Top 7 Best Crossbows For Deer Hunting

In today’s world, it is very hard to buy a crossbow for hunting. They vary in prices, velocity and all the other qualities that make up a good crossbow. Put in mind that, this might be a lifetime investment, so going for a durable crossbow is important here.

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The good news is that most manufacturers have realized what most crossbow users are looking for in a bow and they are coming up with affordable, quality crossbow that will make your hunting experience quite exciting. Thanks to advancements in technology, crossbows have gone the way of compound bows and computers such that, quality is increasing almost exponentially while cost remains stable.

The Best Crossbows for Deer Hunting Comparison Table

CrossbowDraw WeightPriceRating
Darton Viper Xtreme Hunter Package
Darton Viper Xtreme Hunter Package

180 llbs.$$$$$

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No Rating

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Excalibur Eclipse Crossbow
Excalibur Eclipse Crossbow

200 llbs.Click here for price!4.8 out of 5 stars

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Excalibur Ibex SMF Crossbow Reviews
Excalibur Ibex SMF Crossbow Reviews

175 llbs.$$$$$

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4.6 out of 5 stars

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Horton Team RealTree Ultra Lite
Horton Team RealTree Ultra Lite

175 llbs.$$$$$

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4.1 out of 5 stars

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Ghost 385 Crossbow For Deer Hunting

185 llbs.$$$$$

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4 out of 5 stars

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Horton Zombie RIP Crossbow for Deer Hunting
Horton Zombie RIP Crossbow for Deer Hunting

160 llbs.$$$$

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3.5 out of 5 stars

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Horton Harvoc Crossbow For Deer Hunting
Horton Harvoc Crossbow For Deer Hunting
175 llbs.$$$$

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3.5 out of 5 stars

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Some of quality crossbows by Barnett for deer hunting include:

Ghost 385 Crossbow For Deer Hunting

Ghost 385 Crossbow For Deer Hunting

This bow features a machined thumb hole stock, carbon riser technology (CRT), reverse cum and so many other features which makes it a perfect fit for deer hunting. This bow has a special injection-molded carbon fiber riser which helps keep the overall mass weight to a minimum. There is step through structure that allows the shooter to place their foot through the large opening in the riser and secure the crossbow to the floor or ground while cocking it.

It has a rubber trim on the contact surface that protects the Ghost’s carbon riser. There is a set of rubber string dampeners which are positioned to cushion and deaden the string as it returns to rest after the shot. Its split limb measures 12.5 inches in length and is manufactured using industry standard Gordon composite material.

The reverse cam has the string come off the cam to the forward end of the crossbow away from the shooter. This adds an additional 1.5 inches of power stroke which makes this crossbow faster.

Pros Of The Ghost 385 Crossbow

  • Carbonlite riser makes x-bow less front heavy
  • Short overall length for superior maneuverability
  • Reverse cam gives a longer power stroke for such a short bow

Cons of The Ghost 385 Crossbow

  • Ringer reminders are not flared enough
  • String dampeners split easily

Product Specification

It has a speed of 385 fps, power stroke of 14.5 inches, draw weight of 185 lbs,length of 33.75 inches, weight of6.9 lbs and 8.9 with accessories, and it boasts of a high definition camo.
What is In the Package of a Gost 385 Crossbow

  • The Barnett Ghost 385 crossbow
  • 4 x 32 premium scope
  • Assembly hardware and tools
  • 3 arrow quiver
  • Three 20 inch head hunter arrows
  • Rock cocking device
  • Owner’s manual
  • Warranty card

The Barnett Ghost 385 is an excellent crossbow with only a few minor glitches in the overall design. Compared to its price, it is an excellent choice for both target shooting and deer hunting.


Crosman Crossbows

These are manufacturers of crossbows who build bows to be the performance to value leader in the market. In their stock of crossbows, they have come up with crossbows that have a tactical look with all black, all weather stock, they have crossbows which features a 150 lb with a peak draw weight that will push arrows to impressive 300 fps. Some have quad limb systems with custom strings and cables, while the rear sports a red or green illuminated, three dot optic and smooth lighting touch trigger system.

The Darton Crossbows

There crossbows are precision machined, hard-anodized aluminum barrel with Teflon impregnated arrow track for more consistent arrow flight and tighter groups. Most of these crossbows have a new dry fire prevention mechanism for added safely. They have great features such as eflex quad limbs and efficient alloy energy cams, CNC machined aircraft grade aluminum front riser, synthetic power yoke cables and rugged trigger mechanism with controlled sensitivity and a smooth pull. At 165 lbs peak draw weight, its 15.5 inch power stroke will launch a 425 grain arrow at 345 fps. They come with an adjustable butt plate for custom fit.

