Best Hang On Stands: Buyer’s Guide of the Top 9 in 2021

A hang on stand resembles a ladder tree stand, except that the ladder stand has an additional single, double or triple rail ladder. A hang on stands can be connected with a tree through the cords or chains which come with the stand. They can be connected to any desired height.

To climb up on a hang on stand, the hunters use ladders, or separate rails of ladders connected with the tree. Sometimes, hunters screw in the steps or blocks of wood or stone to climb upon the hang on stand.

The Top 3 Hang on stands as reviewed by us below, are:

  1. Millennium Treestands M150 Monster
  2. Lone Wolf Alpha II
  3. X-Stand The Jester

What is a best hang on tree stand?

A hang on tree stand is considered best if it has the some important features. These features can serve as reliable and helpful buying guide for the hunters who are in search of a new hang on tree stand.

A best hang on tree stand is comfortable for the hunter to sit on for a longer time. The stands which make use of good padding, backrests and foot rests are considered as good choices. They allow the hunter to rest and relax when no prey is in sight. 

Hang-on stands should be light weight and easy to carry. Because the hang-on stands are without ladders and are designed for the hunters on move, there should be ease in carrying them. Hence, a hang on stand with backpack straps are considered best hang on stands by most of the hunters.

Good quality construction and top coating are also the features which distinguish high quality hang on stands from the others. A hang on tree stand should be powder coated and of good material, so as to prevent any damages by environmental hazards, dust, water, rust and corrosion.

Top 9 Best Hang On Tree Stands Comparison

Many hunters prefer carrying a hang on stand because it is more compact and easy to carry. They are the ones without the extra load of the ladder, and don’t cause much hassle during setup. Some of the best available hang on stands are mentioned below.

Guide Gear Deluxe Hunting Hang-on Tree Stand

The guide dear deluxe hunting stand is one of the best hang on tree stand for the purpose of hunting small animals or deer. It has been specially designed for the hunters who do not want to worry themselves in the hassle of setting up a ladder stand with lots of ratchets and straps.

It is easy to setup and totally comfortable. It comes with suspension style padded seat, extra comfortable back rest and padded armrests. It has a spacious mesh platform which can be connected to the tree through cables. Some other features include


  • Maximum weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • FAS safety harness
  • High quality welded steel construction
  • Powder coated surface which prevents structural damage from rust and corrosion

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Guide Gear XL Hang-On Tree Stand 30 inch x 36 inch

This extra-large version of Guide gear hunting hang on stand can perform as the headquarters of your entire hunting spree. This has been especially designed for the recreational purposes, to enjoy the hunting game from afar.

It provides the hunting team enough space to relax and refresh themselves, while waiting for their next targets However, professionals can also make use of this to hunt deer and other forest animals while they come walking out from a distant tree. Distinct features and specifications include:

  • Easily detachable flip-up seat
  • 1” extra padding for extra comfort
  • Additional black backpack straps plus ratchet straps
  • Body arrest system included
  • Light in weight, only 21 lbs. hence easy to carry
  • Strong gripped steel construction
  • Wider platform along with footrest

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Millennium Treestands M150 Monster Hang-On Tree Stand

Millennium Monster Hang on tree stand could be the best choice for a hunter who is always on the move, and requires a lightweight, portable and compact tree stand. It makes use of the latest V-Brace technology to increase its weight capacity without compromising the strength of tree stand or its stability.

Also, another system known as Interlock leveling system allows the seat and platform to be easily leveled, to add to the comfort and reliability of a tree stand when it is been setup in some tricky hunting spot or against a lean on tree. Another distinguishing feature of Millenium Monster hang on stand is its CamLock receiver system; it allows many different stand locations to be preset, so that changing the location is quicker and not a hassle anymore. Other specifications include:


  • Maximum weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Light in weight 19.5 lbs. Hence easy to carry and move around
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Reliable and Durable power coat for protection from rust and corrosion
  • Easy foldable seat for standing shots
  • Complete aluminum finish
  • Full padded seat for extra comfort

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Hawk Tree stands Combat Mud Finish Hang-On Stand

Hawk Hang on stand is a cost efficient option for hunters upon which the quality is not compromised. Made of good quality steel welded construction, this hang on stand comes with a premium powder coating finish for durability and prevention of damage from environmental problems.

The powder coating is further covered with a mud textured paint to help the hunter disguise him amongst the nature around.  It also comprises of a spacious, solid steel platform, which has been welded at virtually every contact point, to form a one piece base.

Moreover, it has an extra comfortable seat with a 3 inch memory foam layer, which helps to relief the pressure points. Hence the hunter can spend more time comfortably on his hang on tree stand. All the attachments, hooks and straps are completely creak proof and silent for an ultimate no squeak performance. More specifications include:

  • Full body harnesses
  • Tested and verified according to TMA standards
  • Maximum load capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Light in weight: 15.7 lbs.

