Top 5 Best Camping Beds

1When I go camping, one of my reasons is to give myself the time to be away from the leisure of life with internet access, TV access, fast food access and a good bed to sleep on.

Still, despite knowing that I am trying to go back to a Paleo style, I still prefer to rest at night with the best camping bed after a day of walking and sweating profusely.

Many camping sleeping beds are composed of a simple sleeping system, a sleeping platform and a sleeping bag. If you are planning on camping and want to sleep in a good camping bed as well, I am here to help you choose the top camping bed to bring!

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The Top 5 camping beds in 2021

Here at the top 6 highly rated camping beds that you can choose from in the market today.

Forfar Portable Lightweight Camping Bed

Forfar Camping Bed and Cot

For the best camp bed that you can bring anywhere, anytime, choose a bed that is light and easy to carry like the Forfar Portable Lightweight Camping Bed.

This cot bed that has price tag of $ (click here for the price) was designed with the military people in mind of Forfar.

This military designed cot bed is foldable, comfortable to use and very durable. It is very strong and stable as long as you set inflatable pool up on solid and even ground.

It comes with its own package bag hence carrying it during the day is not hard at all.

With a dimension of 27in length and 15in width, you can now have a good night’s sleep on its PC oxford made surface after hours of trekking and walking. This cot can hold up to 260 pounds max load. This cot weighs 19.5 pounds.

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Coleman ComfortSmart Cot

Coleman ComfortSmart(TM) Cot

One of the best beds for camping that I can think of is the ComfortSmart Cot from Coleman.

This cot has comfortable and superior foam mattress plus a spring coil suspension makes it easier to use, fold and carry!

Coleman is known for quality outdoor products and their cot is no different.

This cot is very durable as it is made of heavy-duty steel frame.

With its thin frame, it can actually support up to 275 pounds of load.

This camping bed from Coleman is wide and long and can fit a person that is 7 inches tall.

Despite its length, this can be folded and can fit in most car trunks.


When set up, this cot has a dimension of 69 in. x 25 in. x 15 inches when folded, it has a dimension of 34.3 in. 25.4 in. 5.5 inches only.

Coleman also offers a year warranty for this product.

With the Coleman ComfortSmart Cot, there is no need to sleep on the ground anymore during camping and hikes.


KingCamp Folding Lightweight Camping Bed

KingCamp Army Man Deluxe Aluminum Lightweight Folding Camping Bed

For your best bed for camping needs, you can check out the Folding Lightweight Camping Bed that KingCamp offers. This bed is made 1200D oxford cloth hence it is of highest quality.

The frame is also made of aluminum materials for added durability and stability. This camp bed is wide and long hence if you are camping with a group of friends, everyone can just fit in.

This camping bed from KingCamp has a price tag of less than $60 (click here for the price). It is easy to setup with no tools needed.

This camping bed is a bit bulky with a frame to carry every time you go out on camping if you are a hiker, this definitely not the best camp bed to bring.

The Folding Lightweight Camping Bed from KingCamp is highly recommended though if you are going beach camping, park camping or garden camping.

This camp bed has a dimension of 4 x 8 x 36 inches and it can carry a maximum load of 220 pounds.

The mattress if this bed is made of 200D oxford cloth so rest assured that it won’t easily give up on you and your friends.


Intex Inflatable Fabric Camping Mattress

Intex Inflatable Fabric Camping Mattress

People are camping and going hiking because they want to go paleo, go back to the time when the world was still not busy and people doesn’t have much.

If your reason for overnight camping is them, then one of the best camp beds that can satisfy your need is the Intex Inflatable Fabric Camping Mattress.

This camping mattress is not fancy and expensive, it is just created to provide enough comfort for people who wants to sleep outdoors.

The Intex Inflatable Fabric Camping Mattress can be yours for less than $10 (click here for the price). It is made of thick fabric that is water resistant. It is easy to clean, easy to pack and easy to carry around because it is lightweight and thin.

