Top 3 Best Deer Feeders For The Money

deer feedersThere are different deer feeders which are best deer feeders for the money. There are automatic feeders, bucket and barrel type deer feeders, trough type deer feeders and PVC deer feeders. When it comes to PVC deer feeders, they are made of between 6 and 10 inch PVC.

Bucket or barrel deer feeders are made from 5 gallon buckets, galvanized trash cans and plastic barrels. This type of deer feeders can usually hold more food and there set up is easy as they can be set up to make a deer nudge the bottom of it to get food.

Trough type of deers is meant to be free standing feeders that would feed the deers manually. The stands can be wooden, tree trumps or hay feeders. These troughs can be set up under automatic or gravity feeders.

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When thinking about a deer feed, it is best to think of how many deer you are thinking about feeding and why you want to feed them. If you want to feed where there are large herds, you might need a deer feeder which is a bit more sophisticated than the ordinary variety and in this case, an automatic feeder will do.

When you embark on deer feeding program, the chances of more deer being attracted to your field are high, but in case you see just a few deer being attracted to you field to cause trouble, then go for a PVC feeder.

Top Deer Feeders For The Money Comparison

Some of the best deer feeders for the money available in the market include:

Boss Buck Large 12V Automatic Deer Feeder

Boss Buck Automatic Deer Feeder

This deer feeder holds approximately 350 lbs of corn or 250 lbs of large protein pellets. It is equipped with a heavy duty blower motor and 5 inch swing door slinger. The feeder quickly converts from automatic timer feeder to protein feeding. It is constructed of tough UV protected plastic that will not rust, leak or rot. It also has galvanized hardware and stainless steel inserts. It has a sixteen gauge galvanized steel feeder legs and a lid designed for proper ventilation.

Why Go For Boss Buck Large 12 V Automatic Deer Feeder

  • Heavy duty blower motor and 5 inches swing door slinger
  • Hopper weighs 30 lbs
  • 106 inches square feeder legs 16 gauge galvanized steer
  • Converts to gravity / protein feeder (3 way protein head sold separately)
  • It is made of tough UV protected plastic


Sweeney Deer Feeder

Sweeney Deer Feeder

This deer feeder is capable of handling 300 to 650 pound capacities and it provides flexibility and control over a feeding program with a timed trough feeder thus making it the most effective way of feeding protein to deer as there is none wasted. Time and amount can be set for each feeding with up to 24 feedings per day. With this deer feeder, you are sure that you will feed the deer and not the varmint. A supplemental feeding program results in improved antlers and overall health of deers thus making it to be one of the best deer feeders for the money.

Why Go For A Sweeney Deer Feeder

  • It has a built in sight gage to check on feed level
  • It is easy to open due to the Lookable lid which is hinged in the back
  • It covers an a 60 feet diameter circle
  • It has a pre wired solar panel port and there is a solar charger which is sold separately
  • It is made of heavy gage strong galvanized steel hopper


Moutrie Econo Plus Deer Feeder

Moutrie Econo Plus Deer Feeder

What makes this feeder be considered one of the best deer feeders for the money? It is due to its adjustable feed time that dispenses feed up to 30 minutes before sunset. This time is a photocell that runs twice in a day, at dawn and at dusk. You do not need to do any programming as the photocell is adjustable thus allowing you to choose the light level for the evening feed cycle up to 30 minutes before sunset. You have all the hardware which you need to complete the feeder all you need to do is attach the timer to any drum or bucket, then insert a battery and add the feed. It gets the job done while providing an affordable option to hunters who have their own bucket or drums. In order to get best performance, use a rechargeable 6V, 5-amp Moultrie brand battery which is sold separately.

Why Go For Moutrie Econo Plus Deer Feeder

  • It has a redesigned plastic housing which is user friendly and durable
  • You will have all the hardware you need to complete your feeder
  • It has an adjustable feed setting of between 4 and 16 seconds run time that allows feed amount for each cycle to be customized.
  • Operates on one 6V battery
  • Has an adjustable photocell timer that allows you to choose the light level for the evening feed cycle up to 30 minutes before sunset


Automatic Deer Feeders

These are the best deer feeders for the money as they provide timed, measured feedings as well as are able to utilize a renewable source of energy such as a solar charged battery in order to give devices the opportunity to be placed in areas far away from your gardens to be effective. To make them worth the money they cost, they are normally watertight and come with a UV inhibitor which prevents the feeds from getting spoilt.