Darton Viper Xtreme Hunter Package

Darton Viper Xtreme Hunter Package

This crossbow has an extreme performance that you will love. It is well balanced and compact. You will get its smooth,quiet, shock resistant and extremely accurate shooting. It takes the target ranges and hunting adventures to the extreme. The barrel design gives the crossbow less friction on arrow which in turn increases speed, anti dry fire safety, rifle style rotating safety mounted on the barrel for left or right handed shooters helps to hold on the shot without having to move; improved trigger design, pull set at 3 pounds with less trigger travel; patented string catch which is designed for better release of the bowstring and a more accurate shot; it is equipped with an integrated riser/string suppressor system and patented barrel dampener to help reduce noise and vibration during vibration.

Details of The Darton Viper Xtreme Hunter Package Crossbow

  • It has a speed of 360 fps
  • It has a draw weight of 180 lbs
  • It has a power stroke of 13.5 inches
  • Mass weight is at 8.4 lbs
  • Axle to axle length is 17 inches
  • Overall length 35.5 inch

What is In The Package of Darton Viper Xtreme Hunter Crossbow

  • A 4 x 32 scope
  • Scope rings
  • 4 Arrows DBQ quiver
  • E-Z draw cocking rope
  • Crossbow rail lube
  • 4 carbon crossbow arrows

Pros of this Arrow

Quiet, fast, and good trigger.

Why Go For Darton Viper Xtreme Hunter Crossbow

This is a well built crossbow that is both accurate and powerful. It is quiet, especially when considering the 180 lbs draw weight. Hunting with this crossbow should be a pleasant, and rewarding experience. It is a worth investment to go for.


Excalibur Crossbows

Most of the Excalibur crossbow is designed specifically to fulfill the needs of the first-time crossbows enthusiast without sacrificing quality, durability, performance or accuracy. They have improved in technology and come up with bows which features a compact lightweight frame. It has a 14.5 inch power stroke and 175 lb draw weight which produces speeds in excess of 305 fps. It has a multiple crossbow scope with mounting rings and base for multi range accuracy, four aluminium arrows with field points and a four arrow quiver and mounting brackets.

Reviews of Excalibur Crossbows

Excalibur Ibex SMF Crossbow Reviews

Excalibur Ibex SMF Crossbow Reviews

This is an adventurous crossbow that has a deceptive compact design but dashing power. It has amassed reputation of being a smooth and silent killer of the hunt. Its all purpose realtree camouflage of this crossbow is realistic and neutral and neutral and the patterns on the stock and frame blend effectively with the natural environment using kolorfusion process, the all purpose is important for bringing the game nearer to the game without no warning.

It has an ergonomic thumb hole stocks which plays an important role in providing a comfortable grip on the crossbow. It is designed with the help of applied sciences to give optimum results and at the same time lessening discomfort and fatigue. It is produced with materials to keep it light, weight, compact, powerful and deadly accurate thus making it a deadly crossbow for deer hunting.

Something wonderful about this crossbow is that it comes with a bulletproof thus highly beneficial and highly accurate at its price. Its power is derived from its draw weight of 175 lbs and a power stroke of 14.5 inches that can propel a 350 grain bolt at a speed of 305 fps and above. It has a precision fiber that restrengthens firing platform making it a dashing, dazzling and dynamic crossbow, a choice for professional hunters.

Summary Why Go For It As A Deer Hunting Crossbow

  • Its superb, accurate at 50 yard distance and further
  • Very powerful and excellent for hunting even largets game
  • Great value for money
  • High quality, reticle scope included
  • Recurve construction
  • Responsive trigger
  • Light weights
  • Comes with a rope cocking aid

It has package that includes 4 arrow quiver with mounting bracket , 4 arrow (firebolt) and target points, rope cocking aid and matching multiplex sight with a sight mount.

This is one of the finest recurve crossbows available on the market. It also comes at an affordable price and it is suitable for both beginners and advanced hunters. You will get more than what you pay for. It has a stock length of 36.3 inches, an ergonomic thumbhole stock, weighs 5.9 lbs and comes with a recommended arrow length of 20 inches; the draw weight is at 175 lbs making it to fire arrows with a velocity of 305 fps and enough power to kill big animals including the deer. This is an excellent crossbow for hunting.

