Top 7 Best Headlamps in 2021

HeadlampAre you an outdoor enthusiast looking for some hiking gear like a headlamp? Then read this article to find the best option for you.

A headlamp is convenient not only for tourists, climbers, and hikers but also for those who live in suburbs. The headlamp is a handy tool for fishing, hunting, outdoors, picnic, hiking, and, of course, in everyday life if there is not enough lighting in the evening in your area. The main advantage of headlamps is that your hands are free because the lamp is fixed on the forehead and nape by the elastic head strap. So the headlamp may become an ideal companion and great assistant for fishing, preparing some dishes or just for walking around at night.

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Top 7 Best Headlamps Comparison

We have tested lots of headlamps and analyzed lots of headlamps reviews to make our unbiased review of the highest rated headlamps available on the market now. All the models included in the list are chosen for their value and price. Here is the list.

Black Diamond ReVolt

Black Diamond ReVolt

The Black Diamond ReVolt is a powerful, versatile, rechargeable headlamp for climbing, hiking, mountaineering, camping or any other activity. It is one of the best headlamps on the market now with 130 lumens of power, great battery life, and amazing performance. With this headlamp, you will forget about replacing batteries and enjoy using it in the wilderness. A three-level power indicator ensures that you will know when to recharge the headlamp. The Black Diamond ReVolt can run on 3 AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries or standard alkaline or lithium batteries. But the ReVolt also has some other benefits. Let’s take a look at the features that make it one of the best headlamps:

  • Weight with batteries: 97 g (3.4 oz.);
  • Lumens: 130;
  • Multiple modes: 1 TriplePower LED, 2 SinglePower white LEDs, and 2 SinglePower red LEDs;
  • Beam type: Flood / Spot;
  • Red night vision mode has proximity and strobe settings, and activates without cycling through the white mode;
  • Settings include full strength in proximity and distance modes, dimming, strobe, red night vision and lock mode;
  • Three-level power meter;
  • Batteries: 3 Black Diamond AAA rechargeable batteries or standard alkaline or lithium batteries;
  • IPX4 rating (splash resistant from any angle).

Max Distances:


  • TriplePower – 70m;
  • SinglePower – 9m;


  • TriplePower – 66m;
  • SinglePower – 8m.

Max Burn Time:


  • TriplePower – 300H;
  • SinglePower – 80H;


  • TriplePower – 190H;
  • SinglePower – 80H.

The Black Diamond ReVolt is powerful headlamp that will make your trips easier at night. This headlamp is not a cheap one, but it is a good value for its quality and performance. In fact, it may turn out to be even cheaper than some cheap models because you don’t need to buy batteries every time you need them. The headlamp has rechargeable batteries and it also runs on standard alkaline batteries. The batteries can be recharged with USB adapter. It’s very convenient that you can even charge the batteries every day and have a full charge, so no worries that your headlamp may die during long night adventure. So this is a big advantage because most of the headlamps come with non-rechargeable batteries. Of course, sometimes you will have to replace the batteries, but less often than standard batteries.

The Black Diamond ReVolt has spot and flood modes. A beam distance is not very long in both modes. The maximum distance that you can illuminate is 70 meters. The ReVolt is amazing in close proximity. It is very useful for reading or searching something at night. There is also a variable dimming feature which you will appreciate to save batteries or avoid blinding your friends.

The battery life of the ReVolt depends on the mode and use. It’s been tested that batteries can last from 12 to 80 hours. It’s one of the best battery life in the category. Furthermore, there is a three-level power meter that allows you to estimate the time you can use the headlamp. Green color means that battery level is more than 50%, orange indicates 25-50% battery level, and red means that it’s less than 25%, so it’s time to recharge the battery soon. There is also blue LED which indicates that the headlamp is locked. This lock feature is really handy because it ensures that the battery will be on reserve until you switch it on.

The Black Diamond ReVolt weighs less than 100 grams, so it won’t be heavy to carry it on your head. It is operated by one button, so it’s quite easy to use. However, it may be unclear for the first time how many times to press the button to get the desired mode, but you will figure it out very quickly.

The headband is adjustable, but it doesn’t have an inner grip, which would be nice to prevent slipping. You can also easily remove the strap and wash it.

The ReVolt has the IPX4 rating, so you may think that it’s water-resistant. But it’s only splash proof. Pay attention to this fact if you are going to swim with it.

