What is the Best Hiking Pole in 2021?

1Buying the best hiking pole is becoming more of a necessity now than just for looking cool and awesome while on the trail. Ten or twenty years ago, trekking pole can be any branch of tree or piece of log that a hiker picks up on the trail. It serves as a support when traversing any types of terrain.

Today, trekking and hiking poles have become more advanced and they are now made of materials that can carry one’s weight while maintaining to be shock proof. Another gift of technology to outdoor enthusiasts like us!

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Top 11 Best Hiking Poles Comparison

Let us take a look at some of the top hiking poles that are available in the market today:

Black Diamond Ultra Distance Trekking Pole

Black Diamond Ultra Distance Trekking Pole

If you are looking for the best hiking pole for the money and money is not an issue at all, then you should get the Ultra Distance Trekking Pole from Black Diamond.

This pair of hiking pole is available in different sizes and price starts at $140.

The most expensive Black Diamond hiking pole costs less than $2000 (click here for the price).

The Black Diamond Ultra Distance Trekking Pole features folding pole technology with its 100% carbon fiber made poles.

This is a 3-section Z-Pole folding design with speed cone deployment.

The EVA foam handle of this hiking pole is breathable and whisk away moisture. The handle is also non-slip.

For this package, there are non-marking rubber Tech Tips, carbide Tech Tips that are interchangeable.

It also includes stopper basket tip and a shaft catcher.

With this pole in your hand, you got nothing to fear now weather you are making an assault or descending on a tricky terrain.


JESBAN Trekking Poles

Trekking Poles Anti-shock Walking hiking sticks

The JESBAN Trekking Poles is so far the best hiking pole that you can get under $60. This hiking pole is made of 80% carbon fiber with physical anti shock feature. Each pole weighs .44 pounds only, very light and very sturdy indeed. This anti-shock pole doesn’t have a spring inside.

This package comes with two rubber feet and snow disks in case you need to use any of these on your next hike. The rubber feet is what most hikers use for flat terrains while the snow disk is for softer terrain like muddy terrain.

There is also a tungsten tip included for rocky and more challenging terrains. The length of the poles is 35.5 inches and it can be extended up to 53 inches. There is a clear measuring height on the side of the poles to indicate your current measurement. If there is a need to adjust each pole, you can easily and precisely make the adjustment because of the measurement on the side.

The handles of the poles are cork and EVA foam made. It is sweat absorbent and very comfortable to hold even for long period of time. This handles are also anti-slip. Attached to the handle is an adjustable strap. The JESBAN Trekking Poles features a natural grid grain shape and has internal twist lock design so you can adjust the length more securely. With its internal twist lock design, you won’t have to worry of your pole adjusting its own while walking.

When adjusting, make sure not to overextend it. The edge of the pole has a mark that says stop so don’t attempt to go beyond that mark. Also, once adjusted, make sure that it is locked tightly before starting moving. This hiking poles are made of aluminum materials so avoid using it or making contact with salty water or high-calcium water to prevent corrosion.


PAMASE Ultralight Shock Absorber Trekking Pole

PAMASE Ultralight Shock Absorber Trekking Pole

Trekking poles and hiking poles are being used as a way of distributing the load and reducing the stress that the body is taking during long walk.

A trekking pole can be used to protect one’s self against potential danger too. With these advantages, it is only essential for a backpacker to always carry a hiking pole. What is the best hiking pole that you can get from Pamase if you only have $60 to spare?

If you want a high quality hiking pole but your budget is very limited, go for a PAMASE hiking pole. The PAMASE Ultralight Shock Absorber Trekking Pole costs $ (click here for the price). You might say it is very affordable but the thing is you can get a pair of hiking pole for this price from a different brand while Pamase’s price is for a single pole alone.

Although it is a single pole, this is enough to keep you safe and protected with its Ultralight shock absorber trekking pole. This pole is made of  E-647K multi direction air carbon fiber and it can work alone by reducing up to 75% of strain and stress from your knees. This Ultralight shock absorber trekking pole is the ultimate knee joint protector especially if you are going to take difficult assaults. This hiking pole features a locking system that is easy and secure. It weighs 5.2 ounces and it can be adjusted from a length of 25 inches to 53 inches. There is a measuring scale on the side of the pole for more precise adjustment.

The handle of this trekking pole is made of EVA Foam. It was ergonomically designed, sweat absorbing and very comfortable to grip. Walking for a period of time is now easier with this light and comfortable to hold hiking pole.