Excalibur Ibex SMF Crossbow Reviews

Excalibur Eclipse Crossbow

Excalibur Eclipse Crossbow

This crossbow will deliver 350 grain arrow at 330 fps with pinpoint accuracy and more than enough penetration to take any game, including the deer, with ease. It has a black carbon fiber finish which is both handsome and durable. This crossbow comes with an effective S5 sound and vibration control system which is installed and also has an ambidextrous cheekpiece. It comes fully equipped with a shadow zone scope, mounting hardware, 4 Fiberbolt arrows and field points, our quiver mounting bracket, a matching quiver and rope cocking aid.

Specifications of The Excalibur Eclipse Crossbow

Velocity 330 fps, draw weight of 200 lbs, power stroke at 15.5 inches, mass weight at 6.3 lbs, overall length at 37.4 inches, arrow length of 20 inches, arrow weight of 350 grain. The stoke type is thumb hole and the finish is real tree Xtra.

What Is Good About The Excalibur Eclipse

  • It is great for blind hunters due to its blacked-out design
  • It is a recurve crossbow that can easily restrung in the field
  • It comes with an instructional DVD that helps make assembly very fast, even if you are a beginner.
  • It comes with a rope cocking device.

Technical Information Excalibur Exclipse XT Crossbow

  • Speed of 330 fps using350 grain arrow with optional Flemish dyna flight string
  • Kinetic energy at 85 ft-lbs
  • Draw weight of 200 lbs
  • Power stroke of 15.5 inches
  • Overall length37.4 inches
  • Weight of 6.3 lb
  • Arrow length of 20 inches
  • Sight is a shadow zone crossbow scope

The Contents Of An Excalibur Exclipes XT Crossbow Package

  • The Excalibur Exclipse XT crossbow
  • Shadow zone scope with mounting hardware
  • Four 20 inches Firebolt arrows with field tips
  • Detachable quiver
  • Rope cocking device
  • Instruction manual
  • Instructional DVD
  • Warranty card

Why Get One For Your Deer Hunting

This is a terrific crossbow especially for hunting from a ground blind. Its tactical design also makes it one of the most unique crossbows on the market.

Excalibur Ibex SMF Crossbow Reviews


They offer savings on weight, price, and vibration. It has a unique skeletonized riser which is forged from a solid bullet of military grade 7075 aluminum to reduce both weight and noise. They have integrated stumper arms with SIMS Narvon string stoppers which capture the string to eliminate twang.The asymmetric limbs eliminate cam lean and aid in smooth cocking and parallel nock travel for increased accuracy.

New high speed reverse cam has been incorporated which adds an additional inch and a half to the power stroke and makes these bows to deliver exceptional speed of 330 fps. A patent pending removable butt pad allows the shooter to customize the length of pull from 13 to 14 inches. The fore end of the TRT is also fully adjustable to fit a wide range of deer shooters. It has a fore end and cheek piece providing a racy new look and improve the handling of the bow in wet conditions.

Most of its bows are full of high end features at an entry level price point. They have comfortable thumb-hole grip, film dipped camouflage stock with ambidextrous safety lever and an adjustable fore-end to custom fit the deer shooter. It has an upfront that has a fully coated foot stirrup and a two point limb bolt locking system. Has an anodized machined aluminium barrel. 150 lb peak weight, 10.5 inch power stroke will propel a 17 inch 2216 viper bolt at 260-265 fps.

They have crosshair style rear peep sight that will accept most scope rings.

Some of the best Horton crossbows include:

Horton Team RealTree Ultra Lite

Horton Team RealTree Ultra Lite

It has a draw weight of 175 lbs, power stroke of 13.5 inches, velocity 330 fps,arrow length of 20 inches, crossbow length of 37 inches, crossbow weight of 6.5 lbs.

Why Go For It

It is very powerful and consistent in the shooting; exceptionally well built with a comfortable grip which makes it lightweight. It has a string stop that silences the crossbow very well. Its anti dry firing safety mechanism makes it safe use. When it comes to assembling, it is easy to assemble and its warrant is awesome. The only disadvantage of this crossbow is that, it doesn’t come with a rope cocking aid.

What Is In The Horton Team Realtree Ultra Lite Package

The package includes a Horton Team Realtree Ultra Lite stock, plus a riser with limbs and limbs stoppers; a foot stirrup; lube wax for string and rail; 3 dot red dot scope; 3 x 20 inch aluminum arrows with field points; arrow quiver; all mounting hardware; assembly and use manual; and a 3 year warranty card.

This is a crossbow that any serious hunter should go for as it is worth any dollar spend on it.

Horton Brotherhood Crossbow for Deer Hunting

Has a draw weight of 160 lbs, power stroke 13.5 lbs, velocity 305 fps, arrow length of 20 inches, crossbow length of 37 inches, and crossbow weight of 8.6 lbs. It is very accurate and has a reliable scope. The only limitation with this crossbow is that, it has a manufacturer’s defect which causes the scope to be higher in front than in the back and also its anti dry fire mechanism is unreliable.

