The Top Best Crossbow For Beginners in 2021

If you are a beginner, selecting a crossbow that will enhance your skills can be tricky. Crossbows have been around for quite a long time. Today, they have evolved into a much more sophisticated hunting tool which is accurate and powerful.

There is a variety of crossbows on the market that can make beginners confused. Choosing a good crossbow for your money is not the easiest task. Here, you will get to read more about some of the quality crossbows in the market and from there, you can make your decision on which one best suits your needs.

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The Top Beginner Crossbows

Barnett Ghost 350 CRT Crossbow

Barnett Ghost 350 CRT Crossbow

This is one of the lightest crossbows in the market fit for beginners. Carbon riser technology (CRT) has been used to make it lighter.

The CRT makes it ultralight and yet super strong. What does the technology do? It removes the weight from the front end of the crossbow and places it at the end of the stock at the center of gravity.

With that, it becomes easier to shoulder and carry. It has a short power stroke of about 12 inches with a draw weight of 175 pounds thus giving it an impressive speed of 350 feet per second.

What is In Its Package

It comes packaged with plenty of accessories which include:

  • The Barnett Ghost 350 crossbow
  • A quick detach quiver
  • Three 20 inch arrows with field tips
  • 3 x 32 mm four reticle illuminated scope
  • Padded crossbow sling
  • Rope cocking device
  • String wax
  • Warranty Card
  • Owner’s manual
  • Assembly hardware

Why Go For A Barnett Ghost 350 CRT Crossbow?

As a beginner, you will find this crossbow to be easy to set up. Its safety is automatically set once the bow is cocked, it is very fast and accurate (as it shoots up to 50 yards), it is very light and quiet, thus making it one of the best crossbows for hunting. This crossbow with its ultralight weight frame, quiet but strong firing, safety and overall balance, it is one of the best and recommended for beginners or even as an upgrade from your previous crossbow.

What Are The Limitations of The Barnet Ghost 350 CRT Crossbow?

It is good as a beginner to note that, this crossbow has its limitations too: The string frays and breaks too easily; there is little information on how to install the cable.


Excalibur Matrix 380 Xtra Crossbow

rossbow Package, Realtree Xtra

The Excalibur Matrix 380 is one of the top rated crossbows in the market. It is a recurve crossbow that will give you top of the line functionality and reliability, which you will love.

It comes with a compact package and provides significant faster arrow speed. It is one of the most quiet, compact and reliable crossbows.

Its speed is good as it has a velocity of up to 380 feet per second. It is lighter, shorter and narrow, making it a good pick for beginners. It weighs a mere 5.9 pounds and still delivers 112.3 pounds of kinetic energy.

It has a draw weight of 260 pounds with the power stroke measuring 13.1 inches. It has a dry fire safety, provides good balance, quiet shooting and it is easy to cock. In accuracy, it scores 5 out of 5.

Summary on Why Go For The Matrix 380 Xtra Crossbow

  • It is has a wonderful compact recurve
  • It comes with 4 high quality arrows and field tips
  • A rope cocking device is included
  • It includes a high quality scope


  • Illumination on the scope is a bit dark

What is In The Matrix 380 Xtra Crossbow Package?

The package comes loaded with so many accessories which include:

  • The Excalibur Matrix 380 blackout including stock and prod
  • Assembly hardware and allen tool
  • Guardian anti dry fire scope mount
  • Tact zone scope
  • Cheek piece
  • R.E.D.S. suppressors
  • Detachable quiver
  • 4 diablo arrows with field points
  • Rope cocking device
  • Instruction manual
  • Warranty card.

How Good Is The Accuracy And Power Of The Matrix 380 Xtra Crossbow?

This is a deadly crossbow with accuracy of up to 70 yards. The trigger pull is smooth and gentle, and break happens right when you expect it. It fires arrows with a 380 feet per second velocity. The arrow strikes the target at 112 ft.lbs of kinetic energy.

What Do You Expect When Hunting With Matrix 380 Xtra Crossbow?

This crossbow shoots like a deadly dream. With it, the beginner will be able to take down large game up to and including bears and cape buffalo. Being a recurve, it is convenient to carry it around in the bush as you can restring it while in the field (if you need to).

Kinetic Energy of a Matrix 380 Xtra Crossbow

It has an impressive speed of 380 feet per second with a bolt of 350 grain, with a kinetic energy of 109ft.lbs. For a 30 yard shot, it maintains with 103 ft.lbs. kinetic energy and you can maintain 99 ft.lbs of kinetic energy behind a 45 yard shot.


It comes with a rope cocking aid which makes cocking easier because with its 260 pounds draw weight, cocking without the aid can be hectic. It draws smoothly and with minimum effort with the rope. The safety engages securely every time the crossbow is cocked and it disengages when you are ready to fire


Barnett Jackal Crossbow For Beginners

Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package

This crossbow is ideal for beginners as it is lightweight thus giving the hunter more balance for a more accurate shot. It has a powerful unit that makes this crossbow to be a great weapon for hunting.

