What is the Best Camping Shower Tent?

1A camp shower is not something necessary when backpacking but there are people who always find it best to have the best camping shower tent when outdoors.

Men and women might find it very useful to have a camping shower tent to stay fresh, especially at night. Still, if you are camping in a place adorned with a wonderful falls or running stream, a camp tent might not be needed at all.

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Top 5 Best Camp Showers Comparison

Let us take a look at some of the top camping shower tents that you can bring with you on your next adventure.

Pop-Up Room in a Bag Instant Shower Tent

Pop-Up Room in a Bag Instant Portable Shower Tent

Although most campers might not think of it as a necessity, having the best camping shower tent is essential for some hence even a cheap shower tent from My Deal Products can turn to be a blessing.

The Pop-Up Room in a Bag Instant Shower Tent from My Deal costs less than $50 (click here for the price) and it can be set up anywhere to provide the much needed bath and shower for anyone.

This Pop up room can serve as a shower room and a changing room while others use it as a potty room. The Pop-Up Room in a Bag Instant Shower Tent comes with durable steel frame and has a weather-resistant material. If it is windy, you can use the stakes that comes with it to keep it sturdy.

It also comes with built in bags for weight so it can keep on standing even when if the wind blows hard. This best shower tent is also highly recommended for campers, beach goers and those who are in places where finding a changing room is proven to be difficult. This product weighs 3 pounds hence it is not that hard to transport in exchange for the comfort it can give.


PahaQue Wilderness Tepee Shower/Outhouse Tent

PahaQue Wilderness Tepee Shower/Outhouse Tent

One of the best camping showers that you can also bring in your next backpacking adventure is the PahaQue Wilderness Tepee Shower/Outhouse Tent for a price tag of less than $300. If you are someone who badly needs privacy every time nature calls or you just prefer to take a bath every day, this camping shower tent is worth investing in.

This PahaQue Wilderness Tepee Shower/Outhouse Tent can withstand strong winds and is easy to set up. It has a unique design allowing it to survive high winds. The only con of this camp tent though is its weight at 10 pounds. If you want to really bring this because you are planning to traverse a few mountains for weeks, bringing in a porter might do the trick (unless you are strong enough to carry it plus your tent and water and food and etc.). Well, this item comes with its own carry bag so it is not really that hard to transport, as long as you are determined.

The PahaQue Wilderness Tepee Shower/Outhouse Tent is not your ordinary camp shower tent and although it is not advisable for backpacking, I can say that this is the best camping shower tent to use in the beach or in areas where there is limited number of shower rooms. In pool parties where guests are all taking a bath and changing all at once, having this as a secondary shower tent is highly encouraged.


Ozark Trail 2-Room Instant Shower/Utility Shelter

Ozark Trail 2-Room 7' x 3.5' Instant Shower

What is the best camp shower from Ozark Trail? Ozark Trail is known for making quality and durable tents but if you need a shower tent for camping, this manufacturer also got one for you.

The 2-Room Instant Shower/Utility Shelter from Ozark Trail costs more than $200 and with it, you will get a shower room and changing room in one.

This shower tent looks like your usual heavy duty tent as it is made also made of polyester materials with steel frame.

This is one facility that most backpackers love to bring especially for those whose destinations involve falls and lakes.

Is $200 too much? For this  shower tent from Ozark Trail, this price is just acceptable since it includes a 5-gallon solar-heated shower. This shower camp tent has a dimension of 7’L x 3.5’W x 7’H.


Texsport Deluxe Privacy Shelter/Shower Combo

Texsport Deluxe Privacy Shelter/Shower Combo

For less than $100, what is the best camp shower that you can get from Texsport? Texsport has a lot of outdoor products to offer but if you are in the market for a camp shower tent, the Texsport Deluxe Privacy Shelter/Shower Combo is what we can offer to you. This shower tent costs less than $100 (click here for the price) and it comes with 5 gallon water tank.

This shower tent features a mesh shower rack inside and removable hanging towel bar outside. This tent also has a zippered D-style door with Heavy Duty polyurethane coated taffeta walls.

For added support, this stands on a 3/4″ diameter chain-corded steel poles that are all rust resistant.

The materials used I making this shower tent are also flame retardant. For its price and features, the Texsport Deluxe Privacy Shelter/Shower Combo is my personal choice when it comes to the best camping shower tent in the market today.


TMS Portable Green Outdoor Pop up Tent

TMS Portable Green Outdoor Pop Up Tent

Most camp shower reviews advises buyers to consider the size and weight of a shower tent before purchasing it. There is no use having a good bath at night if you will have to carry such a heavy shower tent in the morning. TMS knew this hence they created a light camp shower tent and sell it for a very affordable price of less than $50 (click here for the price).

The TMS Portable Green Outdoor Pop up Tent is made of polyester and steel materials. It is durable enough to provide private room so you can take a bath or wash and change your clothing in peace.  There is even a roof for added privacy while the door is secured by its zipper that can be done inside and outside.

When carrying it, just put it in its carry bag that comes for free. This best camping shower tent from TMS has a dimension of 75inch (H) x 40inch (L) x 40inch (W). This package comes with the tent, the carry bag and the 4 metal stakes that supports it.

This camp shower tent weighs 4.6 pounds so if you are going backpacking for days, carrying this is not bad at all given the positive effect of a good bath especially after a very tiring day!


Types of Camping Shower Tents

  • Solar powered

If you are running on a limited budget and just want something to use to clean up, a solar powered camping shower tent will do. Solar powered tents heat can heat your bath water using the power of the sun. Solar powered camp shower tents are made of PVC bag or materials with a hose attached to it (where the water run). This tent comes in different sizes (in gallons). The only issue with this is of course when it the weather is gloomy and your bath water is too cold to use.

  • Battery powered

Battery powered camping shower tent uses battery to heat the water. Most of the best shower tents that use battery are being powered by a 4D cell battery. This is very portable and easy to carry.

  • Propane powered

With propane, having a hot water for bath can be a lot easier and faster. This kind of tent comes with a propane burner to heat water. Propane powered camping shower tents are heavy though so you have to consider this if you will be getting one. This is the best camp shower tent though if you want speed and performance when it comes to shower tents.

Final Words

Different camping shower reviews are now encouraging backpackers to bring a camping shower tent, making it a new addition to the outdoor accessories that a backpacker must have Having the best camping shower tent encouraged to keep everyone hygienic, fresh and sanitary (especially for women and those with their love ones hmmmm).

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