The Top 22 Best Crossbows For The Money

crossbows for the moneyA crossbow can simply be described as a bow mounted onto a stock, which is referred to as the tiller. The part which is bowed is normally called a prod or a lath. As compared to the ancient bows, which originated in china, the modern crossbow is a powerful machine. It is accurate and very fast as compared to the traditional bow.

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Whatever you want a crossbow for, it is good to consider prices before going for it. Crossbows have become the in-thing in today’s world. If you want to go hunting without using gunpowder, you have an option of getting a worthy, powerful crossbow that will serve you well. Crossbows have been around for quite a long time. This has made them to be perfected with time and in today’s hunting world, you will be spoilt for choice on which one to go for. Get a crossbow that is worthy what you are paying for.

With so many crossbows on the market, it is very hard to tell which crossbow is the best suited for its price. The more they become popular, the higher their quality is increasing while their price is decreasing. The choice is quite plentiful.

Best Crossbow For Under 100 Dollars

These are some of the best crossbows for under 100 dollars:

150 lbs crossbow with scope, extra arrows and rope cocking device

150lbs Crossbow with Scope, Extra Arrows and Rope Cocking Device

This crossbow costs less than $100. It goes for a round $94.99. It comes with a stringer which is good when it comes to changing the crossbow string.

It is a powerful crossbow with a velocity speed of 210 fps; draw weight of 150 lbs. What is more? It is a hunting crossbow which is heavy duty, with high tech fiberglass limb.

It contains an aluminium barrel construction and has an auto safety cocking mechanism design. It can do up to 60 yards of accuracy.

Other additional features of this Crossbow are: it is 27 inches in width, 30.5 inches high and the weight is roughly 7lbs. It comes with varied scope, sling and laser.


150 lbs black/wood/camouflage hunting crossbow Archery bow

150 Lb Camouflage Hunting Crossbow Archery Bow

This crossbow costs $84.99. Its draw weight is at 150 lbs; its velocity is at 220 fps.

This speed will make you to precision your target with accuracy.

Another great feature of this crossword is its black stock and fiberglass limbs which makes it to be a wonderful piece of art while at the same time offering excellent performance. It is a safe crossbow to use due to its auto safety cocking mechanism.

This crossbow comes packaged with a 4 x 20 scope, 7 arrows and a rope cocking device.


KingsArchery self cocking crossbow bundle with adjustable sights and spare

KingsArchery Self-Cocking Crossbow Bundle

It is one of the crossbows that costs under $100, at a price of $64.99 and free shipping. It is a 80 lb easy to use, self cocking crossbow which helps in making shot after shot quick and easy.

Comes with 27 aluminium arrows and bolts for target or practice use. The fiberglass construction of the crossbow is strong thus making it durable and even more worthy than the money spend buying it.

With the self cocking systems, it makes it easier to reload the crossbow. And just in case of the string breaking, it comes with an extra string for a replacement for any eventualities, making the fun to go on and on without stopping.

There is also an adjustable sight to help when you want to place your shots on your target.


150 lbs wood crossbow with scope and pack of metal arrow

150 Lbs Wood Crossbow with Scope and Pack of Metal Arrows

The cost of this crossbow is around $79.40. It is a superb crossbow that comes with a 4 x 20 scope and a pack of arrows.

Its safety mechanism is auto safety when cocking arrows go up to 200+ fps at 60 yards with pinpoint accuracy.

Its draw weight is at 150 lbs with 1 fiberglass bow 7 aluminium arrows and a scope. We can classify it as a high power crossbow intended for grown ups and not youth below the age of 18 years.

Its full feature list include:

  • Aluminium barrel construction
  • High tech fiberglass
  • Powerful 150 lbs draw weight
  • Accuracy of up to 60 yards
  • It is wooden

It is a great quality crossbow that is worth your money.


150 lbs black metal hunting crossbow archery bow

150 Lbs Black Metal Crossbow

Its price is at around $83.99. Its draw weight is at 150-159 lbs; bow length is 30-35 inches; arrow speed is at 220 fps.

This crossbow is a perfect piece if you are looking for accuracy and excellent performance.