It has a 315 fps provided by the 150 pound draw weight, 3.5 trigger pull and 12 inch power stroke. To boost its speed, Barnett Jackal features a combination of synthetic cable system, high energy wheels and quad limbs. The design is ergonomic with a military style stock and a divided grip that provides comfortable hand grip.

Why Is It Good For Beginners

It is one of the crossbows that enhances hunting skills of hunters because of its innovative stock design and unique camo. Being lightweight is also a plus for a beginner. The ADF MIM trigger will provide the beginner with a smooth 3.5 lb trigger pull with the added benefits of a picatinny rail. It has a squad limb assembling mechanism for quick and easy assembly. With the high energy wheels and a synthetic string and cable system, it produces arrow speed of 315 fps. The red 4 x 32 mm red dot scope will make the beginner to accurately hit his target. A combination of the lightweight stock and the power of the Barnett Jackal crossbow, makes it to be in a league of its own as compared to its price. Its power stroke comes complete with three 20 inch arrows and a quick detach quiver.

What Is In A Barnett Jackal Package

When you open the package after purchase this is what you will get inside:

A sleek military style crossbow with a draw weight of 150 lb , power stroke of 12 inches and 7.5 lb weight which is lightweight and compact with a divided fore grip for comfortable hand placement; quad limb assembly; a red dot scope measuring 4 x 32 mm; three 20 inch arrows and a quick detach quiver;

Features of The Barnett Jackal Crossbow

  • It has an aluminum riser
  • CNC machined 7/8 Picatinny rail
  • Anti vibration foot stirrup
  • Finger reminders and pass through fore grip
  • Lightweight composite stock
  • Crosswire string and cable system
  • High definition camo finish
  • 26.25 inch axle to axle
  • Premium red dot sight
  • 3 arrow quiver
  • Three 20 inch headhunter arrows.


Carbon Express 20261 Intercept Axon Crossbow

Carbon Express Intercept Axon Crossbow Kit

This is an amazing crossbow that any beginner should go for. It features an exclusive Picatinny platform that accommodates most military and commercial spec AR parts.

Unlike the rest, you can twist this bow to fit you. Use the 29 inches of the Picanny rail to customize the top, forearm and stock sections. Or you can simply shoot it right of the box because it is already loaded with top of the art components and it is easy to adjust to fit your shooting style and situation. This crossbow will give you the ultimate shooting performance every time you shoot as a beginner.

Why Go For A Carbon Express 20261 Intercept Axon Crossbow

It has a stunning black out design that has great ground blinds and the 29 inch Picatinny rail comes in handy to hold more accessories on the crossbow. A s a beginner, you will have an option of 6 position tactical AR stock and it comes with an excellent scope

What Comes With The Carbon Express 20261 Intercept Axon Crossbow

Inside the box, you will find packaged:

The carbon Express 20261 Axon crossbow; 4 x 32 glass etched reticle lighted scope; assembly hardware and tools; three bolt quiver; three maximum blue streak arrows; rope cocking device; rail lube; owner’s manual; and a warrant card.

What To Expect When Hunting With Carbon Express 20261 Intercept Axon Accurate and Powerful

For beginners, this is an amazing crossbow. At 8.3 pounds, it is not that heavy to carry around in the bush. Why go for it? Because, it has wonderful speed, power and incredible accuracy. It has a wonderful width of 13.5 when cocked making it an ideal crossbow for hunting from tree stands or ground blind, and the blackout design ensures that your crossbow will not be seen from the shadows of your pop up blind.

Carbon Express 20261 Intercept Axon Scope

It comes with a 4 x 32 scope with glass etched reticles and illumination. This scope sights in perfectly within just a few shots, and it holds zero through months of use and transport. The optic is a perfect balance of contrast and brightness, regardless of the lighting conditions. The coating on the optic allows for excellent fog resistance, rounding out the fantastic qualities of the scope to make one of the best included scope in the market.

The Micro Adjustable 6 Position Tactical AR on The Carbon Express Axon

This provides optimal length of pull for a customized fit and proper eye relief to deliver improved accuracy in any shooting instance

Safety And Design of The Carbon Express 20261 Axon

Everything about this crossbow is just perfect. Starting from its design up to its safety features; it is designed to accept AR-15 accessories thus you can swap out the stock if you so wish. The rail is also a plus on the design as it makes one to be able to add more accessories on the crossbow. The carbon infused limbs are very durable and the CNC machined risers and premium alloy cam sets are smooth and silky.

The cock is collapsible allowing you to extend or retract the buttstock to match your own build and the bulk of your clothing. The trigger pull of this crossbow is very light and steady, and it has an automatic safety mechanism which works flawlessly for every shot. The anti dry fire mechanism is another added safety on this crossbow thus helping keep you and your crossbow safe always.


A five year warranty is what this crossbow boasts of. This makes even a beginner to be confident to purchase it because you know you are covered in case of anything during those learning moments.

Technical Information on The Carbon Express 20261 Axon

Speed at 360 + feet per second; kinetic energy at 122; draw weight at 175 lb; power stroke at 13.5 inches; overall length at 30.15 inches; axle to axle width at 13.5 inches when cocked and 17 inches when uncocked; weight at 8.3 lb; arrow length at 20 inches; sight is 4 x 32 mm illuminated scope.