Overall, the Black Diamond ReVolt will be the best headlamp for people who prefer rechargeable batteries and need to use the headlamp for many hours without being recharged. This headlamp provides quite a good illumination and its performance is rated as one of the best.


Petzl Tikka RXP

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars from 137 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

Petzl is a well-known manufacturer of gear for outdoor enthusiasts. The headlamps of this brand maintain its reputation. The Petzl Tikka RXP is definitely one of the best headlamps on the market now. It’s an upgraded version of the Tikka XP. Thanks to reactive technology the Tikka RXP offers better brightness, rechargeable batteries, a built-in sensor that automatically adjusts light output between 7 and 215 lumens according to the distance. Light output is optimized to ensure the chosen battery lifetime. Let’s take a closer look at the features of the Petzl Tikka RXP headlamp:

  • Weight: 115 g;
  • Lumens: 215;
  • Technology: reactive lighting or constant lighting;
  • Beam type: Flood / Spot;
  • Max beam distance: 110 m;
  • Two beam patterns (wide and focused) and several lighting modes;
  • Three modes of automatic regulation of brightness: max power, standard, max autonomy;
  • Red lighting mode to preserve night vision or use the headlamp as a blinking light (red LED and strobe mode);
  • Lock function to avoid accidentally the headlamp on;
  • Customization of the headlamp with OS by Petzl software;
  • Battery: 1800mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery;
  • Battery charge indicator;
  • Recharge time: 4.5 hours;
  • Battery compatibility: alkaline, lithium, and Ni-MH, with the standard battery pack (not included);
  • Burn time: from 2.5 hours in max power mode to 10 hours in max autonomy mode;
  • IPX4 rating (splash proof).

The Petzl Tikka RXP is a compact multi-beam headlamp that is ideal for backpacking, mountaineering, climbing and other activities. It is not heavy weighing only 115 grams. The headband is very comfortable to wear and it doesn’t slip while running as it has 2 straps which tightly hold the headlamp at the back of the head. It is easy to adjust and remove for washing. The Tikka RXP comes in black and white and coral and white colors, so the headband may become dirty more often than you expect.

With its reactive technology, it provides powerful and intelligent lighting up to 215 lumens. The reactive technology allows you to automatically vary output and switch between spot and flood beam, depending on the distance that you need to illuminate. For example, when you are looking at any object at a very close distance, the Reactive sensor adjusts the light to a wide beam with low output. When you are moving down the trail, the beam adjusts to a standard light output to illuminate your way. When you want to see something in the distance, for instance, a trail maker, you raise your head and the beam adjusts to max power lighting mode to provide more intensive light. Reactive lighting is the really amazing feature because it keeps your hands free and you don’t need to press the button every time when you need to adjust the light output.

With reactive lighting, the Tikka RXP can illuminate up to 110 m. When you use the headlamp with max power lighting mode, the burn time is 2.5 hours, for standard mode it is 5 hours and the distance is 90 meters and 10 hours in max autonomy mode with the 70-meter beam.

The Tikka RXP also works in constant lighting mode. For constant lighting, in rapid movement mode the illuminated distance is 100 meters and burn time – 2.5 hours, in movement mode it’s 5 hours of headlamp running and 75 meters, in proximity mode you can use the headlamp for 10 hours and illuminate the distance up to 25 meters. All these figures are pretty accurate. Not all manufacturers can boast such accurate figures.

The Petzl Tikka RXP also features red LED which allows you to preserve your night vision. With the red light, the battery life is extended. There is also a lock function that helps avoid accidentally turning on the device.

To customize the Tikka RXP, you can download OS by Petzl software. Just connect your headlamp with USB cable and change different settings of lighting modes. So you can adjust light intensity, burn time, and distance. You can also create custom activity profiles or select from a variety of profiles such as trail running, mountaineering, and hiking.

The headlamp comes with 1800 mAh lithium-ion battery with a micro-USB cable. The battery life of the Petzl Tikka RXP is not the best one in the category, but the battery is quickly removable and rechargeable. With this battery, the headlamp can run from 2.5 to 10 hours depending on the mode. So if you are going to use the headlamp for the all night, it may be insufficient. If you that you will not be able to recharge the battery, it can be replaced by 3 AAA batteries and a battery pack adapter. There is a battery charge indicator which lets you know when the battery is charged. The battery fully recharges in 4.5 hours and can be recharged up to 300 times.