It also has a widened wristband so you can comfortably attach it to your wrist without cutting yourself. The tip of this pole is tungsten steel rod and it can stand impact with added grip strength even with slippery terrain. It is also wear resistance. This trekking pole from Pamase can stand any kind of weather without corroding easily because it is weather resistant.


Montem Outdoor Gear Trekking Poles

Montem Hiking / Walking / Trekking Poles

For this best hiking poles reviews, the next item we have is the Ultra Strong Trekking Poles from Montem Outdoor Gear.

This adjustable hiking pole comes with adjustable bolts to make adjustment easier and more secure. This poles are 24 inches long and can be extended to 53 inches as needed.

This pair of hiking poles come with nylon straps that you can attach to your wrist (to prevent dropping it while walking). This pair of hiking poles are very light and weighs 9.6 ounces only.

Remember that hiking poles are made to help you in your journey, not to weigh you down hence having the lightest and toughest hiking pole is very important. The Montem Outdoor Gear Trekking Poles are made of Aluminum 7075 and from Montem comes a year limited warranty.


Life in Motion Trekking Pole

Pair of Life In Motion Adventurer Collapsible Aluminum Trekking Poles

Life in Motion Trekking Pole is the best hiking pole that Life in Motion offers for a price tag of $ (click here for the price).

Each of these poles weighs 9.25 ounces and is made of aluminum. This poles are made of Aluminum 7075 (the aluminum used in making airplanes).

This is more solid and more durable than regular aluminum trekking poles that are made of Aluminum 6061.

The Life in Motion Trekking Pole uses flip locks system for easy and more secure length adjustment. The handle of this hiking pole from Life in Motion is also made of EVA grip foam, soft and sweat absorbent.

This hiking pole has multiple tip ends that you can use depending on the terrain and if you knew how to match the tip with the terrain you are facing, you can take advantage of it to extend the life of your hiking poles. Incorrectly used hiking poles can lead broken hiking poles in no time.


OXA Trekking Pole

OXA 50% Carbon Fiber Quick Lock Anti Shock WalkingTrekking Hiking Poles

For one of the best hiking poles from OXA, their Carbon Fiber Trekking and Hiking Pole is what you need.

This hiking pole is 50% carbon fiber made, a material that is lighter than aluminum. This hiking pole only weighs 7.5 ounces.

The OXA Trekking Pole features three section for height adjustment. The quick lock system of this pole makes it easier to adjust the height as needed. This pole has a length of 64cm and can be adjusted up to 135cm.

The OXA Trekking Pole is shock absorbing because of its carbon fiber components. The EVA foam handle is also longer for more comfortable grip. This foam also absorbs moisture and sweat making it very comfortable to hold even for a period of time.

This trekking pole is highly dependable even in high altitude locations, when it is raining and when it is too hot. The materials used in this hiking poles are weather resistance and corrosive resistance too. If you are looking to invest on a pair of hiking pole, this pole from OXA is worth spending your money with.


Agptek Walking Stick Hiking Stick

Agptek Walking Stick Hiking Stick

Reading different best hiking poles reviews is one of the best source of information when looking for a trekking and hiking pole. One item that I found interesting under the $30 mark is the Walking Stick Hiking Stick from Agptek.

This kit comes with a pair of highly reliable trekking poles. The trekking poles are specially designed to absorb shock while reducing the stress on the needs, thighs, lower back and shoulders.

This pole from Agptek measures 54 inches when fully extended and 27 inches when not. This represents the international standard of length when it comes to hiking poles. This pole is recommended for all backpackers out there regardless of height and weight.

The Agptek Walking Stick Hiking Stick features a new twist lock adjustment system for easier and faster adjustment of length. Regardless of the length you choose, this hiking stick remains impact resistant and safe. This hiking poles comes in 3-parts made of telescopic pole design.

The handle of this hiking pole has ergonomic plastic design for easier and comfortable grip and handling. Being plastic, the handle is warmer to hold. There is also a compass on top of the handle. The plastic handle is extended with a foam grip that is sweat-absorbing and non-slip.

With this pair of hiking pole in your hand, you can now ascend and descend easily even if you are carrying such a weight on your back. For added support, the tip of this pole comes with a carbide tip and replaceable rubber ferrules so it is easier to navigate on different terrains. This pair of hiking pole weigh 1.5 pounds.


