Top 3 Best Lowrance Fish Finders in 2021

Lowrance fish finderLowrance is one of the leading manufacturers of fish finders. It started with its first recreational sonar way back in 1957. As of now, they have several great fish finders to their credit, which have the most current technology of DownScan Imaging and broadband sounder technology.

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They are trying to help fishermen and anglers to fish. Their products provide anglers with the ability to locate and target game fish, bait fish and cover. This has helped anglers to better understand the depths, contours, bottom composition and structure location. Depending on your interest, whether in a standalone fish finder, chart plotter Combo or a networked multifunction display, Lowrance will offer it to you as it has a wide range of fish finders and other best tools to enable you succeed on the water.

Best Lowrance Fish Finders Comparison

Some of the top quality Lowrance fish finders include:

Lowrance Elite 7X Chirp

Lowrance Elite 7X Chirp

This is an HDI version of a Lowrance. It has basic chirp capabilities which are similar to that found in an HDI. It has an upgraded motherboard and process which makes it to operate faster and provide a clearer view of the bottom surface. You will be able to see clear images of the plants and fish in greater details. It has an advanced signal processing that allows anglers to spend more time concentrating on catching fish than focusing on images. The screen at 7 inches with 480 x 800 pixels is wide enough and is enabled to produce images at high, medium and low chirp sonar ranges and users can view more ranges simultaneously.

Lowrance fish finder reviews rate this fish finder highly as it is compatible with Navionics Gold, fishing hotspots Pro, Lake Insight and Nautic insight pro, and HotMaps premium.

  • Features and Benefits of Lowrance Elite 7x
  • It has a 7 inch color display with a 800 x 480 resolution
  • Advanced user mode
  • It saves up to 3000 waypoints
  • Preinstalled Lowrance and US basemaps
  • Saves up to 100 plot trails with 10,000 points per trail
  • Depth and fish alarms
  • Solarmax enhancement provides visibility in different lighting scenarios
  • Sealed, waterproof casing provides protection from the element

Specifications of Elite 7X Chirp

  • The display is 7 inches
  • Resolution is at 16 bit color TFT 800 x 480
  • Its power output is a maximum of 500 W RMS


Lowrance Hook 5X

Lowrance Hook 5X

This is a fish finder which offers proven features that any angler would love to have on the best Lowrance fish finder. It is of high quality and it is worthy every penny used on it. Some of the key features of this fish finder is in its brilliance, high resolution 5 inch screen which gives a quality display. The DownScanning Imaging in its Chirp sonar makes it to be one of the power house in the Lowrance fish finder review family. The trackback allows for the review of sonar history.

Specifications of the Lowrance Hook 5X Fish Finder

  • It displays on a 5 inch screen
  • Its resolution is at 480 x 480
  • Backlighting on LED
  • Power output is at RMS max 500 W RMS
  • Operating voltage is at 12v DC
  • Shallow alarm
  • Temperature readings
  • DownScan overlay
  • Varying layout options including 3 panel view
  • 256 color TFT


Lowrance Elite 5x Chirp

Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars from 9 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

Lowrance Elite 5x Chirp falls in the category of the best Lowrance fish finders available in today’s market. Its DownScan and Chirp Sonar combined with the built in GPS antenna gives this Fishfinder / chart plotter the necessary specifications to be one of the best in its category.

Key Features of Lowrance Elite 5x Chirp

  • It is easier to distinguish and identify game and bait fish targets
  • Even at greater depths, it is able to identify targets.
  • It is able to mark fish even at at high speeds
  • One display can be able to view multiple Chirp sonar setting
  • The inbuilt GPS gives highly accurate details
  • The opportunity to create own maps from real sonar data
  • It has a 5 inch color display on high resolution
  • Can choose from preset page layouts on a multi window display
  • Specifications of Lowrance Elite 5x Chirp
  • Display on 5 inch
  • Resolution on 256 color TFT 480 x 480
  • Operating voltage 12 v DC

Transducer of Lowrance Elite 5x Chirp

The transducer is capable of both DownScan and Chirp standard technologies. When it comes to Chirp, the transducer operates at high and med chirp with 83 / 200 kHz frequencies and beam width of 60 degrees and 20 degrees. When it comes to low Chirp, it operates it at 50 kHz and it requires 50 / 200 kHz for that.

Fish Finding Functions of a Lowrance Elite 5x Chirp

It doesn’t have GPS or maps or any other navigation features, but it does offer high sensitivity, superior noise rejection and improved target resolution. This means that, the Chirp standard imaging reveals targets much accurately, getting rid of unnecessary clutter. Its DownScan imaging gives the photo like clarity of the images at the bottom up to 300 feet. You can blend DownScan and Chirp through its DownScan Overlay which gives you a better idea on how far you are from the target.

Display unit of a Lowrence Elite 5x Chirp

It has a 5 inch display of 480 x 480 pixels which makes the images appear pretty sharp from all dimensions. The screen is square making it to offer more horizontal split screen view. It is waterproof thus can survive if it accidentally falls into the water or in case of rain or water drops from any angle. It is good to note that, it is not fully waterproof so it shouldn’t be submerged in the water and in case you are fishing in salt water, wipe it immediately to avoid any spillage.



This Lowrance fish finder answers the question of what is the best Lowrance fish finder on the market and what makes it to be ranked so. This is one of the best Lowrance fish finder as it comes loaded with so many features, providing some excellent sonar technologies. Though it cost much more than some of the other Lowrance products, it is worth its cost. It offers powerful chirp sonar technologies and has sonar recording. It is number one when it comes to clarity thus saving you on quality time when it comes to looking around for fish as it will spot it instantly.

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