Tenpoint C13004-7411 V

TenPoint C13004-7411 Vapor Crossbow

This design is made with focus on speed, reduction of weight and maneuverability making it a perfect pick for someone who is beginning to use crossbow.

It features parallel limbs, which allow reducing the axle to axle dimensions, thus a perfect unit for carrying in the field while hunting the game. It has 360 feet per second speed and 121 foot pound kinetic energy. If you get a precise shot, the above specs of speed and velocity will allow you to take down almost any game you are hunting. The draw weight of 165 pounds also assists in making it powerful.

It comes with powerful cables which will give you service before needing replacement. You get good balance of this crossbow from its weight at 7 pound. This balance allows you to balance the unit well before a shot and also makes it to be light if you are walking for a long distance while carrying it.

What Is Good About The Design of A TenPoint C13004-7411 Vapor Crossbow

Its weight at 7 pounds is ideal for movement and storage. It boosts the portability to put the crossbow into a car glove or for long hunting escapades. Due to its lightweight, you will find it easy to bring the crossbow along with you without any difficulty. A great benefit of this crossbow is that it attempts to bring the weight reduction for maneuver.

It is easy to set up a Tenpoint C13004-7411 crossbow because according to the reviews, within 10 to 15 minutes, you will be done with the setup. Just remember where each component in the package is located.

Features of A Tenpoitn C13004-7411 crossbow

It comes with 360 feet per second velocity and 165 pounds of draw weight thus offering more powerful strength and faster than some of the crossbows available on the market with the same shape and in the same category. One special thing about the features of this crossbow is that, it allows an accurate shot sight from afar distance of at least 50 yards therefore, hunting big animals becomes easy.

Security features included on this bow to protect users from unexpected issues during shooting process include an anti-dry system and the grip safety feature. This makes it safe and comfortable when using this compound bows. You will find it comfortable to use by right or left hand because it has an ambidextrous safety feature too.

Why Should a Beginner Go For This Crossbow

It has durable material; it is accurate; it has a compact design; it is fast at a speed of 360 fps; it is quiet; it has a weight reduction feature; it has an ambidextrous feature enabling both left and right handed beginners to comfortably use it; it has several safety features; it is easy for a beginner to assemble it; has a lifetime warranty on it; it is a wonderful tool for hunting.

The only put off to beginners would be, it has a high price tag on it. But with the life time warranty tag, then it is worthy the price.

Pros For The Tenpoint C13004-7411

Some of the pros of this crossbow is its strong build quality; you can tell that you are going to get a long life out of it. Its Range Master Pro Scope adds to the precision of the crossbow, which enhances its accuracy in shots. It has been made light to add to the usability and maneuverability.


Barnett 78629 Rapto FX Pink Crossbow

Barnett Outdoors Raptor FX Crossbow Package

Power and elegance combine to make this an effective hunting crossbow. The lightweight composite stock and limbs make it easy to handle, while the high energy cam and crosswire string and cable system gives you shots deadly force.

An adjustable butt pad and finger reminders ensures proper and precise aim every time. Its package comes with a rope cocking device and quiver arrows.

Features of The Barnett 78629 Rapto FX Pink Crossbow

It has composite laminated limbs; lightweight composite stock; crosswire string and cable; high energy cam system; CNC machined 7/8 Picatinny rails; anti dry fire trigger system; finger reminders and pass through fore grip; adjustable butt pad; it permits integration of a crank cocking device; includes an 4 x 32 multi rectile scope, rope cocking device , 3 arrow quiver and three 20 inch headhunter arrows. It also comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.

What Are Its Specifications

Has a speed of 330 fps, draw weight of 150 lbs, kinetic energy of 97 ft.lbs, power stroke of 12.5 inches, axle to axle of 16 inches, length of 34.25 inches; width of 18 inches, weight of 6.5 lbs, and an arrow length of 20 inches.

Why Go For It

This is an ideal crossbow for beginners as it has finger reminders and pass-through fore grip. The adjustable butt pad is also a good thing for beginners to makes sure that they don’t feel the weight and they adjust it accordingly for comfortability. if it is waxed and stored well, it will last you a lifetime through your training up to when you are an expert in the field. Its smaller frame is perfect for up and coming hunters.

Safety is a priority this crossbow features 5 in one safety system and trigger system that will protect you as a beginner. It is a perfect bow for beginners. Its durability and flexibility makes it a good value for your money and it will prove to be a worthy asset to have.



When buying a crossbow, whether you are a beginner or a pro, it is very important to consider several factors before making a purchase. Speed might be okay, but make sure you also try to analyze other features of the crossbow before making a final decision.

If you find it difficult making a decision, go through the reviews and get to know what others, who have used the crossbows before you have to say about what you are just about to buy. Invest well as a cross bow is an asset that will serve you for many years. Get quality and your refrigerator will not lack game as you go through the stages of learning to be a professional hunter. This is just the beginning, more crossbows awaits you.

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