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What is the Best Airsoft M4?

1M4 is among the most popular military rifle today. In the US military, M4 is the most used carbine rifle. M4 is the shorter version of M16. It is also lighter.

Since it is the most popular combat weapon in the military, it is also the most popular type of airsoft rifle that you can find today.

If you are planning to get into airsoft playing and are looking for the best airsoft m4 to own, we can give you some tips on what to consider and choose.

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There are different types of M4 airsoft rifles today. We have electric powered M4s, we have gas powered M4s and spring powered M4s.

Each type is different in terms of power of impact, the number of BBs it can load and fire and the price.

Different brands of airsoft rifles also offer M4 specifications that are unique to them hence if you don’t know yet what you are looking for in an airsoft rifle but wants an M4, reading different airsoft m4 reviews would help.

Top 8 Best Airsoft M4 Comparison

Here are the top 8 airsoft m4s that you can find in the market today!

BBTac M4

BBTac M4

The first best rated airsoft m4 in our list is from BBTac. This M4 rifle comes with three firing modes: electric automatic firing mode, semi-automatic firing mode and the full automatic firing mode.

This also offers a muzzle velocity of 220 – 240 FPS. It means that from the moment you fire, the BB travels at a speed of 240 feet per second until it reaches the target. This M4 from BBTac has a standard M4 magazine Gearbox that contains 50 rounds. It also comes with ABS Plastic Hop-up.

For this AEG, a mock suppressor is now included and this can be removed if wanted by user along with the carry handle. This M4 rifle has a weaver trail where user can mount accessories like scopes. This airsoft M4 from BBTac has a built in RIS system and comes with flashlight. For its price of $ (click here for the price), you can now start doing practice shooting. This M4 weighs 4.1 pounds.


HK 416 AEG Blk

HK 416 AEG Blk

What is the best airsoft M4 from BigTProducts for less than $100? The HK 416 AEG Blk can be yours for less than $100 (click here for the price). The kit includes the battery and charger for your airsoft gun. This is one of the best M4 rifles in the market today with its rapid fire and rear sight features that is adjustable for windage.

This rifle from BigTProducts s made of High Grade ABS Polymer materials. It has rail guard in front where you can attach your tactical accessories like scope. It also features a flip up front sight and rear sight. The magazine of this rifle can take up to 250 BBs. This M4 rifle has a length of 725mm-795mm that can be adjusted accordingly. The power of this rifle produces 340 fps using 0.12 BBs.

This can be fired as a semi-automatic rifle or a full automatic rifle. You can also opt to shoot then put it in safety. Users of this M4 airsoft rifle have been using 0.12 and .20g BBs and so far both work fine. If you are new in the field of airsoft shooting, this beginner’s M4 rifle is the best there is to start doing practice shooting. It is a solid airsoft rifle and hits hard especially when adjusted properly.




Different gun, pistols and best airsoft m4 reviews always have Colt products in their list and for our best m4 airsoft guns; we have the COLT M4 CQB Full Metal AEG. This Colt M4 rifle is one of the most expensive M4 rifles you can find in the market today at a price tag of $$ (click here for the price). This M$ rifle is a single piece metal outer barrel made divided into a lower and upper receiver. It has steel gears and metal gearbox.

So far, the COLT M4 CQB Full Metal AEG is now the most powerful M4 airsoft rifle in the market today. It features a CNC machined R.I.S. hand guard and a magazine that can contain 350 rounds of BBs.

The rear sight is removable and it has 6 adjustable positions. This is battery powered and can be run using an 1100mAh 8.4 volt rechargeable battery. The charger for this battery is included in the kit. This M4 weighs 8 pounds and is completely marketed by Colt alone. If you want a high powered rifle to use in your shooting games, take this COLT M4 with you and start becoming a champion.


Crosman Softair-Stinger 34 Tactical

Crosman Softair-Stinger 34 Tactical

The next item for our airsoft m4 reviews list is the Crosman Softair-Stinger 34 Tactical. If you are looking for quality airsoft M4 rifle that is affordable and stylish, Crosman is the store to be. Crosman has been known in the industry for making quality airsoft guns and the Softair-Stinger 34 Tactical is just one of them. For a price that is less than $100 (click here for the price); you can now start practice shooting in your own backyard with a great rifle.