Anti-Shock Hiking Pole by BAFX

BAFX Products Hiking / Walking / Trekking Trail Poles

For the best hiking pole that you can get for less than $30, the Anti-Shock Hiking Pole by BAFX is worth investing in.

This hiking pole from BAFX is the improved version of the older BAFX hiking poles with the added anti-absorbent mechanism to make it better for hiking and trekking.

The Anti-Shock Hiking Pole by BAFX comes with an aluminum body that is very light and very durable. The poles can be extended from 26.5 inches to 53 inches depending on how comfortable you are with its length.

The poles were made with anti-shock springs inside making it more comfortable to hold and rely on when walking. The handle of this hiking pole was ergonomically designed for added comfort. The handle is padded and is wider. It was ribbed to make it non-slip even for backpackers with sweaty hands.

The tip of the Anti-Shock Hiking Pole by BAFX has carbide tips that can be replaced with rubber tips (comes with 4 pieces) and a mud basket tip in case you will be passing some muds or softer grounds while in the mountains. BAFX believes that the compass that can be found on most trekking poles is just a nuisance hence the new version of their hiking pole doesn’t have a compass.

This pair of hiking poles comes with a one year warranty from BAFX. With this pair of poles in your hand, you can now trek and navigate any kinds of terrain without fear of slipping or falling! Anti-Shock Hiking Pole by BAFX weighs 1.65 pounds.


Himal 1 PCS Folding Collapsible Travel Hiking Walking Stick

Himal 1 PCS Folding Collapsible Travel Hiking Walking Stick

For one of the best hiking poles that you can use on your next backpacking activity, you can try the Himal 1 PCS Folding Collapsible Travel Hiking Walking Stick. Why go for Himal 1 hiking poles?

One of the things I found attractive on this trekking pole is its super comfortable EVA foam handle.

The handle comes with a strap that you can attach to your wrist to make it more secure. The handle is also sweat absorbent and since it is EVA foam, it is soft to hold even for long period of time.

Himal 1 PCS Folding Collapsible Travel Hiking Walking Stick features a super sturdy ultralight shaft making it easy and practical to carry around. This pole is made of aircraft grade 7075 aluminum alloy hence the light weight while maintaining optimum durability.

This pole has a length of 45 inches and can go up to 53 inches when fully extended. The tip of this  pole from Himal is made of tungsten steel rod with rubber footing to keep it abrasion resistant. When folded, this pole measures 13.4 inches only so you can easily pack it in your backpack when travelling.

This hiking pole weighs 300grams only and for the length adjustment, it features a Strong ABS + Mental lock system to keep it secured when adjusted to desired length.


Crown Sporting Goods Shock-Resistant Hiking Pole

Crown Sporting Goods Shock-Resistant Adjustable Trekking Pole

What is the best hiking pole that you can get for $30? If you are looking for a pole that you can use outdoors without making a dent in your wallet, the Crown Sporting Goods Shock-Resistant Hiking Pole is worth considering.

This hiking pole only costs less than $20 (click here for the price) while getting the same support that other expensive hiking poles offer.

This pair of Crown Sporting Goods Shock-Resistant Hiking Pole is light and durable because it is made of aluminum. The length of the poles is 23 inches when folded and it can be extended up to 53 inches. The pair weighs 1.5 pounds. Adjusting this poles is easy with its simple twist mechanism. The poles has precise measurements on the side so you can precisely adjust both poles based on desired length or height.

There are three interchangeable tips that you can use as well on this pole depending on the terrain you have to pass through. There is a carbonite tip for rocky terrain and uneven terrain. There is a vulcanized rubber as well for hard and flat terrains and a screw on snow tip for soft terrains or muddy terrains.

The pole is made of anti-shock springs, embedded internally to reduce shock strain of up to 25%. This will help relieve tension and strain from your lower body joints when ascending and descending a tricky terrain. The grip of this hiking pole from Crown Sporting Goods is also ergonomically designed for more comfortable grip and easier hold.


Pinnacle Hiking Poles

Pinnacle Hiking Poles

One of the hiking pole brand I found from different best hiking poles reviews I read was Pinnacle and their top pole so far is their Pinnacle Hiking Poles for less than $30 (click here for the price).

This hiking pole is made of aircraft grade aluminum materials allowing it to be light while staying resilient against shock and regular wear. This pair of poles weigh 10.5 ounces only, making it one of the lightest pair of hiking poles you can find in the market today.

