The Top 9 Best Beginner Crossbows For Hunting

It is not the weapon that is dangerous, but the way you use it. When you are a beginner and you want to use a crossbow, be wise and get one that you can use comfortably without falling into a mess of an accident. As a beginner, you need to know more about a crossbow before you start using it.

Why crossbows and not guns for beginner hunting?

Once a crossbow is sighted, anyone can use it. It doesn’t matter whether the user is right handed or left handed, young or old. Once it is cocked, it is easy for anyone to fire. This is what makes them handy for introducing youth to hunting. You don’t need to have super energy pull back a bow string and the bark and kick of a gun is absent in a crossbow. Crossbows with built in cocking mechanism are best for beginners.

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Top 9 Best Beginner Hunting Crossbows

Some of the quality beginners crossbow for hunting includes:

Infinite Edge BLK Ops RH 3070

Infinite Edge Blk Ops Rh 3070

This is one of the best crossbow for beginners to learn and sharpen their hunting skills. The bow is designed to lead a novice archery enthusiasm from the practicing field to the hunting field without replacing the bow. Its bow is lightweight to keep the user’s body relaxed and facilitate in focusing on the target, whether it is a sporting or game target.

The quality is high and the workmanship is superb. Its adjustability and a lightweight makes it an ideal bow for all ages at a competitive price. It shoots a 350 grain arrow at a speed of 310 fps. The bow draws its strength from a draw weight of 70 lbs and a setting of 30 inches draw length

What Is In The Package

Lightweight aluminium riser

Built in string stopper to reduce vibration

Cams for easy draw cycle of the bow

Black hard rubberized grip for a firm and stable grip

Compound sight with a 3 pin axle with TruGlo fiber optic steel pins

Tube peep sight

A light detachable quiver

A plus for this crossbow is that, it comes already assembled and ready for use.


PSE Ready To Shoot Beginners Crossbow For Hunting

PSE Ready to Shoot Stinger

It has a draw length in the range of 19.5 – 30 inches. The max limb bolt turns from bottom . Draw weight is at 70 lbs, velocity is at 320 fps and brace height is at 7.15 inches. The crossbow has a high performance and it is highly adjustable

On its draw weight and draw height, it is easily adjustable and provides a great performance to the user. It has a stable limb a long with a strong simple cam system which keeps the bow light but not compromising on its speed. It is a lighter, faster, high quality, superb craftsmanship and an impressive piece of art

What Is In The Package

The package has a PSE neoprene sling, peep sight, nock loop, Gemini sight, whisker biscuit rest, stabilizer and shadow quiver.


Diamond Infinite Edge Beginner Crossbow For Hunting

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge

This is a crossbow that fits all ages and it is for both genders. It is one size fit all. It has this amazing feature which enables one to adjust from one draw weight to another; 50lb draw weight for the youngsters o 70lb draw weight for adults. The draw length varies between 13 inches to 30 inches.

This is a crossbow that is destined for beginners who can adjust it to a low setting and do their target practice. When they have perfected their art, they can then adjust it to a higher rating for hunting now. When going for long dreary walks, the light weight of the bow comes in handy. It is light enough to walk around with it without feeling any weight. It is one crossbow that can grow with a child; buy for your child and he will use it until he is a grown up

It has a velocity of 310 lbs with a maximum draw weight of 70 lbs with 350 grain arrows. This is a sizeable number that will allow you to concentrate on accuracy and basics of bow shooting. To make the crossbow lighter, the manufacturer has avoided the noise dampening accessories. This can be added on if need be.

What Is In The Package

Inside the package, you will get a cam system, limbs, peep sight, 3 pin apex compound bow sight, D-loop, Octane Deadlock arrow, quiver, instruction manual and a warrant card.


Barnett Outdoor Lil Banshee Jr

Barnett Outdoors Lil Banshee Jr.

This is a good buy for a beginner. It weighs only 18 pounds and comes in black or pink colors. It is one of the cheapest crossbows that goes for less than $50. The learner will draw it with ease. The strings are perfect and they contain finger rollers so no need for finger gloves or tabs.

In addition to the crossbow, you will need to buy the right size arm guard to be protected against string burns on the inside of the forearm.

Its draw weight is at 181lbs and the draw length is at between 18 inches – 22 inches. It is ambidextrous safe thus allowing the beginner to operate it with ease. It is fitted with an adjustable pin sight.

Good introductory crossbow for hunting and target practice.


SAS Rage 70 lbs 30 inch Compound Bow

SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30'' Compound Bow

This is an easy to aim and draw crossbow making it a perfect crossbow for beginners. It produces enough power to take down small and medium prey alike. It has an adjustable draw weight of 55 to 70 pounds.