It has an auto safety cocking mechanism which makes it easy to operate.

It has a laser sight and a 4 x 32 scope and comes loaded with 12 arrows.


Avalanche Trailerblazer crossbow wooden stock 150 lbs

Avalanche Trailblazer Crossbow Wooden Stock 150-lb.

It goes for a cheap price of $79.98 yet it is loaded with so many goodies.

It has a machined aluminium frame, combined with a tough fiberglass limb and wooden, rifle style stock.

The power stroke is at 11 inches and the draw weight is at 150 lbs making it possible to deliver a velocity of 210 feet per second. The aluminium bolts measure 16 inches, thus doing justice to the target.

The built in adjustable sights will help when it comes to accuracy. Hit your target with precision accuracy, using these sights. The mounting rail, which is included will help when it comes to adding scope or red dot sight.


Crossbow self cocking 80 lbs by KingsArchery with adjustable sights, 3 aluminium arrow bolts, spare crossbow

Crossbow Self-Cocking 80 LBS by KingsArchery

For $40.00, you will own this crossbow. It has a self cocking lever that helps make shooting easier.

In the package you will get 3 aluminium arrow bolts, 12 colored PVC arrow bolts, in total, you will have 63 crossbow available for use.

It has an adjustable sight which helps in placing accurate shots for target.

What are its bow limb made of? It is made of fiberglass which is durable. Its bolt speed is at 150 lbs, width is at 17 and 1/3 inch; power stroke is at 2.5 inches; its length with stirrup is at 19.5 inches.


150 lbs wizard hunting crossbow 4 x 32 scope package with 8 arrows

150 Lbs Wizard Hunting Crossbow 4x32 Scope Package with 8 Arrows

The cost of this crossbow is less than $100. It retails for between $80 and $84.66. It has a draw weight of 150 lbs; a velocity of 210 fps; the limbs are made of fiberglass; it has an aluminium barrel construction and an auto safety cocking mechanical design which makes it easy to load and to operate.

It is light, compatible, safe, reliable and easy to use. It has a good accuracy for up to 60 yards. It is suitable for large game hunting.


  • Heavy duty hunting crossbow
  • Powerful 150 lbs draw weight
  • Arrow travel up to 210 fps
  • High tech fiberglass limb
  • Aluminium barrel construction
  • Auto safety cocking mechanism design
  • Very good accuracy for up to 60 yards


Daisy youth crossbow black, regular

Daisy Youth Crossbow, Black, Regular

As the name suggests, it is a crossbow, especially for the youth. Introduce your youthful child to crossbow by using a Daisy youth crossbow which is affordable. It costs less than $100. It is at a price range of $76.63 – $99.99.

In summary, Daisy Youth Crossbow has:

  • A fiberglass limb
  • A composite frame
  • Adjustable rear sight for windage and elevation
  • Cocking stirrup for easy and effective cocking
  • Comes with two 16 inches
  • Appropriate for ages 16 years, but under an adult supervision
  • It has a draw weight of 29 lbs
  • Its arrow length is at 16 inches

It has a draw weight of 29 lb, has an adjustable rear sight. It comes with 2 bolts. This is a great way to introduce young shooters to the fun of crossbows. Rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation.


New 150 pound draw crossbow CF119

New 150 Pound Draw Crossbow CF119

What a better way to do your target practice other than using this new 150 pound draw crossbow CF119. It’s affordable as it costs less than $100. With about $79.95, you will have a perfect crossbow for target practice.

It has a velocity speed of 210 feet per second, overall length of 34 inches, and a draw weight of 150 lb. It is of good quality and comes with 2 aluminium arrows. The aluminium frame, the nylon stock and hang grip are additions on the bow which makes it superb.

Why New 150 pound draw crossbow CF119 Stands Out

  • The draw weight of 150 lbs
  • Velocity of 210 feet per second
  • The aluminium frame
  • The nylon stock and hand grip
  • The bow can be easily removed for easy storage
  • The two free aluminium arrows

It is easy to store this crossbow. As much as it is cheap, it is a very strong and high quality crossbow.


