What is the Best Camo Rain Gear in 2021?

1If you are looking for good hunting gear, then go for the best camo rain gear that you can find in the market today. The good thing about camo rain gears is that it can keep you well-hidden and well-blended with your surroundings. Rain gear is used not only to keep someone dry and protected against the rain, it is also a way of camouflaging with the environment. So most hunters go for camo rain gears all the time.

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What to look for when buying camo rain gear?

Most camo rain gears are like military uniforms but are lighter. When choosing your own suit against the rain, reading different best camo rain gear reviews will always help. Aside from being light, you should look for camo rain gear that doesn’t produce any sound when you are moving. A noiseless outfit for hunting is what you need especially if you need to close in for an attack. In addition, do not just settle for water resistant camo rain gear, if possible, for a 100% waterproof rain gear for optimum protection against the rain. Rain gear that can cover your backpack is highly recommended so size is very important.

Top 3 Best Camo Rain Gears Comparison

Let us take a look at some of the hottest camo rain gear that you can find in the market today.

Scent-Lok Men’s Full Season Velocity Jacket

Scent-Lok Men's Full Season Velocity Jacket

With so many options in the market today, what is the best camo rain gear that you can get if you have $300 to spend for it? The Scent-Lok Men’s Full Season Velocity Jacket is one of the most popular rain gears today because of its appearance, design and quality.

This rain gear is 100% polyester made. It comes with stretch fit cuffs and is made with Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish. Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish helps in repelling water hence you can stay dry even when hunting or walking under the rain. This rain gear gas a safety harness access opening design to make easier to put on and be removed.

This rain gear comes with five pockets, 3 outside and 2 inside the gear. If you need to keep some things handy and within reach, you can use these pockets to store them like gps navigator and cellphone. This rain gear might looks like a regular jacket in fit and in design but it can protect you from harsh environment outdoors. Scent-Lok Men’s Full Season Velocity Jacket costs $$$ (click here for the price). Price varies depending on size.


Sitka Gear WF Pantanal Parka Optifade Waterfowl

Sitka Gear WF Pantanal Parka

The next item for this best camo rain gear reviews is the WF Pantanal Parka Optifade Waterfowl from Sitka Gear. This rain gear costs $300 up to $500 (click here for the price).

This camo rain gear is made of GORE-TEX fabric, insulated and light. GORE-TEX fabric can keep you warm and insulated so you can continue to hunt even after continuous down pour.

This rain gear also has a body-mapped micro check back. Since this is light, this rain gear can be worn over your current jacket to keep you warmer. Sitka Gear WF Pantanal Parka Optifade Waterfowl comes with micro fleece lining athletic fit arm, pockets in the chest, shell pockets and call pockets. In addition, this rain gear comes with fully adjustable hood for further protection against the rain. This item weighs less than 2 pounds.


Coleman Mens Apparel Camo

Coleman Mens Apparel Camo 10mm Pvc Rain Suit Advantage Realtree Ap

For the best camo rain gear that you can get for less than $25, get one from Coleman. Coleman has been known for producing great outdoor gears like tents and grills and their rain gear is not an exception.

The Coleman Mens Apparel Camo is made of 10mm PVC material and comes with 2 lower pockets. This rain gear has center front zipper with storm flap and elastic waist. The pants of this rain gear are easy to put on with its snap and adjustable leg openings. To keep you warm, this rain gear has been heat welded on the seams.

Coleman Mens Apparel Camo is very light and easy to pack. The kit comes with jacket and pants. The jacket has a center front zipper with snap-closure storm flap, drawstring-adjustable full-coverage hood. It also comes with snap-adjustable sleeve cuffs, and large cargo pockets. This camo rain gear has an Advantage Realtree AIRSOFT PISTOL color and a dimension of 7 x 6 x 3 inches. It also weighs 1.3 pounds.



If you are a hunter who hunts regardless of the weather, rain gear is something that your backpack should always have. With the best camo rain gear at your disposal, you won’t have to worry about the rain or about being wet and getting sick when it rains. A camo suit can also help you become invisible to your prey and if you can move stealthily with your suit on, then your chance of getting closer to your prey is higher.

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