Best Camping Headlamp: Affordable Picks in 2021

1If you are fond of camping, you should have special gear that can make your adventures pleasant. A handy headlamp is one of the things that you may need. Unlike a portable flashlight, the headlamp is more convenient because it ensures that you will have both hands free. So it will be easier to move around and do any work at night.

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There is a wide range of camping headlamps on the market, so it’s really hard to find the best one. So the question remains: what is the best camping headlamp? We will try to give you some ideas on how to choose the best headlamp for camping and our top picks.

So in order to choose the best camping headlamp, you need to pay attention to:

  • Weight and size. The headlamp for camping should be lightweight and compact.
  • The brighter, the better. However, we don’t recommend extremely bright headlamps as they are more expensive and you will hardly ever need the maximum brightness. So in order not to overpay, you may choose the headlamps with the light output of about 70-120 lumens.
  • Beam type. It’s better to have the headlamp with different settings, so you could use it for long distance as well as for close proximity.
  • Battery life. The longer battery life, the better. Normally standard AAA batteries provide longer run time than rechargeable batteries. But if you have a possibility to recharge the battery, then you should also consider the headlamps with rechargeable batteries.
  • Water resistance. You may face different situations and weather conditions while camping. So it’s recommended to have a headlamp that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Top 4 Best Camping Headlamp Comparison

The headlamps in our review were chosen according to the above-mentioned criteria. So here are our top picks for camping.

Black Diamond Spot

Black Diamond Spot

Black Diamond is one of the leading manufacturers of headlamps, so the headlamps made by Black Diamond are considered to be reliable, durable and powerful. Let’s take a closer look at the Black Diamond Spot. We have chosen it as one of the best camping headlamps for its performance and affordable price. Furthermore, the headlamp is very simple and functional.  Here are the key features:

  • Weight: 90 g;
  • Maximum brightness: 200 lumens;
  • Beam type: Flood / Spot;
  • Max beam distance: 80 meters;
  • 1 Triple Power LED, 1 Single Power white LED and a Single Power red LED;
  • PowerTap Technology allows fast and simple transitioning between full and dimmed power;
  • Settings: full strength in proximity and distance modes, dimming, strobe, red night vision, and lock mode;
  • Red night vision mode has proximity and strobe settings;
  • Batteries: 3 AAA batteries;
  • Burn time: from 80 hours (Single Power LED) to 200 hours (Triple Power LED);
  • 3-level power meter;
  • Watertightness: IPX8 rating (waterproof, withstands submersions on over 1 m for up to 30 minutes).

The Black Diamond Spot weighs less than 100 grams with batteries and it fits comfortably on the head. The headlamp has 200-lumen light output and shines up to 80 meters. The beam is even and bright. The headlamp is perfect for the long-distance illumination as well as for the proximity use. We found it pretty easy to read at night using the Spot. To adjust the brightness, the Spot features a convenient PowerTap Technology. This technology allows you to change the beam with a fairly casual bump to the side of the lighting housing.

The variety of settings also allows you to choose the dimming mode (it can preserve your battery life when you don’t need super brightness) or the red night vision mode which has proximity and strobe settings. Red LEDs preserve night vision and reduce eye strain. It’s also nice that there is no need to cycle through white modes to active the red mode. With a handy lock mode, you can be sure that the Spot is safe from accidentally turning on when it’s stored in your pack or pocket.

The Spot is powered by 3 AAA batteries and has great battery life. It runs for 80 hours with a Single Power LED and up to 200 hours with a Triple Power LED. There is also a 3-level power meter that shows remaining battery life for 3 seconds after switching on headlamp.

In addition, the Black Diamond Spot is rather durable and reliable. It features the IPX8 rating, so it can be used in any weather conditions and you can even submerge up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

To sum up, the Spot is a worthy representative of the range of Black Diamond headlamps. It is an excellent product that ensures a long and reliable performance. So we regard it as one of the best headlamps for camping.


Yalumi Spark 105

Yalumi Spark 105

The Yalumi Spark 105 is one of the most favorite headlamps of campers. It costs about $15 but for this price, you will get a rather decent headlamp that is packed with all the essentials for lighting while camping. The headlamp has a sophisticated optical lens the quality of which has more than of 16 years of experience in engineering state-of-the-art solutions for camera lenses, video lenses, and other optical products. Here are the features of the Yalumi Spark 105 at glance:

  • Weight: 115 g;
  • Maximum brightness: 105 lumens;
  • Beam type: Spot;
  • Max beam distance: 90 meters;
  • 3 white-light modes: economic, high-brightness, and strobe;
  • Lock mode to avoid accidentally turning the headlamp on;
  • Run time: from 95 hours in the brightest mode to up to 187 hours in economy mode;
  • Batteries: 3 AAA batteries (included);
  • Watertightness: IPX4 rating (water-resistant).

Weighing just 115 grams, the Yalumi Spark has a Cree XP-E high-output white LED light that provides a bright beam with the light output of 105 lumens. The beam is focused and even and the headlamp shines up to 90 meters. Thanks to the adjustable headband with a tilt, you can aim the beam as you wish. The lock mode allows you to avoid accidentally turning the headlamp on when it’s stored in your bag or pocket.