Package Content            

The package comes with a Horton Brotherhood 160 crossbow, 4 x 32 multi range crossbow scope, hunter elite 3 arrow quiver, three, 20 inch arrows with field tips, owners manual and a warranty card.

The Horton multi –A-range scope will you to quickly and easily sight in the crossbow, straight out of the box.

Excalibur Ibex SMF Crossbow Reviews

Horton Zombie RIP Crossbow for Deer Hunting

Horton Zombie RIP Crossbow for Deer Hunting

Has a draw weight of 160 lbs, power stroke 13.5 lbs, velocity 305 fps, arrow length of 20 inches, crossbow length of 37 inches, and crossbow weight of 8.5 lbs. It has a textured pistol grip with ergonomic thumb hole with an ambidextrous safety mechanism. It is great for hunting small and medium sized game and can still hunt big game such as the deer. It is easy to hold with rail to keep your hand away from the string. It has a superb scope that can hold zero very well and to crown it all, it is easy to sight in with the scope.

Package Content Of The Zombie RIP Crossbow

The Horton Zombie RIP crossbow (the prod, stock, cams, string and cables); a steel foot stirrup; Horton 4 x 32 mm Multi-A-range scope; hunter elite quiver; three 20 inches arrows; assembly and maintenance booklet;lifetime warranty card; and assembly hardware i.e bolts,keys.

Excalibur Ibex SMF Crossbow Reviews

Horton Harvoc Crossbow for Deer Hunting

Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars from 3 reviews. Click the image to read customer reviews!

Has a draw weight of 175 lbs, power stroke 13 lbs, velocity 325 fps, arrow length of 20 inches, crossbow length of 34.5 inches, and crossbow weight of 8.3 lbs.

The Tenpoint Crossbows

Compact limb system (CLS) combined with an Xtreme Limb Technology (XLT) makes this crossbow more compact yet no less powerful. They have a lighter riser, more acutely angled limb pockets and are fitted with 11 inch rather than 12 inch ISO taper limbs. They have detachable, lightweight, coated aluminium foot stirrup rather than the one piece CLS riser and foot stirrup. The combination of the lightweight riser and foot stirrup with shorter limbs, along with a lightweight molded vertron stock and barrel assembly allows the crossbow to weigh in at a very comfortable 7 lbs

They come with a 180 lbs draw weight, it delivers a heavy 420 grain arrow at 315 fps, generating 92.5 ft/lbs of kinetic energy. Most are fitted with high performance MR cams and ultra cam string and cables with tunable yokes. Other features in this crossbows are dry fire inhibitor (DFI) and highly regarded 3.5 lb power touch 10 triggers.

Excalibur Ibex SMF Crossbow Reviews

Best Crossbow For Hunting

New limb materials, strings, sights, arrows and stock designs in the modern crossbows have made them easier to use, more accurate and increasingly effective on game hunting. Nonetheless, crossbows remain a short range hunting tool with a maximum range of 40 yards for deer hunting. It allows the hunter one precisely shot to be delivered at cross range. If you use compound crossbows, you can get off a faster shot than a crossbowman and if you are an experienced bow user, you will hunt more game. So how do you get to know a crossbow is good enough to hunt a deer?

Selecting The Right Crossbow For Deer Hunting

It only takes about 30 foot lbs to go through a deer, and after about 240 fps at normal hunting ranges, trajectory is virtually identical as speed increases. Your enjoyment of your crossbow is going to likely depend on how comfortable you can cock. If the crossbow requires more from you than you can comfortably give it, then it isn’t the right one to use for your hunting. Safety, price and accuracy play a

greaterpart in selecting the right crossbow for deer hunting.

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Factors To Consider Before Buying A Crossbow For Deer Hunting

  • Price – Buy The Best You Can Afford

A good crossbow goes between $300 – 1000. The bargain model goes for much less, but in most cases, it is not built to last for long and it is not built as well to offer accuracy, reliability and will likely fail when you are in the field hunting for the game. It is good to buy crossbows that include everything needed to shoot and hunt, packaged together. This includes: a crossbow, some arrows and arrow points, a scope sight, a cocking device, and a quiver.

  • Draw weight

What differentiate a hunting crossbow from a target one is the draw weight. The overall range runs from 75 to 125 draw weights. Any crossbow in that range should be able to kill a white tail at moderate ranges. Most quality hunting crossbows have a draw weight of 150 – 175 pounds with few exceptions which range over 200 pounds. Generally a bigger draw weight is better because it is faster.

