What is the Best Ice Fishing Finder?

Ice fishing in winter can be fast and furious and fun, even with the lakes sealed with ice.

Before going out for ice fishing, there are several tips you need to know in order to have a fruitful day out at the lake, ocean or sea.

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Best Ice Fishing Finder Comparison

Some of the top ice fishing finders include:

Humminbird Ice 35 ICE Fishing Fish Flasher

Humminbird ICE-35 Three Color Flasher

This is a model which is used for ice fishing only though some anglers use it during winter. It doesn’t have the sonar features, though it has an ice model of a sonar which is referred to as a flasher. On the flasher, the technology used is that of colors, which move and form a dial whenever it encounters an object. If there is anything below you, you will definitely see a reading on flasher which will enable you to cut a hole and fish or move on to another spot.

What is In A Humminbird Ice 35 Flasher For Ice Fishing

This is an ice fishing fish flasher which has dual beam flashers meaning that your readings will be more accurate as there is more data available to use. It has a maximum depth of around 200 feet, although you won’t need to go that far.

Its power is cool and it has batteries which last for a long time and its LED display is pretty bright that it can see in dark conditions thus being useful during winter days.

Assembly this gadget is pretty simple as it will take around 35 – 40 minutes. It comes loaded with a demo which you can use to assemble it. While on the ice, the readings will be green, red or yellow. Each color depicts something different; red is strong, green is light and yellow is medium which might be red for a rock, yellow for a big fish and green for a small fish.

You only need to put the transducer down a certain area, wait to see what readings you receive, fish or move on depending on what is displayed.


This is one of the best ice fishing finder on the market. At less than $300,you will have a worth fish finder with an excellent catch for the enthusiastic ice fisherman.


Marcum LX Flasher

Marcum LX-7 Ice Fishing Sonar System

This is a typical flasher that has a dial as a main display on which you use to see sonar returns. When you get a stronger color, that is a stronger return like from a rock or floor; and lighter colors for light returns like from fish and plants.

How Does the Marcum LX 3TC Flasher Work

This is a single beam unit yet it is in the category of the best ice fishing fish flasher due to it having a true color display. This means that, it has three color displays of light which are used to detect images even in direct sunlight. This is an important aspect as snow and ice reflect sunlight which makes it impossible to see unless you have such a wonderful gadget.


Ice Fishing 101

  • Make sure to go fishing where other ice fishermen are fishing because, the chances of them being familiar with the hot spots for fishing are very high.
  • During ice days, fish is normally close to the bottom, at about 39.2 degrees. The temperature of water in a frozen lake is at around 32 degrees for the water that is near the ice and as you go deeper, the temperatures rise to 39.2 degrees. The fish will obviously go where it is warm as they themselves are cold blooded.
  • Portable fish finders are the best ice fishing finders to use as you will be able to get a reading right out of the ice without even drilling a hole.
  • You can try to locate a bend or break in the weedline and fish it. You can do this by use of a depth finder or if you already know where the weedline is from your summer fishing, then go for it.

How Ice Fish Finders Work

The Ice fish finders work in two ways and no one ice fishing finder can work in both ways so you have to choose which one is the best convenient for you:

There are flasher units which do not show a graph of the details below, but only show the real time it took to get there. It is a good way to look at things at the bottom and how they are it is a good option if you are going for ice fishing, but the display may take you some time to get accustomed to it.

Option B is to go with a 2D sonar which is an alternative to the flashers as it can show graphs of what is happening underneath or you can alternatively switch to to a flasher mode to make it operate as a flasher. Because it gives you a taste of both worlds, this is the best way to go and it can also be used during summertime. It can also be fixed on the boat during winter time.  Point to note is that, most 2D sonar ice fish finders don’t have a flasher option.

Sonar Angle and Cone Size for An Ice Fishing Fish Finder

Due to design of fishing in ice (stationed at one place), it is important to check on the cone size and the sonar angle of the best ice fishing fish finder you are buying. Go for a wider cone, which will be able to show you more details of what is around and beneath you.

Things to Remember Before Purchasing A Fish Finder For Ice Fishing

It is supposed to be portable. It should be something which will lug you behind and inconvenience you in the ice and snow.

The battery should not be that huge. It should be small and powerful to sustain you throughout your ice fishing escapade.

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