Top 5 Best Depth Finders

1Depth finders are invaluable tools for anybody who would want to have success in fishing. This tool will help and increase your chances of finding fish in those waters.

It is considered as a secret weapon for successful fishing.

This depth finders come in different shapes, sizes and styles. But if you know what you are looking for, you will definitely get the best depth finder on the market.

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Top 5 Depth Finders Comparison

Some of the highest rated depth finders include:

The Garmin Echo 551c Depth Finder

Garmin Echo 551c

This is one of the best depth finder on the market. Its HD-ID tracking technology helps in showing you a clear picture of what is underneath and also enables you to know exactly what it is. It has a 500 watts of RMS power and a 120 degree viewing angle which will enable you to see up to 1900 feet of fresh water. It has an additional Smooth Scaline technology, which ensure that you rewind your sonar history in case you miss out on something. This depth finder is easy to install as it uses a quick release mount and transom mount transducer.

Features of Garmin Echo 550c Depth Finder

  • It has two sonar options, the 120 degrees and 60 degrees
  • It has a dual beam transducer and comes with a viewing angle of up to 120 degrees, thus making it possible to view beyond the boat sides. The powerful sonar together with the transducers enables one to see up to a depth of 1900 feet when fishing in fresh water and 700 feet when fishing in salty waters.
  • It has a display of up to 256 colors on a 5 inches. It has a resolution of 80 x 640 pixels which enables one to view details at the bottom of the boat. The screen also displays a water graph as measured by temperature sensor and temperature log. The fish ID helps in identifying the fish targets.
  • It has a 3 push button on the front panel with a four way cursor pad. You access the main menu by touching the menu key. With cursor pad arrows, you can select, accept and execute by pressing the enter key.
  • The device transmits power up to 500 watts with 20 cable
  • It has audible alarms for voltage battery voltage, drift alarm, and fish alarm

Why Go For It

  • It is easy to set up
  • Its screen display is bright enough to see even in bright sunlight
  • The menu is user friendly


Its high resolution in combination with a powerful sonar , VGA color screen, video quality and HD-ID is extra sensitive. According to to depth finder reviews, many customers have ranked this particular depth finder to be one of the best ever in the market.


The Garmin 300c Waterproof Fish Finder

Garmin 300c Waterproof Fish Finder

It is one of the best depth finder in its price category. It comes with a 1200 watt rating that hosts 150 watts RMS rating. It is a perfect tool for fresh water fishermen and those who are out for recreation due to its detailed user interface and high resolution screen.

It uses a dual beam transducer which easily shows in real time, everything that goes on underneath the boat. The UltraScroll helps it to perfect on the real time display, especially in shallow waters. The zoom comes in two options 2X and 4X. This feature helps you in seeing exactly what you are looking for under the water without drilling through the bottom of the boat. Its transducer has the ability to read through a fiberglass hull, thus making it portable.

It has a fish ID which helps to identify the fish. The Clutter on the screen is minimized by the presence of AutoGain Technology while the Whiteline Technology helps to indicate the depth of the floor of the body f the water on which you are currently on.

Features of The Garmin 300c Waterproof Fish Finder

  • It gives you a display with the ability to adjust the backlight and switching between night and day modes. The resolution, at 8.89 cm i.e. 3.5 inches,with a QVGA color display, makes it high quality.
  • Peak to peak power output is at 1200 watts and 150 watts RMS
  • It has an auto grain setting to help in adjusting sonar sensitivity
  • The see through technology helps to show simultaneously the weak and strong returns
  • The white line helps to show the thickness of the bottom
  • There is the indicator of the battery voltage which helps to notice the voltage level of the battery in order to avoid sudden blacking out of the machine
  • Color scheme determines the color to be on the background screen giving the user the option o selecting blue or white
  • Scroll speed which gives it the ability to adjust the sonar scrolling rate from right to left
  • Surface noise helps to hide the sonar returns and reduce visual clutter
  • Keel offset gives it the ability to measure depth for the from the boat keel’s bottom instead of reading it from the transducer. It is only visible when the wheel is not attached
  • It has a transducer which helps in calibrating the speed of water which is only visible when the speed wheel is attached

Why Go For The Garmin 300c Waterproof Fish Finder

  • The fish depth is marked clearly on the the fish icons
  • It can run for a day on one charge with its battery
  • It has a bright display and great display even when in direct sunshine
  • The menu is user friendly
  • It can be submerged and still function due to the buttons which are waterproof


This is a durable depth finder with high quality functionality. It shouldn’t disappoint in case you choose to buy it.


