Top 5 Best Backup Iron Sights

There are different ways on how people can increase their chances of hitting their target. One common way is by making use of an optic. This provides the user with extended range, accurate shooting, and low-light visibility. However, there are instances that you will surely need the old backup iron sight once the optics get damaged or the batteries are drained.

With the best backup iron sight, your weapon will become heavier while providing critical redundancy. It can help you acquire your target even if your optics is down. No wonder why there are still lots of people who are interested to know what is the best backup iron sight that they can use for their rifle despite the availability of optics. So to help you find the right iron sight, here are some of the best that you can find in the market nowadays.

1. Dagger Defense tactical flip up BUIS

When looking for the best backup iron sights, the Dagger Defense tactical flip up BUIS is something that you should have for your rifle. It is made up of aluminum alloy with a black matte finish that is perfect for red dots. It features a spring loaded flip up that offers an extra advantage for the users. This BUIS is suitable for standard picatinny rail mounts. You can match it up with scopes and holographic sights.  

Because the iron sight is made up of aluminum with no polymer you can have the guarantee that it can last long. Dagger Defense tactical flip up BUIS can be purchased at an affordable cost and it is not that heavy compared to other backup iron sights. Aside from that, you can fix it firmly into the rail and looks great with the rifle. However, most of the users complain about the rear sights that don’t stay tight.

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2. Magpul MBUS Sight Set GEN 2

MAGPUL Gen 2 Front Back Up Sight is specifically designed for AR15/M16 rifles. You can easily adjust the elevation that perfectly fits the Picatinny-railed hand guards. It is not an expensive backup iron sights so you can easily have it anytime without worrying about your budget. It features a molded color injection and a folding backup sight.

It can easily be mounted on the rifle and put to zero. Because it is a low profile backup iron sight, placing a magnifier isn’t that difficult without any interference. It is a user-friendly accessory good for beginners that can offer durability and can easily be installed. However, there are some users who find it hard to adjust the sights because of its tight fitting and it also appears bulky.

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3. Ozark Armament 45 Degree Offset Backup Iron Sights 

In order to get rid of the troubles that you can experience when your optics is down, looking for backup iron sight reviews can give you the answer. It is still essential for you to use a backup iron sight because there will always be a possibility that your optics will fail to work especially if the batteries are dead. Besides, it is just an easy thing for you to find the best backup iron sights by surfing the web. One of the best options you have is the 45 Degree Offset Backup Iron Sights. 

This iron sights provide a repeatable transition quickly and will not affect the picture of the optic sight. It is constructed with full aluminum so you can ease your worries even if you drop your rifle. Though you can have the item at a cheaper cost, you can still feel satisfied with its quality. It is easy to use and very durable.  

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4. Front/Rear 45-Degree Rapid Transition BUIS by Ade Advanced Optics

For those who have no idea of what is the best backup iron sight, then the Ade Advanced Optics Front/Rear 45-Degree Rapid Transition is something that they should have. It is lightweight and made up of a durable material. It can be mounted easily to Picatinny rails because of its windage adjustments. Shooters can experience quick transition between a short and long range target.  

With the excellent acquisition of the Ade Advanced Optics Front/Rear 45-Degree Rapid Transition, it can, therefore, help you improve your shooting performance during competition and battle. It also has a great design and can hold its zero with ease. It doesn’t make the rifle look bulky even if it is heavy.

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Searching for backup iron sights that you can use for your rifles should not be that stressful especially for beginners if they will consider looking for the product online. If you want to know what backup iron sights are on top of the list, then you can simply read backup iron sights reviews. You will become aware of the features that you have to look for such as heights, adjustability, durability, and the price. This will help you decide what particular backup iron sight will fit your rifle that can increase your chances of winning in a competition or in a battle. The use of backup iron sights is essential for shooters in maintaining their performance if ever that the optics failed to work. 

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