120 lbs camo hunting with 4 x 20 scope and 7 x arrows

Wizard Archery 120lbs Hunting Crossbow Package with 4x20 Scope and 7 x Arrows

The price is at $74.99. It is made of high tech fiberglass limb, has a powerful 120 lbs draw weight, has aluminium barrel construction, with an auto safety mechanism which makes it easy to operate thus time saving and fun to use. Its arrows travel at a speed of 185 feet per second.

When it comes to accuracy, it scores a plus on that with an accuracy of up to 50 yards. The packaging comes loaded with one, 120 lbs crossbow, one crossbow string, one foot draw, one crossbow limb, 7 aluminium 14 inch bolts/arrows, one, 4 x 20 crossbow scope. lbs camo hunting with 4 x 20 scope and 7 x arrows&tag=alloutdoors0c-20

150 lbs camo crossbow with scope and pack of 16 inch arrows

150 Lbs Camo Crossbow with Scope and Pack of 16" Arrows

At a price of $85.99, you will get this wonderful crossbow. It has a 4 x 20 scope and a 16 inch pack of 6 arrows. This is a very powerful crossbow that will serve you well. It is good for hunting small animals and also for fun shooting. Its physical appearance doesn’t look cheap at all as its fit and finish is a perfect work of art.

It has a rugged, composite stock and fiberglass limbs, makings it as tough as a rock. It doesn’t matter how if you are left handed or right handed because this crossbow is ambidextrous safe, allowing you to safely handle it with either hand.

What Wonderful Features Comes With This Crossbow

  • Rugged composite stock
  • 175 lbs fiberglass limbs
  • It is ambidextrous safe
  • It has an adjustable Windage and elevation
  • When cocking, the safety is auto
  • Cocking is easy due to the foot stirrup
  • The power stroke is at 12 inches
  • Accurate bolt flight tracking, enhanced by a slotted cast magnesium barrel

You will get accurate shooting with this crossbow due to a 30mm red scope that has a 7 level brightness and is Windage elevation adjustable. For easy cocking and reloading, it has a foot stirrup.


150 lbs crossbow fiberglass stock aluminium 2 arrow

Spider 150 Lbs Compound Crossbow with 2 Arrows

It retails at $73.49. It is a top quality crossbow for this price. It is also modern, accurate, safe and durable for use. It has a rugged composite stock with a 175 lb fiberglass limb. It doesn’t matter whether you are left or right handed, this crossbow is the best for you because it is ambidextrous safe. It has a foot stirrup for easy cocking, with a 16 inch power stroke.

Jaguar 175 lbs recurve camo crossbow CR-013-175

This is a good crossbow for your money. It has a speed of 240 fps. It goes for as less as $79.99. Its specifications include a draw weight of 175 lbs, a velocity of 245 feet per second, power stroke is at 10 inches, the width is at 26.6 inches, the length at 34.5 inches, and the weight at 4.8 lbs. Good value for your money.


Black 120 lbs crossbow by Avalanche

Black 120 lb Crossbow

This is a crossbow that is in high demand due to its qualities. The price is just right for the crossbow as it goes at a price of $63.99 dollars. It is a great crossbow for hunting and target practice.

What are some of the qualities that make this a great crossbow? It has a black synthetic stock with aluminium inner frame; has a 11.5 inches power stroke; draw weight of 120 lbs; shoots bolts up to 185 fps; comes with two 14 inch aluminium bolts; it has a mounting rail for scopes and red dot sights. It weighs 3.63 lbs which is light for a crossbow thus making it portable.


Wizard Archery 120 lbs hunting crossbow package with 4 x 20 scope and 7 x arrows

Wizard Archery 120lbs Hunting Crossbow Package with 4x20 Scope and 7 x Arrows

The Wizard Archery 120 lbs has a good price and quality reviews that most crossbow lovers will fall in love with.

It has a wonderful power stroke of 11.5 inches with a draw weight of 120 lbs. With this specification, you are sure of it being superb when it comes to velocity – it has a velocity of 185 fps.

Get it and fall in love with its power and speed.


