What are the Best Hip Waders?

Don’t have time to read? The top 3 hip waders as reviewed below are:

  1. Chota Hip Waders
  2. Allen Hip Waders
  3. Frogg Toggs Hip Waders

If fishing is your passion and you spend most of your time in shallow and/or calm water, then hip waders are for you.  Obviously other types of waders can be worn or you could go without but hip waders are ideal for those situations. 

What are hip waders? It’s simple. They are a kind of boot that are usually thigh high in height and made of various types of material, most often rubber. They offer protection from water and will help keep you warm and dry.

What type of hip waders will you need? This depends on the weather conditions and depth of water in which you’ll be wading.  

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Neoprene hip waders are ideal for extremely frigid temperatures.
  • Breathable waders are most often recommended as they allow perspiration out but do not allow water in.
  • Hip waders can be boot foot (boot attached) or stocking foot (no boot attached); boot foot waders tend to be heavier and more difficult to move in while stocking foot are lighter and allow freer movement.

Comparison Table

Hip WaderFeaturesPrice
1. Chota Hip Waders- Can be hip waders or knee high waders; very versatile
- 3-mm neoprene stocking
2. Allen Hip Waders- Made of a tough nylon
- Only room for wearing socks
- Sturdy, durable boot
3. Frogg Toggs Rana II- Not insulated but they are roomy enough to add sock layering
- Molded PVC boots
- Nylon-reinforced PVC upper

The Top 3 Best Hip Waders Compared

What is a good hip wader for you? This will of course depend on personal taste and weather conditions.

1. Chota Hip Waders

If you’re looking for versatility, Chota “original hippie” waders are for you.  These can be hip waders or knee high waders and they are easily converted to meet your needs, whether you need below the knee or above. These are stocking foot waders with the stocking made of 3mm neoprene on bottom and the gravel guards are built-in.

Chota Hip Waders

The upper portion of the waders is constructed of a 3-ply laminate.  Other features include a drawstring at the top and a built-in cinch strap right below knee length.  They are available in five sizes: small, medium, large, x-large and xx-large so finding the right fit shouldn’t be difficult. They are also quite comfortable.

Chota is a company devoted to making and selling high-quality products to their customers.  The brand was founded by a man named Frank Bryant, who has over 50 years’ experience in the outdoors.  Every item made is test for excellence and durability so you can rest easy knowing you’re getting one of the best waders for your money.

2. Allen Hip Waders

The Allen Black River Hip Waders are boot foot and have a sole that is cleated.  They are waterproof, lightweight and the upper is constructed of fabric. They are also made of a tough nylon. These waders are affordable and will keep you dry. They are excellent for wading in shallow, cool water as well as comfortable and easy to take on/off.

Allen Hip Waders

Other features of these waders include a belt loop that is attached and a take-up strap. They are available in seven sizes, 7-13 (men’s sizes). These waders do tend to run small so measure your foot properly, refer to the sizing guide and order accordingly.  In addition, keep in mind these are boot foot so there is only room for wearing socks and not additional shoes or boots.

A leader in outdoor equipment, Allen was founded in 1970.  They truly understand that passion that hunters and fisherman have for outdoor sports and they take that into consideration when making their products. They have a stellar reputation and their hip waders are top-notch so rest assured you’re getting a superior product.

3. Frogg Toggs Rana II Hip Waders

These hip waders are nylon reinforced PVC and 100% waterproof. The toe caps are hard, reinforced have a 2mm non insulated boot. The seams are sealed and taped to ensure durability and toughness. They also feature hardware that is rust-proof for additional protection from the elements.

Frogg Toggs Rana II Hip Waders

Frogg offers these waders in six sizes, 7-13 (men’s sizes). These are boot foot waders so wearing additional shoes or boots isn’t an option.  They are also not insulated but they are roomy enough to add sock layering if needed for extremely cold weather. An additional feature of these boots are there quick release buckles which allow you to take them off or put them on with ease. They are also flexible making adjustments simple.


Hip waders come in several styles and types so choosing the right ones for you will depend on your needs as a fisherman or woman. Be sure to take accurate measurements to ensure correct sizing. Good quality hip waders in the right size will provide a pleasant outdoor experience. Also, keep in mind your safety.  Never wade alone and be sure you are dressed appropriately for the environment and weather. 

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