The Petzl Tikka RXP provides IPX4 water resistance, so the headlamp is splash proof, but it is not recommended to immerse it in water.

Overall, the Petzl Tikka RXP makes a good impression. The reactive lighting feature is innovative and it performs really well on the trail at night. Another advantage is the lithium-ion rechargeable battery. However, the battery life is rather low in high mode and we would like the manufacturer to extend it as it matters a lot for the headlamp. Take note that the headlamp is not a cheap one for its features, but it will be an asset for outdoor enthusiasts who need a reliable headlamp. So if you want an innovative headlamp with a great brightness and you agree for just a few hours of burn time, then the Pekka Tikka RXP is worth considering.


Black Diamond Icon

Black Diamond Icon

The Icon is another model from Black Diamond that is included in the list of the best headlamps. This headlamp is more expensive than the ReVolt, but it has more advanced features. If the ReVolt is designed for average campers, the Icon is more suitable for professionals and climbers who need high-output lighting. Featuring a powerful 320-lumen QuadPower LED, it provides a bright and wide beam. So it has really good lighting power. The Icon has a pretty good battery life though the batteries are non-rechargeable. And here are the key features of the Black Diamond Icon that make it one of the best-rated headlamps:

  • Weight: 230 g;
  • Lumens: 320;
  • 1 QuadPower LED spotlight, 2 SinglePower white LEDs and 2 SinglePower red LEDs;
  • Red night-vision mode has proximity and strobe setting and activated without cycling through the white mode;
  • Full strength (in proximity and distance modes), dimming, strobe, red night vision and lock modes;
  • Beam type: Flood / Spot;
  • Max beam distance: 100 m;
  • Max Burn Time: 75 hours (high mode) and 175 hours (low mode);
  • Three-level power meter;
  • Batteries: 4 AA (included);
  • IPX7 rating: waterproof to 1 meter.

The Black Dimond Icon comes with 1 QuadPower LED spotlight, 2 SinglePower white LED bulbs, and 2 red LED bulbs. It features 2 brightness levels, white and red strobes that are nice for signaling, and a dimmer to customize illumination and save the battery power. Red LED mode includes proximity and strobe settings and it makes your night vision much better and reduces eye fatigue.

The Icon is quite bright, but not the brightest headlamp. The manufacturer claims the maximum beam distance of 100 meters, but we measured only 80 meters. Some headlamps have brighter and wider beam, but they die in 2 hours after constant illumination, and the Icon produces a bright beam over 8 hours. Low-power mode of the Icon is also nice for close proximity use, so you can easily read books or maps or find trails at night. This Icon also features variable dimming that works in all of its modes. So you can customize the brightness to your needs.

It’s fairly easy to operate the Icon. There is only one button and it’s easy to switch between spotlight and close proximity mode with one click of the button. Though the Black Diamond Icon is not a lightweight headlamp, it is quite comfortable to wear. The headband is rather wide and doesn’t slip. You can also remove it to wash.

The battery life is one of the benefits of the Black Diamond Icon that is appreciated by many hikers, climbers, and adventurers. It’s about 175 hours in proximity (low) mode and 75 hours in distance (high) mode. However, we measured that the battery runs for 8 hours in a high mode that is quite a different figure from the claimed run-time. The Icon comes with 4 non-rechargeable AA batteries. So you can detach them and put in the pocket when you don’t use the headlamp. And the battery lifetime will be enhanced if the batteries are stored in the warm place. The Icon also features three-level power meter which shows remaining battery life for three seconds after activating the headlamp. It’s similar to the Black Diamond ReVolt. So green means that it’s more than 50%, orange – 25-50%, and red – less than 25%. Blue color indicates that the headlamp is locked.

The Black Diamond Icon has the IPX7 rating which means that the headlamp is waterproof for salt water and extremely wet environments. The headlamp can be immersed to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

All in all, the Black Diamond Icon proves that it is ready for everything your trip may entail. Durability, long battery life and adequate lighting with a variety of modes are the benefits of this headlamp that make it one of the best headlamps in the category.


