What is the Best Fish Finder under $200?

fish finders under $200If your budget for a fish finder is under $200, then it is best to shop around for a fish finder that is within your budget and at the same time, meets your fishing requirements.

The best fish finder for under $200 should have a nice full color screen in sizes from 3.5 inches to 5 inches with various pixel resolutions. It should have dual beam sonar capabilities and utilize advanced sonar imaging technology like DownVu, Down Imaging, DownScan and other modern technologies.

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To help make your search easier, we have compiled a brief comparison table of the top 7 fish finders under $200 (article continues below):

Top Fish Finder under $200 Comparison

Some of the best fish finders under 200 include:

Lowrance Mark 4 GPS/Sonar

Lowrance Mark-4

This is another best fish finder under $200 that is a must buy if your budget is below $200.

It provides value for your money as it has the capabilities of GPS which will give the fisherman who like to use lake map a great advantage over angler who don’t have it. It will be easy to find those structure areas in open water and work the edges with this device.

It has a bright 3.5 inch backlit LED screen which is designed and has been proven to be easy to read even under direct sunlight.

It has a unique trackback which can enhance any area of the screen up to 400% when examining the sonar history details and identifying specific underwater structures and fish.

The technology of sonar uses a dual 83/200 kHz frequency system with a cool 2100 watts of peak to peak power and a 1,000 feet depths.

It has a simple plug and play unit with a low profile swivel and tilt for adjustable viewing and the amount can be easily moved and re-mounted on a trolling motor.

The unit has simple controls which are intuitive and designed for one hand, which makes operating it while moving, an easy task.

The GPS is ideal for those waterways that moves, turns and twist; and for those who are out in the ocean when suddenly the seashore goes beyond view or when the river,lake,or ocean and thick fog unexpectedly rolls in bringing visibility near to zero, this wonderful GPS of  Lowrance Mark 4 GPS/Sonar will take you safely home.


Features of Lowrance Mark 4 GPS/Sonar

  • Its trackback scrolling will allow you to arrow back through the history on the sonar and quickly saves waypoints or zoom in on interesting bottom structure features.
  • The bright display with high contrast will help when working with a monochrome screen
  • Navionics maps to be saved on the internal GPS and microSD
  • It is compatible with the Insight Genesis custom mapping program
  • The advanced features like the DownScan Overlay,CHIRP Downscan and Hybrid Dual Imaging (HDI), are normally reserved for much higher end fish finders
  • 3.5 inches high contrast LED display
  • 2,100 watts peak to peak, 200 watts RMS power
  • 20 degrees 83/200 kHz transducer
  • 1,000 feet depth capability
  • Internal 16 channel GPS antenna

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Lowrance Elite 4x DSI

LOWRANCE 000-10494-001 Elite-4 DSi

This is a fish finder under $200 that is under the category of the best fish finder under $200. It has a DownScan imaging, and it is the cheapest you can get for a new fish finder. You can use the imaging to reveal a picture like image of what is below you . It will help distinguish predator fish or bait fish. It has a dual frequency transducer 83/200 kHz and has a water sensor so you do not stray from target areas.

Its 300 W RMS sounder pulls up information from as deep as 1000 feet under water. Its compact size also means it can go where you go to help you achieve the best possible fishing experience.

This fish finder is regarded as one of the high quality under $200 fish finder available in the market. It is known for its suitability for angler looking for high performance capability.  This is the kind of fish finder which will provider the fisherman with the kind of service and performance needed to make fishing more interesting and productive. With it, you can track and locate fish in open waters or in their hiding places. This is possible due to the numerous unique features present in this wonderful  under $200 fish finder.

When you are utilizing all the important features of this device, you will likely forget that it is a budget device.

What is Special about the DSI Transducer

It is a sonar transducer which functions by projecting clear, accurate and sharp images of the location of a fish. This is done by receiving the information of their targeted position through echo. It features a dual frequency of 83 by 200 which enables the transducer to display both high and low separate frequently pulses. The level of frequency makes it suitable for use in both deep and shallow waters and remains reliable under high speeds.

Screen of The Lowrance Elite 4X DSI

It features a screen measuring 3.5 inches with an excellent resolution of 320  by 240. This resolution enables you to  view the projected images in detail. It features LED screen which exhibits lively colors, making it to be one of the best fish finder under $200. These features  come in handy as it enables you to read and view significant data present on your device regardless of what time of day it is.

Split Screen Viewing and Down Scanning Imaging on the Lowrance Elite 4X DSI

This facility enables the fisherman to use a dual viewing option which includes side or full screen mode.   The down scanning, imaging projects easy to interpret high quality images underwater photos. It has a trackback which enables the user to easily review the sonar readings for a more thorough reading. It also gives the fisherman the opportunity to look through previous images just in case he may have skipped some important facts.


MicroSD slot on the Lowrance Elite 4X DSI

It consists of a card slot whose main function is to load Navionics charts which help to disclose a map of the surrounding are in your current position.  This charts also consists of the boat’s tracks, trail and saved waypoints. Waypoints are based defined as recorded positions which allows you to pin point different targeted areas or routing points.

