The 3 Best Fish Finder GPS Combos

fish finders and gps comboTo combine a fish finder which has a GPS is a good idea instead of buying them separately as it offers the fishermen and anglers more advantages.

This combination gives one the advantages that you need for your fishing and navigational needs.

When you get a combo, you only pay for a single screen, single component chassis, and single case. Your life also becomes simplified as you need to install only one unit and you will definitely be able to view needed data on one device.

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Best Fish Finder GPS Combo Comparison

Some of the fish finders, GPS combo reviews includes:

Lowrance Hook 7

Lowrance Hook 7

Getting this fish finder means you have bought yourself a quality companion for fishing and navigation at offshore waters, solitary creeks, and inland lakes. It measures 9.26 inches x 3.0 inches x 5.95 inches and includes a 7 inch 800 x 480 pixels high resolution widescreen LED display, which is easily visible in open air marine environments even in the glare of the sky and sunlit water. It is compatible with several transducers, and it is bundled with DownScans, low scans and mid scan transducers in order to match its Echo Sounder frequencies of 455/800 kHz (for DownScan Imaging) and mid and high, 83kHz / 200kHz for CHIRP technology.

How Does It Work

What is the best fish finder, GPS combo and why should the Lowrance Hook 7 be considered as one of the best fish finder GPS Combo on the market? It has a menu driven interface that is easy to use. The work of the menu button is to open the settings, page menus and context. The page button is the one which allows one to select among both split screen and full screen display options, thereby presenting the most useful information about the water underneath the boat. The device will display DownScan, steers, Chart pages and vivid sonar and at the same time preset split screen combination pages, showing the chart/sonar, sonar/DownScan, Chart/DownScan and Chart/Sonar/DownScan. The split screen which displays on the screen presents multiple sources of information which allows other custom data combination of one’s choice.


This fish finders, GPS Combo offers any serious angler with a combination unit with the essential features needed for an exciting fishing experience at an affordable price.


Humminbird 898C HD SI

Humminbird 898C HD SI

This is one of the best fish finder GPS Combo currently available and it features a LED backlit LCD 7 inch display. The 480 V x 800 H wide screen provides bright, crystal clear images which are easy to view even in harsh sunlight. It has a HD Side Imaging / Down Imaging sonar which has Switch Fire and Dual Beam PLUS of 8000 watts PTP power output. The GPS Chartplotting has a built in ContourXD map and Advanced fishing system capabilities. Other goodies that are in this package include a unit cover, Instant access preset buttons and dual card reader.

Why Go For It

  • It has a 7 inch 16 color TFT LCD screen
  • Has Navionics Gold or Platinum map options
  • Has north up or course up display
  • Has 3000 waypoints
  • Has 50 channels external GPS engine
  • Has 50 routes
  • Has 50 track logs with 20,000 points each
  • Man Overboard function
  • NMEA 2000 Ethernet/Radar capable
  • It saves your images onto an SD card
  • SwitchFire equipped
  • 16 display modes
  • It is water proof
  • User Friendly Technologies
  • It has a 3D chart view
  • Large digit view
  • Custom digital readout selection
  • View preset keys
  • Custom view selection
  • Selectable background colours
  • Temperature graphs
  • Triplog
  • Temperature alarms


Lowrance Elite 9 CHIRP fish finder

Lowrance Elite 9 CHIRP fish finder

When you get a Lowrance Elite 9 ChIRP fish finder, you are sorted with a modern fish finder which has a wide screen for display. At 9 inches, this color screen combines the advantages of the DownScan Imaging technology, CHIRP sonar technology and the end results is a great fish finder. It has a built in GPS that is displayed on a LED backlit color screen.

Why Go For Lowrance Elite 9 CHIRP Fish Finder

According to the fish finder, GPS combo reviews, Lowrance Elite 9 CHIRP is one of the best fish finder GPS Combo selling at the moment. Reasons being:

  • It has high resolution 9 inch LED backlight color display
  • It has CHIRP sonar PLUS DownScan Imaging
  • Has built in GPS which is highly accurate and a detailed US map which features more than 3000 rivers and lakes and coastal contours to 1000 feet
  • Has chart card and Navionics which feature full coastal and inland coverage of Canada and the US plus the Great Lakes, Alaska , the Bahamas and Hawaii with online Navionics chart enhancements which include Fresher Data, Community edits and Sonar Charts.
  • Creates own maps got from real sonar data recorded by Insight Genesis
  • The DownScan Imaging overlay technology that overlays DownScan Imaging onto CHIRP sonar
  • The advanced signal processing adjusts the setting, making it possible to see bottom details , fish and other structures more clearly
  • A new page selector menu which has quick access to all features using one thumb operation

Key Features of the Lowrance Elite 9 CHIRP Fish Finder

Its chirp sonar is easier to identify and distinguish bait and game fish targets, mark fish clearly at faster boat speeds and better target identification at greater depths.

Specifications of Lowrance Elite 9 CHIRP Fish Finder

  • The display is 9 inches
  • Screen resolution is 16 bit color TFT 800 x 480
  • Backlighting is 11 level LED
  • Power output is at a maximum of 5000W RMS
  • Operating Frequency is 455/800 kHz DownScan Imaging, Low, medium and High (CHIRP), 50 kHz/ 83 kHz /200kHz
  • Operating Voltage is at 12vDC


This is a fish finder which is worth every penny spend on it. According to fish finders, GPS Combo reviews, it has standard options which are more than enough for even the most avid angler. It has a solid design and the controls are easy to master. It comes with a wealth of upgrades thus enabling the unit to scale to fit any future needs.

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