SAS disturbance 175 lbs recurve crossbow

SAS Disturbance 175lbs Recurve Crossbow

This SAS disturbance 175 lbs Recurve crossbow is one of the quality crossbows that goes for under $100 in price. It retails at $89.99, has a draw weight of 175 lbs, a speed of 245 lbs, a power stroke of 10.5 lbs, a length of 30.5 inches and comes with a free crossbow stringer and a rail lube.

To sum it up, the crossbow has:

  • 175 pounds draw weight
  • Arrow travels up to 245 fps
  • Power stroke is at 10.5 inches
  • Total length is at 30.5 inches
  • Width is at 26 inches
  • Has aluminium barrel
  • Has solid fiberglass limb
  • Light composite stock
  • Auto safety cocking mechanism design
  • Weaver rail

Assembling this crossbow is very easy; just install the cable slide and then thread the cable into the barrel track. The next step is to tighten the bolt and screw to secure the riser to the stock. Install the foot stirrup, quiver, and scope.


175 lbs black/vista camouflage hunting crossbow archery bow + 8 arrows + rail tube + Stringer + rope cocking device

175lbs Recurve Hunting Crossbow

At $84.99, you will walk home with this crossbow. It is powerful at 150 lbs, has high tech fiberglass limb, comes with the free rope cocking device and has a speed of 210 fps

Other quality under $100 crossbow include but is not limited to:

  • Wizard Archery 130 lbs foldable hunting crossbow package with 7 x 14 inch aluminium arrows and 4 x 20 scope
  • Crossbow self cocking 80 lbs by Kings Archery with adjustable sights and a total of 63 aluminium arrow bolt set
  • Portable hunting 130 lbs foldable crossbow by Armory Replicas
  • New 150 lbs hunting crossbow with arrows/bolts 150 lbs by Rex
  • 150 lbs wood crossbow with 2 arrows by last punch
  • Denali Mountain wild game huting 150 lbs recurve crossbow
  • 150 lbs premium wod/camouflage pre strung hunting crossbow archery bow with 4 x 20 scope + 12 arrows/bots 180


Best Crossbow For Over $100

There are several varieties under this category. Some of their qualities are similar to the under $100 crossbows.

SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package

SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package

It goes for a cool $139.94. To justify its pricing, it comes with a lot of goodies: it includes everything you need to get started on bowing and to all standards, it is affordable.

When you open the package, you will find: the SA sports fever crossbow, a 4 x 32 multi range scope, padded shoulder sling, quick detach quiver, assembly hardware and tools, stringer cable, rope rocking device, four 16 inch aluminum arrows, and a manual. It has a velocity of 250 feet per second,

This is a good crossbow for starters. If you are looking for a starter pack, go for it, but if you are looking for a hunting crossbow, then this is not the right choice for you. You will get your shots on target but your groupings are going to be far too wide for reliable, ethical hunting with this type of model.

The padded shoulder makes carrying it around to be comfortable. The 4 x 32 illuminated scope comes in handy when you are stocking your prey as it has an adjustable weaver style which mounts the target, improving accuracy. You will see your prey but it won’t see you.


SA Sports Empire Terminator 260 FPS Crossbow, 175 pound Black/Camo

SA Sports Empire Terminator 260 FPS Crossbow, 175-Pound, Black/Camo

Retail price is at $148.99. Comes pre-strung, has an adjustable rear stock and has a full barrel picatinny rail. This is a strong crossbow that should hunt even large game like the deer. It has a speed of 260 fps, draw weight of 175 lbs, a mass weight of 4.5 lbs, power stroke of 11 inches, and axle to axle of about 26 inches.

It has a recurve model that contains a claw clever latch and a quick detach quiver. The precision scope mount and trigger assembly also adds value to this crossbow. It is ambidextrous safety friendly, got lightweight carbon fiber accents, has picatinny mount tactical fore grip. This crossbow is such a wonderful piece of art that you will love to work around with.


Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow Kit (175 pounds)

Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow Kit (175-Pounds)

Get this package at a price of $189.99. Why buy this crossbow at this amount? It offers value for money because it has a high standard of performance. The design is simple and it is a crossbow which is perfect for beginners. It is a powerful practice tool as well as a strong one for hunting. Its simplicity and effectiveness makes it stand out.