Wonderful Design of the SAS Rage 70 lbs 30 inch Compound Bow

Design of a SAS Rage 70lbs 30 inch compound bow is slightly heavy, but it comes with a durable construction that can withstand countless hours of misfires during practice sessions. Its limbs are constructed from fiberglass materials which are inexpensive and durable. It has an aluminum riser which is machined to provide a smooth base to rest and aim your arrow. It has a dual eccentric cam system. The aluminium cam is durable and makes it easy to adjust the draw and length

The Performance of the SAS Rage 70 lbs 30 inch Compound Bow

This crossbow will provide you with a smooth and consistent performance. The dual eccentric cams lets you stop the draw at a comfortable weight. This is achieved by simply moving the pin up and down a hole. The cam which is aluminium also helps to ensure a smooth draw for more accurate shots. When the power is adjusted to 70lbs, you will be able to target practice and hunt small animals. The arrow flies at a maximum speed of 270 fps. This speed combined with repeated 70 pounds draw weight will be able to provide power enough to penetrate skin and bone for a quick and humane kill.

Its Features

It has a stylish and sleek design that is attractive to the eye. It has an aluminium riser that provides a place to rest your bow and also has unique cutouts that gives the crossbow a waffled look. The bow will blend well into the surrounding area, thanks to the camouflage design on the limbs and riser. The design of this bow is easy and comfortable to hold, making it a pro for beginners who are just learning to hold the bow.


Genesis Bow For Beginners

Genesis Mini LH Compound Bow

This is a resourceful bow for the whole family to use including beginners. It is perfect for beginners of different ages, children and adults, all alike. The compound versatility of this crossbow means that it can be used by individuals involved in professional archery or those who are simply learning to use crossbows. The versatility comes from the fact that it covers entire draw lengths. It fits anyone with a draw length of 15-30 inches, who can pull 10-20 pounds. Other than having the change the draw weight, no adjustment are needed to handle this bow from one archery to the next.

The art of changing the draw length is very easy. It can be done with the help of bolts which connect the crossbow limbs to the riser. You only have to turn the bolts in a counter clockwise direction and the limbs turn with the bolts.

With this bow, kids cannot outgrow it because there is no specific draw length requirement. It is easy to shoot, great for families, and it is built to last.


SAS Siege 55lb 29 inch Crossbow for Hunting

SAS Siege 55 lb 29'' Compound Bow

With this crossbow, you will give your beginners a chance to develop their key archery talent. It will give the beginner the right gear of high quality and durability. It has a compressed ABS limb which will span the balance between the weight and the strength making it to continue. The arrow moves at a speed of 206 feet per every second.

It comes with an effective sight to zero in on the hunt. In addition to that, it is a right handed crossbow which is effective to kill an average hunt.

What is In The Package

It comes with only a 5-spot paper target. Other accessories like the bear archery, target Armguard, and additional practicing arrows have to be bought separately.

Specification of SAS Siege 55lb 29 inch Compound Bow

  • It is siege
  • Made from ABS material
  • Black in colour
  • Draw length of 29 inches
  • Draw weight of 55 pounds
  • Axle to axle of 41.5 inches
  • Maximum speed of 205 fps

What Is In The Package

  • One compound bow
  • One accurate sight
  • One manual


Diamond Atomic Package Beginners Crossbow for Hunting

Diamond Atomic Package Youth Model

This is a crossbow that is designed for new entries in the archiery field. It has a solid form and it is durable in performance and comfortability.The double cam provides smoothness in handling the bow. It has other features like the rotating modules, built in draw weight marks that can be adjusted as per the need. It has an anti limb safety system which is important for beginners. The ergonomic grip is wonderful when it comes to holding the crossbow.

The draw weight can be adjusted between 6 to 29 pounds. It has a draw length setting of 12-24 inches. It weighs only 1.9 lbs .

Diamond Atomic Specifications

It is right handed, axle to axle of 24 inches, left of is 70% and the IBO speed rating s 191 fps.

It is made of quality materials and it comes with a sight, arrow rest and quiver with a capacity to hold three arrows.


Diamond Archery 2013 Diamond Infinite Edge Bow PKG Black OPS

Diamond Archery 2013 Diamond Infinite Edge Bow

This crossbow has a state of the art workmanship. Its extreme adjustability and versatility of the bow, literally makes the bow one of the best to purchase. Its weight range from 51 lbs to 70 lbs and it can be easily adjusted depending on the user’s height and physical strength.

It has an IBO speed rating of 310 fps and the draw length varies between 13 inches to 30 inches. It is a left handed lightweight crossbow with a compact and solid body.