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Tangkula Hunting Tree Stand Hang On Tree Stand

This hunting stand is one of the unique designs in the entire hang on tree stands available. It also includes the black backpack straps, so that it is easy for the hunter to wrap it up and carry it, without extra fatigue. It can also be connected to any timber tree by the means of a pre provided, heavy duty polyester strap. It provides additional stability and security. Moreover, it is extremely easy to set this hang on stand. It also comprises of a padded seat and spacious platform. Other specifications include:

  • Maximum weight capacity: approx. 300 lbs.
  • Good quality steel welded construction
  • Seat padding of good quality polyester and foam
  • TMA certified and approved design

Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On II Tree Stand

Lone wolf hang on stand is an extremely light weight, easy to carry hunter’s stand. Its weight is only 11 lbs., which is beneficial for on the go hunters. It has a spacious and roomy one piece platform made up of cast aluminum.

The platform has a unique 3D camouflage design. It can be easily connected to any tree no matter what the location or the surrounding area. It is perhaps one of its kind hang on stand which comes with bow holder, which can accommodate the set of bows and arrows for a classical hunting experience.

Backpack straps allow for easy and burden less carriage. More specifications include:

  • A TMA certified fall arrest system
  • Extra hang book accessory
  • Maximum weight capacity: 350 lbs.

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Summit Tree stands The Peak Hang On Stand

Summit peak hang on stand comprises of all the features of an ideal hang on stand. It features a relatively larger platform with extra capacity for other hunting equipment.

It also features the premium quality engineered seat which is a characteristic of summit manufacturers. It’s completely ergonomic design prevents excessive pressure on feet and legs, while the full padded seat adds to the comfort. The backrest comprises of suspended foam for additional support. Additional features include:

  • Maximum load limit: approx. 300 lbs.
  • Light weight: 28 lbs.
  • Complete lumbar support

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X-Stand The Champ Hang-On Tree Stand, Black

This hang on stand features a solid, high quality steel construction. With the built in foot rest designed for extra comfort and the 3 inch padded seat, this hang on stand provides ultimate comfort to hunter for a longer day. The seat is easy to flip so that platform could be fully used. The entire stand is covered with a unique 3D camouflage pattern to assist the hunter in disguising himself. Distinguishing features and specifications are as follows:

  • Maximum weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Includes a 4pt. complete body fall arrest harness
  • Light in weight, approx. 20 lbs.
  • Good quality steel construction

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X-Stand The Jester Hang-On Tree Stand

This version of X stand hang on tree stand is unique from its other counter parts, because of a special weather protective coating. This coating protects the entire steel structure from dampness and other environmental hazards. It comes with the characteristic super comfortable seat.

It also features a comfortable, padded back rest the seat can be flip over to make more room on the platform to load extra hunting supplies.

Other specifications include:

  • Light in weight: 17 pounds, easy to carry
  • Nylon washers to avoid any metal on metal contact
  • Maximum load capacity: approx. 370 lbs.

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Hang on tree stand reviews

According to some of the latest reviews, the hang on tree stands which receive the highest ratings are those with larger load capacity, ranging from 350 to 500 lbs. Also, those hang on stands are highly recommended by professional hunters which are light weight and easy to carry. This is because during some of the hunting spree, a hunter is required to quickly pack up all his stuff and find a safe spot. 

Other reviews recommend those hang-on tree stands which have a camouflage design painted on outer surface. This is because it provides extra disguise, and conceals the hunter from its prey. Hence, this feature contributes to the optimum hunting performance of any huntsman.

Those hang on tree stands are also highly reviewed which completely creak proof, and make are no sound while setting up. This is because during any hunting spree, the slightest of sound makes the animals aware of the presence of hunter, and position of a hunter can easily shift from the hunter to the prey.

Safety Precautions

It is a safe advice to check all the equipment, including the hang on tree stand before you plan your hunting trip. Check all the safety harnesses and ensure that they are in right working conditions.

Not every hang on stand can be attached with every kind of tree. Therefore, read the user manual carefully. It specifies the kind and type of tree with which your hang on stand is most compatible with. Select the tree first. It should be completely free of damage, straight and strongly rooted. Only then unpack your hang on stand. 

Secure the hang on strand carefully and cautiously. Study the manual first so that yopu could understand where to connect all the straps and ratchets. This is extremely important for the safety and protection of huntsman.

Aside from the harnesses provided with the hang on strands, also keep a strong, thick rope with you. After connecting all the harnesses around the tree, secure the connections with the rope. With this, the hang on stand will be able to with stand any kind of sudden jerk, and will prevent any slips and falls.

Since the hang-on stands come without any kind of ladder, the huntsman should be carful about the climbing conditions and consider using a climbing tree stand. Check for any kind of slippery conditions which may arise from rain, snow or ice. In such a case, take necessary precautions before setting up any wood blocks or stones for climbing.

If in any case there comes any damage to the harnesses, immediately repair or replace them. Most of the Hang on tree stands comes with 1 to 3 years of manufacturer warranty. Even if the warranty expires, do not delay the repair or replacement of any accessory.


The hang on stands are a compact and handy equipment for the hunters who are always on the move. They are easier to set up than ladder stands.

All the buying guides and safety precautions assist the novice hunters to select good equipment and plan a joyful hunting spree. They are also beneficial for professionals who want to review their current knowledge about the latest equipment.  

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