Top 5 Best Camping Shoes in 2021

Is it really necessary to get the best camp shoes when you already have a pair of dependable and durable everyday sandals? For some, getting a pair of shoes that they can use for camping seems to be a luxury.

What they don’t know is everyone should have their specific camping shoes because it will not only save their everyday sandals, it will also keep their feet protected and more comfortable during the trek.

Before you sign up for the next outdoor activity you have in line, how about  looking for a good pair of camp shoes first for you?

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Top 5 Best Camping Shoes Comparison

Let us take a look at some of the top camping shoes that you can find in the market today.

1. North Face Men’s Ultra Fastpack Mid GTX Hiking Boots

New The North Face Men's Ultra Fastpack Mid GTX Hiking Boots

For the best shoes for camping that you can have from North Face, you can start checking their Men’s Ultra Fastpack Mid GTX Hiking Boots for only $100 to $200 depending on the size.

This camping shoe that North Face offers is synthetically made. It offers waterproof protection through its patented Gore-Tex system.

The upper part of these camping shoes is water resistant. North Face knew that walking with a heavy boot will put at you at a disadvantage hence they developed this shoes from light materials.

One good feature of the North Face Men’s Ultra Fastpack Mid GTX Hiking Boots is the CRADLETM technology for allowing users to have proper stride alignment while walking. Whether you are walking on a heavy terrain or just trekking, these shoes will definitely protect your feet from water and pain produced by long walking. This best camping shoes from North Face also features Vibram sole that gives superior grip and durability to users.


2. MuckBoots Camo Camp Hunting Boot

MuckBoots Camo Camp Hunting Boot

The best backpacking camp shoes from Muck Boot is Camo Camp Hunting Boot for a price that starts at $70 to $130 depending on its size. These camping shoes are made of synthetic materials and fabric materials for added comfort and protection.

The sole of this boots is synthetic made. The Camo Camp Hunting Boot from Muck Boot is ankle high and it features a waterproof upper. This comes in camouflage design and it has a TracTrol outsole.

With MuckBoots Camo Camp Hunting Boot, you can now start your hike by slipping your feet in a comfortable, waterproof and lightweight pair of shoes.

This shoe can protect you from water and traction and it even from cold. Most owners of this boots are using it for outdoor activities as well as for yard works like gardening and ice shaving. This features rubber uppers with stretch-fit binding to make it comfortable around the legs and since this is high boots, it comes with air mesh lining to keep the legs and feet ventilated, cool and dry.


3. Rocky Men’s 16

Rocky Men's 16

What is the best camp shoe that you can get from Rocky? Rocky is a known outdoor seller and if you are looking for comfortable shoes that will keep your feet at ease and protected when backpacking, Rocky’s Men shoes can definitely provide it for you.

Rocky’s Men’s 16 camping shoes have rubber soles. This is a boots with 16 inches shafts. These camping shoes are using Prolight BioMech outsole to keep your feet balance even when steeping on an uneven surface.

This is also snake proof, something that you should be looking for in camping shoes. These camping shoes from Rocky is made of durable nylon and also employs GORE-TEX Waterproof technology to keep water at bay.

At first look, you might think you are looking at a military issued combat shoes by a closer inspection will tell you that you are actually getting yourself the best camping shoes that you can have today!


4. Under Armour Men’s UA Tabor Ridge Leather Boots

Under Armour Men's UA Tabor Ridge Leather Boots

Different camp shoes reviews have a new favorite when it comes to camping shoes, Under Armor! The Under Armour Men’s UA Tabor Ridge Leather Boots is now one of the most popular camping shoes that you can find in the market for less than $200 depending on its size.

This shoe is synthetic made and has rubber soles. The upper of this shoe is full grain waterproof and it employs GORE-TEX lining technology to keep the water from getting into your feet.

Although it is waterproof, Under Armor designed these shoes to stay breathable so your feet can stay comfortable and dry inside. The cap of this shoe is scratch rubber while the sock liner comes with Anti-microbial Ortholite system plus TPU arch support.

This pair of camping shoes also features Cupron Anti-Fungal Pro Fibers technology, a technology that works on reducing feet odor, fights athletes foot and fungal infection. For its price and features plus the protection it can give to your feet, This Under Armor shoes is indeed the best camping shoes that you can find under this brand.


5. FREE SOLDIER Men’s Outdoor Sports Hiking Shoe

FREE SOLDIER Outdoor Rapid Non-slip Camping Hiking Boots

FREE SOLDIER Men’s Outdoor Sports Hiking Shoe is so far the best camp shoes that Free Soldier can offer for a price tag of $100 dollars (click here for the price).

These camping shoes are made of leather on the upper part and with breathable air mesh and PU sheet.

The interior of this shoe is made of breathable air mesh as well while the exterior sole is made of non-slip rubber.

Free Soldier added ultra-fiber PU protective sheet on the toe cap to protect your toes in case of collision with other shoes or with a stone. The mesh inside of these camping shoes also has anti-sweat features.

If you are looking for a great camping shoes that will protect your feet outside and inside, this FREE SOLDIER Men’s Outdoor Sports Hiking Shoe can definitely do it for you.


Things to consider when choosing camping shoes

  • What is it for?

Would you need a heavy duty shoes? Are you planning to do heavy walking for a three day backpacking or are you looking for casual sandal that you can use for your next beach camping? How about getting an all-around boots, something that you can use as a mountaineer and as a regular guy in the beach!

  • The Size

When buying camping shoes, make sure to consider if you will go for something that is one size bigger or just settle with the actual size of your feet. The reason for this is because for most mountaineers especially those climbing icy mountains; wear thicker socks than normal. Even mountaineers in tropical areas prefer to wear thicker socks for added foot comfort so make a decision wisely.

  • Should you go waterproof?

Most camp shoes reviews always reiterates the importance of having a waterproof camp shoes even if there is no need to cross rivers and seas. One good reason for this is to give your feet the protection it needs during rainy season. Keep your feet dry with a waterproof boots but of course, such feature means it is more expensive.

  • Durability and solidity

Before picking up camping shoes, check what it is made of. Check the materials used in making it. Check the warranty as well and do not rely much on design or the look of the shoes. The warranty often reflect how much the manufacturer trust their products hence a lifetime warranty means that they are confident that it doesn’t get worn out easily. In addition, most of the best camping shoes I checked so far are durable and solid and yet are very light. Make sure to get camp shoes that are light and easy to walk with!


Finding the best camping shoes that is comfortable, within the budget and can provide all the things you need from a hiking shoes can be a challenge especially with so many camping shoes products on the market today.

Even the simple question of going for shoes or sandals is important. Personally, I prefer wearing camping shoes because it keeps my feet protected all the times. Wearing a thick sock inside it is also helpful in keeping my feet comfortable regardless of how far or hard the assault is during a hike.

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