What Is In The Package

  • The infinix edge bow, 3 Pin Apex sight, hostage XL arrow rest, Octane deadlock light quiver, tube peep sight, and BCY string loop

What About Its Riser

  • The riser is light due to cutouts and lightweight aluminum used for production. The grip is made of durable, hard rubber which enforces proper hand placement no matter how experienced or not experienced you are or how big or small your hand is. Its texture does not twist and stays firmly in the hand. The materials used are good thus you don’t feel cold even in low temperatures.
  • The riser is also equipped with string stop to reduce vibrations

What Is Good About Its Cam

  • Its shape enables for a smooth draw cycle of the bow. It has a let of 75%. It has rotating modules which enables instant tuning of the draw length and its range is what makes it stand out from the crowd. All you need to change it is, remove the screws,rotate the modules and then put the screw back thus making this crossbow to be the best choice for schools and organizations where it will have multiple users.

Product Specifications

  • It weighs 3.1 lbs, let off is at 75%, dimensions are 34 inches x 12 inches x 3 inches, axle to axle is at 31 inches, and brace height is at 7 inches.
  • This bow is normally referred to as an “all in one” crossbow because once you buy it, it will suit any bow hunter regardless of experience, age , sex strength or Armspan. What is more amazing about this bow is that, you can do all the adjustments at home without using any bow press. You only have to use two wrenches and you will not need to order any additional modules.

With this crossbow, you cannot go wrong.


What are The Major Parts Of A Crossbow A beginner Should Be Aware Of

A crossbow is a very powerful weapon that is horizontally mounted on stocks to shoot the game or just for fun target practice. What are the parts of a crossbow? Arrow retention spring, scope, stock, cables, string, split limb, crossbow quiver, arrow/bolts, limb pocket, foot stirrup, limb pocket, cam, and barrel. The strength of a crossbow depends on how far the string is pulled to draw it. Crossbows are ranked depending on the pull and weight. For hunting, you must get one that is of high quality.

Hunting For Beginners

When you are a beginner in hunting, there are several other things you need to know before you work to the hunting ground with your crossbow. You need to be educated as much as possible before picking that crossbow and into the wild to look for that game.

First Step For A beginner

As a beginner in hunting, the first step would be, to attend a hunter education class/hunter safety course. This will educate you on hunting, the hunter’s life and the wildlife you will pursue.

 Why Take The Course

At the learning center, you will meet other learners and share information. Online courses should be an added advantage but not a replacement for the physical lessons. You will be allowed to do some shooting during the course thus have a hands-on the crossbow. You will able to interact with experienced hunters who will have brought their children to attend the course. The course will enable you to earn yourself an apprentice license for hunting.

As A Beginner In Hunting, Be Apprentice

During the course, you might get a mentor whom you can accompany to the field. During this period, you do more of observing, no actual hunting done by yourself. This will give you a feel of being in the wild and hunting.

Check The License Requirements For Your State

Before you imagine of becoming a hunter, make sure you know the requirements for your state and be ready to meet them. Make sure you review the regulations governing the species you want to hunt. Get to know which type of tools are allowed , which type of crossbows are accepted in your state before you purchase one for yourself.

Review The Crossbow Safety Rules

Before you handle a crossbow, read the safety rules and regulations, rules for basic firearm safety in your state and adhere to them. Read them, learn them and live by them as a hunter who is joining the trade.


Even after acquiring your apprentice license,make sure you do maximum target practice at home before you venture into the actual hunting in the wild. Get the art perfect well to avoid disappointments when you are out there in the field as a beginner crossbow hunter.

It takes time to become proficient with a bow, put more practice and you will surely perfect your art.

Start Small

Before you start hunting those big games, start with the small ones to gain confidence.

Learn More About Hunting and Hunters

Google the internet and learn more on hunting and hunters in general. The more you know, the more you will become the best hunter in your area.

Advantages of Hunting With Crossbows

You will remain perfectly motionless while waiting for the game to be in range. Another advantage is the scope. Compound bows are usually sighted for an individual. Once a crossbow is sighted, even a beginner can shoot it as long as he is steady

Safety Precautions To Be Observed By Crossbow Users

Make sure you read the crossbow manual and fully understand how your crossbow works. The safety button should always be on until you are prepared to fire. When firing, it is important that your hands remain on the stock and below the rail of the crossbow. The string could literally take off a finger.


You have to be careful when getting a crossbow for a beginner. Some crossbows are too complicated to be operated by juniors. There are several in the market and you will be spoilt for choice on which one to choose from. Make an independent decision based on your research from those customers who have once used them.

Go through the reviews and make an informed selection of a crossbow that will suit your needs. Make sure that it is good value for your money. At no given time should you ever buy a crossbow based on hearsay, rumors, outmoded prejudice, advertising slogans or TV marketing campaigns; read reviews. As a consumer, think for yourself and don’t be swayed around. What didn’t work for one person is not automatic not going to work for you.

It might have not worked because he didn’t use it correctly. Be keen on the positive reviews. Price should not be the guiding factor, at times you will get a crossbow that is very expensive, but not fit for you; you might get a crossbow that is too cheap, but it meets your requirement or a bow. So check all the the specifications and get it right.

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