What is the Best Cheap Airsoft Pistol?

Cheap Airsoft PistolAirsoft pistols don’t cost much. Probably between $20 to $50 and these are above quality airsoft pistols, like the best cheap airsoft pistol I have from Smith & Wesson.

I am using my pistol to kill time in our backyard. I set my target a few yards away and practice shooting all afternoon. Sometimes some of my airsoft buddies join me for a game.

Since I am not really using my pistol in competitions, I opted for a cheap airsoft pistol that works fine. If you are looking for a cheap airsoft pistol for target shooting as well, here are some of my recommendations based on my experience and my friends.

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The Top 3 Cheap Airsoft Pistols Comparison

Here are the three highest rated cheap airsoft pistol that we have used so far in our afternoon shooting games and practices.

Smith & Wesson M&P Airgun

Smith & Wesson M&P Airgun

The last best cheap airsoft pistol in our list is the Smith & Wesson M&P Airgun. Three of my airsoft buddies actually own this gun and I envy them because it looks real and very charming.

Of course this is above my rate but for its price of $ (click here for the price), this is still one of the cheapest airsoft pistols that you can find in the market today.

The Smith & Wesson M&P Airgun is a .177 caliber with a velocity of 480 feet per seconds.

This is made of polymer body with a solid frame and grips. This is a pistol that can do semi-automatic mode.

The Smith & Wesson M&P Airgun is a replica of the famous Smith & Wesson pistol and it comes with a mag that can take 19 rounds of BBs. This airsoft pistol has a fixed front and rear sights.

It weighs 1.2 pounds so if you are planning to do target shooting for hours, your arms won’t even feel numb from holding and carrying this gun.

When we were younger, my friends always show off their skills with their Smith & Wesson pistols while I have my Walther P99 Special Operation Spring Airsoft Pistol.


The difference in velocity is indeed noticeable but so is the price (mine is a lot cheaper).

With its price and performance, the Smith & Wesson M&P Airgun is indeed one great airsoft pistol to have without breaking your bank account.

Check out this video found on YouTube:


Whetstone G.13 1911 Zinc Alloy Airsoft Pistol

Whetstone Airsoft Pistol

If you are looking for the best cheap airsoft pistol that you can give your son on his 12th birthday, the Whetstone Zinc Alloy Shell G.9 Airsoft Pistol is a great choice.

This airsoft pistol is good for beginners because it is easy to use and easy to operate. This airsoft pistol has a muzzle velocity of 235 feet per second and uses .12 gram BBs.

This is a spring powered pistol with a cocking slide like a classic pistol. The magazine is released by pushing a button.

It can fire up to 100 feet away. For adults who are into airsoft shooting games, the Whetstone Zinc Alloy Airsoft Pistol is indeed a good sidearm.

This pistol weighs 1.3 pounds only, indeed a great sidearm in terms of weight and performance.

For its price of $ (click here for the price), you can now give your kids and nephews a gift that they can use this summer while hanging in your backyard.

Better to be playing like heroes than going out drinking right?


Taurus Millennium PT-111 Spring Powered Pistol

Taurus Millennium PT-111 Spring Powered Pistol

The best cheap airsoft pistol from Taurus is their Millennium PT-111 Spring Powered Pistol with a price tag of $ (click here for the price).

This very affordable airsoft pistol features a BAXS shooting system to help user achieve maximum accuracy and range.

It can fire at 180 feet per second using a .12 gram BB. It can also reach up to 65 feet so you can practice your accuracy at this distance.

The Millennium PT-111 Spring Powered Pistol is intended to be a sidearm because of its size. It is compact that you can actually put it in your pocket.

The design of its handle offers easy grip and easy to fire experience. This airsoft rifle weighs 7.2 ounces only. This airsoft gun is basically for beginners like children.

It uses any type of .12 plastic BBs. Can you use this to scare some small animals like raccoon or rabbit? The truth is, it will not work.

The low velocity and the plastic BBs of this airsoft pistol might not even scare these animals.

Check out this video found on YouTube:

read-full-review-button.pngLast Words

Finding the best cheap airsoft pistol in the market today is not difficult because aside from the three mentioned above, there are other brands that offer airsoft pistols below the $50 mark.

Those pistols that we are using were chosen because of its look, power and price. For more options, I suggest that you look online because there are more options from web stores than in an actual airsoft gun store. Besides, you might be able to save from buying online because they are cheaper and are often offered with a discounted price.

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