Top 3 Best Airsoft SMG’s in 2021

1Often times, playing in a close quarter battle requires more than just skill, you will also need the best airsoft SMG or sub machine gun in order to win. SMGs or sub machine guns were among the most popular type of rifles used during World War I and II.

The first sub machine gun was developed by John Thompson (hence the Thompson SMG) and since then, it was a military household name.

In the 80’s, SMGs started disappearing from the market and was replaced by assault rifles. If you are looking for an awesome SMG for your next airsoft game, here are some of them.

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Top 3 Best Airsoft SMGs Comparison

Let us take a look at some of the top airsoft SMGs that are worth checking in the market today:

Bear River Holdings Junior Sniper Rifle

Black Ops by Bear River Holdings Junior Sniper Rifle

Reading different airsoft SMG reviews can help potential buyers like you and me to determine the things that we need to check before making a SMG purchase. The good news is there are a lot of SMG reviews that you can find today for airsoft rifles. One sub machine gun airsoft rifle that stands out so far is the Bear River Holdings Junior Sniper Rifle by Black Ops.

For about $50 (click here for the price), you can get an SMG with scope and fiber optic sights. This airsoft rifle also comes with a tactical rail system.  This is a .177 caliber airsoft rifle. The Bear River Holdings Junior Sniper Rifle is a very powerful sub machine gun with its 800 feet per second velocity. A mag of this airsoft rifle can contain up to 50 BBs.

This is powerful because it employs multi-pump pneumatic action. A kit of this airsoft rifle comes with a top tactical rail and a 4×15 scope. This airsoft rifle has a dimension of 44.5 x 7.5 x 12 inches and it weighs 3.7 pounds.  For those who are interested with bolt rifles, the Bear River Holdings Junior Sniper Rifle is also a bolt action rifle that needs to be pumped every time you load a BB to make it work. With this powerful airsoft rifle, owners are warning potential buyers to avoid using this for their airsoft games because this is powerful enough to even kill a rabbit. If you are going to do practice shooting, this one is good to have though.


BBTac M16A2 Airsoft Gun

BBTac M16A2 Airsoft Gun Vietnam Style

For the best airsoft SMG that you can find from BBTac, their M16A2 Airsoft Gun is one great find. The BBTac M16A2 Airsoft Gun is a replica of the M16A1 that was used by the American Forces during the Vietnam War. This airsoft rifle also comes with a triangular hand guard unlike the BBTac M16A1 with a circular hand guard.

A kit of this airsoft rifle comes with 200 round magazine, safety glasses, sample bag of BBs, and strap, everything that you need so you can start practice shooting once you receive it.

The BBTac M16A2 Airsoft Gun can do 300 feet per second with a .12g BB. The muzzle velocity is reduced at 250 feet per second if a .20g BB is used though.

This SMG requires user to cock every after shot and if you are in New York, this item is not allowed for shipping. For anyone who is planning to order this airsoft rifle, make sure to check with your local authority if this is allowed or not. BBTac M16A2 Airsoft Gun weighs 3.6 pounds only.


H&K MP5 A4 Elite AEG Airsoft SMG

H&K MP5 A4 Elite AEG Airsoft SMG

Finding the best airsoft SMG can be tricky even with the help of different best airsoft SMG reviews online. When I was looking for mine, I just asked a few friends around for their best recommendation and the H&K MP5 A4 Elite AEG Airsoft SMG was among the top answers I got.

The H&K MP5 A4 Elite AEG Airsoft SMG has a metal upper receiver and barrel assembly. This comes with a nylon polymer stock and a hand guard. The H&K MP5 A4 Elite AEG Airsoft SMG is a semi-automatic that can do a 3-shot burst. This airsoft rifle also comes with full metal gears and adjustable hop up for better accuracy when shooting.

In addition, the ambidextrous fire selector switch makes it easier to use and the 200 round magazines makes it a good choice during close battle encounters. This is a 6mm caliber airsoft rifle with a muzzle velocity of 370 fps using a .20g BB. The barrel of this airsoft rifle is smoothbore and it has an adjustable rear sight. The only issue I have with this airsoft rifle is that I cannot use a scope with it so it is only advisable for close battle encounters and if you are doing a short distance target shooting. The H&K MP5 A4 Elite AEG Airsoft SMG only weighs 6.05 pounds.



The best airsoft SMG that you can find in the market today still uses pistol cartridges to make it work. These are magazine fed with automatic carbine yet the designs are now better making them more powerful especially in close counter battles.

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