Humminbird 408120-1 597 ci Fish Finder

Humminbird 408120-1 597 ci Fish Finder

This is a versatile depth finder from Humminbird. It comes with built in maps of over 3000 different rivers and lakes in the United States and has a high resolution chart plotter. It has a GPS which has the ability to locate and track you wherever you go. It has a 4000 watts, which is used to switch the fire dual beam sonar which is 5 inches in size. This in turn gives you a wonderful view of the happenings in real time and be able to see the fish.

It is easy to make it portable as the entire system can be detached, thus making it possible for you to use it on the move.

Features of The Humminbird 408120-1 597 Ci Fish Finder

  • It has a GPS receiver that eases the ability of your locating where to get the fish or where they are lurking irrespective of the kind of water that you are fishing from
  • Using the screen, you are able to see where the fishes are lurking and the screen has a zoom option for a better and closer view.
  • It has a map which shows over 3000 fishing lakes and rivers which are located along the coastlines of the United States of America
  • It comes with a high resolution chatter plotter
  • It has 4000 watts of power output, dual beam sonar and a switch fire dual beam solar which is 5 inches in size
  • It has buttons which makes its use easier
  • It has a real time sonar which delivers the latest updates of the place where you are fishing at a rate that is faster than you can ever imagine.

Why Go For The Humminbird 408120-1 597 ci Fish Finder

  • It has incomparable clarity and specification with exceptional details
  • Has a split screen zoom
  • Has a freeze frame option
  • It can identify fish
  • Has side view technology which allows one to view obstructions under the boat
  • The GPS receiver makes it possible to catch fishes while fishing
  • It is an ideal tool for beginners as it is easy to operate
  • This device will tell you where the fishes are lurking and you will go after them making it to be one of the best depth finders
  • The GPS is detachable, making it portable to carry around whenever you are going out fishing
  • The real time sonar makes it possible to see where the fishes are lurking even in the murky muds
  • The power lasts for quite a while due to the 4000 power outputs
  • The Navigational System of The Humminbird 408120-1 597 ci Fish Finder
  • It has an inbuilt mapping package of Contour XD by Navionics.The ContourXD has over 3000 lake maps. Known for its speed and precision, the real time sonar updates very fast. Its Unimap has stored Continental United States coastline mapping data for rivers and lakes at 30 meters per pixel resolution. It comes packaged with mounting brackets, installation hardware, Transom mount transducers and cables.


It is important that when you set out to go fishing, you catch as many fish as you are satisfied with. This depth finder will definitely make sure the job is done without wasting time and energy. It is worthy every penny you spend on it.

The Transducer of The Humminbird 408120-1 597 ci Depth Finder

The precision rate of its transducer is at 20 degree beam with a wider 60 degree beam which definitely allows one to get images beneath the boat

Power of The Humminbird 408120-1 597 ci Depth Finder

The 4000 watts dual beam PTP power output enables the kit and its GPS to last for so many hours without demanding recharge, thus enabling you to go out fishing without fear of power failure.

Ease of use of The Humminbird 408120-1 597 ci Depth Finder

This particular depth finder is easy to use due to the touch buttons present which allows for one to concentrate in catching the fish and controlling the kit simultaneously. The display of 5 inches helps in easing the reading and boosting of making use of this kit.

The Humminbird 408120-1 597 ci Depth Finder Portable or Fixed

This is a portable depth finder with a GPS which gives it the ability to tilt and swivel and thus easy to detach.


The Hummingbird 409470 ci HD Combo Depth Finder

The Hummingbird 409470 ci HD Combo Depth Finder

It has a 180 degree side by side sonar imaging functions that makes it possible to view larger images. A thin been will be able to scan the entire area, thereby covering up to 240 feet on both sides of the boat. You can be able to see everything, even at a high speed.

Using high frequency, you can be able to see up to deep down the waters. It has a GPS built into its head unit, thus you will be able to track wherever you go. It comes with an SD slot for storing locations, screen shots and sonar locations. It has a tilt and swivel movements that make it easy to attach and control your depth finder very fast and easily.

It is costly, but compared to its features, it is worth every penny used to it.

Features of The Hummingbird 409470-1 698ci HD Combo Depth Finder

  • The temperature and speed are increased
  • Sonar coverage of20 degrees,60 degrees and 180 degrees
  • Sees to a maximum depth of 1500 feet
  • It has a built in UniMap
  • Precision WASS plus GPS
  • DualBeam Plus
  • Down Imaging
  • Side Imaging
  • A wonderful, very bright five inch HD 480 x 640 pixel color display
  • Temperature and speed are included

Conclusion on The Hummingbird 698ci HD Combo Depth Finder

According to the depth finders reviews, the Hummingbird 409470-1 698ci HD Combo Depth Finder is one of the best fish finders on the market. This is a depth finder for serious fishermen as it increases the ability of one catching fish in an impossible way.