Petzl NAO Headlamp

Petzl NAO Headlamp

The Petzl NAO is a super-powerful headlamp with amazing brightness. It is the most expensive headlamp in our review though not the best one. The Petzl NAO is technologically advanced featuring a reactive lighting, but it is difficult to use to the general public. Thanks to the reactive technology, the headlamp adjusts light output to the distance, so trail finding as well as reading maps will be a breeze. A rechargeable battery of the Petzl NAO is suitable for frequent use and has a longer burn time compared to the headlamps of most competitors. Let’s take a look at the features of the Petzl NAO to realize why this headlamp is one of the best in the category and why it has such a high price.

  • Weight: 187 g;
  • Lumens: 575;
  • Technology: reactive lighting or constant lighting;
  • Beam type: Flood / Spot;
  • Max beam distance: 135 m;
  • Two beam patterns (wide and focused) and several lighting modes;
  • 2 lighting levels: max power for prioritized brightness and max autonomy for maximized burn time;
  • Lock function to avoid accidental activation of the headlamp;
  • Customized lighting with OS by Petzl software;
  • Battery: 2600 mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery;
  • Battery charge indicator;
  • Rechargeable time: 6 hours;
  • Compatible with all USB chargers, battery can be replaced by 2 AAA / LR03 batteries (at reduced performance);
  • Burn time: from 1.5 hours in max power mode to 12.5 hours in max autonomy mode;
  • IPX4 rating (weather resistant).

When you take the Petzl NAO, you will understand that it is really stable and durable headlamp. It has an adjustable headband with top strap for technical activities, so you shouldn’t worry that it can slip because it keeps itself on the head firmly. But take into account that the Petzl NAO is not a lightweight headlamp. It weighs 187 grams that is, so in fact, it’s not so heavy, but you may feel tired wearing it for many hours.

One of the innovations of the Petzl NAO is its reactive lighting. It’s really awesome feature as it makes so much work for you. This innovation allows the headlamp to use a light sensor which measures the reflected light, so the headlamp determines the amount of light and adjusts to the environment. The reactive technology maintains even lighting and saves battery life by avoiding excessive lighting. With its 575 lumens, the Petzl NAO is ideal for trail finding at night. It provides very bright illumination and the beam evenly lights a distance up to 135 meters. The Petzl NAO has 2 lighting levels which adapt to each situation: max power for prioritized brightness and max autonomy for maximized burn time.

The reactive lighting technology of the Petzl NAO works really well and it increases the battery life. However, keep in mind that it is recommended not to use the headlamp in reactive mode while riding a bike as the headlamp can switch off when facing a car with headlamps on. We have also found out that when you are behind someone with reflective materials, the reactive mode works not well. It either provides not enough light or adjusts the light too often. The solution is to set the headlamp to a constant lighting mode by turning and holding the switch for 2 seconds. The constant lighting mode ensures stable lighting that doesn’t diminish during its chosen burn time. This mode will be also nice for close proximity use, for instance, when you need to read maps.

The Petzl NAO features OS software which you can use to personalize the headlamp and its performance. It is available on the official website. This OS software can regulate light intensity, lighting time and distance depending on the activity and create up to 5 lighting levels per mode. You can also register up to 4 activity profiles which you can be used for direct activation based on your needs. However, we don’t find it very handy as you can easily customize the most necessary settings of the headlamp without it. We consider that this software was developed for advanced users who need these extra features. Maybe in future, this software will have more functions, but we think that it is really useless for the headlamp.

The Petzl NAO has 2600 mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery with battery charge indicator. Rechargeable time of the headlamp is 6 hours. The battery life of the NAO is pretty good among other headlamps. Depending on technology and lighting mode, it can last from 1.5 hours up to 52 hours. If you use constant lighting on max power, then the battery will die soon, it will last just about 1.5 hours, on max autonomy, it will work for 8 hours. The reactive lighting technology really extends burn time. Thus, you can use the headlamp on max power up to 6.5 hours and on max autonomy from 12.5 hours to 52 hours. We have tested that burn time claimed by the manufacturer is fairly accurate. The Petzl NAO comes with USB cable which you can use to charge the headlamp. It’s also great that the NAO is compatible with all USB charges: mobile phone, MP3 player, computer, laptop, solar panel and much more. The only frustrating thing is that rechargeable time of the battery is 6 hours. So if you need a full charge, you will have to wait. Another good thing is that the battery can be replaced by 2 AAA / LR03 batteries (at reduced performance).

