What are the 8 Best Deer Feeders in 2021?

deer feedersThe best way to improve the health of a deer is to buy for them best deer feeders money can buy. In case you long for deer to swim into your backyard or if you want to hunt it to a specific stand then you have to go for deer feeders. They play an important role in hunting and deer watching as they help in luring deer to the desired area.

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It is a known fact that most hunters and deer owners normally consider supplemental feeding to be an important factor in order to manage their deer and as a source of nutrition when the native forage becomes inadequate in quality and quantity. Most deer feeding programs which provide supplement feeding are expensive. It is advisable that supplemental feeding be done only during stress periods or under specific conditions. Deer stress period is normally encountered when protein content of the forage goes low during winter, dry summers and dry springs.

Top 8 Deer Feeders Comparison

Here are some of the top deer feeder reviews:

American Hunter Sun Slinger Kit Feeder

American Hunter Sun Slinger Kit Feeder

This deer feeder comes with a 6 volt solar charger which is durable. It is made of hard quality metal and it is designed for durability to make it withstand even in the worst weather condition. It is a very strong product with a measurement of6 x 19 x 5 inches and it weighs 5.5 pounds. It works well both as a slinger and downspout.

According to the best deer feeder reviews on Amazon, its mounting brackets are very easy to install and easiest touch digital timer works just great. It is an amazing 5.5 deer feeder which can run for over a month if you set the timer in a low mood and can sling feed between 10 – 15 foot radius.

When it comes to cost, it goes for less than $100 and it is a worth investment as with good care, it can serve you for over 4 years. The AA and rechargeable batteries may need a replacement after every 2 years.


Redneck Outdoors T-Post Gravity Feeder

Redneck Outdoors T-Post Gravity Feeder

This is a quality deer feed which is made from top quality all weather polyethylene without mechanical parts thus making it maintenance free. It is one of the most durable and biggest deer feeder that is available in the market. It can comfortably hold 80 pounds of corn.

It is designed in such a way that it can endure harsh weather conditions and even repeated animal attacks especially from big animals. It comes loaded with mounting bolts and hardware and with a concave shaped back and a groove which is V shaped to allow for a quick and easy mounting onto a standard T-post.

You can even use a ratchet trap and set it up on a tree. It is a gravity type deer feeder which provides a 4 x 5 inch feed opening thus making it easy for the deer to feed on. It costs less than $100.


Moultrie – 6.5 Gallon Pro Hunter Deer Feeder

Moultrie Pro Hunter Deer Feeder

This is an affordable and functional product which is low priced and has incredible features that you would definitely be looking for in a best deer feeder. It measures 16.8 x 12 x 12.2 inches and boasts of a weight of 7.7 pounds. It has a 360 degree feed pattern and the spin plate, which is diamond shaped, allows for extensive feed dispersal.

This wonderful deer feeder comes loaded with a timer which can easily be programmed for six separate feed settings in a day with 1-20 seconds run time. It has a detachable plastic kit housing can be removed without the need of emptying the feeder. All in all, this feeder is good and easy to transport or transfer its location.

In the box you will find a four pack of a long lasting D-cell batteries, but it is possible to use a single 6 volt battery which you can buy separately, to operate the feeder.

According to deer feeder reviews, batteries are supposed to be changed at least on a monthly basis, which will coincide with feed refill if it is set at low lower feed rates.


Moultrie – 55 Gallon Pro Hunter 400 lb Deer Feeder

Moultrie - 55 Gallon Pro Hunter 400 lb Deer Feeder

This deer feeder will provide you with great hunting opportunities as well as nutrition that will keep the deer population healthy, growing and balanced. It is ideal for open and flat areas as it will make it easy to distribute a valuable source of supplemental nutrition such as corn, which is shelled, pelletized feed and soybeans at the exact place and time that you need it. It has an up to date programmable timer that lets you set the start time and customize the amount of feed to release with variable feed settings. It has a durable plastic kit which is user friendly and can easily schedule more than 6 feedings in a day and save you food distribution during the key stages of the growth of a dee.The barrel which is made of metal, holds up to 400 pounds of feed for almost eight months of feeding. It has a spin plate which is diamond shaped and helps keep the wind from blowing off the feed and distributes the food in a particular diameter circle.