The handle of the Pinnacle Hiking Poles are ergonomically designed for more comfortable grip and handling during trek. There is a wrist strap on the handle for added security. You can attach it to your wrists so you can control the pole easily especially if you are crossing a stream or a river.

This hiking pole is adjustable from a length of 25.5 inches to 52 inches. This also features anti shock mechanism that helps in reducing stress from the upper body especially when carrying a heavy backpack. This anti shock mechanism also helps keeping the body balance and more stable when walking in uneven terrain.

If you don’t want to use the anti-shock mechanism, there is a setting to turn it off.  Pinnacle believes so much in their product that they offer money back guarantee for 30 days. If you want to see how much this hiking pole works, get it and return it if you are not happy with its performance. Pinnacle also offer one year limited warranty for this hiking pole.


Trekking poles and their types

  • Trekking poles

Beginners often call any pole a trekking pole. What they don’t know is that a trekking pole is a pair of poles used in together for optimum support. Trekking poles also aim to reduce the force on the knees when walking, especially when descending and ascending. Trekking poles of today are adjustable depending on the user’s height and comfortability. Trekking poles are often made of spring inside to reduce impact and absorb shock.

  • Hiking Staff or Hiking Pole

A hiking pole is a single pole used in flat terrains. The traditional branch of tree that you pick up along the way long time ago is a sample of a hiking staff. It is used when walking in normal terrains while carrying less or nothing on your back. Just like trekking poles, hiking staff is also adjustable, shock proof and is made of spring inside. The best hiking pole that you can get is something with these features: reliable and durable, solid, shock absorbent and adjustable.

What to look for in a trekking pole?

  • Adjustable and shock absorbent

A good trekking pole or hiking pole must be adjustable. Most of the best trekking pole that you can find in the market today comes with this feature which is great. Most hiking poles are also shock-absorbing, making ascends easier especially for those with heavy loads on their back. The best hiking pole that give such shock-absorbing effect can cost more than a regular pole so if you saw a very affordable pole, ask them if it is shock absorbent.

  • Weight and locking mechanism

In addition, the hiking pole to have should be light. We call these the ultralight poles hence it is easier to carry it and move with it. Ultralight poles doesn’t just come with less weight, they are easier to pack as well. Since most hiking poles today come with locking mechanisms when adjusting it, it is best to check these locking mechanisms before finally making a purchase. There are different locking mechanisms used in trekking poles such as the external level locking mechanism, push button locking mechanism, twist locking mechanism and possibly combination of the two locking mechanisms mentioned. The easiest locking mechanism to use is the push button lock.

  • Shaft Material and Pole Grip

The shaft of a pole determines how heavy a pole can be. Shafts are often made in two different materials, aluminum and carbon fiber. If it is made of aluminum, it can weigh up to 22 ounces for a pair of trekking pole or 11 ounces for a hiking pole. At this weight, you can get a pole with a gauge of at least 12 to 16mm. Aluminum poles are indeed lighter but can break easily when bended. A Carbon fiber pole on the other hand is also light but more expensive. A pair of carbon fiber stick can weigh up to 18 ounces only and is more shock absorbent. A carbon fiber breaks easily though when compared to aluminum especially when under high stress. You also have to consider t handle of the pole.  Since you will be sweating a lot from walking, having a moisture resistant cork is important. A cork that conforms to your hand’s shape is also an advantage. Do not get a handle that is made of foam because it can absorb sweat and in the long run, it can become smelly. A rubber cork on the other hand can insulate hand from cold and it can absorb shock but it can blister sweaty hands.

  • Other things to consider

There are poles with wrist straps for added comfort when carrying it while walking. These straps are also adjustable. There are poles with baskets at the end as well. It doesn’t mean to be a basket (like the one you used when going to market) but rather a basket shaped thing at the tip of the pole to keep it more reliable especially when it is muddy. The tip of your trekking pole is also important because it can help in providing traction. Carbide or steel tips are highly recommended if you will be trekking on ice or in uneven terrains.


With the advent of trekking poles, you will rarely see anyone hiking without a pole in hand. Having best hiking poles are now among the things that outdoor enthusiasts prepare before embarking on their outdoor activities along with their tent, backpacks and cooking utensils for camping. If you are looking for a good hiking pole to rely on until your next adventure, do not trust brand names alone, it is also important to read hiking poles reviews and ask people who are knowledgeable in this area!

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