The Petzl NAO is weather resistant with IPX4 rating. So you can wear it when it’s rainy, but it’s not allowed to submerge the headlamp. To avoid accidentally turning the headlamp on during storage or transportation, the Petzl NAO comes with a lock function.

In summary, the Petzl NAO is rather an expensive headlamp, but it is worth its money. The NAO is one of the most innovative headlamps. It has an extremely bright beam which is perfect for long distances and close proximity use. Reactive technology is a really useful feature though you need to get used to it and be aware of some tricks. The Petzl NAO can be used for hiking, camping, backpacking, climbing and running in the trails. It firmly stays on the head and doesn’t slip while running. Just make sure that it is not too heavy for you. For its high performance, the Petzl NAO is recommended by many people and it deserves to be in the category of the best headlamps.


Snow Peak SnowMiner Headlamp

Snow Peak SnowMiner Headlamp

The Snow Peak SnowMiner Headlamp is a unique device that easily transforms from a headlamp into a hanging lantern. So now you can light up not only your trail, but have a lightweight and compact solution for illumination inside your tent. This multifunction headlamp may be a good value for all backpackers. Its features that ensure high performance make the Snow Peak SnowMiner one of the best headlamps. So what will you get? Here are the features:

  • Weight: 99 g (with batteries);
  • Lumens: 80;
  • Headlamp and lantern modes;
  • Lighting modes: high, low, strobe, variable;
  • Max beam distance: 40 m on high and 7 m on low;
  • Burn time: 140 hours on low, 55 hours on high, 250 hours on strobe;
  • 3 AAA alkaline batteries(included);
  • Low battery indicator;
  • IPX4 water resistance rating: splash resistant.

Weighing just 99 grams with batteries, the Snow Peak SnowMiner has really innovative design which allows you to use it as a headlamp and a hanging lantern. So there is no need to buy a headlamp and a lantern separately because this gadget can replace them. The SnowMiner has a silicone diffuser that connects to the lighting fixture in the front. It is very elastic, adjustable, and comfortable to wear. You can easily switch between the headlamp and lantern in a second – just press the silicone in our out. All straps, joints, and buttons are designed to be functional even while you are wearing gloves. There is a built-in hook that lets you hang the SnowMiner inside the tent.

The SnowMiner operates on high, low, strobe, and variable modes. Holding out the power button, you can engage the variable dim mode and set the brightness as you want. With 80 lumens on high setting, the headlamp lasts up to 55 hours with 40 meters of beam distance. On low, it puts off 8 lumens and lasts up to 140 hours illuminating up to 7 meters. Strobe mode is a nice function that can save your life if you are lost. Unlike many headlamps, the SnowMiner can dim to any brightness you want between high and low settings. You will appreciate this feature as it allows you to adjust the headlamp to the brightness you need. It also allows you to save battery life.

Using the SnowMiner as a lantern, the light is not focused by the lens in the dome, it diffuses into pleasant, ambient light that is perfect to illuminate the inside of your tent or table.

The SnowMiner comes with 3 AAA batteries which provide a minimum battery life of 55 hours on high. There is a low battery indicator which flashes when battery power is getting low, so you know that it’s time to replace the batteries.

IPX4 rating of the SnowMiner means that it is water resistant. But keep in mind that it is resistant to splashes from all angles, but it shouldn’t be submerged.

Overall, the Snow Peak SnowMiner Headlamp has a good value for its versatility. The high performance of this gadget is appreciated by many hikers in their headlamp reviews. You should consider it if you want to have a lightweight headlamp + lantern with a decent battery life. The brightness of the SnowMiner is not the best in the category, but it’s quite enough to light up your way at night or even read books. But keep in mind that the bulb cannot be replaced and the silicon diffuser is of a light color, so it can become dirty very often. However, you can remove and wash it. The price for this headlamp is more than reasonable for the functionality and performance it provides. So it’s worthy your consideration as one of the best headlamps.