It is a recurve crossbow that measures 27 inches in width. The string length is 26.5 inches while the draw weight is at 175 pounds. The total weight of the weapon is 4.84 pounds. It is made from a quality tough material of fiberglass used in building the limbs while the rear stock is made of lightweight composite. The truck material is made of aluminum.


SAS 150 lbs Panther Compound Crossbow

SAS 150 lbs Panther Compound Crossbow

You have less than $200 and looking for a quality crossbow? Go for SAS 150 lbs Pantcher Compound Crossbow. It is a very powerful crossbow with a draw weight of 150 lbs, the arrows travel up to 280 fps, it has a compression molded fiberglass limb, got an aluminum barrel construction and a reinforced composited stock.

It is a heavy duty hunting crossbow that has an auto safety cocking mechanism design which makes it easy to be operated. It has a very good accuracy up to 60 yards. It is suitable for hunting large game and also for leisurely outings for practice.


Barnett 78615 Recruit Recurve PKG

Barnett 78615 Recruit Recurve Pkg

This is a lightweight crossbow that can be used by everyone in the family; the youth, father and mother. It has an adjustable stock to fit you even when you are over six feet tall. Get this crossbow and you are assured of accuracy of up to 30 yards. And for the price, it is very affordable at $169.86.

The package comes loaded with a Barnett 78615 Recruit Recurve, red dot crossbow sight, 3 arrow crossbow quiver, three 18 inches crossbow arrows. This crossbow keeps the balance between performance and price. It has an anti dry fire trigger that prevents you from shooting without an arrow. The metal injected mold trigger allows for the tightest quality tolerance and smooth trigger pull.

It has finger reminders and pass through fore grip to prevent accidents. It has an allowance for a crank cocking device.


SAS Jaguar 175 lbs Recurve Hunting Crossbow Red Dot Scope Package

SAS Jaguar 175lbs Recurve Hunting Crossbow Deluxe Red Dot Scope Package

Its price is quite affordable retailing at $159.99. Its draw weight is at 175 pounds, it has a compression molded fiberglass limb, it operates on an auto safety cocking mechanism, velocity is at 245 fps

This is a heavy duty hunting crossbow for anyone who wants to go hunting for both small and big animals.


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What To Look For In A crossbow Before Spending Your Money

It doesn’t automatically mean that an expensive crossbow is superior to a low cost one. At times, prices are affected by different factors and not necessarily quality. So make sure to look at the general quality of the crossbow, and compare with its price before buying it. Read through reviews of those customers who have previously used what you want to buy, before committing your money. Make it a worthy investment without future regrets.

We will try to review some of the best crossbows and for each model, we will provide you with information about its price; velocity (feet per second); draw weight (in pounds); power stroke i.e. the distance the prod string needs to be drawn before it is cocked; the arrow length; and overall length and weight of the weapon. From there, you can make a pick of whichever crossbow you think will be most suitable and good value for your money.


As always, remember to wax your strings and check to make sure that the screws are tightened as they can become loose over time. Take care of the crossbows in order to get good value for your money. Make it a worthy investment.

Before you consider buying a crossbow, check out if it is easy to assemble, and if all the parts as mentioned in the manual are available. Go for a crossbow that has a lever or a crank, for ease of cocking. Virtually, every bow will come with an optical or red dot scope, make sure yours is working before you decide to commit your hard earned cash.

Go for crossbows whose manufacturer has included a pre-sight. This makes it easy to start learning crossbow and shooting directly on target.

Before you begin shooting, make sure you know how your scope adjust in order to get a clear view of the target.

When rough sighting, stand only 10 paces from your target and fire your first shot. If your arrow hits in or near the bullseye, you are good to go. If you happen to miss target at close range, you may have improperly installed the scope.

It is your money, take time to shop around, read other customer’s reviews and then make a concrete decision on whether you want to buy that particular bow or not. Your hard earned cash is not easy to come so don’t invest it somewhere where it will just disappear without a trace… purchase quality and durability.

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