Why Buy The Moultrie – 55 Gallon Pro Hunter 400 lb Deer Feeder

  • It has a metal funnel
  • It schedules up to 6 feedings a day
  • The spin plate is diamond shaped and helps to protects against wind and varmints
  • It has a metal construction bucket that has 375 lb capacity that can last for approximately 6 months
  • It has a built in battery level monitor
  • It has a programmable digital timer
  • It is easy to program LCD timer as it eliminates frustration and saves time
  • It operates on one 6V battery which you buy separately.
  • Key Features of The Moultrie – 55 Gallon Pro Hunter 400 lb Deer Feeder
  • It has a built in varmint guard
  • It operates on one or two 6 volt batteries
  • It holds up to 400lbs of feed
  • Can be programmed to release food 6 times a day
  • It has an all metal construction
  • It costs less than $300

Specifications of the Moultrie – 55 Gallon Pro Hunter 400 lb Deer Feeder

  • Mostly it comes in brown, black colors
  • It is manufactured by Moultrie Products, LLC
  • It can be used for Mule deer, elk, Turkey or Deer feeding
  • Its dimensions are 24 x 24 x 34.5 inches


American Hunter Feeder With Timer and Varmint Guard

American Hunter Feeder With Timer and Varmint Guard

This is one of the best deer feeders available in the market which offers reliable, durable and convenience all bundled in one deer feeder. It has an analog clock timer which will automatically allow for quick and easy customization of feeding cycles and times as feed can be dispensed from anywhere 1 and 24 times in a day. It has an adjustable feed rate that allows for it to release feed at one to 30 second in an interval. To crown it all, it has a varmint guard, which comes in handy to prevent unwanted foragers like rats, squirrels and other birds. It has a compact size that allows for easy fitting on a variety of feed containers. It runs on one 6 volt spring top battery which you have to purchase separately.

Why Go For American Hunter Feeder With Timer and Varmint Guard

  • It has an all weather resistant housing
  • It includes a digital clock timer and guard
  • It acts both as a game feeder and feed
  • It is a top of the line GSM product
  • It has an adjustable feed rate
  • It has a varmint guard
  • It can fit in most of the feed containers


Moultrie – 30 Gallon Tripod Deer Feeder

Moultrie - 30 Gallon Tripod Deer Feeder

This deer feeder accommodates up to 2.25 inches in length and 0.25 in diameter of protein or corn. How does it work? The gravity is the one which works with the feed which is on the feeder and brings it within the hopper down into the feeder kit, and reducing the wastage of feeder as any extra feeder goes to the funnel.

It allows for fast and easy assembly in less than 10 minutes. Another plus for it is that, you can mount up to 3 cameras on it, thus giving you 360 degree coverage. It stands at less than 6 feet tall, making it look great and easy to fill.

Why Go For Moultrie – 30 Gallon Tripod Deer Feeder

  • It is easy to fill from ground level
  • The tapered design looks cool with 30 gallon capacity that holds up to 200 lbs
  • It has a lid
  • Has a hopper top
  • It has a hopper bottom
  • It has a 3 leg pole
  • It has a quick locking design that is easy to assemble in less than 10 minutes
  • Camera mounts allow easy and quick access and mounting of up to 3 game cameras
  • It includes square tube legs thus eliminating the need for push and lock pole system


American Hunter 180 lbs Shorty Feeder

American Hunter 180 lbs Shorty Feeder

This is a deer feeder that is constructed with a polyethylene feeding container that is weather resistant. It has analog time, three galvanized steel legs and a varmint guard among the other many goodies that are incorporated this wonderful deer feeder. According to the deer feeder reviews, it is a deer feeder that is built to last for a very long time. The analog clock allows you to choose how many times in a day you will have to dispense food to the deer and because it is incredibly easy to fill, it won’t be of much stress to refill the deer feeder. It has an easy to open lid which makes it easy to refill thus no need for a ladder when dong the refill. It is the perfect feeder to use when you want to keep deer in your wood when hunting season comes.

Why Go For The American Hunter 180 lbs Shorty Feeder

  • It comes included with a power coated no blow slinger
  • It has an adjustable feed rate, which ranges from 1 second to a half an hour
  • It has a quick release lid
  • Feeds 1 -24 times a day
  • It has heavy duty leg mounts
  • It has an analog clock timer and a guard
  • It has low height that allows for easy filling
  • It requires 6 Volt battery


American Hunter 5 Gallon Digital Deer Feeder

American Hunter 5 Gallon Digital Deer Feeder

This is a hanging deer feeder which can hold five gallons at a go and comes loaded with everything you need to get started with your deer feeding. You do not require any assembling thus making it easier for you. It has a built in funnel which keeps the food from trapping on the sides and bottom of the bucket. The digital timer which includes programs up to four different feed times a day. The bucket, feeder and funnel are ready for use you just have to get it from the box and on you are ready to start feeding the deer.