The Crosman Softair-Stinger 34 Tactical doesn’t require any Co2 or batteries. This is a cock and shoots type of rifle. It features cross hair sight and a stock that is adjustable and removable.

This rifle has a quad rail structure in front so you can easily attach any tactical gear as needed like scope or flashlight. This best airsoft m4 has a muzzle velocity of 300 fps and its magazine can hold up to 400 BBs. With a high capacity magazine like this, you can now start shooting without worrying of running out of BBs anytime soon. The package includes extra spare magazine with a pack of .12g BBs.


Lancer Tactical M4

Lancer Tactical M4

Lancer Tactical is a known producer of tactical gears like airsoft rifles and combat tools and equipment like tactical helmets and airsoft goggles. They are also known for making some of the best m4 airsoft guns that you can see in the market today. If you are looking for the top m4 airsoft gun, you can check their Tactical M4 CQB Combat Ready AEG.

Lancer’s Tactical M4 is a rifle made of polymer construction. It has a gearbox that is made of full metal. It has a price tag of $ (click here for the price) and is powered by a rechargeable battery that is included in the package. The kit also comes with a charger and a magazine that can take up to 300 BBs. This is one powerful M$ rifle with a muzzle velocity of up to 400 feet per second.

With this M4 rifle, you can now choose between on full automatic or semi-automatic shooting method. The Lancer Tactical M4 has selective hop up and a retractable stock. This rifle weighs 7 pounds so if you are planning on joining a game that can last for hours, carrying this rifle won’t hurt your shoulder at all. With this Lancer Tactical M4, let the game keep on going because your magazine with 300 rounds will surely keep you fire-up for a period of time.


Elite Force M4

Elite Force M4

There are a lot of airsoft brands that you can find in the market today, all offering the same thing, quality airsoft rifles, durable and solidly made M4 airsoft rifles.

If you don’t have any idea on what to look for in a rifle, choosing can be difficult. You might end up relying on looks and on what the seller says and this is what Elite Force is trying to avoid – customers getting nothing after falling for a classy looking airsoft rifle that doesn’t work as promise. Hence, if you are a novice looking for one of the best m4 airsoft guns in the market today and you saw the M4 CQB Competition Line Airsoft AEG from Elite Force, you will surely fall in love with its fashionable look but no fear, this rifle is not just for looks, it also offers solid performance.

The Elite Force M4 has a price tag that is less than $200 (click here for the price). You might say the price is because of its fancy look and you are right, but there are more. This M4 airsoft rifle comes with its own battery, charger and flashlight. The newer version of this M4 rifle though doesn’t include those basic accessories and is cheaper. The Elite Force M4 is made of high quality polymer but doesn’t have metal rail. Regardless if you are a beginner or a seasoned shooter, this airsoft M4 from Elite Force will surely make you extend your target shooting periods.


Firepower Soft Air AEG F4-D Air Rifle

Firepower Soft Air AEG F4-D Air Rifle

Although Firepower is mostly known for selling fitness and sports products, it has made an effort to branch out and produce other products as well. From airsoft pistols to rifles, scopes and tactical vest, Firepower is also now selling magazines and other tactical gears and clothing. If you are looking for the best airsoft M4 from Firepower, you can check their Soft Air AEG F4-D Air Rifle.

The Soft Air AEG F4-D Air Rifle can be yours for less than $100 (click here for the price).  It is 31 inches long but can be extended to 34 inches if user wants to. It only weighs 3.5 pounds so it is basically good for airsoft rifle shooting games that last for hours. It comes with a mag that can contain up to 500 BBs, imagine a day of shooting without worries that you will be running out of ammo anytime soon.