Internal GPS of the Lowrance Elite 4X DSI

It enables one to enjoy various options for accurately calculating the positioning and distance of pin- pointed areas.

Transducer, Display, Power , Portability and Ease of Use  of the Lowrance Elite 4X DSI

It is has a DSI sonar  transducer with dual frequency, thus enabling the device to project sharp, clear, and accurately locations and images of the fishes and underwater structures through an echo.

The display of this device is at a high resolution of 320 by 240. This helps to project clear and crisp images.  At 3.5 inches, the screen size largely contributes to excellent image projection and viewing of this device.

Its power output is at 2800 watts of peak to peak while on RMS the output is at 350W. This power output is high and it will enable you  to operate your device with the minimum noise production and get optimum performance even at high speed.

What is the best fish finder under 200 supposed to be? It is supposed to be portable and can be fixed when the need arises. This device comes with a quick release mounting bracket which can be used to fix the device carried from one place to another.

To crown it all and put this device as one of the best fish finder under 200,  it is highly user friendly and you have the option of choosing your preferred color palette for the display or simply change it to match with the present weather and water conditions.

Features of Lowrance Elite 4X DSI

  • 320V x 240V 3.5 inch LED color display
  • 2,800 watts peak to peak, 350 RMS power
  • 455/800 kHz Dualbeam DownScan transducers
  • 200 feet max depth
  • Easy to use menu
  • Quick release tilt and swivel bracket

Conclusion on the Lowrance Elite 4X DSI

The pricing of this particular model is quite affordable. And reading of the customer reviews, they are positive about its usage. All you need to know is, you better understand structure depths and locations contours as it will help you in catching fish quite easily while having a good time in the waters.

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Lowrance Elite 3X Fish Finder

Lowrance 000-11448-001 Elite-3X Fishfinder

This wonderful fish finder comes equipped with an 83/200 kHz dual frequency. It also features an LED backlit color display.

The screen has a 240 x 360 pixels resolution and can be viewd from any angle. The dual frequency provides maximum visualization beneath the vessel.

Large areas are scanned at a target degree of 60 using the 83 kHz sonar. When it targets fish, the display shows the fish as arches on the screen.

Solid objects and vertical lines are created using the 200 kHz sonar, which offers an additional 20 degrees of coverage.

The skimmer transducer provides water depth and temperature readings along with the boat speeds.

Features of the Lowrance Elite 3X Fish Finder

It has a power button which also controls the backlight features by adjusting from daylight to nighttime for optimal viewing.

It has an advanced signal processor (ASP) which minimizes the need to adjust the Elite’s settings manually.


The inexpensive Elite – 3X series displays the solid structure, the bottom terrain and the fish in a more pronounced way.

Its menu button provides access to sensitivity, frequency, range, noise deduction, color line, ping- speed, fish ID, setting pages and overlay data.

Mounting brackets that is, the tilts, swivel and releases the fish finder quickly to change viewing angles or remove the device for storage

The page button quickly switches between the 83 kHz and 200 kHz frequencies.

This is by use of + and – signs to allow the anglers to see and focus on target areas through 4x zoom capability. This will provide a clear angle to view the fish. It magnifies the whole object.

Check out this video of the Lowrance Elite 3x found on YouTube:


Humminbird Piranha Max 180

Humminbird 409670-1 PiranhaMax

It is an easy to use and one of the best fish finder under $200 and a nice unit for any boat. It has an option  for fish ID, zoom, fish alarms, depth alarms and many other that makes it more worth than its cost.

It features tilt and swivel mount which is a drop in style mount. It doesn’t get easier to use them. Installing this wonderful device is easier as it is a plug and play unit.

You will begin marking fish and depth before you know it. It makes you better understand the lakes you know and better understand and explore more lakes that you do not know. For only $150, it gives you a great value for your money.

How It Works

It uses two frequencies and three different sonar elements one narrow, two of them are  wide, which transmits signals to the left, right and straight down from your boat.

The downward beam is 200 kHz with 20 degree area coverage.

This beam maintains continuous digital depth readout from the bottom directly beneath your boat.

The side beams are 455 kHz with a 35 degree area of coverage for a total of 90 degree area of coverage.


Its fish finding capability is quite OK. The fish ID feature will enable you to make an accurate idea of where to find the fish, how big and what is the depth is or how the bottom looks like.

It also measures depth and temperature. It has a power output of 1600 watts peak to peak which enables it to provide excellent and readable returns for depths up to 800 feet.

Features of the Humminbird Piranha Max 180

  • It features a 4 inch monochrome, 240V x 160V resolution display
  • Tri-Beam 200 kHz /455 kHz transducer
  • 1,600 watts peak to peak power
  • It comes with one year warranty

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Lowrance X-4 Pro Sonar

Lowrance X-4 Pro Sonar

This fish finder will provide the fisherman and boaters with fish/depth finder capabilities they need to improve their fishing opportunities.

It is a great fish finder for less and is a good value for money as a first time fish finder to experiment with.