Garmin Echo 100 Depth Finder

Garmin Echo 100 Depth Finder

This is a good depth finder especially for smaller crafts says the depth finder reviews. It has a 100 watts sonar power which is more than enough for the small outings made by this depth finder. It has a 200 kHz single beam transmitter which makes it more useful. It comes with a grayscale display which is easy to refresh, and sees up to a depth of 600 feet. So keep your concentration on finding fish and nothing more. It comes with a trolling motor clamp which is necessary for easy mounting.

This depth finder is especially good to use on a kayak to see the depth of the waters of freshwater lakes. It comes with an audio alarm which will make it simpler and easier to fish.

Features of Garmin Echo 100 Depth Finder

  • 600 feet maximum depth performance
  • 8 level gray scale
  • Garmin HD – ID technology for an excellent arc presentation when fishing
  • A beam width of up to 60 degrees
  • Fast screen updates
  • It has an auto gain technology, which comes in handy when minimizing the cluster and maximizing on the targets
  • Water temperature sensor
  • Audible alarms

The Transducer of the Garmin Echo 100 Depth Finder

The device comes with a transducer, mounting brackets, a trolling motor clamp, and the hardware.The transducer has a frequency of 200 kHz and a cone angle which is at 60 degrees. It is a very powerful transducer as it greatly helps in determining the temperature and depth of the water you are fishing in.

Display of the Garmin Echo 100 Depth Finder

It has a great screen display measuring 4 inches. The screen resolution is at 160 x 256 pixels. It has two dimensional imaging and according to the best depth finder reviews, it offers enhanced separation and definition of the images. The display is clear and very good.

Power of the Garmin Echo 100 Depth Finder

It uses up to 100 watts of sonar power thus making it be one of the most powerful low budget depth finders   on the market. The transmitter has a capacity of 100 W RMS and 800 w peak to peak. It comes with a power cable and has a frequency of about 200kHz.

Portability of Garmin Echo 100 Depth Finder

It is small thus portable and can be used on small boats. It has a quick release tilt mount which makes assembling, dissembling quite easy. It saves a lot of space on the boat as it is very portable.

Ease of Use of Garmin Echo 100 Depth Finder

It is easy to use and comes with a manual for reference purposes.


The choice of a depth finder will entirely depend on you. Go through the best depth finders reviews and choose the best you can in the market. Get one and be able to find more fish when you go to the lake for fishing.


What to look for when buying a depth finder

When buying a depth finder, there are several factors to look into in order to buy one of the best depth finders available:


This is what will send out sound waves that will eventually help track the fish. The cone angle is very important the larger the angle, the larger the view of whatever is beneath your boat and it is advantageous especially when doing shallow fishing. Transducers are available in different size ranges between 9 degrees and 60 degrees. Get whatever transducers depending on your needs.

The frequency of the transducers also matters a lot. The higher the frequency, the higher the view in shallow waters. Frequencies are found on 200 kHz, 192 kHz, and 50 kHz.

Cone angle is important and the best transducers come with more than one in order to provide a double or triple beam which will enable you have the best search.


It is optional though very important for navigation purposes. It uses a satellite in enabling you to know the exact location on water and mark, whichever places you are getting more fish for future reference. It also helps in providing direction in case you lose track of your direction back home.


This is very important for a depth finder and it is important to go for the most powerful of them all. The minimum should be at 600 watts while a maximum of 3000 is quite okay. When in shallow water, less power is needed. 100 watts enables you to see up to 400 feet with a rating of 50 kHz. If you have one of the best fish finders, it will enable you to split the power and frequencies thus enabling you to dial the perfect amount of what you need.


The display helps in making the view appealing. A full color is better than a black and white as it will be more clear and fun to watch the different shapes in different colors. Colored once are more expensive a compared to the black and white.


This is incorporated in the GPS but it is normally a luxury tool with less importance.


There are different types of fish finders for different purposes. Make sure you get a fish finder that suits your requirements.

Portable fish finders are self contained and easy to carry around. It comes with a suction cup which is used to attach I to the transducer. They come in different several parts in most cases, two pieces which will enable you to have a complete finder without compromising quality.

If you have enough space and you own the boat, it is good to go for another more reliable depth finders.

Depth finder with GPS is a very important addition to your fish finder especially if you are going to deep lakes and seas where you can easily get lost and also helps in remembering the hot spots for fishing. There are various types of GPS models which are differentiated by the type of maps they come with. The overall advantage of whichever GPS you go for is that, you will be able to know your location while on board of the boat. The GPS you go for should be one which can enable you to accurately get direction with the shortest distance possible. Whether to be installed externally or internally, make sure the GPS is installed correctly.

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