Why Go For American Hunter 5 Gallon Digital Deer Feeder

  • It comes loaded with a metal pin plate
  • It has an adjustable feet
  • It has a 5 gallon plastic tapered bucket
  • It has a built in funnel design
  • It has a test button for easy set up
  • It requires AA batteries for operations and they are included in the purchase
  • This is a hanging deer feeder that has a digital programmable timer
  • It has a capability of attaching a solar panel which is not included
  • No assembly is required


Advantages of Deer Feeding

It normally expands hold or range of animals in areas, if other factors are not limiting

  • Carry more quality animals in a given area
  • Lower post rut mortality in bucks
  • Trophy class animals at an earlier age
  • Smooth out boom or bust population cycles
  • Allow genetically superior animals to reach their potential

Disadvantages of Deer Feeding

  • Long term commitment for learned behavior and it also take 3 years response time
  • More intensive management required like in harvest, marketing and feeding program
  • The cost is high on the food and equipment plus the labor
  • You might end up feeding non target animals

Choosing a Deer Feeder

According to the best deer feeder reviews, they come in different sizes and shape. Most of them are basic models that distribute feed for wildlife. The difference is made by the way the feeder is designed. The time to hunt for a feeder should coincide with the general time you think the deer will be making a visit in the area. Make sure you go for a feeder that as compact as possible. When going for a deer feeder, remember that you will be required to carry the feeder out and the feed too. Make sure that you choose a location where it will be easier for you to take food in the feeder whenever the need arises, with ease. Avoid choosing a feeder location where you have to refill it with food. It should be easy to refill the feeder without the need of a truck. This means that, figure the feeder food logistics before buying the feeder.

How To Set Up a Deer Feeder

According to deer feeder reviews, it is a known fact that the deer will come out for bait or feed. So if they want to feed, they will automatically find the feeder. The trick lies with how to place it to make the deer comfortable. The truth is, deers like to eat from areas they frequent, so it will be important to set the feeder near a major game trail in order to boost the feeder.

When you set up the feeder, it should be somewhere where other wildlife like the raccoons, wild boars and the squirrels will not have access to it so that they don’t disturb the peace of the deer. In order to succeed in this area, special guards have to be erected to keep them off.

Food competition is to be considered, too, while setting up a deer feeder. It beats logic to place a 100lb sack in next to a corn field of 300 acres. There is no way this will attract the deer as it already has more than enough to feed on and it doesn’t require your 100lb. It also doesn’t add up when you put feed where there are no deers.

When setting up a deer feeder it is important to think about the cover. During shooting light, a deer can not feed in the middle of the field so if you do put a feeder there, no deer will surface. Also, where it is densely covered, a deer will be nervous while feeding so unlikely to come to the feeder. The best cover to put the deer feeder is in a place where it is semi secluded like a thicket surrounded by very light brush in big woods.

Deer feeders are placed in an area that is between a food source and main bedding area. The reason behind this is because, the deer will move on in the feeder while to or fro food source and will automatically hang up during the shooting light. If you set it up that way, it will make refilling, hunting and photography such fun. The deer will be there most likely after the first light and probably just before sundown leaving the middle of the day free to refill and maintain the feeder.

The safety of the location is very important as it  will make sure that both you and the deer are safe. Avoid places like highways, parks, or recreational places that are close to the woods as they are not safe for the deer. Deers don’t travel in places they feel are not safe so don’t lure them into an unsafe place either.

How to Know The Best Deer Feeder Times

With the use of game cameras, it is very easy to know the best deer feeder times. With this cameras, you can go through the snapshots and tell which times of the night and day the deer visit your chosen place. If you can’t afford game cameras, you can track and observe the deer from your area and it might give you a rough idea what time the deer feeds.

You need to know when the deer pass through your area for meal time so that you can feed it correctly. This will help you to control the food you dispense. In case of high traffic the feed should be dispensed in proper amounts so that a steady feeding pattern is maintained. It is a known fact that most deer tend to move more dusk and dawn. So if you don’t have a camera, these are the times you can fix the feeding program for the deer.

Deer feeders can be important in all seasons, including the hunting seasons. Some people use their feeders during hunting season to lure the deers into their homes and some hunters just love to keep the deers around all year round so that they are kept in good shape in order to give better results during the peak hunting season.

Deer Feeder Management

For the deer feeder to be in shape, it is good to make sure that it is checked and maintained all year round. If it is an automatic deer feeder, make sure that the batteries are well charged or do a replacement when the need arises. In case you have a gravity based model, make sure that the inspection is done regularly for blockages. Make sure that the type of feeder you have is correctly set up to avoid obstruction and guarantee your effectiveness.


According to the best deer feeder reviews, there are several types and sizes of deer feeders available in the market with varying specifications and sizes, no one size fits all so you have to go through the reviews and get one which is most suitable for your unique situation.

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