Pelican 2750 LED Headlight

Pelican 2750 LED Headlight

The Pelican 2759 LED Headlight is a headlamp which may be a nice assistant for backpacking. It is a high performance gadget that features a hands-free design with two brightness levels and red LED for night vision. The Pelican 2750 is durable and easy to use. It has just one button which you need to press to switch the modes even with gloves. With an elasticized adjustable headband, this headlamp comfortably stays in place on the head. Unlike many headlamps, it can be easily worn with a hat. Let’s take a look at the features of the Pelican 2750 LED Headlight:

  • Weight: 97 g (with batteries);
  • Lumens: 193;
  • Beam type: Flood / Spot;
  • Lighting modes: high, low, flashing;
  • White and red flashing modes;
  • Max beam distance: 98 m;
  • 45⁰ adjustable pivoting head with click-stops;
  • 3 AAA batteries (included);
  • Battery compatibility: alkaline and lithium non-rechargeable AAA, and rechargeable Lithium, NiMH, and NiCd AAA batteries (not included);
  • Burn time: from 3 hours 45 minutes (high mode), and 12 hours (low mode);
  • IPX4 rating (splash proof).

The Pelican 2750 LED Headlight provides up to 193 lumens of light output on high and 63 lumens on low. Furthermore, the headlamp features white and red flashing mode. The headlamp can be used on high for 3 hours 45 minutes on high though we have measured a bit more than 4 hours burn time. The low output conserves battery life and provides up to 12 hours of runtime. The Pelican 2750 also preserves night vision with red LED light. The red light features a flashing mode which is handy for signaling or identification. The head of the headlamp tilts 45⁰, so you can put the light exactly where you need and thus to have better control over the beam. A maximum beam distance on high is 98 meters, so it will be enough to find a trail at night as well as for night-time cycling or running. Lower power illuminates up to 58 meters and it is ideal for map-reading or for looking for objects in close proximity.

It is quite easy to operate the Pelican 2750 LED. With one button, you switch from one mode to another. The first push activates high output with 193 lumens, and then the second mode is low output with 63 lumens. With the third push, you activate the flashing mode. If you want to activate red LED, you need to hold the button for 2 seconds.

The battery life may be a deal breaker and we consider it as one of the worst among the best headlamps. It runs a bit more than 4 hours on high power (3h 45m claimed runtime) and about 12 hours on low. Take a note that it will not be enough to navigate the all night. So if you are going for a long adventure, it will be essential to get extra batteries. And keep in mind that cold temperatures also decrease burn time. Replacing the batteries is somewhat simple. All you need is to pull on the plastic release tab and the batteries will pop out.

The Pelican 2750 LED Headlight is weather resistant to IPX4 standard. So it is moderate to heavy rains, but it is recommended not to submerge it.

Considering all pros and cons of the Pelican 2750 LED headlight and lots of headlamp reviews, we think that this headlamp is worth your attention and it is well-suited for backpacking, hiking, mountaineering or general use. It is quite inexpensive, user-friendly, lightweight, durable, bright and comfortable to wear. There is nothing to worry about with this headlamp, except its batteries.


Princeton Tec Remix

Princeton Tec Remix

The Princeton Tec Remix is another headlamp that we have chosen as one of the best headlamps. This headlamp is not as great as the models reviewed above, but it has its advantages that you may love. This The Remix is designed for those people who are looking for something simple for backpacking, hiking, mountaineering or home use. The Remix is extremely easy to use, with its intuitive button that advances through lighting settings. It comes with an asymmetrical single arm bracket, easily accessible battery door enclosure, and a pretty large push button switch which you can easily turn on even when wearing gloves. The Remix has a lightweight design weighing just 83 grams and it comes with a set of features you may need for lighting your way for a long distance or reading a map with a wider beam. Here are the features of the Princeton Tec Remix:

  • Weight: 83 g;
  • Lumens: 150;
  • Asymmetrical single arm bracket;
  • 3 Ultrabright LEDs, 1 Maxbright LED;
  • Beam type: Flood / Spot
  • Max beam distance: 73 m;
  • Burn time: 150 hours;
  • 3 AAA alkaline (included);
  • Weather-resistant.

The Princeton Tec Remix is really lightweight to carry on, compact and easy to operate. So any novice can use it. With its 3 Ultralight LEDs and 1 Maxbright LED, it can provide brightness of 150 lumens. However, the brightness is not the best one in the category and we would prefer to say that it’s quite average. A single Maxbright LED illuminates up to 73 meters. It’s quite a decent figure and we think that it will be more than enough for general use, but not the best one for trail finding. Three Ultrabright LEDs create a warm flood with a wider beam for better illumination of the objects that are in your field of vision.