  • Fast Arrows When Shooting

An initial velocity of 300 fps is good for deer hunting because it will give the arrow enough kinetic energy to take any big game animal cleanly and will reduce arrow trajectory at longer ranges, making accurate shooting easier

  • The Scope Sight

Scope is better than open sights. This optical sighting device makes accurate shooting much easier. When magnifying, choose anything from oX to 5X. There is a reticle inside the scope which defines the configuration of horizontal and vertical crosshairs. The choices begin with a simple, single red dot or crosshair which helps in sighting in for a fixed distance which could be 20 yards, but it is good to compensate for longer shots by holding higher.

Multi reticle scopes are popular especially those with three or four dots or horizontal crosshairs. The top one is sighted in for 20 yards and the next two are fixed at intervals that will be dead on at 30, 40 and 50 yards respectively.

Why Get Crossbow For Deer Hunting

  • Crossbows have a record of hunting even the strongest games.
  • Its high precision appeals to those who like to leave nothing to chance. Crossbows have the ability to put shot after shot nearly the same hole at 40 yards.
  • It can be used even by those hunters who through age, injury or lack of arm strength, cannot draw a regular bow. This group can still get the thrill of archery hunt by using a crossbow. The optical sights and the fact that the user does not have to restraints to draw a bow enables many archers to extend their deer hunting by 10 or even 20 years of crossbow use.

Type of Crossbows To Choose From For Deer Hunting

There are recurve and compound crossbows which are good for deer hunting. The recurve is simpler because it lacks the complicated stringing required for the round wheel or asymmetric wheel compound crossbows. The compound crossbows generally have shorter limbs, making them somehow easier than recurves to handle in tight places. Some compound crossbows with the same specifications as the recurves can shoot faster than the recurves.

Power Requirements For Crossbows For Deer Hunting

Most crossbows are ranked by pull weights which range from 80 to 200 pounds. This much stress on the string can propel arrows up to 340 fps. For deer hunting, a pull weight of 150 pounds is recommended. Crossbows of this weight will shoot an arrow completely through a deer with broadside shot. Most robust hunters can hand cock a 150 lbs crossbow using the foot stirrup. Rope cocking aids reduce the pull weight by 50%.

Arrows And Points or Deer Hunting

It is important to select properly splined arrows of the correct length combined with an effective game killing point. Get a list of recommend arrows and point weights from the manufacture of your crossbow before doing a purchase. Aluminium, carbon and composite are available with a variety of fixed and mechanical points. Faster arrows shoot better than mechanical Broadheads compare to fixe blade Broadheads. Aluminium arrows at 125 grain fixed will perform well while carbon shafts prefer 100 grain or light points.

Point to note is, always target your bow with your hunting arrows and points. Field points and Broadheads have very different light characteristics even if they both have the same weight .

Best Sights For Crossbows For Deer Hunting

Most of the crossbows are sold with iron,optical or red dot sights. Optical sights are unnecessary for a 40 yard hunting tool though they are useful for precisely compensating for the rapid drop of the crossbow arrow between 20 and 40 yards. Knowing the exact range of the target is important and a laser rangefielder is definitely a vital element in making a clean kill with a crossbow.

Some of the affordable crossbows for hunting deer are manufactured by:


Barnett crossbows are made of quality materials and can be used for deer hunting. They have combined optimum crossbow features with a sleek, progressive design in a more compact ergonomic frame to create the best deer hunting crossbows. Their bows have an all new aluminium flight rail enhances accuracy while also extending string life.

It has a patented shoot through foot stirrup which offers increased power at 129 ft.lbs in kinetic energy and speed of 365 fps by extending the power stroke to 15 inches while allowing for a more compact fit and perfect balance. The limbs are laminated and over-molded with AVI technology reduce noise up to 30 percent, while shutting down unwanted vibration and limb tension. Some of their crossbows have features like 3.5 pound MIM, ADF trigger system and high tech composite stock that allows for integration of a crank cocking device. They have illuminated three dot magnified scope that allows the hunter to have an illumination of a red dot sight with the efficiency and accuracy of a multi reticle scope.


If deer hunting is your passion, then it is time to go online for reviews on crossbows that are worth investing for your hunting. Price, durability, speed, weight and comfortability are some of the features which are necessary in order for a crossbow to qualify to be the best for deer hunting. Before investing your money on any crossbow, be sure to read the reviews and get first hand information concerning what you want to buy before you commit yourself. A crossbow is an investment, so do it with no future regrets.

Whether you want the crossbow for serious hunting or just for target practice, any single dollar spend should be able to meet your needs.

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