Top 5 Best Fishing Watches in 2021

Fishing WatchA few years back wearing a watch when going fishing is a no-no. As technology changes and improves, so is our behavior and practices and anglers of today have now added their best fishing watch to their much needed fishing gear lists. In addition, fishing watch are no longer a piece of metal that tells time, some manufacturers added other functions that anglers can use.

Among the things that a best rated fishing watch can do is tell humidity and temperature as well as moon phase, the things that can help you locate the best place for fishes to camp. With a fishing watch at your wrist, fishing is now a lot easier. Fishing watches are also suitable and useful in other outdoor activities such as surfing and hiking because of its functions.

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The 5 Best Fishing Watches

Here are the top 5 best fishing watches that you might want to check out in the market today.

Casio Ana-Digi Forester Fishing Timer Watch

Casio Forester Fishing Timer Watch

The Ana-Digi Forester Fishing Timer Watch from Casio indeed deserves to be tagged as the best watch for fishing for its rugged design and awesome performance.

This watch is made in the US and is using Quartz movement. If your boyfriend is a planning to get into angling and kayaking as a hobby, giving him a Casio Ana-Digi Forester Fishing Timer Watch is the same as expressing your full support in his new found endeavor.

This best fishing watch from Casio is made of protective mineral crystal that protects it from scratches and abrasion from wear and tear. It is protected with a stainless steel case and has black dials. This comes with a case diameter of 38mm.

This watch is also known in the angling world as a Pathfinder Fishing Timer Watch and is water resistant up to 300 feet.

This watch has a leather wristband in black and comes with an adjustable buckle clasp. The display doesn’t just have the time of the day, it also displays the moon cycle and date. This also comes with illumination function so you can check the time anytime, anywhere.

For the battery, Casio offers a battery with 10-year life span. The total dimension of this watch is 5 x 4 x 8 inches and it weighs 27.22 Grams. Are you still undecided on what to give your boyfriend who loves fishing among other outdoor activities?

The Casio Ana-Digi Forester Fishing Timer Watch is just one click away so purchase it now and make him the happiest and most prepared angler in his group! This fishing watch has a tag price of $ (click here for the price).


Casio – ProTrek

Casio - ProTrek

What is the best fishing watch from Casio that any anglers must have? Angling and other outdoor activities can be challenging because of the environment and the weather hence you need to have accessories that can stand harsh environment as well like a watch. If money is not an issue and you are looking for the best fishing watch that you can use anytime, anywhere, the $200 (click here for the price) ProTrek from Casio is what you need.

Casio is proud to announce that they made this watch with the help of meteorologists because they want it to be as tough as the toughest watch can be.

This watch has functionalities like Altimeter Barometer, Compass and Thermometer. These functionalities are accessible with a single touch or dial as well making it easier to set up and operate. The Casio – ProTrek has a reconfigured duplexLCD layout making it easier to look at the LCD and tell time in just a short glance. For your fishing needs, this watch can stand 200 feet depth of waters.

It is also ideal for kayakers and rafters. As a bonus, this awesome watch from Casio also provides Tide & Moon graph data, an information that fishers and seakayaking enthusiasts need. This watch has a dimension of 6 x 6 x 7 inches and it weighs 12 ounces.

Among the added features of the Casio – ProTrek are chronograph, light, radio controlled and stop watch. It is a solar powered quartz and its case material is black resin.


Analog Fishing Watch by Casio

Casio Analog Pathfinder Moon Phase Fishing Watch

Casio is indeed one great manufacturer of watches especially outdoor watches and tactical watches.

The third best rated fishing watch in our list is another Casio special – the Analog Fishing Watch.

This best fishing watch from Casio is one of the cheaper so far at $ (click here for the price).

This is also known as a Pathfinder Watch with its fishing timer feature. The window of this watch displays the moon age and phase for the day.

This is a 100M resistant watch and it has LED light and afterglow so you can still tell time even when you are angling at night.

The best use of this best fishing watch from Casio is to tell the best time to fish at night using its lunar movement feature. This watch weighs 3.2 ounces.




If you think everyone you knew in the angling world is now wearing Casio and you want to be different, then take the best rated fishing watch from Timex. Timex’ Men’s EXPEDITION is indeed one of the best fishing watch to try on because of its design and performance. This watch is just below $50 (click here for the price) but it offers a lot of features that most expensive fishing watches also offer.

The Timex Men’s EXPEDITION has analog and digital display. It features a 24 hour chronograph lap and split times plus a 24 hour countdown timer. This is water resistant up to 330 feet or 100 meters deep. If you are into snorkeling and diving while fishing, you can do so without removing your Expedition watch.

This watch with its brown nylon strap looks rugged yet is highly recommended for daily use even when you are doing your regular chores.

It features a night-light function using the patented blue electroluminescent lighting technology. Because of this technology, lighting it up doesn’t take much battery unlike other watches. It comes with a night mode on as well and three digital windows at the bottom part where you can set up three time zones at once.  This watch has a dimension of 9.7 x 7.8 x 3.4 inches and it only weighs .8 ounces.


Spovan Multi-functional Outdoor Waterproof Fishing Pocket Watches

niceEshop(TM) Spovan Multi-functional Outdoor Waterproof Fishing Pocket Watch

The last item on our fishing watch reviews list is the Spovan Multi-functional Outdoor Waterproof Fishing Pocket Watches for a price tag of $ (click here for the price).

This watch is made of stainless steel and has a dial size of 5.22×1.43 cm or 2.05×0.56 inch. This is water resistant at 30M depth and it comes with smart fishing time functionalities.

The Spovan Multi-functional Outdoor Waterproof Fishing Pocket Watches has functions like altimeter, thermometer, weather forecast, time and barometer. It can also track up to six fishing places including information like air pressure, current temperature and depth of the fishing area.

This watch can also save 24 hours of barometer pressure chart and the changes associated with it. it can keep information worth of three days hence if you are fishing for days, you can definitely track the changes in temperature and weather using this best fishing watch. The Spovan Multi-functional Outdoor Waterproof Fishing Pocket Watches is a Niceshop trademark product and only Niceshop and its affiliated stores have this watch in their stores.


Qualities of a good fishing watch

A good fishing watch must be waterproof and abrasion proof. There are solid fishing watch that can survive even the roughest terrain out there. The best fishing watch I have for example is a Casio watch that I bring all the time (when hiking, fishing, scuba diving). It is too rugged that it survives even the harshest environment. Of course, the price is a bit harsh too for our wallet but if you will think of it as an investment, you will realize that getting a real fishing is a great decision – this is what most fishing watch reviews are saying and I believe it.


A good angler should not start casting his rod without looking at his fishing watch first. Although the things that most best rated fishing watch offer can be found on most fish finders and gps tools, it is still best to have something that you can wear on your wrist to tell you if it is time to go home now to your family or continue sitting and casting your rod off.

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