The Princeton Tec Remix comes with 3 AAA batteries which you can change without a hassle. The batteries are not rechargeable but according to the manufacturer they run up to 150 hours in flood mode and 53 hours in spot mode. However, we have tested that the burn time was almost 5 times less than claimed. It may be really disappointing for those people who usually believe the specifications. So it is better to take some extra batteries in case your headlamp runs out of power and you need to change the batteries.

Overall, the Princeton Tec Remix is a worthy choice for outdoor enthusiasts. We don’t think that it offers a great value for professionals who are actively engaged into hiking or climbing and need super illumination and other advanced features. You can find some headlamps with better brightness for the same price, but the Remix has proved to be a reliable and durable headlamp. Furthermore, the price is quite reasonable for its features and performance. This device can be purchased for less than $40 dollars and we believe it can be a nice investment in this price range.


There are many searches of the best headlamp on the internet but there are not many meaningful responses. In addition, there are so many headlamps on the market now that it seems impossible to choose the best headlamp. But the impossible is possible. So what is the best headlamp? Here are some recommendations that you should take into account looking for the best headlamp for your needs.The purpose of use. If you want to buy a headlamp for domestic use, for example, to go to the pantry at night or to repair the tap in a remote place, then you need a simpler device as you will not use the headlamp too often. It will not take much place and consume a lot of energy. It would be nice to have a small and lightweight headlamp with a wide beam and two or three modes. Impact resistance properties are also essential.

And if you are an avid camper, hiker or caver, you will need a more serious device with a powerful beam to near and far distances. And remember that a reliable headlamp for various hobbies has at least 3 lightning modes.

  • Physical properties. These include the proper size and weight. In fact, many manufacturers offer models of headlamps of a small weight category. However, even in this case, you should consider every gram because a load on your neck or head will be enormous. Choose headlamps with minimal weight. Typically, such headlamps (especially if they are intended for immersion in water) weigh no more than 230-300 grams. If you want to choose the headlamp for professional activity, keep in mind that it weighs much more – not less than 800-900 grams. But for camping, hiking, mountaineering, and backpacking, it is better to buy a lightweight headlamp.
  • Brightness indicators. If you are going to use the headlamp only several times a year for your domestic needs, then there is no need in excessive brightness. It will be even sufficient to have the headlamp with 50-70 lumens. It is worth considering in order not to overpay since the headlamps with higher brightness are more expensive. But if you need the headlamp for traveling, it makes sense to choose the device with better brightness.
  • Lightning modes. The most primitive models have 2-3 modes. But for hiking, climbing, camping, you can get a headlamp with 5 or 6 modes.
  • Water resistance. A watertightness is another important factor that you should consider. The watertightness can be different. For example, if you are going on a trip during tropical rains or plan to immerse it during night fishing, the watertightness rate must be at least IP67. But if you realize that the headlamp will not deal with the water, then you can choose the headlamp with the IPX4 rate.
  • Battery life. The standard sources of power for the headlamp are batteries: a lithium battery of type 18650, 14500, or NiMH batteries AA, AAA or AA (AAA) batteries. It is believed that the lithium batteries last longer and they are more reliable and can be recharged at any state of charge / discharge. They are also resistant to temperature changes. But such batteries are more expensive than MH or AA (AAA) batteries. However, if you don’t have access to electricity while hiking for a few days, AAA batteries will be much better solution. Just keep in mind that normal battery life is at least 12 hours without being recharged or changed.

So these are the basic tips that you should take into consideration if you want to find the best headlamp.

The Bottom Line

We have picked out and reviewed lots of headlamps and considered hundreds of headlamp reviews to make an unbiased list of the best headlamps available on the market now. The headlamps reviewed above were chosen for their performance, reliability and other features that make them special. We have included the headlamps of various price ranges, so they are affordable for any budget and taste.

Remember that the best-rated headlamp doesn’t mean that it is the top headlamp for you and that it will meet your expectations.  Think about the most important factors that matter for you. If you just want to get a headlamp which you will rarely use, then there is no need to overpay for some additional functions you may never need. Make your purchases wisely and safely. All the headlamps can be found on Amazon. There you can often find lots of nice deals with great discounts.

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