Just aim and shoot and enjoy! This M4 rifle is an electric rifle and the kit comes with its battery and charger. There is also an integrated rail where user can set up some tactical accessories like scope. This airsoft M4 from Firepower comes with mock red dot sight and mock magazine that also house the battery. If you are in New York, this airsoft rifle is not allowed for shipping. Before making your purchase online or by phone, check with your local enforcement first if this is allowed or not.  Firepower’s Soft Air AEG F4-D Air Rifle has a velocity of 200 to 220 feet per second. This is made in China and the entire product has a dimension of 2 x 1 x 1 inches.


BBTac M83 Full Auto Electric Power LPEG Airsoft Gun

BBTac M83 Full Auto Electric Power Rifle

The last item in our list of best airsoft m4s is the BBTac M83 Full Auto Electric Power LPEG Airsoft Gun. BBTac is indeed one great airsoft maker and this is their second product in the list so far.

The M83 Full Auto Electric Power LPEG Airsoft Gun has made it because of its good customer feedback and great performance on the field. The M83 Full Auto Electric Power LPEG Airsoft Gun has a price tag of less than $100 (click here for the price).

The BBTac M83 Full Auto Electric Power LPEG Airsoft Gun is highly recommended for beginners. It has 6 magazines included on the kit to make practicing a lot easier now that you only need to change magazines from time to time instead of reloading again and again. Each magazine can take up to 40 rounds of BBs. This M4 rifle has a muzzle velocity of up to 250 feet per second with a .12g BB. It can also use CQB and full size or .20 BBs. This is an ABS plastic airsoft rifle.

The BBTac M83 Full Auto Electric Power LPEG Airsoft Gun works with the help of a 7.2V Battery. The battery and the charger are included on the kit along with a scope, flashlight, barrel extension and a sling. If you are in New York, this airsoft rifle is not allowed for shipping. There are other places that don’t allow selling and ordering of airsoft rifles and other airsoft products so before ma king a purchase online, make sure to check your local law first. This is one of the few M4 rifles that has a removable barrel so you can attach a silencer to it.


General tips about M4

  • Airsoft guns needs to be charged. Most airsoft guns and rifles require two to four hours of charging power
  • Overcharging airsoft battery is a no-no
  • Airsoft guns have an orange tip and it is a crime to remove the orange tip. It is an indicator that you are holding an airsoft gun
  • Airsoft guns are only sold to adults that are 18 years of age and above
  • New York is one of the states that doesn’t allow shipment and delivery of airsoft guns to individual buyers
  • Airsoft guns are toys but when misused, airsoft guns can cause real damage
  • Airsoft guns should be used within your private premise only. Do not take it outside to play with it like parks

Where to purchase airsoft rifles

Airsoft rifles are mostly on sale on sport stores and gun stores. If you cannot find a good store where you can choose an airsoft, you can go to the internet where hundreds of online stores offer different brands and types of airsoft rifles.

Pros of buying airsoft rifle online

  • You can find different brands of airsoft that offers their best airsoft M4
  • You can find cheaper deals
  • Online airsoft stores offer discounts and are often selling cheaper products than those in live stores
  • You have more choices
  • You can find online communities that share the same passion as you

Cons of buying airsoft rifle online

  • You cannot test and check it
  • You might become a victim of online scam
  • You might end up receiving defective product and returning it can be hassle free
  • You might order the best airsoft M4 you found and receives a totally different product
  • You can ask store people about the product you are planning to buy
  • You can compare the products on a face to face basis, by holding it and touching it and feeling it in your hands


Choosing the best rated airsoft m4 is very important because although it is just a toy, airsoft costs a lot of money. Most seasoned airsoft shooters prefer airsoft brands that are known for their durability and solid products. It means choosing between a metal made or a plastic made metal. Another consideration when choosing the best airsoft m4 is the accuracy and precision it comes with. Seasoned shooters knew that accuracy doesn’t depend all alone on skills; it also depends on the bore of the gun or rifle, the length and the barrel. The top airsoft m4 of BBTac offer such.  What is our last word for the newbies? Choosing a great airsoft M4 should be determined by what you want and not the price alone. Do not go for the cheapest M4; go for the averaged priced M4. Use it to learn about airsoft and once you are ready, upgrade to a better one!

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