Why Automatic Deer Feeders

Most automatic deer feeders come loaded with a hopper in which the food will be stored, a plate and a timer that disperses food over a large area of ground. This prevents in fighting over food. To discourage the deer from eating from the ground and causing food contamination, the rotating food dispersal unit is normally replaced with a feeding tray. One nice feature of some of the more expensive units is height adjustable as it gives you the opportunity to ensure that the deer in your area can utilize your feed thus making them to be the best deer feeders for the money.

Filling The Automatic Feeder

It is recommended that the automatic feeder be filled with different food stuffs as it will encourage the deer to utilize the feeder for fulfilling its nutritional requirements instead of ambushing your garden. It is a known fact that deer enjoy a variety of fresh seeds, grains, vegetables, and molasses. Purchase commercial food from any hunter’s food supply or feed supply store for your automatic feeder. It is recommended you go for dried grains and seeds as they are long lasting as compared to the molasses and fresh foodstuffs.

Where To Place an Automatic Deer Feeder

When searching for a location to place the automatic feeder, it is advisable you go to an open area which is at least 100 yards away from your vegetable gardens and flower beds. This will help to prevent the deer from moving from the feeder to your precious garden. Another ideal location to place your deer feeder is where the deer tend to frequent, this will make them be aware of the feeder and thus to make them come directly to the feeder instead of your garden. Make sure you fill the automatic feeder, turn on the timer and leave it for the deer to come and enjoy a meal. It is a known fact that deer feed at dusk and dawn so it will be no surprise that there will be no activity at the feeder until late in the evening. In the beginning, you might notice that the deer will be cautious until it realizes that the feeder doesn’t pose any danger to them.

When you find a good automatic feeder that satisfies your needs and budget, you will realize that it is the best deer for the money because it is what you were looking for.

Trough Type Deer Feeders

To save on money, you can build your own deer feeders all you need is cedar or redwood, lumber, one 1 x 8 x 9 pieces and a 2 x 4 which should have a minimum length length of three feet. The pieces of lumber will need to be ripped to a narrower width. A number of screws will be needed , matching wing nuts washers and carriage are important when it comes to joining the trough together.

Working on the Trough Type Deer Feeders

Cut the 1 sizeable piece of 2 – 36 inch in lengths, thus leaving piece of around 7.45 inches in width and rip the other of 6. 5 inches. The remaining two can be split into 3.45 inches in width which will then be cut into two triangles.using a miter saw. The four will then be attached to one another at the edges thus necessitating the drilling of holes at their edges to avoid split of the lumber. Two holes should be drilled at the end measuring 1 x 7.15 inch x 36; drill another two holes at each end measuring 3/8 from the end and 1.5 inches from the edge. On the 36 x 65 x 1 inch board, two holes should be drilled each 3/8 inch from the end and 1.5 inches from the sides. The two triangles should then be taken and two holes measuring 5/8 inch in diameter should be drilled perpendicular to the short point that are located 1 inch and 2 ¼ inch from the long flat edge.

Assembling the Trough Type Deer Feeder

Now you are through with cutting the piece and you are about to assemble one of the top deer feeders for the money, lay the 1 x 6 ½ inch board on a flat workbench so that one edge is close to the bench’s end. Stand the 1 x 7 ¼ inch on its edge next to the 1 x 6 ¼ inch so that the screw holes are closest to the bench and aligned with the 1 x 6 ¼ inch. Secure the larger piece of lumber to the smaller one using the wood screws making sure that the ends of each board align with one another. Once all the screws are in place, turn the trough over and set it on one of the triangles so that the triangle set flush with the trough’s end. Drill beforehand the screw holes using the holes you previously drilled in the length lumber in the triangle to keep the triangles from breaking prematurely.then attach the triangles after drilling 4 5/8 inches holes at the bottom of the trough. Pap! Your trough is ready for use.

How to Set A Trough Type Deer Feeder

To set it outside, you will need to attach the legs to the trough using the washers, carriage bolts and wing nuts. Once assembled, set it in an ideal place outside! A piece of plywood which should be the same shape and size of the one at the top should be placed at the bottom. To make it slide, make sure you put a lag bolt in the stump. Fill the corn and you will be shocked the squirrels will come and eat the germ, leaving the rest of the kernel, thus making the corn to last for a long time. The stump looks natural.

Choosing the Location For Trough Type Deer Feeder

When selecting a location where to build a deer feeder, people must first consider the number of deer they are planning to feed. In case you have so many deers, it is recommended you look for the a good deer feeder for the money to handle the job., but if the number is small then a backyard feeder will simply do the job for you and there is no need of purchasing a deer feeder.


There are several best deer feeders for the money on the market. Go through the reviews online and invest in a deer feeder which is worth the investment. Let it be a long term investment and also let it make you feel that you have your money’s worth.

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