Top 6 Best Coyote Decoys in 2021

Jump ahead: Don’t have time to read? The top 3 coyote decoys as reviewed below are:

  1. Flambeau Predator Masters Series Lone Howler
  2. Lucky Duck – Predator Decoy
  3. Flambeau Flocked Lone Howler

Coyote is an animal closely related to the species of gray wolf. A coyote easily adapts to the human like environment. The chief food sources of a coyote are ducks, rabbits and turkeys; therefore, coyotes are hunted not only for pleasure hunting, but also to maintain the ecological balance.

A coyote decoy is such a device, designed to create a distraction during the hunt. The distraction is meant to disguise or hide the original thing whatever an individual or group might look for. Decoys usually produce certain bird sounds which may attract a coyote and bring it closer to the hunter. In other words, decoys sometimes create a perceived realistic effect for coyote. Decoys make coyote and deer hunting much easier.

Best coyote decoys are ones which are built using exact, realistic images in natural life settings. Unless sculpted very artistically, decoy will fail to do what it is designed for. Life size decoys with faux tails which show movement on slightest breeze are considered best coyote decoys.

Coyote decoys should be lightweight and easily foldable so that they would not occupy mych space when the hunter will also be having other hunting supplies. Moreover, it should be easy for the hunter to carry the decoy at all times.

Best Coyote Decoys Compared

Different designs of coyote decoys are manufactured by many manufacturers; however, the following are the best of products are mentioned below.

1. Flambeau Predator Masters Series Lone Howler Coyote Decoy

This lone howler Master series Coyote decoy is the most realistic version of decoys. It has been created by the renowned sculptor, Charlie Norton.

Flambeau Predator Masters Series Lone Howler Coyote Decoy

It comes in the shape and appearance of a coyote so realistically carved, it is sure to attract the attention of most coyotes. This product features a bungee leg system which makes it easy to transport and carry while on a hunting spree.

More features include:

  • Even more realistic because of fur movable tail
  • Light weight product; only 8 lbs.

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2. Predator Kojo by Montana Decoy

One of the best coyote decoys in the market, this one was actually designed with the help of a full, life size image of a coyote, in a natural life setting. With a good strategy in mind, it can be placed to direct the animal in whichever direction the hunter requires.

This also gives the hunter a realistic confirmation if he is getting the desired shot or not.

Predator Kojo by Montana Decoy

More product features include:

  • Easily foldable to an easy to carry size
  • Light weigh product, weighing only 16 lbs.
  • Life sized and actual colors for more realistic appearance

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3. Flambeau Predator Masters Series Flocked Lone Howler Coyote Decoy

This product has also been designed by the famous wild life sculptor Charlie Norton. Lone Howler coyote decoy is ranked high and is one of the best coyote decoys, because it is close to real looking coyote.

It is made out of durable plastic material. It can be used to achieve an instinctive response from the coyotes by attaching a rabbit pelt or any white colored cloth. The decoy has a natural, fur like appearance.

Flambeau Predator Masters Series Flocked Lone Howler Coyote Decoy

Additional product features include:

  • A movable and posable fur tail to give realistic appearance
  • Bungee leg system for easy transport, storage and to setup in different positions
  • Light weight product, only 6.9 lbs.

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4. Garden Kojo by MONTANA DECOY

This one is also a real life size and original color and textured coyote decoy. To add to its appeal, one can always attach a tissue paper to its tail. It features the Montana Decoys full patented design which is easy to setup in any situation. This coyote is one of the most effective products available in the market.

Garden Kojo by MONTANA DECOY

More features include:

  • Easily foldable for easy transport and setup
  • Light weight and easy to carry
  • Constructed by using actual photos to provide realistic details.

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5. Lucky Duck – Predator Decoy

The product is yet another great predator decoy for coyotes. It is made up of light weight EVA rubber, which provides additional features of easy transport and folding. It also features a faux fur tail which moves slightly when the wind blows.

 Lucky Duck - Predator Decoy

Following additional features are also the characteristics of the product:

  • It has been endorsed with Verminator Rick Pallet
  • Light weight product, easy to carry
  • Features the appearance of a deer

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These products have been highly reviewed because they are close to reality and attract predator successfully. They make it easier for the hunter to achieve their desired hunting animal. 

They are light weight, easy to carry and easily foldable products, which can be carried and transported easily along with other hunting supplies. Also, they are free from mechanical sounds and work indiscreetly to draw coyotes in the desired direction. Moreover, since coyotes are attracted towards movement, even the slightest tail movement of these products will attract them and bring them closer

Coyote decoys are available in every size and color. A wide variety in appearance and features lets a hunter choose the most suitable product according to his needs and the animal he wants to hunt. Decoys make it easy to engage both the nearby and farther targets. For a successful hunt, a decoy is useful, in fact necessary equipment. However, before purchasing, various products and their prices should be compared. Also, the user reviews and experience of expert hunters should also be taken into account before making a final decision.

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