Intex understands that you just need a simple sleeping solution hence they came up with a practical one. Despite its price, you can expect nothing less from this Intex product because it can definitely give you a good night’s sleep regardless of the weather condition in your camp area.


The laminated material of this mattress gives it the strength it needs to support you while sleeping. As a bonus, a built-in pillow was also conveniently added by Intex. This bed has a dimension of 184cm x 67cm x 17cm and only weighs 3 pounds. For its price and performance, this Intex bed is one of the best camping beds that you can find in the market today.

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Trademark Innovations Aluminum Portable Folding Camping Bed

Trademark Innovations Aluminum Portable Folding Camping Bed

What is the best camping bed that is below $50? For budget conscious mountaineers and hikers like me, having a bed that can provide comfort at night is all I need, nothing fancy. For this reason, I don’t really want to spend my day walking with a big and heavy bed on my back hence a light folding bed is very much welcome. Most camping bed reviews have praised this Trademark Innovations’ bed because of its practicality and affordability. This bed costs less than $50 (click here for the price).

This camping bed has a very light carrying case making it easier to carry along. It measures 75 inches long, 17 inches high, and 25 inches across when fully set up and setting it up doesn’t require any tools. This folding camping bed weighs 11.9 pounds and is imported from China.


Types of camping beds

Cots – cots offer a bed like experience at night because it has the same height like a regular home bed. It offers comfort and off the ground sleeping as well as very convenient for entry and exiting out of bed in the morning. Since it is off the ground, insects are less likely to be crawling while you are sleeping. Is this the best camping bed though? With its size and weight, it is very impractical to be carrying a cot when climbing mountains unless you are camping in a lake or nearby rivers where it is a few distance away from your car.

Air beds – one of the most popular camping beds that you can bring during camping is air bed. Once inflated, it can keep you off the ground and gives you soft and comfortable surface to sleep on. If you are sleeping alone, a single air bed is highly recommended because if there are two of you on a twin air bed, every movement that your buddy will be making will surely affect you. When deflated, airbeds can still be heavy and bulky plus you will have to bring a pump. If you are unlucky, it might even develop leaks even before the night ends.

Sleeping pads – for most campers, sleeping pad is the best camp bed that they can bring especially for long camping activities. Sleeping pad or mattress are just an inch think, lightweight and easy to carry and transport. Most sleeping pad also require air to inflate it but it can be done without a pump. It comes with moderate cushioning, just enough to protect your body from the bumps of the ground and give your back the much needed place to lean and rest on.

Hammocks – people in the Special Forces bring hammocks wherever they go because it is the best sleeping bag for them. Mountaineers and campers are now following this practice hence hammock is also considered as one of the best camping beds that you can have in a camp. Hammocks provides off the ground sleeping experience and if it is hot, sleeping in a hammock means having cooler surroundings. Hammocks are also light to carry and easy to pack. The only downside I guess is the odd sleeping position that you have to endure for the entire night and hammocks cannot accommodate two people at the same time.

Sleeping bags – there are two types of sleeping bags that you can bring when camping, the mummy shaped sleeping bag and the rectangular sleeping bag. Mummy shaped sleeping bags will give you all the protection you need like a mummy covered from head to toe. Sleeping bags are also great if you are camping in a place where the weather is too cold. It is also lightweight and easy to pack however, the size of most sleeping bags are limited as well as your possible positions while sleeping. Still, if you are the kind of sleeper who sleeps on one position alone, this is the best camp bed for you.


When choosing a camping bed, consider the size and weight of your bed. The bed that you will choose will be carried and use by you so if you value comfort over possible hardships of carrying your camping bed, then go for a cot or air bed. If you want a simple camp bed that is easy to pack and carry, a sleeping bed will do. Regardless of your choice, remember that it is always best to start the day after a great night sleep with the best camping bed in your back!

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