What are the Top 3 Cheap Tents?

cheap tentsTents are usually the type of things you carry during outdoor activities, and to find the best cheap tents is an endeavor that every camper must complete.

There are a lot of types of tents and most vary in size and use. These factors are among the considerations for campers when choosing what to carry during their trips.

Every size and type of tent compliments the type of outdoor activity, either it is a long or short distance hiking or it is a tent for four, two or even more campers. If you are planning to have some adventures with your family or friends and you just want to spend less on tent, we can help you find the cheapest and most affordable tent in the market today.

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Best Cheap Tents Comparison

Here are the top 3 cheap tents that you can find in the market today.

Coleman Sundome 3 Person Tent

Sundome 3 Person Tent

This quality tent is made of durable materials constructed by Coleman. Sundome 3 person tent is easy to set-up, it just comes with two posts and four stake points.

A camper will only need up to 10 minutes to set it up and make it ready. These best cheapest tents from Coleman perform admirably.

It has waterproof zippers and great ventilation that avoid internal condensation. As a three person tent, it has big space hence all campers can move around easily.

This cheap tent is made strong with its polyester fabric materials made to endure strong winds and rain. For this tent, 3-person can sleep inside.

This tent has 52’ centre height, 8.5mm fibre glass poles, and electric accessibility port.

The floor of this tent is made of 1000D Polyethylene hence you don’t have to worry about leaks at night even if it is raining outside.

or a price of less than $50 (click here for the price), you can now sleep and camp with your friends with this cheap tent from Coleman.


Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent

Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent

Coleman is a world renowned outdoor gear and product manufacturer and if you are looking for a cheap tent in the market today, Coleman is the first store you should be visiting.

All Coleman products originated from Bangladesh. For their most affordable tents, their Montana 8 Person Tent is one of the best so far.

It is perfectly fit for large group of campers. This tent is big enough at its price. The shape of this tent is good as well as its size with its vertical walls.

The Montana 8 Person Tent has a centre height of 74”, 16×7 feet footprint, and 11mm fibre glass poles. It weighs 22.3 pounds.

This is great for family campers or extended adventure because it’s easy to transport.

The Montana 8 Person Tent from Coleman is highly recommended for campers who would not need to walk for distance because of its weight.

If you are planning to do beach camping or park camping with the family, this is indeed one of the best cheap tents that you can find. This tent has a tag price of $$ (click here for the price).

Check out this review found on YouTube:


Flexzion Two person outdoor camping tent

Flexzion Two person outdoor camping tent

One of the best cheapest tents from Flxzion is their Flexzion Two person outdoor camping tent. This tent has simple and classic design, is easy and can be set up with the least time possible, water proof and UV resistant.

It is made with 190T polyester rainfly which is excellent for temporary shelter and suitable for outdoor sports such as hiking and beach camping.

This tent is very ideal for quick and easy camping trip. It features easy to set up poles, stakes and rainfly for unexpected weather.

So if you’re looking for a quality and affordable tent, this is perfect for your great outdoor adventure.

This can be yours for only $ (click here for the price).


What to consider things when buying the highest rated cheap tent

Price- the first thing you might want to see is the price – how much it will costs you or if it’s within your budget. Since you are not really going to use it for a lifetime or perhaps your outdoor activity is just a summer hobby you want to experience, go for cheap tents. Cheap tents doesn’t mean it is the cheaper in the market, it means that you are looking for the cheapest tent that you can afford (within your budget) with the highest quality possible.

Design- affordable tents come with different unique styles. Before picking up the tent that suits your budget, check first if it suits your needs too. Don’t make the mistake of looking at a cheap winter tent that looks great and awesome when you will be using it this summer!

Easy to Pack and Set-up- For first timers, the cheapest tents that you can get is something that is easy to set up and easy to roll and pack. Beginners often read manuals while setting up their tents and there are tents that look more complicated than what their manual says. Before paying for your choice of tent, try to set it up first on your own.


Looking at the different cheap tents in the market today base on different cheapest tents reviews, we can conclude that a tent doesn’t need to cost hundreds of dollars.

A tent for a group of 8 or 10 that costs less than $200 is already considered as a great buy and if you are looking for a tent that can house three people, you should be able to get one for less than $50. Before choosing the best cheap tents in the market today, make sure to make up your mind first on when you will need it.

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