This is one of the best fish finder under $200 with cool features such as:

  • Depth up to 600 ft
  • Water temperature
  • 240V x 160 H resolution with grayline target separation
  • Sunlight readable 4 inch supertwist LCD with quick updates
  • 800 watts peak to peak / 100 watts RMS power
  • Depths up to 600 ft

Check out this video review of the Lowrance X4 found on YouTube:


Garmin Echo 301DV Fish Finder

Garmin Echo 301DV Fish Finder

It has a 300W power and standard  77/200 kHz transducer  which will enable you to get the sonar readings from regular and deeper depths. The 77 kHz transducer beam can go up to 1750 feet in fresh water, which is more than enough for even the deepest depths of a lake.

It has something called smooth scaling that helps to maintain a proper picture even when you are switching from one frequency to another. It enables you not to lose track of that fish you are trying to track making it one of the best fish finder under 200.

The only limitation with this fish finder is that, it cannot enable you to fish more than 60 – 100 feet of water.

The DownVue technology on this device will enable you to do structure fishing as it will show you crisp, clear and life-like readings of the underwater world. The readings of the DownVue can be seen independently or on a split screen with traditional sonar.

This device comes packed with HD-ID technology that interprets which sonar readings are most likely to be fished and show them as little icons instead of lines. It has a standard fish finder feature like image enhancing, depth alarms, and comes also with a temperature and speed sensor .

It comes with a trolling motor  and transom mount transducer attached thus no additional expenses on purchase of the same.


What is in the Box of the Garmin Echo 301 DV Fish Finder

  • The echo 301 dv
  • 4 pin DownVu transducer with transom mount and trolling motor mount
  • Power cable
  • Documentation
  • Swivel/tilt quick release mount

Features of the Garmin Echo 301 DV Fish Finder

  • Power : 300 W RMS
  • Maximum depth: 77 kHz
  • Sonar: 77/200 kHz that is powerful and has a peak to peak power output of 2400W that is powerful enough to scan down a depth of 1750 feet
  • Smooth scaling graphics which allow the results of the sonar to be seen clearly even as the depth changes.
  • Screen 3.5 inches (320 x 240 pixels) color display showing the results of the sonar

Check out this video found on YouTube:


Humminbird PMAX 197C DI Fish Finder 

Humminbird 409670-1 PiranhaMax

This is one of the best fish finder under 200 in the market. It comes with a  3.5 inches color screen,dual beam frequency and down imaging sonar system. The down imaging keeps you  seeing what is under the boat with incredible images created from high frequency sound waves which will enable you to see the fish before they see you. It allows you for drop in replacement for competitive dash models and the swivel and the tilt instantly mount and change your viewing angler.

Specifications of the Humminbird PMAX 197C DI Fish Finder

  • The display is 3.5 inches 240 H x  320V color TFT
  • Has sonar standard down imaging/dual beam
  • Target separation at 3.5 inches
  • Backlight LED
  • Depth Capacity 320 feet and  600 feet
  • Transducer mounting is portable
  • Power input at 10 -20 VDC
  • Includes a selective fish ID
  • Standard sonar coverage 28 degrees , 16 degrees, 74 degrees @ – 10db
  • It has a built in transducer for temperature


Features of Humminbird PMAX 197 C DI Fish Finder

  • Powerful, reliable fish finder
  • 3.5 inches color display screen
  • Down imaging allows you to see what is under your boat with incredible images created from high frequency sound waves
  • Tilt and swivel mounts quickly adjust your viewing area angle
  • Down imaging and dual beam frequency sonar system
  • Allows for a drop in replacement for competitive in dash models


  • Power: 300 W RMS
  • Maximum Depth 600/320 feet
  • Sonar: 200/455 kHz
  • Screen: 3.5 inches (320 x 240 pixels)

How It Works

Immediately the sound waves reflect back to the transducer, the device translates them into visual animation. There is a display on the right hand side of the screen of each sonar pulse panel, which turns into a narrow vertical plane. The planes will be layered next to each other,  forming a representation of the underwater terrain. The dual beam plus capability will enable you to see the results of a single beam both in split screen configuration or merged both into a single image with closer objects appearing in orange and background image colored in blue.  The fish locator while displaying the images, will provide a fish ID feature that distinguishes  the  fish from other objects found in the water.

There is a built in transducer which measures the temperature of the water.

Check out this video of the Hummingbird PMAX 197 DI found on YouTube:


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Similarities of Best Fish Finders Under $200

Most fish finders under $200 come with units packed with a transom mount transducer, plastic swivel mounted base, a power cable and an instruction manual. They have built in water temperature readings. They offer sonar imaging and their imaging quality is extremely similar between the units. It is up to the buyer to decide their preference based on the price of the unit.

What to Look For In Best Fish Finder Under $200

It should have a larger screen which has a high resolution. 5 inches is probably the best because it will be bright and has 3 times the number of pixels as the other units with a smaller screen. And in most cases, such fish finders with a larger screen have a solid sonar performance, and are easy to see.

Look for a unit which is capable of displaying traditional sonar and DownScan, either in a split screen or overlay mode. This will make the fish finder a powerful little unit. CHIRP sonar claims to be the next big thing in fish finder technology.

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