you will be held back or weighed down. Its dimensions on the other hand is 1.5 x 22 x 71 inches. Air pump is not required as its mechanism is self-inflating. This will allow you to pack your things lightly and you will have a room for your other needed materials. Because of the quality insulation of this pad, your body will be warmer on cold nights.


Intex Inflatable Fabric Camping Mattress

Intex Inflatable Fabric Camping Mattress

Intex is one of the world leader in making and constructing advanced products for outdoor and indoor recreation. One of the products of Index for camping is this Inflatable Fabric Camping Mattress. This camping mat gives relaxation and endurance for open-air settings. A speedy and easy solution for camping, Intex inflatable fabric mattress provides a well-off sleeping ground for your journeys outdoor.

To endure different kinds of elements, Index made this mattress of a laminated vinyl. Constructed with an exceptional wave shaft, you will experience an even sleeping ground. Further, this mat is also covered with cloth to keep you relaxed all through night. This mat folds efficiently for trouble-free storage space and tour. Additional function of this mat is that it can also be used as a lake or pool flotation tool. The mats dimension is 26.5 x 72.5 x 6.8 inches and weighs 3 pounds.


Factors and Tips need to consider in buying the best air beds for camping.

Heavier vs. Lighter- air bed for camping comes either as light or heavy. This is because of the components and materials used in their creation. If your priority is your comfort, it is recommended that you choose a heavier air bed. It is because it is composed of a solider and more relaxing material. This is great for those who loves camping near to their homes or for those who have children.

If you are a camper who loves hiking, rock climbing or trekking rather than napping in a tent, then you should choose an air bed which is lighter in weight. You should choose a light weight air mattress which heightens transportability and suitability at the cost of toughness.

Electric pump or Hand/foot pump- You can choose how your air bed will be inflated. You can pumped your air bed using electricity, it can be a portable pump, battery or self-inflating. If you are camping near your car, then it will be fine for you to use electric pump. Portable pump on the other hand is also using electricity. Some air bed for camping comes with a built in pump and is being operated using a pair 4D batteries. You can also choose a self-inflating which is very easy and light to handle.

Size- Always consider buying an air mattress relative to the tent where you will be placing it.

Review- Always check reviews before deciding to buy air bed.

Budget- Depending on your budget you can choose between costly vs non costly air mattress. Low cost usually indicates less useful qualities and less toughness, however, it can be beneficial in specific instances.


If you will be buying an air bed for camping, make sure that you will choose the best one that will suit your requirements in camping.  The best air bed for camping is the one that will give you the most comfortable rest on a solid ground. Also, it must be very important that it is very well constructed, light to carry and will suit your budget.

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