The Yalumi Spark 105 is powered by 3 AAA batteries, which you can easily find in any store. The run time depends on the mode you use. You can choose either economic or high-brightness mode to illuminate your way. In economic mode, the headlamp runs up to 187 hours and in the high-brightness mode, it will last up to 95 hours. There is also a strobe mode which is good for signaling.

The Yalumi Spark 105 is the IPX4-rated for water resistance, so you can wear it in any weather.

All in all, with its compact and lightweight design and focused bright lighting for a very reasonable price (about $15 on Amazon), the Yalumi Spark 105 is one of the best headlamps for camping. So consider it as one of the options for you.


Foxelli MX20 Headlamp

Foxelli MX20 Headlamp

The Foxelli MX20 is another good headlamp that we have included in our list of the best headlamps for camping. This headlamp is equipped with super bright Cree-3W LED technology with a variety of white and red light modes. It’s lightweight, comfortable, durable and versatile in its class. Here are the features:

  • Weight: 85 g;
  • Maximum brightness: 165 lumens;
  • Max beam distance: 60 meters;
  • Wide range of brightness modes + red light and SOS mode;
  • Lock mode to avoid accidentally turning the headlamp on;
  • Run time: up to 45 hours;
  • Batteries: 3 AAA Energizer batteries (included);
  • Cold and impact resistant;
  • Watertightness: IPX5 rating (water-resistant);
  • 90-day 100% satisfaction, no questions asked money back guarantee and lifetime warranty for repair or exchange.

The Foxelli MX20 is a lightweight headlamp with an adjustable, elastic headband that perfectly stays on the head and doesn’t slip. So you will not be tired of wearing it for many hours.

The headlamp projects a beam up to 165 lumens at a distance of 60 meters. The beam is wide and even and it will be perfect for night use when camping or when reading at night. You can also change the mode since the headlamp has a variety of modes. It’s very easy to do. Just push the on/off button to cycle through 4 white light settings (165 lm, 80 lm, 40 lm, and flashing 165 lm modes). Apart from the white light, the headlamp features red light mode, which offers solid and flashing SOS modes. Red light is nice to preserve your night vision. To turn on the red LED, you need to push the button for about 3 seconds and then to do the same when you want to turn it off.

The Foxelli MX20 comes with 3 AAA batteries. Thanks to the Cree-3W technology the headlamp produces more light with less power used, resulting in up to 45 hours of run time.

With the IPX5 water resistance rating, the Foxelli MX20 ensures protection against splashing or spraying water from any angle.

All in all, the Foxelli MX20 is a perfect solution for camping as well as for other outdoor activities. For this price, it’s rather powerful and reliable. So we recommend you to consider it as one of the best headlamps for camping.


LED Headlamp by Shining Buddy

LED Headlamp by Shining Buddy

The LED Headlamp by Shining Buddy is one of the most lightweight headlamps in the category. It has lots of positive camping headlamp reviews, so we have decided to test it too and we were impressed how it performed. This headlamp by Shining Buddy is one of the cheapest but it’s equipped with the features of more expensive models. It is extremely lightweight (just 75 grams with batteries) and comfortable to wear. Its adjustable headband doesn’t slip even when running. The headlamp even fits small children. So it will be perfect for camping, hiking, running or other nighttime activities outdoors. Here are the features of the LED headlamp by Shining Buddy:

  • Weight: 75 g;
  • Maximum brightness: 110 lumens;
  • Beam type: Spot;
  • 4 lighting modes: high beam, low beam, red beam & red flashing;
  • Run time: up to 12 hours of continuous light;
  • Batteries: 3 AAA Duracell batteries (included);
  • Shock resistant;
  • Watertightness: IPX5 rating (water-resistant);
  • 90-day 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee.

With the light output of 110 lumens, the Shining Buddy provides very bright light. The easy switch allows you to change between 4 modes. You can choose either high beam, low beam to illuminate your path. Or to preserve your night vision, the headlamp features red light and red flashing that will be helpful for signaling in case of emergency. So you must be pleased with the performance of this headlamp.

The headlamp has a run time up to 12 hours of continuous light, and then you can easily change the batteries. When brightness is not a priority and in order to preserve the battery life, you can also choose the low beam mode. Since it’s powered by 3 AAA batteries, you will have no troubles to replace them.

This headlamp is shockproof and waterproof featuring the IPX5 rating. We dropped the headlamp for a few times and everything was ok with it. And you shouldn’t worry about wearing it when it rains, as it can easily withstand the rainy weather.

In a nutshell, the Shining Buddy headlamp is designed with the needs of outdoor enthusiasts in mind. It’s one of the most reasonably priced headlamps for camping with a nice set of features.


The Bottom Line

We did our best to make this review of the best camping headlamps. All the headlamps reviewed above are worth your consideration. All of them have shown a really good performance and reliability. We have included the models that are affordable for everyone. You can easily look for them on the Internet, but we advise to search on Amazon as you can always find there the best deals.

Remember that in order to choose the best headlamp for camping, take into account your needs. Consider the weight of the headlamp, functionality, brightness level, which type of beam you need most of all and for how many hours you are going to use it since the battery life also counts. We hope that our review will be useful and you can find the best camping headlamp for you.

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